Seeing Is Believing Song Lyrics

Seeing Is Believing by Alan Silvestri Song Lyrics

Lyrics for artist Alan Silvestri song Seeing Is Believing coming soon. Today's advice: ❝Hold the door open for the next person.❞

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Alan Silvestri - Seeing Is Believing Song Reviews

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Not fare!. I'd like to JUST purchase the Suite to The Polar Express & not the entire album! IDC for the selections on this soundtrack. Would be nice to bypass the junk songs and just get what u want, right? IDU y iTunes doesn't want anymore of our money! U don't want us to buy a song? U'd rather we buy an album and waste our $ on songs u know we're not gonna ever listen too?! Gee....thanks. It's all about the recession huh?

Love this album!!!!!. My fav song is hot chocolate!!!!

Great Mix of Old and New Christmas Music. This is a great mix of old and new Christmas music! The best songs are "Believe" (a Josh Groban classic), "Hot Chocolate" (a get-you-moving and singing-along fast tune), and "Spirit of The Season" (a holiday-feeling song). Overall, you will find yourself replaying this Soundtrack with this unique blend of Christmas music that goes well together. Merry Christmas!

Believe. Every winter in December, I would turn on my radio and listen for Josh Groban to sing Believe to me over the radio. That song is so pretty, it always puts me into a instant sleep every night with a smile on my face. The second I get more money, I'm buying that song.


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Believe. Believe and Seeing is Believing are my fav songs in the world and I'm 14 and i love the songs

YAY!!. I love this movie, it kept me strong and really look forward to Christmas and kept my spirits up but I don't really think I'd buy ALL of the songs. I especially like "When Christmas Comes To Town" I thought it was a really pretty song and I instantly fell inlove with it =] and "Believe" has a pretty sweet tune as well. And even a bonus, I THINK Josh Hutcherson was the voice actor for the main character guy so yep, it's defintely a 5-star lol. for those who havent seen it, u should, it might seem alittle quirky and boring but if you let the movie play for once, you will enjoy it! xx.

When Christmas Comes To Town. it is just so good it is one of the best songs i've ever heard

Hot choc. This song sounds yummy:):):):)I love my bff tianna:):):)

Best Christmas movie. This is the best Christmas movie. I watched it on tv at my grandparents old place. It was so good. I have it on dvd it’s the best Christmas movie ever. I enjoyed all of it. And it had Tom Hanks who voices the conductor. Wow I was so impressed. I really love the song The Polar Express. That is my favorite song out of the entire album. I also like the suite to the Polar Express. I still enjoy it today. Best movie ever. Thank you.

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FAQs for Seeing Is Believing

When did seeing is believing come out?

Seeing Is Believing is a song that was released in 02 November 2004.

From which album is the song seeing is believing?

Seeing Is Believing is a song from the The Polar Express (Soundtrack from the Motion Picture) album.

Who performs the song seeing is believing?

Seeing Is Believing is performed by Alan Silvestri.

How long is seeing is believing?

Seeing Is Believing has a duration of 3:44 minutes.

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