Heat Of The Moment by Tink

Heat Of The Moment [Tink] Album Songs

NoSong TitleTime
1.Heat Of The Moment 3:15
2.Selfish 3:18
3.Chasin 3:29
4.Rebel (feat. Jeremih) 2:34
5.Regret 2:45
6.Might Let You (feat. Davido) 2:54
7.Dangerous 3:36
8.FMB 3:25
9.Signs 3:00
10.Have You Ever 2:55
11.Mixed Feelings 3:00
12.Whole World Against Me 4:08
13.Prove It 3:11
14.On My Own 3:41

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Heat Of The Moment by Tink Album Reviews

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@Ethan68733713 No lie there’s probably a lot of times I let my tops in the heat of the moment do something and then I think about it after like damn that was real nasty.😂😂.


@Pawpytan @InsoleantBenny @BluePone123 God, I know this sort of shit so well. My mother loved to do this. An abuser loves recasting their actions as 'mistakes' or 'heat of the moment actions.' Accidental. Not deliberate. Make you question everything. Make you symapthize. Fuck him. Fuck him so hard..

Will (إرادة)

Viendo a Devin Townsend en el Royal Albert Hall 😍 ... Cause it's all in the heat of the moment 🎶🎵🎶🎶 .


@AnointedEntity « happened. Leave it as ‘a heat of the moment’ thing. And sure, alcohol played its part in it, with his tendency to be all flirty when he was drunk and not think of the consequences of his actions. But… But it wasn’t just that, wasn’t it? ».

Keii @ commissions

I think the biggest giveaway that this is my version of yoosung is the piercing LOL I feel like while he's bleaching his hair due to breakdowns, he'd also get piercings in the heat of the moment as an act of rebellion--.

Alex Knapp

@Jbug33 @MuseZack No I disagree - George was habitually passive. We see that in the original timeline. Punching out Biff was a heat of the moment thing. The second scene shows George going back to his habit... then realizing "Hey wait, I punched out Biff!" and truly changing his character..

Simon 👑

@BobbyMarks42 The refs in the way man and it’s just in the heat of the moment. At least it’s small money and didn’t get suspended.

Rory Burnside

@cliffy19811 That was said purely in the heat of the moment. I have two purring cats on my bed and that’s helped calm me down..

Jonathan Ridgway

@simonlines More than anything else VAR has just exposed just how poor the standard is of refereeing at this level. Before they could put it down to human error in the heat of the moment, now it's just daft..

We Need A Truth and Reconciliation Commission

@pathogenomenick @OutbreakJake Have you seen this? It looks like Britain is making illconsidered decisions in the heat of the moment. .

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