Care Package by Drake

Care Package [Drake] Album Songs

NoSong TitleTime
1 4:13
2 4:00
3 3:55
4 4:41
5 5:53
6 4:26
7 4:00
8 3:25
9 4:13
10 4:54
11 4:14
12 4:43
13 4:12
14 5:43
15 3:45
16 4:11
17 3:09
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Care Package by Drake Album Reviews

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- Only real fans know5 star

This is not new, these are track were only on youtube/soundcloud they weren’t available anywhere else, now everyone has them in one place.

- 🙌5 star

Fire! Happy to hear drake old school music on this track. Only missing the song something but all songs are fire!!!

- What a blessing5 star

What a Blessing, idgaf what anyone’s says... Drake is probably the best to do it!

- Drake is the man5 star

Love it thanks drake doing it for the real ones

- Garbage1 star

You started off lying about coming fron the bottom when you came in almost at the top. Now you just sound soft. Just stop. It's a shame i have to give you a star. You don't even deserve half.

- Love the hits5 star

Always wanted these on iTunes

- Old slap5 star

Its about time you post your old slaps yall who didn’t like this album its all his old songs fools hear old drake yall 🔥

- wllwlwwlwl3 star

Lollowlallwl we Wow we whwwwwwjwkjjkkkjjwwlwlwlwwwoowoaodowdsoosdooysooowowoowow. Onokynow okku we. W. W a I owososaosowosoaoaooaoaaoawowaaaaowwooa

- Trash1 star

Filler BS that didn’t make the cut on previous albums.

- Been a long time coming🙏🏻5 star

Thank you Drake, I really needed this “Care Package” right now in my life...your music has got me through more than you’ll ever know* 5 Stars straight 🆙

- Heard better3 star

Soft album. Hard to play any of these loud lol. Like a early 90’s flashback but he could have done better I think.

- No1 star

Trash 🗑

- Trash too much audio tune1 star

Same old style and want to be singing

- I’ve been waiting for these to be released!5 star

This album was released on my birthday♥️

- 👍👊4 star

Good song

- Thank you Drake4 star

I thank you Drake for the inspiring and moving speech at the Grammys. Drake is a talented artist yet a down to earth person which is both rare nowadays in the music industry.

- My name is brown champagnepapi5 star

I have been a fan for over 10 years. Thank for this album, I no longer have to go on YouTube. He’s still got sweetman and pistols and many other songs that need to go in an album. Drake if you’re reading this , please follow me @brown.champagnepapi

- 💯💯💯💯🔥🔥🔥🔥5 star


- I love Trust issues5 star

I love Trust issues for a long time and a few other favorites on the album .. love it 🥰

- the goat. 🐐5 star


- Care package5 star

But he forgot to add Freak in you remix with partynextdoor. So I still have to listen to that song on sound cloud

- Garbage1 star

He can’t sing

- Astounding5 star

Finally all the songs that was never available in the US store!!!!

- 😐2 star


- A playlist.1 star

So he released a playlist.

- 5am in Toronto5 star

Sinatra Lifestyle, I’m Just being frank with ya! 5 AM in Toronto is one of my favorite songs of all time. To dominate for other rappers to handle!

- Goat status4 star


- Club Paradise3 star

Hardest song on here next to Trust Issues.

- 🐐5 star

Why are all the Kanye west fans writing reviews

- Classic5 star

Brings back memories

- Brilliant5 star

Your a legend and don’t let anyone tell you different.

- Drakeeee5 star


- Not better then trippie reds!1 star


- begone haters!!!!!!!5 star

10/10 would recommend

- Worse than Scorpion1 star

I didn’t know he could make an album worse than Scorpion, but he did it. There’s maybe one good song, if even.

- Glad to have the old songs5 star

Don’t listen to the negativity. These songs are classic. Glad to have them without tags, static, or compression. These songs are much better than nothing was the same and scorpion.

- I haven’t heard a song but drake is loud so no3 star

Warriors should have won drake

- Eh.2 star

Not a drake fan but usually give a listen each album. My verdict. It’s Ight. 2/5 mics. Only song I like is Heat of the Moment. Other than that throw everything out.

- No bangers - all for the ladies.1 star

Usually there’s at least 1/2 songs for the wifey &1/2 and songs for me which I can dig but this is all for the ladies.

- goat5 star


- Disappointing1 star

Idk what to say

- Same old1 star


- trash per usual1 star

drake always trash, this wasn’t an exception

- Hope he makes more songs like this5 star

If he goes back to his old style, I'll be a Drake fan again.

- 🤩🤩🤩5 star


- Um2 star

I mean it's alright, but these are old songs, he was average back then, and has only gone downhill

- Old drake4 star

Ahhh love to hear these old drake songs still got that bop to them 😁💦

- Drake has gone soft2 star

I love drake but all his new albums are so soft. I miss the old drake!

- Boring!!!! Same ole stuff1 star

Nothing new, all his songs sound the same! Ughh make it stop! I was forced to put 1 star! Deserves 0 stars!

- Haters5 star

Y’all know this came out in 2016 and was released this year right? It’s not new


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Tihehta - Music to my ears.5 star

Have some of these and still gonna buy it. Great "Album", alternate universe. Drake is cold. #1

G-unit90 - Love this album5 star

This album is the best one no complaints great work drake

David0666 - Wack1 star

Wack rhymes and beats don’t waste your money 💰

Heeeeeeeaaaaal - Straight doo doo water...2 star

This mans been spitting the same dry bars for years and nothing has changed. This is that crunchy oatmeal poop sundae for your ears, but you’ll probably still listen to it because your brainwashed and hungry for the ovo D...

thatguy337 - 🔥5 star


the rap guy - Nah1 star

Just not what I am looking for

DjBruta - Been waiting for these blessed songs for the longest time 🔥5 star


FrankD92 - Sh*t package1 star

More of the same from every soccer moms favourite goat sounding rap-pop puppet.

Austin62101 - Drakes trash, go recommend this to your mom2 star

Can’t wait to forget this album

jkjklolxd - Boo1 star

It sucks

Armansan121 - Best drake album in a while3 star

This is the best Drake album in a while and it’s a shame that it isn’t that great.

Thegeneraljay - 23,38,84,82,685 star

Hey ya

Mebejammin - Wow5 star

I now have something I can listen to for the rest of the year. This album is fire 🔥, dare I say one of his best. He’s Spitting on these tracks

RapHater No.1 - Uh1 star


skeech1979 - Terrible.1 star

Terrible. Just like all things Drake. Loser.

jasoni1 - YES5 star

This is the Drake we all knew and loved back in the day

Jaymacc67 - 🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦3 star


Thankunextt - TRASH1 star

stream boyfriend

Sp33rs - The goat5 star

We all knewwwww

Fabbfab44 - Yasss5 star

The good old days! Love ❤️💥

Waynees - Amazing 🤯5 star

How is it that this is better than most of his albums

I'm A 9 Year Old - Best Drake album since 2015!!!4 star

It’s a solid collection of songs. It’s refreshing to hear new songs from this era of drake because how mediocre his last three projects have been (views, more life, and scorpion)

casiss1313 - Lawd this is so fire5 star

This slaps on a different level 🔥🔥🔥

ivyvyne - It’s finally 5AM5 star

FINALLY my favourite Drizzy bop of all time is available without having to do some backend You Tube searching. Allllll OVO Fest weekend long. These tracks are true gems.

Sage24x - Finally5 star

Been waiting a long time for these b side singles to get released here, now these kids can listen to good drake lol

That's Mr P to you - Go away1 star

What an over rated artist. This is what happens to music when downloads and streaming devalue music. You get d grade artists that are popular but contribute nothing to the industry. Drake won’t be remembered in ten years time and certainly won’t ever be recognized as a musical great. God awful

HeyYou! - One of the most overrated artist1 star

He can't say or rap.

vong10 - Quantity over quality3 star

I see Drake has been releasing a few albums yearly now and it just seems to be quantity over quality recently. This album is pretty average compared to his recent More Life album

Benj21240 - Finally ..4 star

New album, new songs and great prod.. we’ve been waiting for so loooooong time.. Missing a few featuring to get 5 stars

Janni03 - Wait drake has a new album4 star

Ummmmmmm sick

DrakeOvoSound6 - Just get on Spotify lol5 star

Few bangers don’t need whole album tho

vCrimsoNHD - A few bangers1 star

Pretty trash tbh, don’t waste you’re money

kkatejkkk - OI MATE5 star

Oi I’m first review mate, you cannot lie these raps i’m making, mate they are flie you play games on your phone i play games on the cone at school on a playground SO YEA MOITE FIVE STAR

okurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr - 6GOD5 star


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wejrjjtjtbd - Drakeeee5 star

Ugh the best 😍😍

the burlster - Haters Gunna hate5 star


dragonfruityy - Oh nooooo1 star

Looks like his fame is slowly coming to an end

Chris hart 2010 - Drakes older stuff is the best5 star

Best album he’s ever released this has made my year!!!! Best album of 2019 I’m in shock he’s finally released a full album of his hits he never officially released

shaqgm - It’s like drizzy read the iTunes review on scorpion5 star

“I LIKE DRAKES OLDER STUFF” “YEAH YEAH WE KNOW” Well drizzy drake has brought us the “older stuff” and it still bangs - @Shaq_beats_

yeeeet 123321 - Poop1 star


JessicaEmMathers - All about just making money now1 star

Been looking forward to this. Really disappointed!

LKrZl - Dropping an album for the sake of staying relevant1 star

It’s never been about art, he’s turned it into money making and I’m not here for it

Debidkim - Definitely has some bangers that deserve to be recognised!5 star

Many introspective songs that are rare now, plus some songs that are abundant in wordplays with meaning. This is Drake’s previous works and quite a few of them are unique and will be cherished!

rm637273 - Classics5 star

All the classics.

tjdings - Been on it5 star

F***king genius in every sense of the phrase. From the title to the selections.

DATREVIEWGUY - Disappointing1 star


steve - hollowman - Dead1 star

Same same

J Gizzle. - J-Gizzle!!5 star

Bangers!! 🔥

hdnabdtsjsk - WoW5 star


CurtainSofas - Finally5 star

Been waiting for 4pm in Calabasas to come onto streaming for a minute. A care package of hits, all blessings to Drizzy.

Marvel3552 - Trash1 star

Stop Rapping

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AubreyDaniels125 star

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TommyWidow5 star

Target ain’t finna send her a care package or nothin, did all that for nothin... stooopid ass

20bandtrashbag5 star

@Xenovion_: @Habskii @DeionHD @sfergs_ Nigga called in a care package lmao

Snoopywood115 star

@Truth_Gazette: Shoutout to the Trump Campaign for sending this care package in the mail yesterday! Honored to be apart of @TeamTrump! N…

Steelwill005 star

@Xenovion_: @Habskii @DeionHD @sfergs_ Nigga called in a care package lmao

SamanthaMzee5 star

@naimatapei: Si ati mtu hawezi jinunulia, lakini ukitumiwa care package you feel loved or appreciated. El Shaddai, when?

Nitinpulla5 star

@TimesNow @narendramodi @thenewshour How much package have you received from pm care fund. Ask the question To the…

GJEchternkamp5 star

Included in a care package from my mother - a letter of termination for one of her coworkers with this written acro…

OG_BAPE5 star

@Xenovion_: @Habskii @DeionHD @sfergs_ Nigga called in a care package lmao

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