Body - Summer Walker Lyrics

Summer Walker - Body song lyrics
Artist:   Summer Walker
Album:   Over It
Genre:   R&B/Soul
Date:   04 October 2019 (USA)
Track No:   2 / 16
Duration:   3 minutes 13 seconds

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Summer Walker - Body Song Lyrics

We got London on da track

I been all in my phone, I got options
And I don't wanna tell you to drop it
But I don't wanna play unfair, yeah
Somethin' that makes me look at you too often
And baby, you can give it somethin'
Baby, I can run overtime, oh

Baby, I'm talkin' crazy
I need you right in my space for now
Need it, baby, I'm late, but I
Still can check in with you

I know that I need my friends, but I
Wouldn't wanna leave you, no, oh, I
Wouldn't wanna plead
But my heart, my mind and my body

Body (Summer Walker) Song Lyrics Reviews & Comments

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  • Shadowbeam

    5 stars
    Far From Over It 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤. Such A Vibe Very Poetic 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💯💯
  • ameer1234567890

    5 stars
    Summer walker. She is a inspirational person to me and I just love her
  • llc19

    5 stars
    Everything. This album is everything. Definitely worth the buy. Summer walker is such a vibe and her voice is too beautiful 😍
  • Mymimixo

    5 stars
    Goosebumps. The album I didn’t know I needed 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 I cant stop listening
  • las mm

    4 stars
    Y yo y tú. English
  • Drell30

    1 stars
    Overhyped Album....But congrats. My expectations were a little higher considering some of the features.
  • yofavchina

    5 stars
    Make another one!!!. I love it 😭
  • maarlow

    5 stars
    Love it. My favorite song is the one with usher
  • mebretu

    5 stars
    WE STAN. My good sis went off
  • jigga_c4

    5 stars
    Great album!. The only thing I wish was different....not so much auto tune on the voice. Her Last Day of Summer album was a bit more soulful. And I do not need to hear London on the track every time! lol and can we get sum longer songs! Lol But it’s a great album!
  • __ariannaaa

    5 stars
    Summer Walker - Body 🔥🔥
  • _Shaant

    5 stars
    Summer Walker- Body

    5 stars
    Summer Walker- Body
  • Jakaaaaaaay

    5 stars
    Body - Summer Walker 😫
  • Haulyuhass__

    5 stars
    Here’s a song for you… Body by Summer Walker
  • Drekdoe

    5 stars
    summer walker a whole vibe ; just might is one of my new favorites ... I done played body and ill kill you to death
  • Redbone_jhani

    5 stars
    Stretch you out nobody else Anna Mae and body is my favorite summer walker song on her album
  • Keiathebomb

    5 stars
    Body x Summer Walker is my fav rn
  • RisaTheLashTech

    5 stars
    Stretch you out nobody else Anna Mae and body is my favorite summer walker song on her album
  • Dessbtw_

    5 stars
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