The Immaculate Collection by Madonna

The Immaculate Collection [Madonna] Album Songs

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The Immaculate Collection by Madonna Album Reviews

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- I loooove this album5 star

Simply fantastic

- 5 stars since I was 12. Nuff said.5 star

Better and better every time I hear it.

- The perfect collection5 star

This is the best collection of the 80’s , every song is a signature and the music speaks for itself, this one should be in everyone’s list

- Perfection5 star

This really is one of the most perfect greatest hits record ever released . You’d never skip a track

- Yesssss5 star


- Queen5 star

Immaculate discography. A true legend.

- Old school Madonna at her greatest3 star

I wish this was the original CD version. I don’t want the remix versions. I loved the originals. Other than that it’s a great album.

- Awesome collection 🙌🏻5 star

Phenomenal work by the greatest pop artist



- Iconic album5 star

This is a masterpiece every Madonna’s fan or non fan should have in their library

- Immaculate? Remix trash more like.2 star

This album is full of dance remix versions of most of Madonna's great songs. I only had to listen to Like a Prayer and Holiday for about 10 seconds to regret this purchase.

- 80’s Amazimg5 star

This album is a total love. It is so good and it brings back the 80’s all over again.

- Iconic album, almost perfect.5 star

Even though "Dress You Up" is not included, it is a brilliant collection of M greatest hits of the 80s.

- Everyone has to own this album5 star

Love her or hate her - everyone knows a Madonna song. This album is the best

- Best album of all time5 star

This is the best pop album of all time!

- Garbage1 star

Terrible singer, terrible performer. Don’t be duped into buying this crap.

- Burn1 star

I have thought a lot about burning all my Madonna albums! And I did burn them!!!! Amen!!!

- Super Selection5 star

A collection from a very fav artist. She can dance and she can sing. Best ever Madonna.

- the best5 star


- Once again, iTunes robbed me blind!1 star

First off, I have owned this album since 2000, so you can imagine my anger when I so happily (and naively) ordered this entire album on iTunes, specifically for "Lucky Star" and "Borderline", only to find out that they are in fact the wrong versions! What's a girl to do? They will not give you your money back, and they could care less about your plight regarding your issue! No one told them to sneak in the wrong versions anyway, but, for some reason, they did! One question remains: how can I purchase the correct versions of they're not available on any other GH's albums or remix collections. This is totally unfair! Either way, I lose. 😔

- A must have for pop music fans5 star

Classic and timeless set of hits when Madonna was in her prime and ruled the charts.

- Brings me back5 star

The songs brings me back to the days where “like a virgin” was controversial and kissing a “black Jesus” was an outrage. All the songs are great and a clear example of my youth.

- One of her best collections5 star

She's the best!

- Lo mismo de siempre1 star

El NIVEL ... quiere plata con cosas viejas

- Amazing.5 star

Amazing songs. Amazing artist.

- Pop perfection5 star

The first decade of the greatest career in pop music accurately told by its songs. Like a Prayer remaing the greatest chorus of all time ✨

- A Madonna Fan's Advice2 star

buy the phycial cd from Best Buy, Target, Walmart, etc. you'll pay 10 bucks or less and you'll get this album as it was intended to sound with the original track listing, not this strange itunes version. the cd was produced with Q-Sound technology and sounds very good. the itunes version is a mess. the songs dont have the same volume levels or audio quality. why they included the extended version of "Lucky Star" is beyond me. just buy the cd :)

- Phenomenal and Essential!5 star


- Incredible5 star

This is the best hits comp. on top with Janet Jacksons design of a decade. Björks greatest hits. Tori Amos tales of a librarian.

- bestttt5 star


- Really nice5 star

Makes me simply smile.

- 💖💖5 star


- MADONNA!!!!5 star


- Immaculate? Really??2 star

Immaculate? No! Reserve that for the Virgin! Terrible? Yes!

- ❤️❤️5 star


- 30+ million5 star

Essential album to have in your collection! 30+million in sales says all you need to know.... Albums now days can't compare to the popularity or energy this offers!

- Queen of pop5 star

One of the best albums of all time!

- Madonna Transformations5 star

All her hits before "REBEL HEART" just soar like she does.

- Best album5 star

The Immaculate collection is one of my favourite album. I have got both audio and video. And it rocks. This is a must have album for all Madonna me

- DA QUEEN!!!5 star


- love madonna!5 star

but dont buy it here! some of these songs arent the original versions from 1990.

- A fitting collection4 star

Until I had reviewed this album, I had forgotten how many familiar songs she had in her early career. I'm not even a very big fan of Madonna, and yet I would say that I have heard about 90% of these songs somewhere before. This is a fitting collection for a greatest hits album. It has all but 3 of her good songs and only 2 or 3 throwaways - the way it should be for a hits collection. So many hits albums are so bloated with filler that it's an insult to call it "greatest" hits. As noted, it is missing 3 of her songs worth having. Secret and Take a Bow were both fairly decent songs and came out after this collection. This biggest absence is my favorite Madonna tune, I'll Remember. It's the only song of hers that I would rate as high as 4 stars. If you could swap these three in for the weakest three on the album, it might be a 5 star greatest hits album. That's quite a feat for an artist that I'm not a huge fan of. This album and those three other songs are the entirety of what's worth having of hers. Even with all these positives, it's still just Madonna. She's got her place in pop and music history, but she's just so shallow. At her heart, she is the vaccuous mother of all teeny poppers. You can hear Brittney Spears in every song. Not exactly a glowing legacy if you have Brittney as your most similar current protege. The best songs on here are still only 3 stars. Most are strong 2 star songs. I would say the average song is about 2.8 stars. So nothing here is epic, just not bad at best with Like a Prayer being the strongest 3 star song. The weakest throwaways are all songs that I've never heard of and all feature her whispering and/or talking through much of the songs.

- THE immaculate collection5 star

Honestly, to be the Queen of pop an artist has to have certain songs that made an impact on pop music as a whole. "Like a Virgin", "Like a Prayer", "Papa Don't Preach", "Vogue" and "Justify My Love" are those songs. "Justify" goes up there as one of the most iconic songs ever made. Absolutely amazing. Madonna will forever be known as someone that paved the way for the rest of the Rihannas and the Katys decades later. This is why she is the queen of pop music.

- Love this5 star

Awesome !!!

- great album5 star

the version of like a prayer is way better than the original

- Like a virgin4 star

PewDiePie got that song stuck in my head

- Madonna Immaculate collection5 star


- Very good!4 star

As you know, all the tracks are remixed! -Better than the originals: "Holiday", "Into the Groove" and "Vogue"! -As the same level as the original: "Borderline", "Like a Virgin", "Crazy for You", "Open Your Heart", "Express Yourself", "Cherish". -Worst than the originals: "Lucky Star", "Material Girl", "Live to Tell", "Papa Don't Preach", "La Isla Bonita", "Like a Prayer" There's also 13 singles missing on this compilation (Everybody/Burning Up/Angel/Dress You Up/Gambler/True Blue/Who's that Girl/Causing a Commotion/The Look of Love/Oh Father/Dear Jessie/Keep it Together/Hanky Panky... I would have incluse a second CD... The new tracks "Justify my Love" and "Rescue Me" are very good but are not at the same level as the others tracks... This compilation is a must have! But if possible, buy the CD version: this iTunes version incluse extended versions of "Lucky Star", "Borderline" and "Like a Prayer" which are for me worst than the edits CD Version...

- Not an Ordinary Greatest Hits CD!5 star

Its great.most greatest hits cds by artists have their songs exactly the same and no new songs,but this one has old songs remixed, new songs added, and also Q-sound!!

- Madonna is one if da Best Female singer5 star

She good at mak hits


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Fckck - Best collection of hits ever!5 star

Love❤️ We need another Immaculate Collection #2 2020. Includes, who’s that girl 👧 Gambler ❤️more of the 80’s on Immaculate Collection #2

Keena1232002 - Amazing5 star

Queen 👑

boytoy77 - NOT the real version1 star

I love this album, but the one offered here is very different from what was originally released November 1990. First, there is no Q-SOUND stereo. The CD and cassette were mastered with a then-new technology that gave the recording a real surround sound (think 3-D) when played on a standard 2 speaker system. As well, the tracklisting is different. All songs were edited down to 3-4 minutes. This iTunes version of the album has different productions that sound extremely old. The versions on IC were redone by Shep Pettibone and all have a fresh sound. I was so disappointed when I bought this on iTunes.

Sarbear794 - Art5 star

Madonnas best songs in one! 100% worth it

BLAZIN 7 - ONE OF THE BEST!!!!!!5 star

It really is a perfect album not just for Madonna but as an album it's got all you need put it on and just enjoy

Hard rocker ;) - :)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE MADONNA SHE ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)5 star

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) I LOVE MADONNA SHE ROX:)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

kumarcicero - Fantastic!5 star

Classic Madonna, to be thorougly enjoyed...!

Nick Eman - Lacks4 star

Great songs but it is an incomplete "80s" greatest hits collection....where is "Who's That Girl"? Where is "Causing A Commotion"

Pooh123 - Madonna at her best!5 star

Every good song on one disc. What more can you ask for?

GigitsAzzy - Must Have For Any Collection5 star

Madonna's finest classics, need I say more. If this isn't in your collection, it should be.

Shanton - What a great collection.5 star

One of my favourite albums of all time. Hands down, this is Madonna's greatest collection.

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Paulie Brighton - Immaculate5 star

30 years on and it's still my favourite 'best of' simply because it was never sold as just a run of the mill greatest hits package. This digital release doesn't do it justice. Go out and buy the CD, it’s been on the UK charts now for 30 years!

Krow Barr - Perfect but only her first imperial phase5 star

Really can’t be bettered as a progressive collection marking the emergence of club friendly pop singles as the dominant genre across the world. And by the end of it she had only just started her long reign as the incredible album artist we know today.

Madboy05 - Iconic & Legendary album5 star

You don't have to say much about this album, all you have to do is LISTEN!! It's speaks for itself! Truly the best collection of songs by an artist of global status! Who has always played by her own rules, still to this day an amazing, thought provoking, truly talented artist!! Love you M ❤️😘

Sprock1994 - Well, well, well5 star

I’m not even a massive Madonna fan, but nobody can deny her legacy. What a phenomenal complication of a once-in-history artist. Nothing more to be said.

Sabyistheonr - MY AMAZING CHILD5 star


ljukjj - Madonna stop singing1 star

Tell her not to sing.

PoochBeagle - Sorry not the immaculate collection1 star

Wrong mixes and no Q sound. Not the immaculate collection.

easyian - Adore this album5 star

This is my bible. I have grown up with this album. I love it. Not everyone loves Madonna. I get that. I do. If you don’t there’s a big world of other pop stars out there. Go enjoy them and stop wasting your time dissing my idol

Nor Heavin - Mad Donna5 star


Antony Box - Pure Perfection and Enjoyment ♥️♥️♥️5 star

A Must Have For Any Generation - Stella Music From The Queen Of Pop 🎧👑

Kev_uk12 - Immaculate5 star

Love it!!

grittbag77 - Listen up!5 star

This is a review of her Madge at the time. Remember that. And that time was imperial. Every song is a classic. Loved her then. Love her now x

mrmadonher - Sensational5 star

The greatest hits of the greatest star there ever was and ever will be!

toffee2k7 - Iconic album5 star

The best

_4_5_seconds - Legendary album5 star


Dougray71 - When Madonna was good!5 star

Each and every song a classic. Can’t say that about her recent songs. (though Ghosttown can be added to those classics!) Please let her new album be just as fantastic as the tunes on this album!

Jwd1981 - Amazing5 star

I love this album, Madonna fans and non Madonna fans you are going to love this!

H.R.B - Queen5 star

Even back when this was released in the early 90s it was stamped Queen. Simply perfection on a album. . One of the best greatest hit albums in history!

AlfieCyrus - Queen of Pop!5 star

A legend forever. Biggest selling artist in the world.

jayliddell - Queen5 star

Sheer perfection!!!! <3

overload breaking - THE BEST OF {MADONNA'S GREATEST HITS}5 star

some of her best on one album feating 4 remies as well.

mrmoody2001 - 5 Stars5 star

Not many albums deserve 5 stars but this does. Madonna was a major star in the 80's and made some awesome tunes. Surprised it only has 64 ratings, it's soldd almost 30 million copies world wide. Stand out tracks for me "open your heart" "live to tell" "holiday""express yourself" "borderline" and "vogue" Madonna used to write most of her own songs too. Buy it £4.99 you won't regret spending.

Brandoonnnnn - Classic Madonna5 star

If you want 80s Madonna only this is the best compilation for you. It features all her main 80s hits and a few very early 90s like Vogue. The queen of pop is unmatched!

Redsonja93 - Such a good album!5 star

How can you fail with this album.

Ishs12 - Amazing5 star

Amazing amazing album. I love all these songs, can never get bored of them

MusicLover3569 - Buy the CD5 star

If anybody whats this album check out your local Sainsbury's because I bought this cd for only £3

Iamshaz999 - The best5 star


behold - ICON5 star

Omitted several big Madonna classics which hit number 1 like True Blue, Gambler and Who's That Girl plus a slew of other top 10 Madonna hits but still, it is an iconic album which has sold over 34 million world wide. This is where Madonna came from, in 7 years 82-89 Madonna sold over 150 million albums, had 7 UK number 1 singles and 3 UK number 1 albums... The rest as they say is history. Its remixed too, some not so obvious but still, they are each unique versions. Buy it!

Material_Boy - Different to CD5 star

Why is this different to the actual cd for example Lucky Star is the 12" version?

michaelMDNAA - This is possibly the Greatest, Greatest hits album EVER!5 star

Every song is a hit Every song is iconic and Every song helps to show why Madonna is the Queen. Personal favourites such as 'La isla Bonita', 'Into the Groove'& 'Vogue' are all included. Admitedly there are a few hits missing but we can let her off for that in 1990 it must have been hard to chose just 15 of your hits when for the past 7 years you had made nothing but hits. (Also, the Holiday Collection includes 3 hits not on the Immaculate Collection)

AndrewStokes - Perfection5 star

There is nothing more to's a collection of songs from Madonna when she was at her very best...not the sad caricature that we see today.

Express Yourself!!! - The Undisputed Queen of Pop5 star

When I first bought this album upon it's initial release back in 1990 I could not stop playing it. It was pure excellence then - as it is now! Now that I have this iTunes version featuring longer and remixed versions of Lucky Star and Borderline I am over the moon. This will be on repeat on my iPod for a long while to come. The perfect album for working out at the gym or getting ready before a big night out at the weekend or chilling around the house on a lazy Sunday. Probably the finest greatest hits compilation of all time because unlike others it does not contain any fillers. Madonna's opus magnus of the 80's. Immaculate indeed!

pba1979 - Amazing5 star

Classics from an icon !

lumleylad - Classic5 star

The very best of Madonna from the 80s , a few songs which were massive hits are not on this album.This album is the best selling greatest hits album of all time by a female singer with sales over 30 million.Buy it now you won't be disappointed .

TerryMarsh1988 - Warning5 star

Everybody don't buy this album you can buy it at Tesco for 3 pound on cd, I got my copy the other day

Joey Manic - Unusual!4 star

It's great that the songs are 79p, great value for great material.

DARREN PETRUCCI - Madonna at her best!5 star

Every track from start to finish is a classic! A perfect Madonna collection to listen to before you go out to party, or just to remind you how fab the 80s were. A must have for any music collection!!

Pat Cop - Queen of the universe!!5 star

The best collection of early hits from the ultimate performer!!

reeise - awsome5 star

my mum used to play this album when i was a child and i used to like it then, so glad iv got a copie now cus my mom lost the tape! yes it was that long ago lol

sjds - This is NOT the Immaculate Collection proper!4 star

The original Immaculate Collection was fully remixed for Q sound back in 1990. It DIDNT include these longer versions of Lucky Star and Borderline. Whats going on apple? Ur selling this as original and its not factually correct!

MCObsessed93 - I LOVE it!!5 star

Wow!! There's sooo many songs i never expected to like on this album!! "Borderline" "Like A Virgin" "Crazy For You" "Justify My Love" and "Vogue" are my faves!! Very classic album!!!!! XD XD

Patrick100 - This album is just like the song it is a lucky star5 star

To start my Mum loved Madonna in the eighties and I did not taek much notice, but once I discovered the true high and mighty cathciness to her eighties music I am like now a fan and know her albums in order from each year! Trust me you wont regret buying this album! The best songs are: Material Girl Papa Dont Preach Open Your Heart La Isla Bonita Vogue and the High And Mighty Like A Prayer Whenever I play this album the sun shines and makes me want to dance! Just press the buy button now to enjoy!

derbaron - Madge at her best5 star

What can you say? Madge at her very best.

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Isabell824128355 star

@MadonnaRecords: @Madonna's "The Immaculate Collection" re-enters at #96 on the #UK Mid-Week Official Charts! Source: @officialcharts h…

Theroseboy95 star

celebration > the immaculate collection

Wheresmywigggg5 star

So far listened to The Immaculate Collection and Music in Madonnas discography and both were serves, what’s the nex…

AdrianaLL0115 star

@jorg3leiner La reina sin lugar a dudas: 👑 En 1990 cuando lanzó su recopilatorio The Immaculate Collection, se ven…

KBoylett5 star

@MadonnaRecords: @Madonna's "The Immaculate Collection" re-enters at #96 on the #UK Mid-Week Official Charts! Source: @officialcharts h…

EverydayMadonna5 star

@MadonnaRecords: @Madonna's "The Immaculate Collection" re-enters at #96 on the #UK Mid-Week Official Charts! Source: @officialcharts h…

Joshnowell35 star

@residence9: New showroom featuring The Residence Collection in Tuckton, Bournemouth - Immaculate Home Improvements - welcome to your Re…

Oliveiraloucas5 star

Ouvindo Madonna – The Immaculate Collection

AQIRA4165 star

Nowplaying Crazy For You by Madonna from " The Immaculate Collection " #NowPlaying

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Madonna - The Immaculate Collection Album Comments

What do you think The Immaculate Collection album? Can you share your thoughts and listen experiences with other peoples?

Madonna - The Immaculate Collection Album Wiki

The Immaculate Collection is a greatest hits album by American recording artist Madonna, released on November 9, 1990 by Sire Records. It contains new remixes of fifteen of her hit singles from 1983 to 1990, as well as the new tracks "Justify My Love" and "Rescue Me". Its title is a loose pun on the Immaculate Conception, the conception of the Virgin Mary without the stain of original sin (Madonna was raised as a Roman Catholic). The extended play The Holiday Collection was issued in Europe to accompany the compilation and the re-release of the single "Holiday". It is the first album ever to use the audio technology QSound. "Justify My Love", the album's first single, became Madonna's ninth number-one hit on the US Billboard Hot 100, and was one of her most controversial singles due to its sexually explicit music video. "Rescue Me" was released as the second single and became the highest-debuting single on Hot 100 by a female artist at that time, entering the chart at number fifteen and peaking at number nine. The Immaculate Collection became Madonna's second album to be certified diamond by the Recording Industry Association of America for shipments of over ten million copies in the United States. It also spent the second highest number of consecutive weeks at number one for a female solo artist in the UK, being at number one for a nine-week stint. The album has sold 31 million copies worldwide, making it the best-selling compilation album by a solo artist and one of the best-selling albums of all time. .

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