Michael Jackson - Thriller album wiki, reviews
Artist:   Michael Jackson
Album Name:   Thriller
Genre:   Pop
Relase:   29 July 1983
Tracks:   9
Country:   USA

Thriller (Michael Jackson) Album Songs

Song TitleArtistTime
1.Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'Michael Jackson 6:02
2.Baby Be MineMichael Jackson 4:20
3.The Girl Is Mine (with Paul McCartney)Michael Jackson 3:41
4.ThrillerMichael Jackson 5:57
5.Beat ItMichael Jackson 4:18
6.Billie JeanMichael Jackson 4:54
7.Human NatureMichael Jackson 4:05
8.P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing)Michael Jackson 3:58
9.The Lady In My LifeMichael Jackson 4:58

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  • Tony game man

    5 stars
    Definitely deserves to be the best selling album ever.. Bad and Off the Wall are great albums, but this, this is epic. It’s a mix of pop, post-disco, rock, and R&B. Personally, I’m a fan of old school rock n’ roll bands like AC/DC and Led Zeppelin, but this is still an awesome I can actually enjoy unlike modern pop music. Edit: The fact that Eddie Van Halen, lead guitarist for one of my favorite bands ever, Van Halen, did a guitar solo on “Beat It” makes the album even better than me.
  • dolan super fan😭❤️😘

    5 stars
    Hi Michele Jackson. 1 how did you died on an what day did you died on by the way I think 💭 you with my papa 👴 who also is died so yea so by the way my name is Sara yea yeah I love ❤️ you so much an you are amazing 😉 an beautiful song so yea I hope we can meet when you are not died so Yea I love you 😘
  • THE PRODUCTION THO!!. Very meticulous production and michael jackson is a great singer of course. :)

    5 stars
    The BEST!!!. Love him. Always have.
  • shane.mcknight

    5 stars
    Best Selling Album Of All Time. Michael Jackson’s album “Thriller”is my 3rd favorite MJ album and the best Album ever created and my 2 fav songs from the album is Billie Jean and Beat It
  • mjfan234

    5 stars
    thriller. forever the best album
  • oliviaw2003

    5 stars
    Michael Jackson is the best. The best album ever!!❤️
  • 8700157jC!

    1 stars
    After learning more... Due to the incessant reports of Michael Jackson and alleged child molestation and sexual abuse of young boys, it’s safer to no longer listen to his music and remember him as an artist. He was a sick person and to abandon his legacy is the right thing to do at this time.
  • staceef

    5 stars
    King of Pop!. Needless to say Thriller is a great track to this day we hear it play especially during Halloween season. Billie Jean has to be one of my all time favorites really pumps me up. Love MJ’s work! I’m so sadden for all the crap people keep making up about him without proof! Your music will live forever! May you Rest In Peace ❤️
  • Canadiancricket

    5 stars
    All time favourite!!. Don’t believe the haters! He has the voice of an angel! No one else can recreate his music!

Michael Jackson - Thriller Album Wiki

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