Born Here Live Here Die Here by Luke Bryan

Born Here Live Here Die Here [Luke Bryan] Album Songs

NoSong TitleTime
1 3:20
2 3:07
3 3:46
4 3:13
5 3:27
6 3:09
7 3:19
8 3:29
9 3:13
10 3:41
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Born Here Live Here Die Here by Luke Bryan Album Reviews

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- What’s wrong with auto tune people?!5 star

Just because it’s auto tuned don’t mean it’s bad come on!

- Great album5 star

There are quite a few songs on this album that speak to me. One Margarita is a fun song! Build Me A Daddy brought a few tears as I thought of all those little boys and girls missing their Daddy. I am waiting to see if For a Boat and Down To One will be released. I was impressed with both. For a Boat tells a story of being content with what you have. I felt I made a wise choice as I love listening to all the songs. Great selection and keep them coming Luke!

- Better music out there1 star

I’ll take any Kane brown album over this stuff

- 😭😭😭😭5 star

Build me a daddy makes me wanna cry

- It’s fine, generic country2 star


- Horrific1 star

Truly horrific

- Love it5 star

Love the album Luke Stop hating people music can’t always be the same . Sometimes music needs to sound different

- throw out the early released songs and this album is great.5 star

knocking boots and one margarita really shouldn’t represent the album. i absolutely love ‘for a boat’ and ‘little less broken’. i saw the notification pop up the day it released and groaned because it’s luke bryan and he’s gotten a lot more pop these days, but it was a really nice surprise album. the song feel more personal, less country pop. some of the songs are really good, give it a listen.

- Love Luke but not this album3 star

Luke needs to go back to some of his old stuff! This album was too boring!! I am one of Luke's biggest fans but not of this album!

- go back to american idol1 star

stop makin horrible music be a judge instead

- The best song ever5 star


- King Luke5 star

Luke Bryan is one of my favorite artists, but this album elevated him to new heights. On his last couple albums, while I appreciated there being so many songs, there were a good amount that were just alright. When the track listing came out for this record and I saw it was only 10 songs, I was a bit disappointed, but not anymore, because ALL 10 songs aren’t just good, but are GREAT! This is a tight and focused record that will be on repeat for a LONG TIME! Way to go, Luke! This album is exactly WHAT I WANT as a fan!

- Better than expected4 star

One margarita doesn’t sound great but is very catchy. The back half of this album is fantastic!

- This is the worst album I have ever heard1 star

I thought you were good county music but the autotune, not country go to pop LB

- Another good album4 star

I always get each album—love the songs. A little bit pop country to me on some songs, but it’s a Luke Bryan album. I don’t expect anything less. Good music for good times.

- U the man, Luke5 star

I got this album for my birthday!!!!! 😃😃😃

- Not my most favorite, but....4 star

Each time I hear it, it’s gets better. I love the throw back sound from some of the earlier work. Probably, pulled it from his vault of many, many sounds. I love all his music...some is better. Those who call Luke “bro” or say he’s not country, then you haven’t really listened to a lot of music. Hon, I go way back to Kitty Wells and Chet Atkins and Roy changes. Love it all, and have my faves. Luke is my most favorite. I grew up in the 60’s, and I love the pop, rock, bro sound of guys like Luke bryan , Eric Church, Thomas Rhett, Sam Hunt. And I still love the classic sounds of old country on the radio now...oh, where is it? Oops! Even Alabama is not classic...don’t even think Conway Twitty is!!! ♥️🎶🤩🤩🤣🤣

- Ew1 star

This is not my country type at all

- Just ok4 star

It’s not his best but there are some songs that I like on it my favorite would probably have to be Knockin boots.

- Bad1 star

Not real country. Go listen to midland or George strait, don’t waste your time with this garbage.

- love it!5 star

love him on american idol and his voice!

- booo1 star

not quality music

- come on1 star

Luke, I know you’re a good singer, but write some good songs

- Mainstream garbage1 star


- Below average.1 star

These tracks sound like they were reject songs from his last album that didn’t make the cut, so he decided to release these as a quick quarantine cash grab. Please put out better material Luke.

- One of his best!5 star

Not a lot of drinking songs, more story telling songs, love songs, everybody wants the perfect someone

- Great album!5 star

This isn’t the party album everyone’s used to form Luke but it’s got a lot of classic 90s country style in it. Definitely a feel good album that reminds us of heart break and good times. Great work Luke!

- ...3 star

Dang why is there so much hate???

- this ain’t it1 star

never was never will be 😌

- Really Good4 star

A few songs weren’t the best but most were really nice.

- Why y’all hate?5 star

If y’all are gonna hate then just get outta here I love the album and One Margarita is a bop 💅🍑🍑💎💎👑👑

- Awesome4 star

Nice song . I love it.

- Amazing5 star


- LB!5 star

I like the more country side of Luke a lot! Keep it coming!

- eh1 star

so so

- Wow1 star

Trash who woulda thunk it.

- Love it, just a great album5 star

Love the album, love Luke. Most of these bad reviews are just mad it’s not “real country”. Yeah it’s not old school, hardcore or traditional country but the actual quality of the music and songs is fantastic in its own way. Kinda mad it’s only 10 songs though lol. Another great album from one of the absolute best, Luke Bryan.

- How?!!1 star

How is this “music” still getting airplay, and worse than that, people are still paying for it?


um, I heard your album was terrible, so I just want to say you are a flop. You won’t block Taylor for getting a number 1 for her third week. But what I would tell you is if you don’t go down to the number 6 spots on the iTunes chart tayvoodoo will strike you will not like it. thank you, love, enjoy

- Stupid1 star


- Love this album5 star

Love it

- 2013 called its wants it’s everything back1 star

Glorified pop

- Something Positive5 star

I like it.

- Top pop country5 star

One of the top pop catchy albums of the year. Good beats and lots of rhymes. If you don’t like it, don’t buy it.

- Puke1 star

Puke with a side of poop and snot. His voice is nasally and terrible no matter if he’s got effects on it or not.

- Need money1 star

🧴⌨️🕋🕌🕍⛪️🏛🌠🌠🌠🌠🌠 was the one ☝️ I love 💕 threefold

- Blah1 star

You definitely probably die here for sure with COVID-19

- WHAT💀1 star

Stream WAP for clear skin perid🐆♥️♥️♥️

- disappointing1 star

This is more like an EP than a real album. 10 really quick songs at a whopping 33 minutes. I would not buy this at 12$ maybe you buy this at 4$. I am a fan but come on Luke try putting a little more effort into your records

- My Take5 star

I feel like the songs that didn’t release early are underrated and really give the album a body.


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redwingsman4093 - Annoying and overrated.1 star

If I hear One Margarita on the radio one more time I'll staple my neck to my knees and do sit-ups.

groogrux73 - 33 minutes?2 star

Who puts out a 33 minute album these days? While I like most of his other stuff, this one's weak...and short.

BillyIdolRocks - This isn't even country1 star

Not only is this awful music. it's not even country. It's so awful. How can people buy his records? He can't even sing!!

Slicerx2248 - Amazing5 star

Love every song released so far and can’t wait for the whole album

SKMom75 - Disappointed2 star

I love Luke Bryan but this song ain’t it!

dee.brake - The songs that are Good5 star

I love as I do all your releases; just the knocking boots not sure what happened there but the tempo didn’t pair well with lyrics. Again love your voice so well done.

Bob Quebec,Canada - tres bon5 star

tres bon album

aw w - Reeeddd4 star

Awa we dt try taste we hehu

Star21fire - I'm a fan5 star

I believe in and totally enjoy Luke's music; this album has not disappointed me so far. Country music comes in many different styles - people need to qualify their reviews here. Luke is an honest, hard-working musician. If you don't like the album, no one is forcing you to buy it.

mattimatt19 - Awesome album as of the 5 songs released5 star

All the people here reviewing are trashing without having heard the whole thing because it hasn’t been released yet minus 5 songs. All the songs have been better than anyone could expect. Luke has done enough to solidify himself. Stop hating just to hate. Get over yourselves. Born here, live here, die here literally feels like a throwback to 80-90’s country. I’m honestly just so tired of people and their whining how country isn’t country anymore

therhinestonecowgirl - In what world is this actually country?1 star

This is trash, just like all of his records. Luke Bryan needs to figure out what country music actually is before he tries to pass himself off as a "country" artist.

Groovygiraffe - mehhhhh2 star

Not as good as your other albums I agree this crap didn’t get you famous your other music did. Don’t get me wrong I’m a fan of Luke but this isn’t him.

RockLivesOn - This Album Sounds Familiar1 star

Same songs rehashed, no thought process out into these songs. Just a guy living off his fame and fortune and doesn’t have to put any effort into his music anymore, same as his buddy Shelton. This release will be forgotten in a hurry.

inknown58642 - Not country1 star

Try writing country music for a change

Baby blue 1997 - Songs1 star

Not as good as your others. They don’t feel country too me.

colts8888 - Wicked album5 star

Luke keeps on impressing! Wish I could meet you one day man, you’ve been my favourite Country artist since I was young. Your music never fails and One Margarita makes this self isolating a whole lot depressing 🍻

Country lover69 - Sell out1 star

Get back to what made you famous

Pewter puck80 - Don’t1 star

This guy is a sell out

965337 - Trash1 star

The Title says it all

haley the big fan - Haley5 star

I love you

alyce.. - Not a lot going on1 star

His music lacks growth... we’ve already heard this from him... it’s not that good... he needs to grow as an artist instead putting out this album yet again.

Crash Matilda - Nope1 star

if you like this music, you are part of the problem

Chickie_gal - Not happy jan1 star

Please explain I am a huge fan of Luke Bryan’s and can’t access the album I have been so looking forward to the release of this album even more so that is was to be released on my birthday aaaannnndddd am still waiting for the remainder of the album.

Medionpva - Pre order dated by months, but not told about it. Poor form1 star

Pre order dated by months, but not told about it. Poor form

nick whittall - Luke Bryan5 star

New CD

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Luke Bryan - Born Here Live Here Die Here Album Wiki

Born Here Live Here Die Here is the seventh studio album by American country music singer Luke Bryan. It was released on August 7, 2020, by Capitol Nashville. The album includes the singles "Knockin' Boots", "What She Wants Tonight", and "One Margarita".The album debuted at number five on the US Billboard 200 and number one on the US Top Country Albums charts, earning 65,000 album-equivalent units (of which 48,000 were pure album sales) in its first week..

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