Over It

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Artist:   Summer Walker
Album Name:   Over It
Genre:   R&B/Soul
Relase:   04 October 2019
Tracks:   18
Country:   USA

Over It (Summer Walker) Album Songs

Song TitleTime
1.Over It 2:11
2.Body 3:13
3.Playing Games 2:23
4.Drunk Dialing...LODT 2:14
5.Come Thru 3:01
6.Potential 2:53
7.Fun Girl 1:49
8.Tonight 2:56
9.Me 2:08
10.Like It 2:51
11.Just Might 3:25
12.Stretch You Out (feat. A Boogie wit da H.. 2:23
13.Off of You 2:05
14.Anna Mae 2:17
15.I'll Kill You (feat. Jhené Aiko) 2:59
16.Nobody Else 3:53
17.Playing Games 2:23
18.Girls Need Love 3:42

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IQ Certificate
  • TraceyJones1

    5 stars
    Simply Amazing!. One of the few albums that I can listen to each and every song. Simply amazing! I went through a roller coaster of emotions while listening. Such a good body of work.
  • AséGod

    5 stars
    💙. Love this song!!
  • theworldwelive

    5 stars
    My favorite album. This album is dope I’m getting to know every word on this album. Summer you just don’t know how you truly impact us people. I know the music business is hell. But keep to your craft and continue to shine so bright!! On repeat!!
  • Timdix86

    5 stars
    🙌🏾. 🔥❤️🔥
  • rshurn

    5 stars
    This album is on point!!!. i truly enjoy every song on this album. this is my first time hearing summer walker’s work and i'm very impressed. it is heavily auto tune, which i wish she did without but what artist these days do not use auto tune from new to old artists? her emotions are all over the place but regardless i recommend this album it’s worthy. if you love r&b you will enjoy this album, no pop or trap rap here!
  • alyssa00011117773

    5 stars
    ig ~ _.aalyssa.__. i would download the whole album. all that has to be said
  • Reallifett2

    5 stars
    An impact. It made more of an impact than SZA’s album. It’s such a good song I don’t get tired of it and I already played it 500 times
  • theLimewire

    3 stars
    It’s alright.. The album overall, is just okay. It’s not the most terrible thing to play through my ears, but the production on this album is too similar throughout — it ends up feeling like a 48 minute song than an actual album. There are a lot of decent tracks on it though (I couldn’t tell you which ones though) but the most standout and my favorite was, “Fun Girl”. It was the only time on the album where the sound changed and Walker sung in a different tone, which gave me hope for a change in tempo for the rest of the album (I was mistaken). The album could have also been shortened by two songs (or 6, lol). The addition of the solo version of “Playing Games” and remix of “Girls Need Love” featuring Drake were unnecessary and made the whole thing feel more like a cash-grab than an actual body of work (not that many of the previous songs did it any favors either). Overall, the album is a moderate 3 outta 5. She’s not doing anything different than most [mainstream] R&B acts out there, but it’s also not terrible either.
  • Dimpleface84

    5 stars
    Love her!!. 🔥🔥🔥🔥
  • Nuni-Kay

    5 stars
    🔥🔥🔥🔥. Great album though and through!!!!

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Over It Over It (band), an American pop punk band Over It (album), a 2019 album by Summer Walker, or the title track Over It (EP), an EP by face to face "Over It" (Katharine McPhee song) "Over It", a song by Addictiv "Over It", a song by Anneliese van der Pol from the soundtrack of the 2004 film Stuck in the Suburbs "Over It", a song by Ashley Tisdale from Headstrong "Over It", a song by Dinosaur Jr. from Farm "Over It", a song by Macklemore from Gemini "Over It", a song by Jordan Pruitt from No Ordinary Girl "Over It", a song by Tiffany Affair.