Thank u, next by Ariana Grande

Thank u, next [Ariana Grande] Album Songs

NoSong TitleTime
1.Imagine 3:32
2.Needy 2:51
3.NASA 3:02
4.Bloodline 3:36
5.Fake Smile 3:28
6.Bad Idea 4:27
7.Make Up 2:20
8.Ghostin 4:31
9.In My Head 3:42
10.7 Rings 2:58
11.Thank U, Next 3:27
12.Break Up With Your Girlfriend, I'm ... 3:10

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Thank u, next by Ariana Grande Album Reviews

- One word


- Love it

I think everyone’s gotta love Ariana

- The best album ever!


- amazing

one of my favorite albums ever

- Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande is the best singer ever and her 2019 album s one of the best and her song 7 rings is my favourite song ever and Ariana Grande is beautiful as well

- Very good

not as good as positions tho

- Too many bad words

I really only like bloodline and ghostin.

- Ariana grande 😘😘

I Love Ariana Grande she writes so good songs and there’s most of them are emotional like thank you next, and other songs that I can think of at this moment I wish she can get through all the trauma so she can write some songs also if Ariana Grande was social distancing how did she write song stuck with you by Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande?

- Stupid

It is not a good song this it trash (garbage)

- 👌🏼👌🏼

One of her best albums

- karaoke She was a karaoke and follow along the lyrics

Breakfast atTiffany's and bottles of bubbles girls with tattoos who like getting in trouble lashes 👅and diamonds ATM machines by myself all of my favorite things been through some badI should be sad.Savage I want it I got it you like my hair she thinks just want to see it I like it I want it I know I want it I got it I want it I got it do you like my hair G thanks just want to see it I like it I want it I got to get a warning against wearing a ring money going to Mrs. imagine and surviving all the

- Best AG Album of All Time!

NASA, Makeup, In My Head and Break up with your girlfriend, im bored are my favorite. But honestly I listen to the whole album on repeat❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

- Amazing album


- Basicaly everything

I love this album and all of the songs except two things, ‘7 rings’ is copying ‘these are a few of my favorite things’ on ‘The Sound of Music’ and the end of ‘bad idea’ is a little strange

- Love it

bruh this album is amazing 🙌🏽

- ❤️❤️❤️❤️

There’s nothing to say except 😍❤️🥰😍😘😍🥰😘😍🥰😘❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

- Iconic

Her best album ❤️

- Her best album!

Oh my god, this album is incredible! She smashed the chorus, if your looking for something cheap, and you don’t like all the songs, I suggest 7 rings, thank u, next and break up w your gf! These songs really broke the record. I just wish her new albums were like this! I hope this is helpful!


Love dis album my fave is thank u next break up with your gf I’m bored and fake smile!!! I also live 7 ringsss

- love

i said what i said

- BEST. ALBUM. EVER!!! 👏👏👏👏

I honestly can’t find a SINGLE song I don’t like on this album! This is freakin awesome!!!

- for anyone who’s thinking of buying :)

everything about this album is just beautiful it’s such a personal album and it’s sad that people are hating on it without giving constructive criticism if they don’t like it so much. Literally such a beautiful album !

- 7 rings

Omg I love 7 rings like you are also cat I know you like the cat walk because you’re cat and you walk I love Sam and cat you so great I’m big Ariana grande fan if you have FaceTime app I’ll friend you on there I know what I’m talking about🥰😍😘 love and I’m 7 like 7 rings and my name is Haleigh

- pure talent

all of the songs are amazing and im super proud of her for having the courage to pour her heart out in certain songs!🤍🤍 if you don’t like it...clearly you have bad taste lol

- Amazing

Such a good album

- Pretty good

This is a good album but Ariana’s older stuff is better. Standout tracks are Ghostin, 7 Rings, and Needy.

- Hdjwjs.


- Great album

Has a lot good songs !!!

- Ari 😍😍

My favorite album from Ari

- a literal queen✨✨✨

amazing album

- I love this

This is just amazing

- Luving it since day one 🖤💜

I love the message in the album

- Love your songs Ari you the queen

I love your songs so much favorite two are 7 rings and thank u next

- Rushed

Don’t bother listening. None of the tracks are catchy or worth listening to.

- Awesome stuff

I’ve only heard 7 rings and thank u next, but I luv dem songz :3

- Worst pop star ever

Thank you next all tracks sound the same and generic,all my friends think it’s bad... and nothing unique and special can tell ‘yes that’s ariana’s songwriting’ none! That’s the drawback of not writing her own songs

- 🧚🏻✨Great popstar ever✨🧚🏻

She is the greatest singer ever I love her songs she has a nice voice and she has the best beats ever go listen to her and buy her music because she has the best music eveeeer

- slay


- Average at best.

I don’t see or hear the appeal at all.

- OH YEAH!!!!

7 rings is the best! That’s on period girl!!! Love you so much Ari! 🤗

- Best album

Definitely has not aged. Almost 2 years since release!!

- Amazing

Omg so good!!!!

- Pop Perfection

Her best album. No discussion about it.

- Don’t listen to this album

Ariana Grande is a bad role model and writes songs about inappropriate things. She was only cool when she was on Victorious.

- .


- 🤩💜

I love the whole album but breathin and fake smile are my favs 💕💕

- Yass Queen 👑

Omg her songs are awesome her voice is so amazing!!!!


This album is iconic af!! She never fails to amaze me, especially this album! I just had to get this on a vinyl bc it’s THAT good!🥺 Same with positions. You can’t please everyone, but her latest works (sweetener,TUN, and positions) have been my faves💓

- One of her best albums

For people who dislike this album, y’all better clean them ears out hunny because this album is one of her best and also personal albums and I love this album.

- Nice


Wise 💸

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- Honestly...

I expected better from Ari. Only good songs are the last three, and those are fire. The rest are meh, so I give three starts.

- Aris biggest fan

This is her best album yet I love all the songs soooo much🥰

- Amazing album

Beautiful and well written

- So good

This album is exactly what I needed when it came out. Everything is flawless and it is executed perfectly. She really poured her heart out into these songs and you can tell, especially just from Ghostin alone.... that one was hard to listen too. She did an amazing job. And I think this one toped sweetener too.

- C’est tellement bon!


- I LOVE Ariana Grande!

This album is amazing! I’m so happy for you Ari! Ari has accomplished so much! These songs are just so amazing! My fav is probably 7 rings! Break up with ur girlfriend I’m bored and Needy! Tysm Ari for making this album cause it’s SPECTACULAR!!

- best album

i love this ari album it really is a work of art

- Awesome

Ariana did good

- Amazing

Such a good album. Many different songs with different moods and it’s so diverse. No surprise since all her albums are great!

- AmAzInG

I’m and Arianator and her songs never disappoint but like this album is fire and will never beat anything

- Wow

This is a great album! It don’t matter if u win or don’t a Grammy award! You a winner! U don’t need an award to show u are a great singer. Love🥰🥰🥰🥰❤️❣️❣️❣️❤️

- masterpiece

very well done

- best album i've heard in a while

go ari ❤️

- Amazing never wanna stop listening


- Puppet show.

MK. Ultra. 😴😴😴😴😴


This album is so good. I saw Ariana in concert and it was breath taking.

- queen of pop did what she had to do

zero skips period

- OMG its COOL!🥰🥰🤩

Ariana Grande est la meilleure chanteuse du monde! Continue comme ça!🥰😘😘

- Ummm....

It was good, but i expected more. Also, she has BEAUTIFUL VOCALS bit she needs to use em more often. But good job👍🏼

- 😍😍😍

Love this album. Definitely one of her best works yet.

- queen of pop did what she had to do

zero skips period

- 🥰

I loved this album! There are some songs that are amazing and some that are less but I still love this album! 🌸💕

- I hate pop

I hate all of these songs. 7 rings is ok although the only song I really like is Break Up with ur Gf I’m bored. Very catchy!

- Trash

Id say thank you but IM NOT THANKFUL FOR THIS so next 😂🤮

- Yueh yuh cause I’m bo-o-ored.


- Terrible


- Awesome

I Love Ariana Grande

- Pretty Good

I love the songs but there’s so much thats explicit. :( I’d like it better if that wasn’t the case. Other than that, great album ♥️ PS I’m obsessed with ghostin!!!!!


This album is the best no skips all repeats. Ariana Grande voice is out of this world. She has so much control over her voice. Like when I sing, I sounded like I got hit by a truck. Ariana range is very big. I went to her sweetener concert and there were a lot of note changes and the change of the ending of bad idea, 7 rings, etc. I know she couldn’t perform imagine, ghostin, in my head, Pete Davidson, Better off, etc, because some songs can make her emotional like goodnight n go. While I was at her concert, it was like a dream. The visual were very pretty and bright. The choreography was on point, they were all in sync. Especially God Is A Woman. This album changed the most because she is singing the most personal stuff that happened to her in her life and she is putting it in a song to make it like a story. But I wish she put the song in an order like the first few of the songs would be about break ups and the half part would be about something she missed, and the last part of the album would be like she would be I’m done I’m gonna start a new life and worry about other things

- No.

Generic garbage. No growth, no taste.


absolutely iconic, her whistle notes and high notes, the rap, the songs and their messages, just amazing and perfect

- 👎


- Thank u Next album

ALLL the song are my favorite song. I’m pretty difficult habitually.

- wow i was looking forward

all sound the same

- She made 2019 the best

We all feel so lucky we have a beautiful voice in this album,

- No

This is mediocre compared to her last album.


5 star review for me. Talented women. Boss women. Never a bad song. Well I’m excited for AG6

- T A L E N T

she’s back, & she snapped with this iconic album 👑



- Queen.

On repeat!

- Love it !!

Ariana is always trying to top herself each time she puts out new music, and I'm so proud of her after all she's been through! This album has really good tracks on it and is unlike alot of her other music, which is not a bad thing. Not to mention the production and backing on each of the songs are powerful and easy to fall into. Each song has it's unique sound, but "thank you, next" is still overwhelming sonicaly cohesive, and it tells a story. It's nice balance between upbeat, playful lyrics and a dive into personal, painful memories. Well done! Love you!

- I luv u Ariana!

OMG I love your music so much I love the new beat you put in these songs! I am a huge fan of your music! Also 1 suggestion- maybe make a clean version of this album considering all the good songs swear...

- Love it!

It’s the best!!

- Love it

I really like it ❤️


absolutely iconic, her whistle notes and high notes, the rap, the songs and their messages, just amazing and perfect

- Love it way to much I think I’m addicted!!!

This album is the best fricking thing ever! Literally cried when I heard needy! And was jamming to bloodline! I hope everyone else loves it as much as I do!! ❤️❤️❤️

- Love this album!!

This album is now my favorite, my last favorite was dangerous woman, I don’t know why but sweetener was not that big for me! My favorite songs in this album is “Bloodline, Break up with your girlfriend I’m bored, thank u next, NASA, 7 rings and Imagine” All of them are great, but those are my favorites! Keep this up Ariana!! I am so glad she did one of the Sweetener/Thank u, Next tour concerts in Toronto (close to where I live), especially for her birthday!

- thank u, next

I know it’s been over a year but when this album dropped I didn’t think an album could get better than this one. And there still isn’t. This album has no skips and is amazing start to finish. I really hope she comes through with her new album like she did on this one. So excited to see her get Nasty💞

- Help!

I purchased the album, entered my password and authorized the payment... but the album isn’t downloading into my music.

- Bad


- good

The thank u, next album was pretty good. I do like her older music a bit more (my opinion) and I think Sweetener was a better album, but I would still recommend thank u, next. (Sorry this is kind of all over the place)

- The Best

All of the people who are saying that the songs songs sounds the same... Yea definitely ghostin and breakup with your girlfriend sounds the same 🙄 anyways GOODDDDDD ALBUM AHHH

- wow

i love ghostin so much it hit my feelings hard

- Alright??

This album is full of songs that are just boring to me, it’s just that the beats are boring!. I like 7 rings and NASA but not the rest, they just sound all the same and each song doesn’t sound different from the others. I miss her old songs. I’m a bit disappointed


On repeat all day. Every day. It’s that amazing.

- F*** NO

Do you call this music??????????

- Greatest song ive heard

This album is so amazing listened to it all day ♥️

- Yassss ari

Love every track on this album.

- Trash

This album lives in the bin I’m serious 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

- Thank u next ( the song) VERRY good

Imma big fan

- She got the stars up to 5 again!

All these songs have good meanings and stuff my fav is Fake smile, Break up with ur gf,Thank u next and 7rings


sis slayed this like always definitely the best album of hers i’m addicted ❤️

- Trash


- girl what happened?

ariana has such an amazing voice and huge potential, it’s sad to see her waste it on a rushed, cheap album like this. i only liked two of the songs, the rest were either generic or annoying. ari peaked at dangerous woman and has gone downhill ever since.

- 7 rings is my life

Breakfast at Tiffany’s and bottles of buttles

- Either love it or hate it

For me i love it, and the song are just stuck in my head but my favourite is technically every song

- Great album

Love this album

- Stop Please Stop!!

No more of this rubbish save music now

- Mmmm just average

This album realistically gets carried by 1 song, and that’s not an album I want


Amazing. I’m a newfound fan. Keep it up girl

- excited will be her best album

Eeeek coRrEcTIon is her best¡¡

- The King


- Awesome! 😄😄😄

This is my favourite Ariana Grande album in 3 years! I love her so much and the story behind all the songs have so much meaning to them. This is the best album of 2019! She has been through turmoil and tragedy but music has healed many wounds for this girl. She is so inspiring. Thank u, Next. 😍😍😍😍

- Yasss

Idc what ppl think, but Ari’s been through sooo much. This album is honestly just a comeback for her. I’m in love with the songs and forever will. :)

- Best music I have ever listened to 😀💕😀

I love this so much the music is awesome I send all my love to Ariana you are a amazing person in this world keep up all the great work 💕😀💕

- Thank you, Next

Really good album Top 5 Break up with ur girlfriend, Cuz I’m bored Bloodline Fake Smile Thank u , Next 7 Rings

- Fake Smile 👌🏽

This album is amazing! Fake Smile is the best off this album!

- This isn’t music.

Unbearable tripe

- Bruh

Really? Why did you throw shade at Taylor swift😡

- It’s okay.

The singing is exceptional but she doesn’t write her lyrics like artists such as Taylor Swift.

- Don’t be fooled by the hate

Don’t let the people hating on Ariana fool you. This album is fantastic. A completely new route for her musically, and she sounds as beautiful as ever.

- ❤️Thank U, next ALBUM❤️

It’s soo amazing I love the songs so much !!!

- Darker but total perfection!

This album is perfect! Darker than her usual work, a musical representation of everything she has been through lately. Every song has a story behind it and the lyrics have meaning. Thought provoking, deep and dark. I think it’s Ariana’s best album to date! 🖤

- Yaaassss!💍

Am obsessed with 7 rings!

- amazing

incredible body of work produced, written and released in just 6 months! She’s really out done herself👏🏼👏🏼

- Love it

Ari has done it again

- Jayda Reimers

This album is amazing the last three songs are the best they should be at the top!!!!❤️❤️❤️


i’m literally in love with this 💗





- Overrated

Imagine is my favourite and I liked a few of the songs, but at this point she has a couple good songs in an album and the rest are all the same. She is overrated and I want the trend to finish already.


this is the most iconic album ever 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 It is my new fav album by her. The songs are amazing and great. My top faves r bloodline bad idea fake smile break up with your girlfriend, i’m bored

- Disappointing

Same as all her other albums. She would have couple of great tracks but then the rest of the albums are just plain boring generic tracks that sound the same. She needs to make more tracks like “Thank You, next”, “Into You”, and “No tears left to cry”. Otherwise is a waste of talent. Don’t just make them to sell albums. Make them to be inspired and remembered.

- This is such an amazing album

Ariana did such a good job writing this album. It’s so so so amazing and the songs on it are VERY well written. I love ari so much and she really amazed us with this album! If u are thinking of buying it DO IT it’s AMAZING!!

- Beep boop

Beep boop Beep boop I like all of the songs but I think she should start making slower songs and work longer on he albums



- Eww.

So annoying after listening more than once



- 👌👌

Yuh Yuh

- Same Style

The songs are very obnoxious, although it is good, it is highly overrated

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- 😐

Are you that desperate! Wow hat shocks me a lot break up with your girlfriend cause I’m bored ! Ha see that’s why boys don’t like you anymore cause your too desperate!

- Ems 💖

Amazing love ari and just the best quality music

- 100 STARS

ariana grande is my fave singer ever! i frickin' love this album. also, shoutout to haters... 1. she's allowed to swear! she's 26, and it's her life, not urs! 2. if u don't like the swearin' then click the clean version! 3. if u quote & quote "hate her", then what i want to know is why are u buyin' the album? 4. swearin' doesn't make her a bad role model. i swear (i admit) but i'm not and she's very kind so she deserves respect. 5. keep ur bad opinions to yourself! someone like me is actually her biggest fan somewhere and it's not fair that ur just ruinin' it for them! also, ari, if ur readin' this, then ignore the haters. u don't deserve all this hate. ur an amazing woman! ;)

- i love her

she’s amazing

- overrated

I miss the old Ariana when she was all natural, not trying to be badass, very good songs. But now she just thinks she is hard and she just screams into the mic. They say she has a powerful voice, but the real ones with powerful voices are, Beyoncé, Mariah Carey, Katy Perry. I don’t see the hype around her. Not to mention her plastic surgery

- AH

Massive fan of ari and honestly it’s amazing LOVE YOU 💓💓💓 I know you have had a lot of backlash but we will help you through I adore this album and see you on tour baby I’m still freaking out that I’m acc going to see you in real! See you in 4 months

- amazing🤤

this is the best album ive heard in a while, im obsessed with “needy”,”ghostin” and “bloodline” there amazing, all the songs are great but theese are my personal favourite, i highly recommend this album 🥰

- i-

yall moaning about the swearing. you do know there is a clean version of this album right? if you dont like the swearing buy the clean one. periodt joshua

- *****

The best !

- Ariana Grande number 1 fan

It is the best album ever I can happily listen to this album all day!!☁️

- Ariana grande

Yes, what a great album this is and my favourite songs are imagine and thank u next

- Honestly

She is AMAZING 💖

- Just stop swearing

What if a kid here’s it but it’s really good

- love this album


- Amazing album ever!

Every album gets better and more amazing! Songs I can relate to fake smile ❤️ we love u Ari xxxx

- Love it!

It’s my style of music and I love the different varieties of the songs, I love how they all have personal meanings to Ariana and they sound amazing! I love all her songs. Definitely recommend 😊

- Omg she a Queen💖💕

This album is so real like she sings a about that she know that she chose this life

- Yuh



this is the most incredible music I’ve ever heard!🤯

- Cool

I love songs like: NASA Bloodline 7 rings Thank U, next Bad idea Ghostin Break up with your girlfriend, I’m bored Fake smile I love the songs. But too much swearing. You’re so better than this.

- Yes gurrrl

One word. AMAZING

- Not the best but not awful

This is a good album with nice tunes and themed lyrics but it lacks what she is capable of and that is her vocal talent! I’ve been a fan of her for so long so was slightly disappointed that we don’t get to hear some of her amazing vocals. One of the only artists that can actually sing in 2020

- no hate towards ari but

you don’t have to cuss tho-

- 🇬🇧🇪🇸🇮🇹

Nothing else to say amazing 💁🏻‍♀️💜❤️... haters will hate because their jelly... #legend

- Absolutely Incredible

This album is actually stunning, the songs all have different vibes and moods, and it all just fits together perfectly. Astonishing album but doesn’t beat Dangerous Woman. I’ll be seeing Ariana 14th September AYE


best album of 21st century. periodt. best artist. EVER. cant wait to see her on 17th august in London O2🖤

- Amazing

Loved it so much

- 🖤

This is my favourite album so far. ari is my idol: i look up to her so much and ever since i saw her performing on tv in one love manchester i just fell in love. her voice, the beats, the EVERYTHING is perfection. she is extremely talented. ari works so hard on her music and her music is basically telling a story of her experiences/ life. whenever ‘one last time’ comes on i feel emotional Thank you 🖤 for being who you are ari i am your biggest fan ( i know everyone says that 😂) but we are all behind you. 🖤

- best album

perfection period


I’m in love with every single song; each one is so different and seems to let you into Ari’s thoughts and feelings. Such a personal, intimate and just all round amazing album. I’m in loveeee! 🥰


This is such a great album no skips and I think she should of definitely won a Grammy for this work of art. My ranking- 1 7 rings 2 thank u, next 3 bloodline 4 bad idea 5 break up with your girlfriend, I’m bored 6 imagine 7 NASA 8 needy 9 fake smile 10 make up 11 ghostin 12 in my head Love u ari 😍😍😍

- Tiffany1


- No skips

It’s one of her best work I’m glad she’s becoming more vulnerable in her music compared to her earlier releases sweetener and this album are the best it’s more mature and coherent which her old releases lacked there’s no skips makeup and imh are bops!

- What’s with all the fuss??!

If you don’t like it leave If u don’t like the swearing click on the clean version button She’s 26 she is allowed to swear it’s her life not urs. And her music doesn’t define who she is I think all haters should just leave! Keep ur bad opinions to urself!!

- Love it

Best songs ever ❤️❤️❤️❤️

- exquisite

honestly it’s her second best album i love it so much and every song is incredible. i cant wait to see her this month

- I love Ariana

It is the bests song in the world and love this new ringtone

- Um yeah ew

Ok ngl Ariana has really started to get on the cocky side with her music. Arrogantly bragging about her money and success like ok we get it Ari. Some songs I really like tho like bloodline and makeup but some like sweetener are awful like ghostin and in my head. So mixed thoughts about this ...

- Overrated

Used to be like a BIG fan of hers back in dangerous Woman, and I was going to see her during that tour. But recently he music hasn’t been in, like thank u,next was a pretty good song but the album isn’t it, apart from ghostin, needy and fake smile. The album and her music isn’t good

- Hmm

Ariana : break up with your girlfriend cause I’m bored Me : not sure that’s how it works Ariana

- 🤍


- Amazing!

I adore Ari... This album may have came out abit to early after her previous "Sweetener" which i wasn't the biggest fan of as i prefer this record but this album is much more catchy and more fun, my only con is that the language in it isn't family friendly as a pop album artist should be, her talent is being ruined by trash talking and using the "F" wod alot as my 8 year old niece loves her too but we can't listen together unless there is a censored version, but anyway i am always team Ari <3


iconic album

- thank you, next

Yes, it’s good. Yes, it’s better than sweetener. Yes, it’s one of her best albums yet. But really don’t be out here calling this the ‘best album ever’ or ‘a work of art’— by any standards. Because it really isn’t. At all. Seriously. PS: Listen to the album backwards

- Just incredible.

Her best album to date, and quite possibly one of the best albums of all time (definitely the best of this century.) Such and honest and sincere album, with relatable lyrics, and catchy bops. This album was there for me through my worst, and like Ariana, I pulled through. Not to mention it holds one of the best songs of all time (thank u, next) aswell as containing 3 no.1 singles. Nothing short of spectacular.

- Good

The whole album is honestly very good, and good meanings to them. But my only complaint is that the songs are very similar. Don’t really care tho love it xxx



- P.s.

Not worth 5*s

- The Best ❤️❤️

Honestly the best album she has produced so far I love Ari so much this album is class and I think everyone should have it in their iTunes 💕💕 keep going sweetie we love you! 😘

- Best ever

I recommend this album I listen to it ever day and I just want to say if you don’t like Ariana then sorry I don’t like you xx ❤️😍😘💕🥰🎬🎤🎧💽💿📀🎥

- snapped!!!!!

Wig snatched! 😭


This album is AMAZINGG and it has so many good songs and all of the had a potential to be a single,QUEEN

- I love you queen!

So lit 💥


RIP sweetener

- Iconic

Thank U: Next Bad: Idea Fake: Smile Wig: Snatched

- thank u ari

thank u, next will always be a forever bop. so iconic


Well, Ariana’s passion is music. A very big break after releasing Sweetener and this, thank u, next, for 6 months?? Luv it! From getting sweet and then a dedication after breakup. Very trend!

- best album of her

A bop

- A Breath of Fresh Air

This kind of music has been the kind of music Ariana has always wanted to produce and finally did. It is very different from her past albums in a good way. It’s like a world where contrasting feelings could come in one setting and make a good balance.

- We are so fed ❤️


- iconic album ever

ari u da best

- her best album

she did not come to play! ugh her mind


this is 🔥🔥

- 9999999999/10

Ari definitely blessed us with this album

- ✊🏼


- I love you AriG😭❤️

My Queen right here is jus slaying it ✨❤️🔥💥

- This Is Fire Y’all

I Love You Ariana Grande

- Pop Goddessss’s bomb girl

- i like it but...

yea, i do like the song but...i think its not that good compared to her album 'sweetener'.

- The Best

the song for me is really our mood mabye u won’t agree like buwygf, im bored but sometimes we wish someone break up with their girl to be with u instead haha😆❤️

- ♥️♥️♥️


- More matured, less club bangers..

“Needy” and “Imagine” are outstanding. “NASA” and “7rings” are ear-candy catchy. “Thank u, next” is iconic.

- Thank U, Next Album

I can't find a song that wasn't worth to be listen. I could listen with these all day long.

- Thank U, Next

omggggggggggggg Is fireee 🔥🔥🔥🔥


im speechless


QUEEN ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

- t o o p e r s o n a l

It’s a like her diary in album form🖤

- yass girl

u got it and the date is wrong. ari said it’s feb 8 not feb 10.

- Thank U, Next

One of her BEST I love you Ari 😘😘😘

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Its a baby penguin

Thank u next played by a string quartet is just what I need.

Skinny he man

That new netflix period drama has pop songs played on the violin its so fcking funny all these ppl in 1800s fashion line dancing to thank u next.




Who came up with the ‘thank u, next’ violin rendition in bridgerton? Brilliant!!!.

𝒄𝒉𝒊𝒊 ⨟ 𝒑𝒐𝒌𝒑𝒐𝒌 𝒌𝒂𝒚 𝒔𝒆𝒐𝒌 🎄

Thank u next.


@gon6al thank u so much gon 😭 i hope we can too maybe later this next year we are gonna try!! 😩✊.

Chelsea 🎄

They ... put a strings version of thank u next... in a show set in 1813... it’s goddamn brilliant.


Not them playing thank u next at this ball lmao #Bridgerton.

Maseukeuleul sseojuseyo

Bridgerton season 1. Diverse cast. Posh English accent. Victorian era vocabularies. Lots and lots of baby dolls. Low key nudity. Ariana Grande's Thank U Next played at a ball by a string quartet. I must say, I'm intrigued..


Bridgerton is so cute...the dresses.. the scenery... the orchestral version of thank u, next... I love it.

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