Cellar Door

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Artist :   Graveyard Club
Album Name :   Cellar Door
Genre :   New Wave
Relase Date :   19 August 2016
Tracks :   11
Country :   USA

Cellar Door (Graveyard Club) Album Songs

Song Title Artist Time
1. Cellar Door Graveyard Club 3:15
2. Diamond City Graveyard Club 5:08
3. Summer 1928 Graveyard Club 1:35
4. Forever Graveyard Club 3:10
5. Nightcrawler Graveyard Club 3:34
6. Dying Days Graveyard Club 3:46
7. No Heart Graveyard Club 3:08
8. Blue Angel Graveyard Club 4:34
9. The Lonely One Graveyard Club 0:44
10. Lose My Vision Graveyard Club 4:13
11. Werewolf Teeth Graveyard Club 4:20

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  • 80s inspired greatness!

    One of the best albums I have heard this year. This Minneapolis band deserves national attention. The vocals and music are amazing. Could not recommend this more especially if you are a fan of 80s new wave.