Thank u, next

Ariana Grande - Thank u, next album wiki, reviews
Artist :   Ariana Grande
Album Name :   Thank u, next
Genre :   Pop
Relase Date :   08 February 2019
Tracks :   12
Country :   USA

Thank u, next (Ariana Grande) Album Songs

Song Title Artist Time
1. imagine Ariana Grande 3:32
2. needy Ariana Grande 2:51
3. NASA Ariana Grande 3:02
4. bloodline Ariana Grande 3:36
5. fake smile Ariana Grande 3:28
6. bad idea Ariana Grande 4:27
7. make up Ariana Grande 2:20
8. ghostin Ariana Grande 4:31
9. in my head Ariana Grande 3:42
10. 7 rings Ariana Grande 2:58
11. thank u, next Ariana Grande 3:27
12. break up with your girlfriend, i'm bored Ariana Grande 3:10

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  • thank u for this album!!!

    i wamt to be anonymous plz
    Sorry for the dad joke there, but seriously!!! Ariana is a queen and its her best album yet. It is probably the best freaking pop album out there right now. But seriously buy it, you will have no regrets!
  • 😁

  • thank u, next

    I’m really glad that Ariana didn’t do any collabs on this album. Sometimes when Ariana does a collab, it just ruins the song. This whole album is like heaven when you listen to it. “Imagine” “Bad Idea” “Ghostin” are my favourites for this album, because her vocals are on point and it’s just soothing to listen to. This album has to be one of Ariana Grande’s best projects. Though there also some songs that I dislike which are “7 Rings” and “Make Up”. 7 Rings is something that most of us can’t relate too. And some people misinterpreted this song into thinking she’s bragging about how rich she is. Make Up is ok, but the whole song just doesn't fit into the album. “Thank U, Next” and “NASA” is one of Ariana Grande’s clever songs from the album. “Thank U, Next” is talking about Ariana’s past relationships and started off my mentioning 4 of her ex. She also focuses on the positive side, and that’s what I like about her. “NASA” talks about a relationship, but also putting some space related references, which makes it really clever and the sound is so catchy. N.. A.. S.. A..
  • Tea

    I just don’t like it sorry not sorry
  • Pesimo

    Josue Galvez
  • what an album!

    her most touchin album yet so powerful & full of emotions... definitely incredible to listen to 🖤

    Arisa Grande
    the best album that ever made Ms.Grande snappedt AGAIN
  • BUT THIS. . .

    Ariana is queen of pop, she’s so talented and this is the best, catchiest, most impressive album ever. Buy it it’s so worth it!!
  • the worst song ive ever heard

    really what is the point in this song it makes no sense and serves no purpose
  • Trash talk

    Break up with your girlfriend bc I’m bored. Horrible! Shows how classless she is to sing a song like that. Clearly lots of growing up to do.