C.O.U.N.T.R.Y. Song Lyrics

C.O.U.N.T.R.Y. by Tyler Farr Song Lyrics

Lyrics for artist Tyler Farr song C.O.U.N.T.R.Y. coming soon. Today's advice: ❝Some people would be better off if they took their own advice.❞

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Tyler Farr - C.O.U.N.T.R.Y. Song Reviews

- Great!!!

To the idiot who said Sam Hunt is better you are a true moron!!! Tyler Farr is one of the best up and comers!

- Awesome Music

I love a man walks into a bar and withdrawals can't wait to hear the rest of the CD

- Love it!

What a great album!!

- Mighty Fine Country Music!

He's definately unique among todays country male artists. Kind of reminds me of Lee Brice. Love the prelease songs.

- Real Country

Really, really, really like this new stuff that he's doing. People keep saying he's a bro-country singer but "Suffer in Peace", "Whiskey in My Water", "A Guy Walks Into a Bar", "Redneck Crazy", (and I'm sure there's more) aren't even bro-country. Really hope this album is as good as the 3 available for pre-order!

- Amazing artist!

Yet to download but I have checked out his new songs on YouTube, well the ones I can find, and I love it! No ones better then Tyler! Will download, buy and support when I get the 8.00


His first album was ok. But this ALbum is his best yet. i saw him in concert along with cole swindell and Jason aldean. and tyler farr is growing and mautirng in country music

- Excited!

Can't wait to buy this Album!!!!

- Amazing

Wow. Just Wow- album of the year!!! Pure country at it's finest

- Good ole boy Country!

First off, I can’t hardly listen to country radio anymore but if it wasn’t for newcomers like Tyler Farr and Buddy Brown i think country would be almost lost. thank God there’s still artists out there fighting for it!

- True to Country!!

Tyler Farr is definitely going to impress all sorts of country fans with this new album. Just pre-ordered for only $7.99! that’s crazy!!!!!!! and I got two singles with it. Feeling “Withdrawals” so far!

- Amazing

With just the 3 songs that have been released, I can't wait until the album is released, I'm literally counting down the days! "Withdrawals" has been stuck my head and on replay for days now, Tyler Farr is an amazing artist who knows what's people like. Keep it up!💘

- Album is gold

Great album!!! I'm currently stationed on the other side of the country and his songs just make me miss home more and more!! gotta love the good country albums like this!!!

- My favorite

I honestly love withdrawals it is beyond amazing. I'm at a loss for words especially when you took time to meet me in New Jersey. This album is going to be a big hit

- Amazing

Love, love, love this song.. Cannot wait to hear everything else!!! The 28th cannot get here fast enough!!!

- Suffer in peace

All the songs are worth buying.

- Amazing

Tyler Farr has one of the most amazing voices in country music! I love "Suffer in Peace". You absolutely can feel every emotion and raw power of each and every word that comes out of this song. That takes real life experience or real life raw talent! I'm so excited to hear the rest of this album.


Tyler Farr is by far one of the best new artists this genre has seen.

- Steel Guitar

Nice to hear a steel guitar in new country music. 👍

- Beautiful criminal

"Criminal" has got to be one of the most beautifully written songs of all time. This album is as country as it gets. As usual, Tyler Farr lived up to more than his expectations with this one.

- Great Music

Heard the song Withdrawals first time in concert and was hooked on that song since then

- Wow!!!

This is amazing! I love his songs!


I love Tyler Farr. Been sense the beginning. He is amazing. I never write reviews, I can’t wait for this album!!!


Okay I've been waiting so long for this album to come out lol. The wait was so worth it this is by far the best album I have heard by him. It's absolutely amazing. Probably my favorite album of 2015... It's different but catchy. I can't get enough!!

- I’m gonna stand on a four wheeler...

...just in case anyone forgets how country I am.

- Perfection

One of the best country albums I've heard in a long time, from beginning to end. :)

- Great Country Music Finally!

Congrats Tyler this album is awesome. I never thought I'd hear a great country album again with all of the other horrible stuff out there. Great job sticking to your roots!

- True country

There's not many artist out there today that produce true country music. Tyler Farr has the best country music, hands down!

- So Solid!

Can't wait for the rest of this album. Two songs only so far and already so good! He's gonna be real big here after this album is released.

- Good stuff

I wasn't the biggest fan of "withdrawals" when I first heard it live. But the song will grow on you and you will eventually like it! I will say a few other songs on this album I heard at his show and are fan fu**in tastic! Buy this CD! Pre order this SOB now!

- Country at its finest

Words cannot describe how much of an improvement of an album this is going to be over his debut album "Redneck Crazy". In this album it just seems as if there was a lot more heart and soul put into this album and they really tried to stay away from the so-called "Bro-Country" trend in Country Music today. The song "Withdrawals" is a vocal masterpiece from start to finish and will without a doubt be Farr's next #1 single if "A Guy Walks Into a Bar" doesn't reach that mark.

- True talent....amazing voice!

Love your voice and seeing you perform... Keep doing what you do!

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Tyler Farr - C.O.U.N.T.R.Y. Song Wiki

You can find here music lyrics from artist Tyler Farr, album Suffer in Peace, song C.O.U.N.T.R.Y., released 27 April 2015. Listening online to C.O.U.N.T.R.Y. - Tyler Farr song preview is free and does not require registration...

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