What Are We Waiting For? by For KING & COUNTRY

Genre Christian
Release 11 March 2022
Price $7.99
Tracks 13
Country USA
7.99 USD

For KING & COUNTRY - What Are We Waiting For? Album Songs

No Song Title Time
1. RELATE 2:53
2. Broken Halos 3:11
3. Love Me Like I Am 3:04
4. Unity 3:29
5. For God Is With Us 3:16
6. Hold On Pain Ends 2:50
7. Unsung Hero 3:31
8. Harmony 1:11
9. Shy 2:52
10. TOGETHER 3:26
11. Seasons 3:15
12. Cheering You On 3:22
13. Benediction 3:01

What Are We Waiting For? by For KING & COUNTRY Album Reviews

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Album Of The Year Every Genre. This album is off the charts awesome. The entire thing from start to finish is about as good as it gets. Joel and Luke Smallbone and the entire band are also about as good of people as you will find in any industry. I just experienced their concert in Fresno and you get the sense and feel of the hand of God. Simply amazing and their songs are are so catchy. Even though they didn't perform my favorite song from this album, "Shy." Other standouts are Unity, Together, For God Is With Us, Love Me Like I Am, and Unsung Hero. If you get a chance, treat yourself to their concert which is the performance of all performances, a Holy Spirit experience of epic proportions.

Beautiful. this album is beautiful ❤️ they’re albums just keep getting better and better

I LOVE THA SONG!!!!. I’m Not religious BUT I LOVE THAT SONG🥰🥰🥰

Found my new obsession. In aw! with this duet WOW

Love it!. They have such an amazing gift and this music is super cool!

Great words!. I love their songs, I can relate to the lyrics. I listen as I walk!

Awesome. Buy it listen to it

Always a good message ❤️. Love For King & Country. Their story, their songs and their passion to spread the good news and love. Needed so much these days.

Love this band!. Beautiful music, talented and God fearing men that praise God in their songs. Keep the album’s coming for King and Country!

Love every beat of this album. FK&C has completely outdone themselves on WAWWF. The love, compassion, truth, devotion, and vulnerability Joel and Luke pour into every second of every song is overwhelming. These songs speak truth and encouragement of how people from different walks of life can unite to move forward, even when we feel like we can barely hang on. “Benediction” is one of the most moving songs I have ever heard and reminds us that we are called to be like God—so what are we waiting for? WAWWF is a breath of fresh air in 2022 after the complete and total exhaustion of 2020 and 2021. Bravo each and every person who contributed to this album. You have touched hearts and changed lives, and I will be forever grateful.

Shy. Could go on Hits #1 if only people would think about the fact that there are good Christian songs with good messages🙄🤦‍♂️

Amen for this album!. I just love the way all the songs uplift us and praises God too. For God is with us is such a great song as well as broken halos, pain ends, unity, and together(the version with tori Kelly in it). Amazing Work! And the concert was great too! I listen to the disk almost every day. THANK YOU FOR KING AND COUNTRY FOR WHAT YOU DO!!!!

Worth downloading, wont disappoint. Even though I have the physical copy on CD, I decided to download the album. It’s worth buying. They did an exceptional job on this project. Some songs keep playing in my mind that I have to hear them again. I recommend downloading the album😊

Great job. I like your music keep up the good work

💙🌌🦋. I like how it sounds nice and they don’t ignore what’s going in the world but they use it to praise God!

I love For King & Country!. My favorite band has done it yet again! Great album! Love all the new ones even the biggest hits got put on this album! Relate and Together! With every song I can always feel Gods presence sooo strong! Thank you for being part of Gods ministry! Love y’all beyond the moon! God bless y’all!

Love every single song!!. Love the variety and the story behind each song! I’ve loved all their music since they came out Busted Heart, and this album might be the best one yet!! The addition of harmony to Unsung Hero is so beautiful. Unity - don’t we need that right now. Cheering you on touches me deeply as a mom. They just know how to communicate things I’m feeling and not able to put into words and putting into beautiful music. What a gift having those talents, and using it to uplift others and glorify our Maker ❤️. May God continue to bless you for King & Country and Smallbone family.

Best Album Yet!. I was one of the lucky people who got to listen to the whole album a week early at their Hometown Release Weekend, and let me just say, this is the best album I’ve heard! Every single song is phenomenal, I haven’t been able to stop singing them! They’ve been on repeat here! I seriously can’t pick a favorite, because they’re all so good! The lyrics are sooo powerful and the beats just make you want to dance! Joel and Luke are some of the kindest people I’ve met! So excited for this album! God has surely blessed us through their music!

Love me like I am. I absolutely love this song, it hits all aspects of my life. Knowing Gods loves me, through everything, this song also taught me to be myself. How Gods sees me.

Amazing. This album is my favorite so far!! It has really been helping me though some big next steps in my life. I love all of the songs and how God is shared in all of the tracks. Thank you for creating amazing music and I hope it reaches people all over!

Keep Doing You. Different spin on Christian music. The message is powerful but those beeeatttts 🙏🏼

Alrighty!. These songs are really good. Wish you’d include Jesus’s name more though. He’s the one we should be praising. In your song Unity, you mention wishing on stars. We don’t need to do that when we have the Maker to thank for those stars. He’s the one who matters, and who made us. Love it otherwise though!

Uplifting. This album is right on time pointing people to where true hope lies. The songs are uplifting, catchy and well written. Would expect nothing less from them.

Exceptional 💯🙌. Exceptional, emotional, encouraging, personal and authentic. I love this album and everyone before it. Your lyrics touches my heart and soul they carry me on a journey of emotions I cannot articulate. The new album is platinum as well as the others!!! I honestly don’t know how you manage to create lyrics that bless me when I need them but I thank God for you and them. Many Blessings Always, Jennifer L S🙏🏻

Best group ever and a truly a gift from God. Wow. Wow. Wow. Just love their music. This album is a one of their best. Beautiful. If you have young teens or teenagers this is a must album to share with them. For King and Country is my favorite group.

MSzk. Hi

For God is With Us. Good album with multiple amazing songs and a great message in For God is With us and Love Me Like I Am

What an amazing album!!. Great job! Loved every second of it!

Wonderful!. Each song is intricately crafted and all bring glory to God and his amazing creation. I can’t pick a favorite song—all amazing! I love the melodies and the originality of the background music. These songs are just as good in-person as well.

My favorite FK+C album to date. Love this album so much. No skips!

Weekend Outdoor Jams. It’s Memorial Weekend and playing for King and Country’s latest makes for a joy filled day! What are you waiting for?

Broken halos ❤️. I love it!!! ❤️

Excellent Album!. Very inspirational album! Brothers Joel and Luke never cease to provide us with great music that brings us joy!

Very Good. I have played it 3 times through and it is very good

Favorite band. Yes yes yes😃😃😃😃😃✝️

Very well done!!. Wow! What an album this is! I didn’t skip one song and was able to relate and connect with every word of every song. This album really made me feel deeply, reflect, and pray. Thank you guys so much 🙏🏽💙

GREAT album!. i'm a very picky person when it comes to music. but this is really good music! love me like i am and seasons REALLY captured my heart. FK&C you've done it again! so grateful for all you guys do. your songs have brought me through a lot.

Amazing album!. For King & County is by far the best! I went to there Fargo show got merchandise and was the only one standing to For Gid Is With Us because at the time it had just came out! The memories are always going to be with me! Thanks to For King & Country!

These guys are Awesome!!!!. There music keeps your attention and comes from their hearts. They definitely put time and energy into all their albums. Keep the good stuff coming and God bless

Da best. Me favorite band

Amazing Album!. Every song is so good!! Incredible everything about this well. So well produced and created Album!! Just Amazing!!!! 5 stars easy!!!

Exhilarating. Hey! Amazing singing king & country keep working hard. You guys really have encourage people through these lyrics, and I am very proud of you all. keep it on singing.

AMAZING!. Let the Word of God fill you with their uplifting message that they sing!!!

Such Talent and Quality.. I have been waiting for this album for quite a while now and it does not disappoint! You and your whole team have such talent. Just watched the ‘Broken Halos’ and I am so proud of the quality and creativity in it. The cinematography and scale of it is amazing and it is so unique! In my opinion, so much music in the “Christian” genre has been stuck in this worship phase and it all sounds very similar. I think you guys have done an extraordinary job by breaking the typical boundaries of the “Christian” music genre. I love the unique and creative topics and titles of these new songs and I love how they allow me to connect with God! My father has been a music enthusiast his whole life and my brother is a film enthusiast. So, I have gotten a pretty good taste of everything out there and I know when something’s special. I hope that you guys know how much talent, quality, and creativity you and your team have.

GENUINE, JOYFUL and UPLIFTING!!!!. Absolutely LOVE this group!! Joel and Luke Smallbone along with their AMAZING band are the real deal! They are a pure joy to listen too!!! You’ll be singing along with EVERY SONG on this album!! I discovered them when I watched their Little Drummer Boy video on YouTube!! The drums got me hooked and I had to find out who they were. I have not been disappointed. Genuine guys who love God, their family and fans. Beautifully written music that touches your soul and fills your heart!! Please go listen!!!

Love this album. Is so powerful 🔥❤️🙏🏾

Excellent!. These brothers know how to bring a song to their audience and allow that audience to feel every word. These are some of the most talented Christian song writers/singers today. Keep ‘em coming 🙌🏻

Beautiful Album. I wish i could give this album 10 stars! Luke and Joel Smallbone are amazing individuals and their songs r 🔥

Enjoyable, Inspirational & Up-Lifting!!!. Loved fK&C for years and just returned from Hometown weekend with Joel & Luke in TN. Been listening to their new album all week and love every song. Spoiler - their next hit will be Broken Halos. That song is bsolutely the BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I also love Shy on this album. Enjoy it and be blessed!!!!!

Amazing!. I loved all of the songs especially Relate and Unsung Hero! Harmony was also a beautiful piece! Such a beautiful album and I can’t wait for what is to come!

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Amazing album. This is the most solid album you’ll ever hear. Every song is nice and catchy.

Not as Good as their Other Albums. Overall it’s a OK album, but feels generic and overproduced most of the time. Their previous albums, especially their first two are far better in my opinion.

My new fave!. I just downloaded this album two days ago and I haven’t stopped listening to it! I was looking for some new Christian music and found their video of “God is with Us” and immediately loved it! Then it directed me to their concert of “What are we Waiting For” filmed in the Mohave Dessert, raising funds and awareness for Ukraine and Eastern Europe. It moved me so much! Absolutely amazing!!! I have their song “Joy” on my Christian playlist, and every time I listen to it, it always puts me in a good mood! Now I have downloaded both albums and I am sure I will be downloading the rest 👏🏻❤️ You guys are awesome! Thank you 🙏

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