Wonder by Shawn Mendes

Wonder [Shawn Mendes] Album Songs

NoSong TitleTime
1 1:02
2 2:52
3 2:40
4 2:30
5 3:22
6 2:51
7 3:34
8 3:11
9 2:58
10 3:09
11 2:47
12 2:55
13 3:31
14 2:29
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Wonder by Shawn Mendes Album Reviews

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- MAGICAL ❤️❤️💙💙

I am in love with all the songs so far I think this album is one of the best ones yet you can really tell how much time and effort he put in with each song and the whole album

- Yass

I want him to grow though he is good but I want to hear him sing other stuff but he is good

- I am the number one Shawn mendes fan

Love his songs they have a nice Shawn touch that makes them great to listen to

- Soft, sweet, powerful, most of all real. All grown up!

Yes, yes, yes! This is what being an artist is all about. The connection is there. The feelings are there, the love is felt. Thank you Shawn 🥰

- “wonder”

this is one of the best songs that i have ever heard. it lifts my spirits when I’m all alone in the car and i can jam out to it. can definitely see this song being in a feel-good summer movie. shawn, you did good on this one. i still WONDER how anyone could write a bad review of this album/song. 💜


album of the year with no doubt. he did that. i’m so proud of him <33.

- No

Every single song of his sounds the same, boring guitar sounds about girls he wants to text but doesn’t.

- THANK YOU ❤️!!!!


- Amaziong

This album is going to be so good because Shawn following up sm3 to wonder we can just tell how good it’s going on be

- Justin Bieber ruined your album..

Congrats to you both

- Unfortunate

I was originally super excited for this album. The documentary on Netflix looked great too. However, because he has chosen to collaborate with Justin Bieber, who’s managed by a terrible person, and justin himself is a manipulative bully, i will not be supporting this album or anything Shawn does in the future. I think who you choose to collaborate with speaks to your own character. What’s especially unsettling to me is that Shawn has greatly benefited from Taylor swift — even being featured on the lover remix — yet he chose to work with such vile people who openly hurt her multiple times. He never spoke in support of her and her losing her masters either. It’s time to stop letting male artists get free passes. Be good people and do good things or get out. 👌🏼

- by far his best album <3

i love shawn omg this is my faveeee album !!

- Ehhhhhhh🤩🤔

I mean I’m not a big fan of him, he’s kinda like Harry styles but more dry and it’s not that good. I watched the music and uhm SIR WHAT WAS THAT . Anyway, the song is ok I guess

- Amazing !!!✨

This album is not like anything we have seen before. Shawn constantly proves to us more and more that he is such an amazing song writer and artist. I am so unbelievably proud of Shawn! 🤍✨

- So Amazing

Its so great you get this like mythical fantasy vibe and the music is calming. In my opinion one of the best songs he has made.✨🦋💕

- This man. Just YES

Never going wrong with some shawn mendes since 2015

- Love love love

This is just pure magic❤️

- Um no

Not a huge fan sorry

- not even released yet and i know it’s gonna be amazing

to the people who left bad reviews, you can leave :) go put ur energy into something else

- Tired

Shawn puts out the same vanilla music over and over. Want to see growth, not watered down Harry Styles core

- Dear Shawn

This is the best how could people say it’s bad.

- Boring

Not surprised

- 100000/10

I love this! Everyone can relate to it in some sort of way is the great thing about all his music. Very deep and meant yet very easy to sing along to and enjoy!

- Amazing

Good job Shawn

- Awesome

Love it !!!

- It’s Perfect So Far

The vocals are so raw and the lyrics are really special. Thank you for always being there for us Shawn. Can’t wait to hear the rest! Love you ❤️

- Wow

Honestly is totally him but with a new style, the music has a totally new style of backtrack and the song is so hopeful. Lyrics are also meaningful and inspiring. So excited for the full thing.

- Awesome and powerful!😊

Some reviews are saying you should stop but honestly you are definitely one of my top singers so don’t let the hateful reviews put you down.Although in the reviewers defense everyone has there on option and taste to music and mine definitely has you on it.Wonder is a powerful song that really helps me through those bad days,I cannot wait till the rest comes out!!!!!😊😄🥰⭐️😸

- next!

flop. female artists outsold

- Shawn, Keep going!

I am a superfan of you.I have always loved your songs. I think it is in fact rude that people say that you shouldn’t have even started your music career because your career is amazing and I love your music. Keep on making more albums!!!!!!😘😘😘


I honestly love these mans music






This is such a beautiful song. Can't wait until the entire album comes out. Keep it up Shawn <333

- !!!

I love the intro!

- Amazing and New❤️

Amazing song. Can’t wait for the rest of the album to come out. It’s different than the other songs he’s done before(I love all of his songs though). Can’t wait to hear more. Would definitely recommend anyone to listen.

- ✨have a good day✨

To all the people who have this a bad review,screw you.

- Ugh hate it

I have nothing against Shawn in fact I luv some of his song but this one was so not him totally not a fan of this song 😖😖😖😖



- The best album ever

Shawn saved 2020! Thank you Shawn for making an amazing album!! You are awesome!!

- Exciting, Dramatic, Wonder, Bigger Than Life

This is an amazing song. The sound is definitely different and if you don’t believe check out reviews on YouTube by vocal coaches and musicians. Song is touching but bigger than life Too.

- Terrible!

Not only should he stop...he should have never started!

- Heavenly

this is angelic beauty and every time i hear it i get instant chills. all the people voting one star have absolutely no taste in good music and obviously haven’t been a fan of shawn since his early days/love him for himself and his style of music😒. love this song!! excited for the album!! beautiful.

- OMFG 😍🤩😍💖

Wonder is literally the best song I have ever heard!!!! It has the best tune to it it always makes me feel happy.😊 I usually start getting tired of listening after like two days straight of listening, but this I can listen to forever! Please keep making great songs like this. You are amazing, keep going! 💝


This song and Shawn saved 2020.

- Heard it before

Sounds just like the music to his other big one(is it in my dreams ). Need to change it up dude

- Glad to see his “beard” finally let do his own music

Glad to finally see this man free from that racist witch

- The best thing to happen to music

I’ve been supporting Shawn for many years now and I just wanted to say that I heard Wonder on the radio today driving with my mom in the car and I almost cried listening to this song bc I love his voice and the music is so different. I’m literally going to cash a check in a few hours and I’m going to get a apple gift card just to buy this album because I need this in my life. I love Shawn’s music and he’s the only artist I listen to when I’m depressed or anything really because he just makes me feel good about life. 10/10 would recommend getting all of his music if you have just found him.


This is pore beauty like Shawn is so amazing he’s doing such good work!!

- Amazing amazing amazing

It’s new and different but even better than before so haters shut up plz😍💅🏼

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Renz2020 - Nice

Nice music

Joclyn Harrison - Wonder song

I love this song! shawn is a flawless song writer.

alexmegaly - My review ❤️

Literally the best song I ever heard in my life no cap.The voice of Shawn Mendes and Justin Bieber goes so well together!!

Frenchy Fox - it’s magical

i love you shawn thanks for another amazing song🖤

ilovrpenutbuster - Amazing

🔥This song is just amazing and really showcases from life of the party all the way here it’s amazing🔥

Justine Bieber - DU5T1 is Shawn Mendes cousin

They are both so good

dreamymendesss - Wonder

One of the best songs he’s done. This song is incredible. so proud of him❤️ can’t wait to hear the rest!!!

tiopllkgt - This is amazing

I can’t wait for the full album. The intro and wonder are already so spectacular and amazing. I just love. It’s so different then anything he has done before and I’m living for it. I’m so proud of this talented being.

Lari102201 - Wonder

Wonder is amazing, I can’t wait for the rest of the songs

alexandra.fac - so so good

different than everything he’s ever done

HiHS1994 - Epic !

Wow! 🔥 I had goosebumps after hearing and watching the video for Wonder! 🤯😍 Shawn is incredibly talented and I can’t wait to hear the rest of his songs on this album. You can see how beautifully Shawn has evolved as an artist on this song. I’m so proud of him! 🥰

Jasmeet Bhatthal - out of this world

amazing! very much needed to be heard by everyone!

Zoe Leicester - His voice is magical 🥺🥰

Hi voice is the prettiest thing to ever touch this earth !

abbyyhge - Love

Love this song monster!! Justin really makes it as well, love his voice

Love.this.app😎 - Beautiful!

Such an amazing era!

Marchieccii6564 - So Far, amazing

Great start to the new era!!!

ab08bcb942 - WONDERful!

The lead single is an incredible introduction the the sound of this album! Extremely excited to hear what comes next!

Coolio💜💜💜 - his best song

wow i’m so proud of him!!! this song is incredible and i can’t wait for the long awaited new era

instagramsucksssss - His best album yet!!

This era is going to be amazing

Zarziexx - Wonder-full 💖💖

Not even out yet but I just know this is going to be amazing 😍❤️❤️

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Whizzkat - Love it

To all the people who think this song is crap and say bad thing about Shawn. What are you saying. That’s so wrong this is a song to get you in your feels. Love it 💕

DylanBrads - Amazing!!!

His songs are incredible, the relationship with Camila Cabello I love Monster, actually the whole album that will come out, I just love his personality and doing great songs with great artists e.g Justin Bieber and how he’s going in his own direction

Jadeyy1232 - Rubbish!! Songs are dropping out of the charts so fast that’s how rubbish they are.

Reduced the song so early since it’s garbage, can’t make a song longer than 3mins! Using Camila Cabello and their fake relationship to keep himself in the spotlight! Give it up!

Acousticfall - This is what I’ve been waiting for 🤩

Absolutely amazing 🥰😍😍🥰🥰😍😍😍😍😍😍 lyrics are so powerful and meaningful

Hanzobananzo - Amazing

Cannot wait for the rest of the album

Bradley Dawson - Love it!!!

Had it on repeat 🥺

Scottiesimp - T R I P E

This is singing ? Gruesome

ruzzaq - ❤️❤️❤️

Love it

Mendesfan22 - Wonder awsome

Love the song

#love unicorns 🦄 - Wonderful literally

Loved this song

sapphiresugg - The vocals

This song is incredible his voice is so beautiful and the vocals are such an amazing range. The song hits different can’t wait for the album I know it’s going to be amazing 🥺🥺🖤🖤❤️❤️

Dhsjnansbsb - Loove ittttt

I love the song wonder n I’m so excited for the rest of the album!!

RealDamo! - His best album cover

Very strong lead single, might be his best work

laiba121 - 😍😍

Absolutely love it!💗💗


amazing, completely original i’m so proud of him ❤️✨

CJ loves tattoos - The King Is Back👑🔥👏🏻

Such a powerful, gorgeous lead single😍

Alizane19 - Amazing 💛💛

This is so pure and wonderful !!!

Calvin_1998 - Best

Better than everyone else as per usual

xxemilymendesxx - Amazing

He’s amazing

ZainabSartorious - Wonder

So excited aye 🥺❤️👀

amy matera ❤️ - YES

haven’t heard it yet lmao but i already love it :)

shawnsenorita - So pure

Such a pure and honest album and such a sick album cover!!! Can’t wait to here the rest!!

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Wonder most commonly refers to: Wonder (emotion), an emotion comparable to surprise that people feel when perceiving something rare or unexpectedWonder may also refer to:.

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