What a Night! - A Christmas Album by Harry Connick, Jr.

Harry Connick, Jr. - What a Night! - A Christmas Album Album Songs

No Song Title Time
1. It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The... 3:28
2. What A Night! 3:23
3. Christmas Day 3:22
4. Have A Holly Jolly Christmas 4:03
5. Please Come Home For Christmas 4:25
6. O Come All Ye Faithful 4:14
7. Dance Of The Sugarplum Fairies 2:44
8. Let There Be Peace On Earth 3:28
9. Winter Wonderland 3:49
1. It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like C... 3:27
11. Santariffic 3:56
12. Jingle Bells 5:26
13. Zat You Santa Claus 3:39
14. We Three Kings 4:44
15. Song For The Hopeful (feat. Kim Bur... 4:33
16. Auld Lang Syne 2:16

What a Night! - A Christmas Album by Harry Connick, Jr. Album Reviews

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good songs.... but he's trying to be frank sinatra...its not working

Good album. I'm a big Harry Connick Jr fan. I really like most of the tracks. However, there is one track, Winter Wonderland, where his daughter does a psuedo duet with him. I hate to say this but she sounds like Darla from Our Gang. She doesn't sound bad but I keep picturing Darla when I hear her voice.

Amazing Xmas Album. Harry Connick Jr. delivers an amazing Christmas album for 2008. Christmas Dreaming showcases his amazing vocal abilities. Mike Andrews Dante’s Cove Remix 2008 I T U N E S

just all right for me.... I think his earlier Christmas albums were better. His daughter was not on pitch in Winter Wonderland, which is disappointing because it's a great arrangement.

Brilliant. I love how it is a mix of both instrumental and songs. I have always loved his voice but now he has other songs teamed up with his daughter and other performers for a strong combination that makes you feel good and bestows christmas cheer! His version of Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairies and Auld Lang Syne is pure genius! LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!

Harry makes Christmas Merry!!. I love this album. Turn on the fireplace, get a huge mug of hot coca and settle in for a treat. Harry brings back those memories from Christmas' of your youth. Play this while opening presents on Christmas morning to create memories for the next generation. I know what will be playing as the children run down the stairs to see if Santa has come at my house this year.

Not a good addition to your classic "Christmas Music" collection. I love Harry Connic, Jr. but I don't love this album. This album adds too much interpretation to the classic Christmas songs I love. Unfortunately the artitstry gets in the way of my ability to to sit back and enjoy the songs. I find myself saying over and over, "Harry, what have you done to this Christmas music." I think his first Christmas albus is great but recommend you pass on this one.

More Harry!!. I love Christmas music and I love Harry, best of both worlds! 3 wonderful albums and it still never gets old, keep it up Harry!

An Unexpected Disappointment. I have really enjoyed Harry Connick Jr.'s previous Christmas albums (as well as some of his other work), so I was shocked when I listened through this the first time and found myself wanting to turn it off. Mostly, it sounds like his contract called for another Christmas CD and he didn't really get around to putting anything together until the last minute. Unlike "Harry for the Holidays" (which was stellar), most of Connick Jr.'s newly-penned tunes don't flow or appeal to the ears. The melodies and the lyrics feel forced, making the music difficult to listen to. If you really want to spend some money on this, there are only four tracks to purchase: 1, 7, 10, and 12. They're very good tracks with the band in full swing. But don't waste your money on the whole disc. You'll just be disappointed.

A have to have happy holiday by Harry..... When everyone and their cousin's uncle seems to be making a holiday CD, Harry Connick, Jr. does it best with style and polish. The jazz, the vocals, the family and friends singing, the old faves and some new songs make for a cozy spark in your holiday cheer.There is something on his compilation for older to younger. I think Scrooge would even tap a toe to some of the zip holiday beats... Love it!

This is bad!. Even listening to this song for 30 seconds make me not want to buy it! It is a waist of money!

He hits it out of the park again!. This man is amazing! You won't be disappointed with this Christmas CD. And you get 2 Connicks for the price of one on this CD. His daughter, Kate, is really good on Winter Wonderland. Another prodigy in the making. Great job Harry and Kate! Merry Christmas!

Excellent Holiday Album, and only $10.. Christmas songs are slowly getting more and more unoriginal, and artists are simply repeating what's already been done without adding anything of their own to it. Harry Connick Jr. is very different. He adds an upbeat, New Orleans twist to classic Christmas songs. This is a fun album to relax and enjoy the holidays with.

Another Incredible Christmas Album!. The King of Christmas songs right here....has made another one!!! YES!

Tastefully done. The great thing about Connick's Christmas albums is the fact that the arrangements are not the same old retreads that one hears from other contemporary holiday recordings. Just as with his 2 previous releases, Connick once again provides wonderful, unique interpretations of the traditional holiday fare. However, it's the new originals that ultimately get better with time. The best of this years holiday offerings.

All I Can Say Is WOW! Kim Burrell and Harry!. What do you get when you mix one of today's finest Musicians and one of Gospel's most consummate singers? AMAZING! Let there be Peace on Earth, OMG! When I heard the snippet I had to buy this one. Thanks Harry for exposing to the world this wonderful and amazingly blessed gift that is Kim Burrell! Harry does it time and time again and this cd falls right in line with all the other hits! You won't stop playing this around Christmas!

Classic. Great relaxing Christmas album. One of my favorites.

Cheery, Bright and an Instant Classic. For the past 3 years Christmas feels classic again, like it did when I was a kid, and it does all over again. His last Christmas album was in heavy rotation, and now we have a new Gift! This is quite "new" sounding but the style and the classic jazzy, big band sound with Harry's crooning makes it sound authentic and warms you right up. Harry is the new Bing, but not so new that it lacks reference. This is simply what Christmas should sound like today, and it delivers, just like Santa!

A man with a true talent!. Does this guys ever get it wrong?! Harry is the man, none can compare! Can't wait for the tour now~!

Harry Connick Jr. Comes Through Again. My wife and I watched PS I love you and both said, "I love Harry Connick Jr.'s voice." Then we both wondered if he had a recent Christmas album. And what do you know? He just released one and it is GREAT. We love the mix of new and old and fresh and different. There's enough for us old timers to remember Christmas while still keeping it contemporary. If you purchase this album, you will not be disappointed. Thanks Harry!!

Disappointed. I bought Harry Connick's last Christmas Album and it is one of my favorites. This time around he is banking on the assumption of his previous listeners that this would be good, which is why I bought it. Sadly I want my money back! That's not gonna happen of course, but I can warn you. He tries so hard making each song "his own" that he ruins the songs. And the originals he has written are more annoying than anything. The timing is horrible in so much of the album. It would have been loads better if he would have just sang it normal. No such luck. Sorry Harry, but I want a refund.

great album. new and different. he puts a great twists on classics and i love his new songs... good work harry.

What is wrong with you?!. This is great! Harry is just amazing!! I just do not understand the idiocies of the iTunes customer population to even give this one star less than 5!! Kate's song is so cute and Harry's Connick-fying of each classic song makes me enjoy Christmas music like it's 1925. Thank you Harry.

I dig it. Hey I know he always plays some crazy killer in the movies but his music really has soul and some of it can even make me cry. I even like his take on the Christmas Stuff. Harry can sing anything, it's all about his style.

Excellent as Always!. Harry came with it on the Christmas collection. What a true artist indeed!

Want to have some fun...?. I haven't listened to anything this much fun in awhile. If you love Holiday music in all shapes and sizes, this is one to add to your collection.

okay.... could be better. This album.. its okay . He souns like a little boy though. The album is a little more pop oriented this time, but still a great buy.

Not as excellent as previous two Christmas albums, but still worth the purchase. As always, I'm annoyed by the negative reviews from people who obviously didn't buy and listen to the entire album, but only listened to the 30 second samples and have made a snap judgement based on that alone. This is a good Christmas album and a good Harry album. I haven't enjoyed What a Night as much as the previous two albums, but this is still the best Christmas album I've purchased since Harry for the Holidays. The three gems of the album are "Santariffic, We Three Kings, and his duet with his daughter on "Winter Wonderland."

Buy the Album!. I Love Harry! He's brought Christmas back home. It reminds me of being together with family and friends. It really puts that spirit back into the holidays and, right when we need it most. Merry Christmas!

Great Christmas Album!. I'm a big fan of the traditional versions of Christmas songs, so it's hard to please me with re-dos. However, Harry Connick, Jr. outdid himself with the album. The classics are true to form, but with a pleasant jazzy twist. His original Christmas songs are fantastic too! I had started listening to the album by skipping to the songs I was familiar with - now I play the album the whole way through. I like this album the best out of all of Harry's Christmas albums, but I know that's personal taste. I don't think many will be disappointed. Although this album is new, it boasts classic Christmas music that will make you feel nostalgic and feel like Connick's versions have been around forever! Enjoy!

SOOOO WONDERFUL!!!!. great album!!! can't wait to buy it for my whole family. loved the song with your daughter, kate. yea harry!!!

Harry Connick does it again!. Harry Connick has given us the gift of another great Christmas CD!! I am partial to Harry Connick because we are both from New Orleans but he could be from Mars and I would still LOVE this CD as much as I love his other Christmas CD's. This album gives us the added treat of a duet with his daughter who is quite a little singer. This is an album that I would advise anyone to get to complete their Christmas collection!

New Sinatra. He reminds me of old blue eyes in his younger years

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Terrible album do not buy. Im sorry to say but this album is absolutely schocking, if you want a good quality jazz music album buy Michael Buble

Fun. A thoroughly enjoyable album to listen to at Christmas time.

Dead Sound. music compressed as usual.

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