Ozuna - Nibiru album wiki, reviews
Artist:   Ozuna
Album Name:   Nibiru
Genre:   Urbano latino
Relase:   29 November 2019
Tracks:   18
Country:   USA

Nibiru (Ozuna) Album Songs

Song TitleTime
1.Nibiru 2:38
2.Hasta Que Salga el Sol 3:08
3.Temporal (feat. Willy) 3:58
4.Fantasía 2:55
5.Yo Tengo una Gata 3:04
6.Fuego 3:11
7.Eres Top 3:24
8.Pégate 3:18
9.Patek 4:09
10.Difícil Olvidar 3:31
11.Sin Pensar (feat. Swae Lee) 4:09
12.Independiente 2:55
13.Reggaetón en París 4:01
14.Te Soñé de Nuevo 3:18
15.Danzau 2:41
16.Amor Genuino 2:58
17.Baila Baila Baila 2:38
18.Qué Pena 2:32

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IQ Certificate
  • RiCoNtiCa

    5 stars
    Great album. Can listen to this album on repeat
  • KxE890

    1 stars
    Muy malo. 👎🏿👎🏿
  • Boricuajoe

    3 stars
    Little disappointing. Similar to Nicky Jam’s Intimo, this album had much anticipation and hype. Unfortunately, similar to Intimo, this album just missed the mark. There are some nice fresh songs but nothing that makes me overly excited to listen to it over and over again. Both artists failed to match their hype and will be interested to see how bout bounce back
  • Luvdavybz

    3 stars
    Expected way better. After months of anticipation, wondering when Nibiru will come out. Now that it is, I must say that this is not Ozuna's best work compared to (Odisea) and (Aura). On Nibiru he brings something different to the table with features with Diddy and Swae lee which I appreciate! However, after the first listen out of 18 songs, Apart from Baila Baila Baila which Is one of my favorite songs of 2019. The rest is just decent. I feel that the envelop was not pushed enough to bring out the true passion and heart felt lyrics of his previous albums. Ozuna is one of those artist that you can press play and let the album play! Unfortunately not Nibiru.
  • Cyn_cruz

    1 stars
    Hmmm. No me gustó
  • tenssix

    1 stars
    Mountain Dew ad?. Lol
  • Liam-Man 72

    5 stars
    Fire! 🔥🔥🔥. Not too bad.
  • Ricky256

    1 stars
    Not good. Definitely not his best work a lot of throw away songs no replay value .
  • Meneo307

    5 stars
    Buenisimo. El Mejor del Genero, El Negrito Claro!
  • Joger17

    1 stars
    Sold out. He went to Pop now

Ozuna - Nibiru Album Wiki

Nibiru Nibiru (Babylonian astronomy), a term in Babylonian astronomy for the equinox Nibiru Sociedad Astronomica (Nibiru Astronomical Society), the astronomy group at the National Autonomous University of Mexico "Land of Nibiru", a song from Aminata Savadogo's 2015 album Inner Voice.