Obsessed by Dan + Shay

Genre Country
Release 03 June 2016
Price $9.99
Tracks 10
Country USA
9.99 USD

Dan + Shay - Obsessed Album Songs

No Song Title Time
1. All Nighter 3:23
2. Road Trippin' 3:33
3. From The Ground Up 4:15
4. Already Ready 3:22
5. How Not To 3:13
6. Lipstick 3:29
7. Round The Clock 3:23
8. Lately 4:04
9. Sway 3:10
10. Obsessed 5:00

Obsessed by Dan + Shay Album Reviews

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Incredible. Been obsessed with Dan + Shay since day 1 and the album doesn't disappoint. every single song gets me going! I love it!!!! Incredible talent and blessed artists for sure!!! 😍🎊❤️

Awesome Album. I guess there are a couple of bad songs on this album, but all the other songs are good. The first track, 'All Nighter' is the best song, other than the lead single. I like the guitar tones, and the beat and everything. Even the slow songs, like 'From the Ground Up' and 'Already Ready' are awesome, 'From the Ground Up' has good guitar tones, and good melodies. The string ensembles are awesome. 'Road Trippin' is probably the only bad song, with the rapping, drum machines and everything. 'Already Ready' has good steel guitars and pianos and stuff. 'How Not To' is one of the best also, with the good guitar tones and the song has a good beat. 'Lipstick' has steel guitar, and good guitar tones. Everything about this song is good. 'Round the Clock' isn't the best, but still good. The drum machines aren't good, but better than 'Road Trippin''. 'Lately' has not-good drum machines, but still a good song, other than that. 'Sway' has good guitar tones, good beat, and everything. I like everything on the title track, from the horns to the guitars.

I'm obsessed!. Love this album. I'm never disappointed by Dan & Shay!

Complete crap.. Complete crap.

#Obsessed. I want to get married to From The Ground Up it’s such a sweet song and such an amazing album❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️♾♾♾♾♾🤧

UhhMazing. Just discovered them tonight while browsing iTunes and I'm super impressed! & excited to have a new favorite band!

Colton Haynes. colton's snapchat brought me here and I'm so glad it did. Round The Clock is such a bop

Obsessed 😍😍. Love it! Dan and shay are amazing!

Love it!. This album is great! I love all the songs and I can't wait to see them this summer!! Worth the money, trust me 😂. This is one of my favorite albums from this year by far!

Congrats, guys!. If these guys love each other as much as I love the songs, they'll be together forever!

Perfect. They are simply perfect ❤️

They did it again!. I have been a big fan of these guys since their first album came out. Their first album is one of those album you never get sick of, all of the songs were fantastic and I could listen to them for months on end. I'm happy to say, they have done it again! This album is phenomenal, and I can't see myself ever getting tired of it. Great job guys!

Help loading this in my box. My computer is not downloading it. How do I do it?

Awesome. Go to mindequalsblown.net to read a full review!!

😐. I thought this was rascal flats and now I'm upset.

Catchy. Catchy harmonized Country love songs.

How is this country?. There will be no such thing as country music if we keep labeling this pop music "country". If you want something new and country go check out Cody Johnson!

Amazing voices. I'm a RB and Pop fan,but I must say these guys are great singers really impress me to the point I had to purchase this album and I love every song which is rare for an album at least for me,keep up the good work guys,hope you win a lots of awards you deserve it.

Awesome. I don't see how this album did not sell better....all their stuff is selling like hotcakes now! This album is absolutely awesome! So all you haters out there that put this down as "not country music", then don't listen to it....listen to what you want. But in the real world now...this IS country music..

Another Flawless Album!!!!. I loved Dan and Shay's first album. Every song was great. Just finished listening to the second one and I have to say this album is just as good. Every song is great and has so much feeling and emotion in it. It's unusual for someone's second album to be just as good as their first debut album but that just shows how great they are! Well done boys!!!

Wow. This is a great album. Their sound is unique and powerful!

Who KILLED Country... THIS Douchbags. GARBAGE

Amazing. They are amazing my favorites would probably be Lately and From the Ground Up

Loving it. I belive song From The Ground Up ... will be the next huge first dance song at a wedding. Beautiful song . Dan + Shay Obsessed is my new found favorite album.

Dang. Mostly good songs, and I wasn't a fan of their first album. This one surprised me big time when it came out. The lyrics of these songs ring so true! It only helps to have great melodies. Great Album.

The whole album is good. Hard to find an album where you can listen to the whole album, this is one!

Obsessed. Love it

Obsessed with OBSESSED!. Fan club party playlist: THE ENTIRE ALBUM! We love love LOVE this album and would love to hear the entire thing at the Fan Club Party 💜➕ -Dashers HQ


FROM THE GROUND UP. I am completely obsessed with their song From The Ground Up from the first time I heard it I was completely obsessed. I don't care what people say this is country music at its finest.

awesome. Just saw them live on Oct.7 on the Im Coming Over Tour. They put on a good show. My Favorite song from this album is How Not To

Good but really 😐. They have awesome music but they sound so much like Hunter Hayes. I mean why buy Hunter Hayes and Dan and shays album when they sound the same 😡🤔😡🤔

Love how not to. This is a great song.

Always good. It would be wrong to give this anything less than 5 stars! 💜🌟

💯🔥. was never a huge fan of Dan + Shay but after this album i gained a lot of respect for them and I definitely like them a lot more. this album is fantastic, i love every song on it with the exception of Already Ready

From the ground up❤️. Loving this album 😍

Omg loving it. My favorite song by Dan + Shay is obsessed it is so amazing that song is definitely worth 5 stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Dan and Shay. There songs are amazing! i love them so much! and they have amazing voices 🤧❤️

Dan and Shay are amazing performers. Love their voices and harmonizing. For me they are similar to my current fav Zac Brown band. Thanks to their tv special ice skating show, I am now a fan.

OBSESSED. This album is amazing! Absolutely in love with it!💙

Amazing. I cants stop listening to "From the Ground Up". It is so romantic. Makes you so happy to be in love. These guys are truly amazing. The entire album is amazing

Best album yet!. I love their music and their songwriting! They're the best duo in the country industry!

I'm obsessed. Dan + Shay have managed to top their freshman album with this amazing record. The album is mature, with some upbeat hits as well as some more somber tunes. This is easily my favorite album out right now, buy it, you won't regret it.

From the ground up. 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

🔥🔥🔥 Best album!. This album is a mix of newer style country and old. My favorite is from the ground up. This album really shows off their talent and I can't wait to see what's next! This one is full of number one hits! (P.S. They sounds AMAZING live!!)

Obsessed with Obsessed. There's a reason this album is called Obsessed. When I heard Dan and Shay had a new album out I didn't even have to think twice about getting it. All their music is gold! I loved their first album Where It All Began and this new album Obsessed definitely does not disappoint! I love it and can't wait to hear more. Dan and Shay's music sings to my soul ❤️

A Tremendous Album. Easily their best album to date and showcases their vocal abilities.

Obsessed. Very obsessed with this one!! Great job guys, best album yet!

Love love. I love the song lipstick it is so me i love country !!!❤️❤️❤️

Country or not, this is High Quality Music. A little sick of the country or not argument. Like it or you don't. These guys are extremly talented and again have produced an A-List album. If you liked their past music, this album will far exceed your expectations. Every song tells it's own story and deserves the highest acclaim. Highly recommend.

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