Pumped Up Kicks Song Lyrics

Pumped Up Kicks by Foster the People Song Lyrics

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Foster the People - Pumped Up Kicks Song Reviews

- A Uniquely Amazing Album

This album was the first that peaked my interest in alternative music. From popular favorites such as Pumped Up Kicks and Call It What You Want to Helena Beat, you'll be sure to be entertained by the songs on this album.

- Best album ever

The more I listen to foster the people the better they sound.

- Best album of all time

This album is amazing, every song is mesmerizing love foster the people



- Senslessness of the majorities

Can someone explain why the only song that has publicity on here is pumped up kicks? At least half of these songs are more than beautiful and i can name all that i cant stop listening to. Call it What You Want, Color on the Walls, Miss You, Houdini, Life on the Nickel, I Would do Anything For You... All of these are great songs and not a single one got five bars. These songs are worth promoting and people should develop an attention span and judge less because the world is gonna die with those people. My playlist was dominated by alt metal until i saw them live and i despised them for the same reason foster was alright with taking that one song off the air. An overused chorus and the graphic setting. Please fix this?

- Really Love It!!

I heard the Pumped Up Kicks on the radio a awhile ago, bought it. Then I heard all there other songs and there really great!


Ok so I love this album but I purchased the physical copy of the album and it didn't include Broken Jaw!!! I'm so confused! Is it a bonus song??? I just found out about this!! WHAT?!?

- The BEST album in decades!!

"This album always puts a smile on my face and it makes me wanna dance to it every time I listen to it".


I LOVE THIS ALBUM !!! Forever my favorite it's so lit !!

- Awesome!!

Better than Coldplay,preparing to surpass U2.

- The album that introduced me to my favorite band

The first time I heard Pumped Up Kicks, I was completely confused and wondered why the song was popular enough to be played on the radio. A few months later, I started listening to more of their music, and soon after bought the whole album. I absolutely loved all the songs off of Torches and was extremely worried Foster the People was never going to have another hit. But still today, 4 years later, I still get really excited for them when any of their songs show up in a commercial or on the radio. They are my favorite band! :)

- One of there best albums

This is so great if i were u ill get it if u don't your lost

- You're my favorite

Pumped up kicks is a great song it has been my favorite song for 3 years keep up the good work!;) I have a guitar signed by you guys I love you😍😍😍

- Best Album Created!

I've been a fan of Foster The People since 5th grade, and this is a pretty good for their every first album! Love FTP❤️

- Oh my god

It's so amazing. I previewed a few songs and it's the most beautiful music I have ever heard. It's like the voice of God if he were riding a unicorn over a bed of rainbows.

- Bad and disappointed

Some good songs but the rest is awful, and disturbing. Portugal. The Man Evil Friends is the way to go not this attempt at indie rock, also very disappointed this band had a great history with the album "Supermodel" but now there just wasting talent. Stop defending pumped up kicks!!!! Yes it brings light to a darker subject but they show it all to wrong, making it look like a cowboy shoot em up mentality, it basicly valurs it

- 👏👏

foster the people make perfect music okay don't ever let anyone tell you any different

- torches

keep it up foster this is why we love music

- Get it now

You should get it,it is my fav song if you never heard the song use the sample!it's worth the money

- Awesome

This is a great album! Every song is awesome

- this is really long.

It's kind of sad that these guys got famous for pumped up kicks, because it's probably one of the worst songs on this album. I think songs like don't stop, helena beat, and houdini are much more worthy of being #1 hits. Besides, everyone's review just refers to pumped up kicks, like it's the only song on the album or something. I would like to say 2 other things that are more about the other comments. 1. For the people who think Pumped up kicks encourages kids to shoot up schools: Do you people not understand basic concepts like satire and sarcasm? the song satirizes the fact that the kid who's shooting up the school thinks he's being tough and cool by playing with guns. Besides, it's just a song, guys. It's like 2 minutes long or something. No one needs to "Think of the children" or whatever. 2. To the people who complain that FTP sounds like "old music": Quit whining. It's not like there's a shortage of cookie-cutter millenial pop tunes for you to enjoy. Also, why are you going out of your way to post negative, whiny comments on the comments section for a band you don't even like? Clearly, you have waaaay to much spare time. Alright, now that that's out of the way, I'd like to finish by saying That this is a pretty good album. Listen to the samples and buy the album if you like them, because eight bucks for what will probably become a landmark album seems like pretty great deal to me.

- Great Album, shallow haters

This album has so many great pop and fan hits and is a great first album for the band. For the haters who complain about the lyrics of "Pumped up Kicks," it was written to provoke controversy and thinking. Anyways, they followed it up well with "Supermodel" P.S. My favorite 1-star review thought Mark Foster was a girl XD

- Always great!

Always great to listen to! In the elongated time I've owned the songs in this album, I have never once grown tired of listening to them. Always a remarkable album and a wonderful style of music!

- Speechless!!

I love everything Mark Foster and his talented band mates created for this album. It's a one of a kind album and totally worth buying. If you like electronic music as well as the Beach Boys, it's made for your ears!!

- Do pest Dope I've ever smoked

One of the most complete albums I've ever heard. A album you can let play on shuffle. Great feel good music.

- Paul

Best. Songs. Ever. You have to listen to believe it. Thanks Foster the People!!


Everything about this album is perfect. I really can't narrow it down any more than that.

- Why?

Why can't I download Broken Jaw without downloading the whole album :(


Literally my most favorite song in the album!!

- Great!

Torches is a pretty good album, actually. I decided to get it because of the price, which was good. The best on here include "Pumped Up Kicks", "Helena Beat", "Don`t Stop", and "Call It What You Want".

- Wow

I still remember always playing these songs man omg I loved this album so much , and the songs were addicting. Love ftp

- Ruby?

wheres ruby?

- Eargasm

So freakin good. Like a constant eargasm

- Great Album😹🙀

Bought the whole thing no bad songs loved supermodel great two albums thanks mark foster love your music😹

- Boss

To me all the songs are hits

- Call it what you want(:

Absolutely love this album!

- Awesome

Foster the People's debut album is a winner. I can't help but picture myself on a beach in Southern California while listening to this album. If you're a Coldplay or Muse fan, you'll love this album as much as I did.

- Amazing in all aspects

Easily one of my top 5 albums of all time. Every song is genius through Helena Beat to Broken Jaw. Every song is in good order too.

- Its a good album

Its a wonderful album

- beyond dope

i'll never get tired of listening to this

- Awesome

There aren’t enough great things to say about them. This album is awesome.

- 😍

Foster the People >

- Torches

Took a listen to their new feeble offering and could not resist returning to Torches and commenting just how great it is!

- Awesome!!!! 😘

I love this song!!! It is great for making videos with because it really goes with any vid!!!! I will give this song infinity rating!!! ✌🏼

- Not what I expected...

Expected something decent, found one of my favorite albums of the last few years! Outstanding work.

- Awesome

Every song is amazing

- LOVE IT!!!

I listen to it constantly!!!

- One of my all time favs

When I first bought this album (a few years back), it was played on repeat. The order of the music is wonderful and refreshing. Great album to put you in an upbeat, dancing mood. I am buying the album again just because.


I love this album!!!! I love Pumped Up Kicks, Houdini and Don't Stop (Color on The Walls)

- Absolutely amazing.

I really love this album, every song is great and I am instantly put into a good music whenever I listen to it.

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I love that song..... All the other kids with pumed up kicks...... Its soooo catchy!

- wow

this album is amazing! i never really thought much of them before when it was only pumped up kicks but now i can't stop listening <3 they will go far :D

- :D

This is the best album I have ever bought of all genres! They are such an inspiring creative group.

- Finally! Some amazing music!

I could listen to this whole album all day.


All the songs are amazing, and Mark Foster has a really versatile voice! Love it<3

- Love this band

I absolutely love this band. I think that they are so awesome. My favorite song by them is pumped up kicks. It rocks. I think that they deserve 5 full stars.

- Aly123

Best band ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- I just don't get it

I will probably NEVER understand why these people are so popular and overplayed. There songs are all acho-ey, annoying and old fashioned. There "best hit" pumped up kicks is probably the worst of them all and it doesn't help that it's played 24/7 on SOME radio station. You just can't get away from Foster the People.

- fave album ever

ftp are amazing gods, geniuses. their sound is amazing. i love pumped up kicks, call it what you what, and waste and #6 . buy it now its amazing, catchy, something 4 erbody

- incredible!!! 

these guys are so talented! the singer ( forgot his name ) dose sound kinda like a girl, but do I care? NO!!! the songs are great no matter what the pitch is. some people are complaining about violent lyrics but that's just life people! stop knit-picking and enjoy the song


Absolutely LOVE this song. I recommend it to each and every person that comes my way, buy the album and never regret it!

- AMAZING.............

This is an amazing album the songs r freaking amazing my fav is HOUDINI. Mr. Foster u r freaking amazing and so talented. Thank u so much for these amazing songs

- Amazing

I cant even explain but the whole album is worth buying

- Ridonculously catchy album

Bought this on the advice of a friend not having heard a lot about them . . . Now I can't stop listening to this album. It's ridonculous how catchy it is. The songs are stuck in my head even when I'm not listening to it. Take my advice (or the passed on advice from my friend) JUST BUY THIS ALBUM!!! You won't regret it.

- Love it

The freaking best album ever.

- Best song

Good song


Foster The People has done something many other artists can't: They made music. Good, original, unique music.

- good but...

if you listen to the lyrics of pumped up kicks it is kinda creepy not sure why it is such a big hit

- yes!!!!

pumped up kicks is the best freakin song eva!!!


Fave new band, foster the people you guys are amazing!

- beautiful

after i listen to their songs, i'm always left with something to think about. in the song 'Call It What You Want' when he asks 'Who Cares?' it always leaves me in deep thoughts of wonder. all i seem to hear on the radio is songs about infatuation and im sick of them, the lyrics are numb to me. i promise you if you really listen to what Foster the People has to say, you'll love it.

- Big new fan

Bought the album for Pumped up kicks and Call it what you want (from FIFA 12), still listening to it for Helena Beat and Waste. The sound is unique, the beat is great and every song is meaningful (just look at some of the lyrics). Best album of 2011, well worth the download.

- Soo worth it Loved every track <3 FTP

It makes u want to dance and it makes you want to cry

- Amazingly quirky

After much talk of this album, I finally got it and have become obsessed. It took a few full listens of the album to go from skeptical to a believer. Original sound - maybe not for everyone - although nice change from what is out in the music world. LOVE: Warrant, Hustling, Houdini, Call It What You Want & I Would Do Anything For You. Also note - They are a very good looking band.

- Ew

I barf

- Great group

I discovered this group one week ago and I have to admit that I really love it. I like that they have a different sound. I also love the videos. A must have in your music list.

- awesome

never listened to it but now hooked amazing love the different voices


I am so in love with this album, ever since the day it came out. It's my number one favourite album, I enjoy EVERY SINGLE song on it. <3

- I wouldn't buy the whole album

I only like Houdini, Helena beat and LOVE Call It What You Want. That song needs more buys! It's MUCH better than pumped up kicks.

- A nice change ...

... to the usual top 10 crap we see, although "Pumped up Kicks" is starting to get overhyped. Overall this is an album I can actually listen to in its entirety. Interesting lyrics, very original. Possibly the best mainstream album of 2011.

- Odd...

Their music definitely stands out among artists like Usher. For those of you that like The Beatles, maybe this will appeal?

- <3

J'adore tout simplement <3

- Great

Pretty sweet album

- Loveloveloveloovvee this album!!

If u like one song, you'll love the rest. SERIOUSLY!!! Buy !!!

- Pop music

I used to only listen to pop music (Jason Derulo, Taio Cruz, Usher, etc.) until I found out about pumped up kicks. Ever since I have been addicted and just had to buy this album! Every song is just as good as their hit song pumped up kicks!

- Amazing Band

Original and FUN

- Brilliant!

Every song is perfect on their debut album. I've been a fan since last february and i just can't get enough! FTP FTW!

- Best band

Your band is my favorite lol

- Must have!

This band is more than a master piece! If I can I would give 10 stars to this amazing album! You must buy it

- Great Band, Great Album

Oddly enough, the first FTP song I heard was Broken Jaw... regardless, I instantly fell in love with their feel. Hearing songs like Helena Beat and Waste was a real treat and it still is. These guys have such an original sound that's interesting both instrumentally and vocally. I'm glad they're starting to make it big because the music industry needs more original bands like this.


very good music creepy lyrics sometimes but I like it , it's not like some crap music thats out there today. Theyre what I'd like to call the next Beatles :) plus the album artwork is really cool :)

- Excellent

It is


I bought this album when it first came out, and I've listened to EVERY song at least 20 times or more on it! Foster The People is an AWESOME band, with great instruments& vocals! keep rocking boys! make more albums!👍😘 💙Victoria!


It such an amazing album! I love listening to it, it makes me feel in a totally different world, and tha't what I like about it :)


I loved every single song on this album, Foster the People are an amazing band and I'm so glad they exist omg. Houdini and Call It What You Want were the best but all of these songs are delicious in my ears. Agh I love you Mark Foster :D Buy Torches if you are awesome

- My new fav band

Thanks to Pumped Up Kicks (witch I suggest buying) Foster The People is my favorite band.

- Great Debut

when i heard pumped up kicks i thought it was a slow and weird alternative song but after hearing the whole song it was actually really cool! and another thing! Pumped Up Kicks is about the issues of the delusional youth and homicidal thoughts the song is bringing issue to gun violence among youth and hearing the lyrics of the song! it's very amusing! Great work!

- Amazing Album!

Some people have given this album a low rating because they think it is "annoying" "repetive" or "hard to understand"... but I think it's an amazing album with a lot of depth! The songs Pumped Up Kicks, Don't Stop (Color On The Walls), Love, Call It What You Want, Waste and Warrant are my favorites with Helena Beat, I Would Do Anything For You, Houdini, Miss You and Broken Jaw not far behind. Life On A Nickel was the only song on this album that I didn't like. Definitely worth the purchase! :)


This quite possibly could have been the best album released in 2011. That means one of two things: 1) This album is incredible 2) Every other album released in 2011 was a load of crap. I'm gonna say it's a mix of both but mainly the first. Whereas every single song on this album has a completely different catchiness to it, and sounds nothing like any other song on the album (let alone any other song ever made), they all have a unique sound that I just cannot put my finger on. It's the Foster The People sound I guess. The album dropped in May and still has hits on the radio now, and not just the first hit. Each and every song is being discovered by the world slowly. All in all, NOTHING to complain about with this album.

- Torches

This is the best album EVER!!! Im mad tho, i bought each song sepratley, and now i cannot get the bonus track! I really want to get Broken jaw without buying the album again! Any ideas!

- I Foster for the people

This was one of my favourite album! I listened to it all during my exams and got through it well! But hey that doesn’t mean you don’t have to study!

- Only the best.

Totally worth it. The tunes, the lyrics and voices.

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Snow holo-tion ☸️

I think it's pretty perverse for casinos to play "Pumped Up Kicks" in a town where you see hashtag VegasStrong, which was started in direct response to the shooting a couple years ago, all over the place.


Pumped up kicks.


I was playing music in the car and when we got to the uni Pumped Up Kicks started playing out of nowhere... am i gonna be quiet kid or sumthin 😭.

The Rim Groper

@Instantkarmavid All the other kids with the Pumped Up Kicks You better run, better run, out run my gun All the other kids with the Pumped Up Kicks You better run, better run faster than my bullet.

Film Ramdeuter

I remember when I found out what Pumped up Kicks was actually about and then they played it on University of Readings open day and I could hear prospective students be like "err idk if you're supposed to play this today".


#NOWPLAYING Foster the People - Pumped Up Kicks CLICK TO LISTEN ➡️ #freqnetwork #rock #pop #hiphopmusic #rap #playlists #dance #hiphop #top40.


'all the other kids with the pumped up kicks...' .

What's on FM 102/1

Foster the People - Pumped Up Kicks.



✘✘✘✘ 𝔻𝔸𝔹𝕀 | 𝔻𝔼𝔸𝔾𝔼𝔻 ✘✘✘✘

Hums that American song pumped up kicks.

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