Dark Lane Demo Tapes by Drake

Dark Lane Demo Tapes [Drake] Album Songs

NoSong TitleTime
1.Deep Pockets 3:42
2.When To Say When 3:43
3.Chicago Freestyle 3:40
4.Not You Too (feat. Chris Brown) 4:29
5.Toosie Slide 4:07
6.Desires (feat. Future) 3:57
7.Time Flies 3:12
8.Landed 2:32
9.D4L 3:09
10.Pain 1993 (feat. Playboi Carti) 2:29
11.Losses 4:31
12.From Florida With Love 3:54
13.Demons (feat. Fivio Foreign & Sosa ... 3:24
14.War 3:00
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Dark Lane Demo Tapes by Drake Album Reviews

- Fan

You gotta be a Drake fan to feel this

- Fire.

Them retards, writing salty ass reviews. This album is fire.

- .

You can’t dance like Michael Jackson, there no way you can replace him, drake.


People who think this album is trash clearly are sick in the head because he DID try. This may not be as good as his older music, but songs like War, When to say When, and Losses have pure talent, this is almost bringing back the Drake we need.

- Tootsie slide

Stup auto correct

- This is a great album

Yes it is a great album

- Woo

💫 Demon

- I like Drake and still do till this day, but 😬

I still love Drake because he’s a legend, but this album I like but I also don’t. I know that Drake can’t really make music right now because of the world right now, but he could do better...

- Thats it


- Why?

Why sing about lies? You were trash from the start. I don’t know how people can even like you.

- Carti ruined it as always

Nicki is garbage as well

- smh

been trash since you stole x’s flow🤦‍♂️

- Goat


- I love this but not gonna lie

Drake makes the best music just sounds literally elite nobody sounds like him❤️

- industry plant

boring album

- Drake: Down a Dark Lane, But a Bright Future

When I first listened to this, I came with lower expectations than I normally do when Drake releases a album/mixtape. This is because this mixtape is mostly made up of leaks and loosies of his that have popped up on the internet for around a year or less. I was blown out of the water while listening to this. It has something for everyone. R&B with Not You Too. “Hype Drake” with D4L. And “Dance Drake” with Toosie Slide just to name a few. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking to see what Drake’s all about.

- 🔥🔥

This album 🔥🔥 this the vibes he gotta stay with

- CarterBeast246810

It is great and it is so catchy that I bought the emote in Fortnite called “tootsie slide” 5/5

- Awful

Cartis verse is mid

- Trash


- Album of the year

This album is straight 🔥. Definitely the album of the year. Every song is a banger.

- Drake's on a rapid decline

I used to like Drake quite a bit, but this album is so mediocre. The first time I listened to it, I thought it was okay; at least I liked some of the vibes. However, I have no desire to listen to most of these songs again, let alone the whole album, because I know I won't like them nearly as much if I do.

- Mid

This album is better than most of the content made today but for Drake it was mid. Don’t get me wrong it’s got great music that you can bang but I believe Drake can do better. He has done better.

- What the hell happened to drake


- He Good Guys

I don't really understand why yall's hating on him🙌🤔Drake makes good music and his talent is there whether u like it or not.....This album be lit afff 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💦💦

- Best Project Since If Your Reading This It’s Too Late

Solid. Not bloated like his last 3 projects.

- Meh

Definitely his worst... 3 songs will get play from me “When To Say When”, Chicago Freestyle” & “From Florida With Love.” If he added “Life is Good” or “Toosie Slide” to the album it would’ve definitely brought it up a notch. I just can’t find anything outside of a handful of songs that are worth listening to.

- Enjoyed this album

Will listen to this album over and over again

- Broh can’t dance

No, Drake, you can’t dance like Michael Jackson, nor can you come out with a good album anymore. 14 tracks and they all sound like 🔥💩 Quality over quantity...

- Why are y'all hating?!

I need answers,why are y'all hating on drake?!? Is it because y'all ain't talented like him? Just why?!? For the ones who not hating:y'all did the right thing ;)

- Y’all trippin

This album is fire! 🔥 some of his best work! Hands down

- Not his best work but still decent

A lot of songs sound repetitive. Maybe 4 solid songs I like on here.

- H


- I expected more!

My only favorite is “Not You Too.”

- 🤮

not good

- 🔥🔥🔥


- 🙏🏻🔥🦉


- Ehhh

Bring the old drake back !!!

- I get it.

For having a bunch of songs that didn’t make it onto an album.. these aren’t too bad.

- Good Music

Dark Lane sounds exactly like it’s supposed to. This is a mixtape with no direction, just a collection of random thoughts. I’m one of those “old drake” aficionados. I was hoping for some 06’ drizzy, that soulful , vulnerable drake we’ve all grown to love. I’m craving the smooth flow that once gracefully rode over the melodic undertones of “40” at his finest. Sadly what we get here is more blatant bravado, staccato flowing over busy production values. The irony of this version of drake is that he claims victim of everyone sounding like him, yet it seems the other way around. The only track here that seems to harken back to the days of old is “losses”. This track doesn’t even sound like it belongs on this project. It sounds like something drake had been working on years prior and it finally made its way out, indeed this is old drake. He takes his time here and finds the beat. “ I don’t this for the Graham’s, not for the gram(insta) is one of the more clever lines of this track. If you’ve come to dark lane expecting anything other than a playful medley than you’ll be gravely disappointed. All the while this is still an entertaining package for what it is.

- Tootsie slide is pretty good

He is the best

- Salty nicki fans

Y’all nicki fans needa chill and attack someone else

- I miss the drake from 2018 and down

Not The drake I remember 🤢🤮

- Drake is the best

He is the goat

- Eh

Not great. Expected more from the hitmaker

- Fire

Pretty nice for a mixtape, better than more life and scorpion

- Love it

Fire album , especially the song desires

- No

Hard pass wish I could give it 0 stars Drake used to be good now it’s just cash grabs and 🤮 music. Go back to screaming at people at Raptor games

- I miss old drake

I miss old drake he sounded super good but now he sucks👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻

- Not Dark enough

The words Dark & Demo had me hoping this would be a no guest, no features album. Automatically lost two points for two songs with Mr. mumbles Future. The album starts off like it is going to be a classic. Than the usual Drake singing songs start and I don’t mind one or two but it isn’t until the last few tracks that the album gets good again. Drake please do an album just rhymin’ or a volume 2 but PLEASE NO MORE FUTURE collaborations!

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- 🔥🗑🔥🗑🔥🗑

This is straight up hot trash!! and those that are saying it’s fire, they literally have no sense.

- Fans of other artists are mad

As the title said, fans of other artists who haven’t even listened to drake are giving the tape bad reviews because they’re jealous, the album is so good 🔥🔥🔥

- 🏆💰🇨🇦😂

The champ is here!!

- Trash!

Can he come up with something else?

- Wow

Good job Drake

- Not his best


- Garbage

All leaked and online for FREE


Half of these songs are leaked on the internet. if you want to listen dont give him money because this album/mixtape is complete TRASH. his weakest project

- Cool

This album is so cool man yuh

- C'mon dude

Where's the beef? Where's the beats?

- Perfect Timing


- 🔥


- he should give this away

sounds like he recorded this in his sleep.

- L

This ain’t it

- Ghostin

Back at it again! w/ the fake lyrics I mean

- All good

Love it, A to Z : keep them coming Drake 👊🏻


Y’all can’t even be like dis trash, lets see u make a five star song that people don’t just randomly hate ‘cuz why not. This is fire 🔥🔥

- I didn’t even listen to it

I just know it’s bad

- Trash!!!

We know you’re a ghost writer and please stop featuring mumble rappers in your album

- 🤢🤢🤢


- HORRIBLE! Don’t waste your money

Drake sucks. Don’t understand the hype with this guy

- Never misses

So consistent. A lot of people be hating but that’s what comes with being the 🐐

- Better on multiple listens

Most songs are good but there’s no song on here that’s amazing it’s just good songs at best, no bangers. The singles weren’t his best lineup of songs either. The carti feature is bad but funny bad😂 but 8 out of 14 are good songs which is good, this better than the last 2 albums he’s dropped.

- not good

was expecting SOMETHING but it wasnt there

- Trash

I have nothing else to say.... TRASH

- 🔥💯🔥


- 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

The boy not even trying and its FIRE!!🔥🔥🔥🔥

- It’s good

Don’t understand the hate

- What

Trash quality and why tf is drake just copying exactly what his features are doing,

- Ugh

Just disappear fool you’re an embarrassment to our country 🇨🇦. So annoying

- 🔥

Don’t listen to the hate, this mixtape got the hits

- Awesome album!

I hope drake sees I’m buying his music tbh I love buying his albums!!

- straight trash

half the songs were leaked and seemshe didnt put any effort in it

- Always gets me

Love the vibe, saving us during quarantine

- Nope

Man Drake this project isn’t good at all yikes

- Hoes mad, period.

As per his last Instagram live appearance, Drake stated that Dark Lane Demo Tapes was a highly requested project full of leaks and demos that had surfaced the internet, and in no way is it considered to be his new album (which is set to be released this upcoming summer). What Drake was able to deliver on this tape is just a great glimpse at what’s next to come for his 6th studio album, and proves how his versatility and creativity has made him a perfect staple in the music industry for over 10 years. Period.

- Why tho


- 🔥🔥🔥🔥

Straight fire

- 1/2 star


- 🔥🔥🔥🔥

Killer mixtape drake always will be the best rapper 👌🏾🔥 no cap 🧢

- Flush

Took a big dump and flushed twice. That’s what this is album is

- Pure Cringe

drake is the karen of music.

- 🙌🏿


- What happened to him?

Seriously this guy had some awesome albums when he started his career but for the last 5 years he hasn’t been able to drop just one decent song..

- Why?

He started with such promise. This just all sounds lazy. Yes you’re worth a lot, but you have to keep trying to be relevant. Downward slide. Sad.


Trash! Stream Say So ft Nicki Minaj instead!

- Album

Perfect best $17 I have ever spent sounds so good


One of the most overrated artists. Can't sing or rap

- From bad to worse

It’s like he thinks he’s too cool to even try. It’s a massive no. Sorry dude, won’t be buying any of these songs

- cod: pingu warfare

shawty came from mexico she know she got the sweet stuff 🤤

- It's what I expected

It's what I expected but in a good way.

- I Expected Way Better!

Basically Life Is Good & Toosie Slide Are The Only Good But Thise Songs Aren’t Even Fresh. Sorry Drake But You Need To Go Back To Scorpion

- Is it adidon or carti 💯💯💯

Banger 💯💯🗣🗣💯💯

- this is so much better than scorpion

such a good comeback

- uh

we love no talent with an overdose of auto tune 🤩✨ it gives a flavourless snack less flavour 🤤

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- Trash

Absolute garbage 🚮🚮🚮

- Toe tappers

Great collabs and solid beats

- Fire

Deluded people do not understand what a mixtape is and are consequently giving this bad reviews🤦🏽‍♂️ D4L and is a banger and Chicago freestyle creates a sense of nostalgia as it reminded me of the type of songs that Drake would’ve made in 2013🔥

- Bad

Hilariously bad, derivative, unimaginative, talentless crap. Doesn’t deserve anyone’s attention.

- What a great way to add sunshine to my day


- Wow... this is awful

Shockingly bad 🤮

- Old Drake creeping back slowly ... 🔥

Some dope tracks ... D4L 🔥

- Straight Garbage

Trash!!! Only decent song is the Chicago Freestyle , the fact he’s charging £10.99 for this is day light robbery lol

- Barbs are Bitter

This project was amazing. It obvious a certain fan base would rather sabotage a hard working artist, rather than stream their favourite artist’s song. Pathetic fan base if you ask me.

- King got everyone bitter

I’m laughing at these reviews full of nicki minaj stans and bitter pop stans mad cause he outshined their releases. Y’all can stay mad weirdos and he’ll stay dominating with his great ass music.

- Some of these reviews man 🤦🏻‍♂️

This tapes got some dope tracks - he’s on the right track. This is just the preview of the actual album. Unfortunately you have the typical Review Trolls that want to just 💩 on someone who consistently is breaking records every year at the point. Hate all you want but this guy seems like a genuinely good dude.

- Incredible

It’s truly a shame that people are going to sabotage his ratings because they cannot count on their favourite artists music to go #1 and feel threatened by a mixtape of old stuff, leaks and loosies. This mixtape is so good and doesn’t have a single skip. I love it. The 6ix God never fails to deliver

- Nice quarantine package

Nice quarantine package to hold us over until the album.

- 🔥🔥🔥

Tape full of leaks has the bitter barbz and pop stans shook. The artist of the decade continues to show the others how it’s really done.

- Generic

Actually shit

- Barbz stop leaving fake reviews

Seeing a lot of barbs hate on this project instead of supporting their favourite artist. With that being said this mixtape is a solid 3.5-4/5...excited for the upcoming album 🔥

- New album

Awesome album 10/10 would recommend

- #djotenio_996

#goodmusic #OvOthing

- Where’s 50??

We need to hear a remix of Losses with 50 on it 🔥

- Stop trynna be from London

People don’t like London road music g

- I'm a music producer, worth listening to.

Most of the content has been teased or leaked previously, so of course its going to sound like music he used to make, not much of it is new. fans actually requested he released most of the songs that are on this release. To release this much content while lockdown is on is impressive, but then again he has an outstanding team. I'll admit it sounds like the lost third side to scorpion, and the trap percussion is beyond repetitive, but the artists performance on tracks such as Chicago freestyle, and the lyrics on tracks like War are testimony to talent. I DONT HEAR ANYONE HATING IN THE COMMENTS MAKING ANYTHING BETTER. There are multiple experimental factors; he raps to drill beats well in war and demons, and tries new flows on track like Landed and D4L and desires (...with tha cartier pen, do i sound different?) is a brilliant double entendre as is (...how you going vegan but still beefing...) lmao. Quickly I wanted to add a point about toosie slide, of course he is trying to make another hit, everyone is, im not a fan of drakes approach to milking pop trends, but he succeeds because he is good at it (although there are alot of small issues with mixing and drakes vocals on that track, it was rushed). FROM A MUSIC PRODUCERS POINT OF VIEW, this is a good effort, deserves more credit, and perhaps should be called a care package instead of a mixtape.


not you trying to rap like mandem from south London. Hang it up

- Oh dear

His last I dunno 3-4 albums have been awful ! I do miss the old drake . He’s gone now . I sound like a whiny school girl but he was a good musician . I don’t actually know when he fell off . Mac Miller conspiracy ? Meek milll beef . He just used to release good music . Take care was a great album at the time ... I wanted more of that ! I was excited for that . Not this lifeless dead music ! You had your time drake but your ego got the best of you . I’ll give you one more chance with your next album . I still believe he can bring out good music. He just hasn’t in a LOOOOOONG time . He’s so out of touch now

- Total rubbish

What a load of rubbish

- Good

Where is the old drake

- Only one song I like

Tootsie Slide is the best on the album.

- Smooth listen

Just a great and easy listen. Flows really well

- Poor

Toosie Slide is epic but the rest is average at best

- Downhill

I used to love Drake so much, and his album drops used to excite me so much. For this new effort, every track seems to have the same beat and numbly lyrics. Such a disappointment and a cop out for who was the greatest rapper of our time.

- Drake IS A GOAT

Anyone who says Drake can’t rap or spit a verse or a Bar is a brainwashed flannel, if you actually listen, I mean listen with a joint and take in the words and the beats and the flow and listen to what he’s got to say. YOU WILL FIND THESE TRACKS TO BE AN EXPERIENCE. An Incredible Experience ! Drake ALWAYS manages to get you in your feels. There’s a reason why you become one of the most successful artists of the generation, it’s because you bring something to the Table and Drake brings the FLOW the FEELS the LYRICS. If you don’t like his music then that’s cool don’t listen to it bro just move on, but don’t HATE because your sour 😂.

- 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Such a good collection of songs, what an artist Drake is, it’s no surprise why he’s so successful. Can’t wait for more music.

- Rubbish

Just like all his recent albums. Recycled rubbish

- 👇



do you pop stans even know what a mixtape is ? these are old leaked songs people wanted lmaoo

- Biggest fraud in music

It’s just shit music tbh

- Cool

Very cooooool

- Drake




- Please stop!

Take a break and come back with some decent music. All starting to sound the same now. Bring back the old Drake.

- Toosie Slide is good

Toosie Slide is good. The rest are ok

- Enough now.

Yawn 🥱

- Drake is so much better than this

Some okay verses but like eh such a dull album.

- Just stop😂

Absolute garbage

- ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

You either grow with Drake or you don’t. I personally loved this mixtape as always. It’s like everybody’s expecting him to stay the same. How boring would that be.

- Terrible

This remarkably worse than the last Two albums he made

- Same Trap beat on every song!

This EP sounds the same all the way through. Bland and boring. Same old thing. Drake, I’m disappointed in your recent work!

- Good


- Drake

Drake is one of the best rappers out there 💥💥💥🔥🔥🔥

- Drizzy D comin through with the bangersss 🔥🔥🔥

Absolute fire can’t wait for summer 20 album 🙌🏼✌🏼

- Bangers


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Last Number 💎

We are not in the Drake era anymore?? Lil baby Era? @cthagod you are sick in the Head mate... Dark Lane Demo Tapes has more hits than Lil Babys whole Career 😏 such Direspect..

Njabulo Ngcobo

@AdeyanjuFestus7 @WantAGoodHandle @Complex "Dark Lane Demo Tapes" : leaked songs which were put together and released. Far from "If You're Reading This Is To Late". Very far. Those songs were not even intended to be hits..

Steve Kerr’s Grandpapi

For Dark Lane Demo Tapes to be some throwaways that shit hit..


Drake RANKED (2009-Present) - So Far Gone – 8.5/10 - Thank Me Later – 6.5/10 - Take Care – 9/10 - NWTS – 9/10 - IYRTITL – 9/10 - Views – 7/10 - More Life – 7.5/10 - Scorpion – 6.5/10 - Dark Lane Demo Tapes – 5/10 AVERAGE SCORE: 7.5/10.

Cʜᴇʀʀʏ. 🍒

Omg yesssss DLDT has a new cover .


Mood: Dark lane demo tapes.

Empress Tyonna👸🏽👑

IYRTITL Scorpion Wu-Tang Forever Ratchet Happy Birthday Dark Lane Demo Tapes N/A .

Want A Good Username

@rapyoushouldtry More Life and Dark Lane Demo Tapes in general. Underrated projects..


@take_sucks -If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late -Scorpion - Pound Cake - Nonstop - Dark Lane Demo Tapes - Views.


My fav albums this year: Detroit 2 - Big Sean MOTM 3 - Kid Cudi EDNA - Headie One Dark Lane Demo Tapes - Drake Meet the Woo 2 - Pop Smoke KIKI - Kiana Ledé No Pressure - Logic Alfredo - Freddie Gibbs Pray for Paris - Westside Gunn The GOAT - Polo G Circles - Mac Miller.

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Drake - Dark Lane Demo Tapes Album Comments

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Drake - Dark Lane Demo Tapes Album Wiki

Dark Lane Demo Tapes is a mixtape by Canadian rapper Drake. The mixtape is a compilation of songs that were released on SoundCloud or leaked on the internet, as well as new songs, and is considered a "warm-up" to Drake's sixth studio album Certified Lover Boy. It was released on May 1, 2020, by OVO Sound and Republic Records. Production was handled by Drake's longtime collaborator 40, among other record producers. Featured guest appearances include Future, Young Thug, Chris Brown, Playboi Carti, Giveon, Fivio Foreign, and Sosa Geek. Dark Lane Demo Tapes sees Drake moving away from his "hitmaking formula" to more experimentation, with common producers on his previous records being absent on the mixtape. With its production taking influence from lo-fi, UK drill, trap, Soundcloud rap, R&B and soul, the mixtape is noted for not being as cohesive as Drake's previous records. Rooted in dark, ambient sounds through prominent use of unpolished synths, themes on the mixtape include failed relationships, complicated relationships with friends, and braggadocio surrounding Drake's prominence in the music industry. The mixtape was supported by the single "Toosie Slide", which debuted at number one on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart, making Drake the first male artist to accomplish three number-one debuts on the chart. All 13 of the mixtape's other songs entered the chart, including the highly anticipated "Pain 1993", which debuted at number seven on the chart, making Drake the tied record holder (with American singer Madonna) for the most top 10 hits on the Billboard Hot 100 with 38. Dark Lane Demo Tapes was met with mixed reviews, with critics praising it for having a more diverse, experimental array of genres and hazy production compared to Drake's most recent records, but criticizing its lyrical content for being weak at times. It debuted at number two on the Billboard 200, with 223,000 album-equivalent units, and became Drake's third record to top the UK Albums Chart. It also topped the charts in Australia, Canada, Estonia, the Netherlands, Ireland, Lithuania and New Zealand..

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