Number Ones

Michael Jackson - Number Ones album wiki, reviews
Artist:   Michael Jackson
Album Name:   Number Ones
Genre:   Pop
Relase:   14 November 2003
Tracks:   18
Country:   USA

Number Ones (Michael Jackson) Album Songs

Song TitleArtistTime
1.Don't Stop 'Til You Get EnoughMichael Jackson 3:57
2.Rock with YouMichael Jackson 3:41
3.Billie JeanMichael Jackson 4:54
4.Beat ItMichael Jackson 4:19
5.ThrillerMichael Jackson 5:12
6.I Just Can't Stop Loving You (feat. Sied..Michael Jackson 4:13
7.BadMichael Jackson 4:07
8.Smooth CriminalMichael Jackson 4:18
9.The Way You Make Me FeelMichael Jackson 4:59
10.Man In the MirrorMichael Jackson 5:04
11.Dirty DianaMichael Jackson 4:42
12.Black Or WhiteMichael Jackson 3:20
13.You Are Not AloneMichael Jackson 4:36
14.Earth SongMichael Jackson 5:02
15.You Rock My WorldMichael Jackson 4:26
16.Break of DawnMichael Jackson 5:33
17.One More ChanceMichael Jackson 3:49
18.BenMichael Jackson 2:57

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  • michael jackson-number ones

    5 stars
    noe alvarez. don’t stop ‘til you get enough 2003 edit 1979 off the wall number ones 2003
  • Nick74087

    5 stars
    The king of pop. My favorite album of all time. Rip Michael we will never forget you
  • Mariogeek

    5 stars
    Love him. Please don’t remove his music from here those 2 guys are pathetic liars and that documentary is not worth watching
  • @danger_in_moscow

    5 stars
    So good. Absolutely amazing.
  • privacy07

    5 stars
    MJ is iconic. The best musics from Michael! #MJInnocent
  • BamCarter

    5 stars
    King of All. If you’re looking for music that makes you happy and smile, this is it
  • 77's fan

    1 stars
    Morality matters. His music is great, but he was horrifically flawed. It’s undeniable at this point - he molested young boys. His music should be taken off iTunes. Now.
  • mal and danta.

    5 stars
    Amazing .. He was a amazing guy.i love his amazing moves.he has amazing songs.i think we’re he dances is amazing.
  • byoung1023

    5 stars
    Michaels legacy will live on.. Michael is so inspirational he’s sexy and he knows it. He’s truly an amazing person p. He loves children. Cares about others. And invented being helpful and kind. We love you Michael. And we will never forget how much you mean to us fans.
  • maui ohana

    5 stars
    Why hate?. Man all you haters that hate him why honesty he never did anything wrong he wanted peace in this world and his songs and clothes and looks were awesome why do you have to hate him and swear and other things that’s not cool if you really don’t like him that much then don’t make a really mean comment like mature out

Michael Jackson - Number Ones Album Wiki

Number 1s, #1s or Number Ones A type of greatest hits album in which all or most of the songs were number-one chart hits. Among them are: Number Ones (ABBA album), 2006 Number Ones (Bee Gees album), 2004 #1's (Destiny's Child album), 2005 Number Ones (Janet Jackson album), 2009 #1's (Mariah Carey album), 1998 #1's (video), the related DVD by Mariah Carey Number Ones (Michael Jackson album), 2003 Number Ones (video), the related DVD by Michael Jackson Reba #1's, an album by Reba McEntire Number 1's (Prince Royce album) #1s... and Then Some, an album by Brooks & Dunn Number Ones (TV series), a Canadian music-video program The Number Ones, an album by the Beatles.