Amidst the Chaos

Sara Bareilles - Amidst the Chaos album wiki, reviews
Artist :   Sara Bareilles
Album Name :   Amidst the Chaos
Genre :   Pop
Relase Date :   05 April 2019
Tracks :   12
Country :   USA

Amidst the Chaos (Sara Bareilles) Album Songs

Song Title Artist Time
1. Fire Sara Bareilles 3:49
2. No Such Thing Sara Bareilles 3:57
3. Armor Sara Bareilles 4:27
4. If I Can't Have You Sara Bareilles 4:13
5. Eyes on You Sara Bareilles 4:04
6. Miss Simone Sara Bareilles 4:13
7. Wicked Love Sara Bareilles 4:39
8. Orpheus Sara Bareilles 4:13
9. Poetry by Dead Men Sara Bareilles 3:48
10. Someone Who Loves Me Sara Bareilles 3:17
11. Saint Honesty Sara Bareilles 4:34
12. A Safe Place to Land (feat. John Legend) Sara Bareilles 4:29

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Sara Bareilles - Amidst the Chaos Album Wiki

Amidst the Chaos is the sixth studio album by American singer-songwriter Sara Bareilles, released on April 5, 2019, through Epic Records. The lead single from the album, "Armor", was released digitally on October 26, 2018. The album debuted at number six on the US Billboard 200..

Amidst the Chaos (Sara Bareilles) Album Comments

Amidst the Chaos (Sara Bareilles) Album Reviews

  • Music of Chaos

    I have followed and been a true fan of Sara since she appeared on the circuit. I have almost every album she's made but this one will not be on my shelf. The songs are so jagged and dark that it left me unhappy and disappointed. The only song I truly liked on this album was Fire because it was the style of music I was accustomed to hear in her other albums. Sorry, but this didn't fire me up or get me excited about this album. I hope that she if this album was therapy for her that she will get back to writing about the joy in her heart and soul she has given her fans in her earlier albums.
  • Amazing!

    I love my NorCal girl with the most gorgeous voice since Karen Carpenter!
  • Amidst the Chaos

    Cam Byrnes
    A dark and gloomy album with twelve songs that sound about the same. Her voice never soars, the piano never shines and the band is a mush. Played it over and over and finally gave up. Really disappointed.
  • Not sure what to think

    Spidey’s Mom
    She has always been my favorite artist. Hopefully this is the worst of the worst and the next album will be amazing.
  • don’t waste your money

    sooo sad... this is what happens when artists get political... this album is garbage.
  • Amazing

    I've always loved Sara and her music always seems to speak to my soul and my time of life. Definitely recommend Armor, Orpheus, Miss Simon, and Someone Who Love Me! :)
  • Everyone calm down

    We know you’re mad that she wrote about the border, but that reflects really poorly on you
  • Excellent - NOT POLITICAL - Dont listen to trolls.

    Please pay no attention to either the trolls or bots or Trumpetters. This is NOT a political album. Just because she was inspired by the current situstion doesn't make it a protest album. The closest you come to that is in Saint Honesty and A Safe Place to Land - and both are far from specific. Its a fantastic written and preformed. If you loved her music before I don't see why you wouldn't love this one.
  • Fantastic Song Writer!

    A modern day Carol King. Can’t wait to see her on tour. Poetry to gifted melodies. Gravity is still my fav but there are several on this album that will be favorites soon. Keep writing! Brillant!
  • Light in the dark..

    “Be the hand of a hopeful stranger, little scared but just strong enough.” That song has such a powerful message and one that I can relate to. I have needed that hopeful stranger this past year, and now am working on being the hopeful stranger. These are beautiful songs!