I'm Shipping Up to Boston Song Lyrics

I'm Shipping Up to Boston by Dropkick Murphys Song Lyrics

I'm a sailor peg
and i've lost my leg
i've climbed up the top sails
i've lost my leg!
I'm shipping up to Boston whoa

I'm shipping up to Boston whoa

I'm shipping up to Boston whoa

I'm shipping off...to find my wooden leg

I'm a sailor peg

and i've lost my leg

i've climbed up the top sails

i've lost my leg!

I'm shipping up to Boston whoa

I'm shipping up to Boston whoa

I'm shipping up to Boston whoa

I'm shipping off...to find my wooden leg

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Dropkick Murphys - I'm Shipping Up to Boston Song Reviews

- Truely one of the best OST's

Admittedly I bought the CD when I was in Canada, but seriously folks, this is a tour de force when it comes to rock classics: how many albums would you be able to find Roger Walters and the Rolling Stones on? An album that truely suits the misunderstood violent underground of MA.

- Just like the movie.....

This is an awesome collection of songs that is ecclectic in nature but fit very well

- stones

How is 'Gimme Shelter' not on this album?! It set the tone for the entire film right fom the opening credits. I want an explanation.

- Fun Soundtrack to a great movie.

By far the best track on the album is by the Dropkick Murphys. I'm shipping up to Boston sums up the entire movie.

- Amazing movie, great soundtrack

The Departed has to be my favorite movie of 2006, everything about it is great. The soundtrack is great too, I only wish they had 'gimme shelter' by the rolling stones on it. But I recommend the movie and soundtrack to everyone!!!

- Great Movie, Great Soundtrack

When "I'm Shipping Up to Boston" starts towards the beginning of the movie and the title comes up on the screen, you'll be hooked!!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!

- they are missing some good stuff

its missing a couple of good songs but besides that i rather injoy it

- Awesome movie!!! Awesome soundtrack!

Awesome movie!!! Awesome soundtrack! Highly recomend!!!

- ThE DePaRtEd

the movie the departed was by far the best movie of 06 and it will be on my top 10 favorite movies of all time GO MARTY!!! keep on making those #1 flicks. o ya this soundtrack is cool i like the dropkick murphys the best.

- awesome!

really sweet soundtrack to accompany great movie. forgot Thief's Theme by Nas, too though. oh well.

- awsome

great movie great album (though a bit of a let down on all album only) buy the whole thing (btw great version of shipping up to boston....better with the strings not the flute.)

- Fantastic Soundtrack

This is an excellent soundtrack companion to an excellent score and an excellent film! All of the tracks in this collection are definitely worth the cost of the album so don't complain about the "album only" tracks, which force you to get some great songs you may otherwise have avoided! My only hope is that no one will give the score a negative review again now that this has been released! Check the score out too though if you want a different (but also great) take on the same great movie!

- ITunes, please get this movie!!!

This is a great album. By far the best are: I'm shipping up to Boston, and comfortably numb. This movie won best picture at the academy awards. I personally loved it, and the music. ITunes, please, get this movie. You need to have it, it won best picture and is amazing. I can't wait for ITunes to get this movie, but until then, I will keep listening to the music.

- Score!!

An unbelievable, well, EVERYTHING! m the movie rocked, and the soundtrack kicked A' too, but the highlight of this entire CD is definantly "Im shipping up to boston". what better way too have a movie about the irish mafia in boson than with the classic bagpipe punk band from boston? none. BUY THIS!

- Such a great movie and soundtrack

The songs in this soundtrack are all very good. If you aren't into to classic rock, heavy rock, or soft rock, you really shouldn't buy this. It was a great movie so the music compleatly fits in. A must buy!


AMAZING MOVIE!!!!!! and great soundtrack! LOVE IT!!!!!!! LEO, MARK, MATT, and JACK AMAZING! MARTY totally deserved the oscar!

- great album

I absolutely love this movie. i've seen it several times and just watched it again now. this album is wonderful. everytime i listen it reminds me of boston. i'm shipping up to boston makes me want to get up and dance.

- really good

it was a great movie, with great music, but they forgot Gimmie shelter by the stones, but whatever, it's still a good soundtrack.

- Scorsese's Best Film, But . . .

. . .he has got to stop using The Rolling Stones' "Gimme Shelter" in all of his pictures. It's becoming a joke. I'll bet some character was even humming it in the background on 'Gangs of New York' or something. All of the songs on this soundtrack work pretty well with the film, but none of it is interesting enough to listen to except maybe the Dropkick Murphys track--but if you like those guys you own that song already. We are all also ready to stop hearing "Comfortably Numb" any time now. Seriously--stop it, Roger. You'll go blind. See this movie. Skip this record.

- whoa

a HARDCORE SONG #40 ON THE POP CHARTS? I truly have seen it all...

- Not Great, But pretty Close.

Great movie, the soundtrack is good too. I nice mix of different sounds. "I'm Shipping Up to Boston" by Dropkick Murphys blew my mind away when I first heard it. Thats why I bought the soundtrack. But Gimme Shelter is not here and thats the only problem, but other then that, it is a sure buy.

- Never regret buying this.

I wasn't too sure I would like this album because I never really listened to most of the bands but it is well worth the money you are paying. I was never disappointed by any of the songs. After a day of listening to it, I wanted to hear it all over again. A lot of different styles of music from Patsy Cline to LaVern Baker. I love it.

- Goodbye Chris

soprano's fans...awesome tune, great use. if you want the song only and not buy the whole album look for comfortably numb by van morrison featuring roger waters (not roger waters feat/van morrison). sounds the same, but it's a few min shorter....if anyone knows why pls post. but beats paying 10.99 for one song if that's the only one u want. goodbye chrissie.


Captivating movie, great soundtrack. I'm a huge Martin Scorsese fan and I must say, he did not disappoint with this flick. As soon as I walked out of the theatre, I had to look up the song "I'm Shipping Up to Boston"....the best song on the soundtrack. I also agree with a previous comment made....when the song plays in the beginning of the movie, and the title pops up on screen, it is so powerful. You know Scorsese is going to take you for a ride!

- Great album, Amazing movie

I cant wait to get this album, the movie was the best I've ever seen and it won best picture. GO SCORSESE!!

- I'm Madly in love with it

I love the songs on there and i love the song I'm Shipping Up To Boston. This is one of the best movies and soundtrack to come to the 20th century.

- music from The Departed

Had to buy the music that brought out the intensity of the story. Martin Scorsese knows how to pick the right music and actors.

- I hate to state the obvious but...

The Departed was epic. It would not have been as good however without the compilation of great music to enhance it. Great movie and Awsome music. It is how films should be, I wish there were more like this.

- Think Sorcese movie, think amazing soundtrack always

When you look back at other Sorcese movies (namely Casino and Goodfellas) The Soundtack does an amazing job of enhancing the movie. The Departed does likewise with both a calming and heart pounding soundtrack. One of the most amazing additions was Dropkick Murphys "I'm Shipping up to Boston" Lent itself great to the trailer and did a great job in the movie. A very exciting soundtrack like other ones done by Sorcese.

- WOW!!!

The most amazing movie ever, instantly became one of my top 5 favorite movies of all. THIS soundtrack is just as good as the movie, it's just so awesome, I'm definately buying the movie when it comes out on DVD!

- Awesome Movie, Great Soundtrack

I'm a huge Martin Scorsese fan and saw this movie the first chance I got. I bought the soundtrack without a doubt one song would disapoint me, and I was right! The best songs were I'm Shipping up to Boston and Sweet Dreams. Tweedle Dee was a nice touch too. the only song missing is Gimme Shelter. This is one of my favorite movies and soundtracks!

- Scorsese does it again

this is the best soundtrack ive ever bought and the movie was just as good. best songs were "comfortably numb" and 'shipping up to boston".

- I love my town

Ya the best movie it's up there with Boondock Saints btu the music was perfect for the movie the dropkick's did it perfect i could not belive all in all a great movie great songs PS if u like Shippen Up to Boston also get The Warrior's Code the best cd ever

- catchy

does anyone else have that porn film song stuck in yout head haha

- buy the warrior's code instead

Of course the Van Morrisson song can't be downloaded separately--it's the only reason to buy this besides Dropkick Murphys. Enough already with Scorcese and his classic rock soundtracks--yes, the music's great in the movie, but try something new. Buy Dropkick Murphys' Warrior's Code (which has Shipping on it, although a different version) and turn on any classic rock station and wait 5 minutes to hear most of the other songs, including Gimme Shelter, which isn't on the soundtrack but plays prominently in the movie (but isn't that always the case?--then again, I'm still pissed about buying the Goodfellas soundtrack ages ago only to discover that it just included part of "Layla"--not the whole song! What's with that?).

- best movie ever

The movie was one of the best movie I ever saw and I like Im shipping up to Boston

- The best crime drama and soundtrack of the 21st century

Martin Scorsese is the master of the crime drama, and he has remastered it yet again for the 21st century. Not only is The Departed one of the best films of the year, the soundtrack is just as good, if not better. Scorsese works in some of the best "classic" rock songs, with some local Boston bands that make this one of the most appealing soundtracks available on iTunes. If you are interested, the film's score, by Hoawrd Shore, is also a great buy.

- I'm shipping up to boston is sick

This song is wicked awsum

- sweet

yeah this movie was amazing and I'm Shipping Up to Boston is sweet so yeah buy the soundtrack, see the movie

- Best Movie

The Departed was the best movie i have ever seen. hands down, no questions asked.

- best scorsese movie...period

This is a really awesome movie. Everything about it is pure gold. It's a rare cinematic treat for all who apprieciate true talent. I especially love the cast and the characters they portrayed. I feel this score really grabs hold of the pulse of the film and really brings it to a whole new level of greatness.

- The Departed

Actually, if you watch the film, this soundtrack pretty much stinks. The movie is filled with great Stones tracks that come at you from both sides, The soundtrack is a pale imitation. Which is a bummer, because the music is an essential part of the movie.

- Best movie of 2006....Great Soundtrack

This movie was by far the best movie of 06, and the soundtrack is awesome. My favorite track is Shipping Off to Boston!!!

- best movie i've seen in a while

i loved the movie, 5 out of 5, 10 out of 10, both thumbs up - whatever, freaking awesome! and a big part of that was the soundtrack, a shame that this mix doesn't have the opening tune (Give Me Shelter- the Rolling Stones) on it. Other than that, really great. It reminds me a little of the soundtrack for "Goodfellas" with the older, upbeat songs like "Nobody But Me" that played during violent montages. Like i said, spectacular film and a great soundtrack, deffinitely buy this one.

- The Departed

The best movie i have ever seen from Martin Scorcese. The soundtrack is just has better. The best crime drama i seen in awhile. 5 Stars across the board.

- awsome

Irish rock awsome

- Awesome

Id Say its one of the best soundtracks for a movie Ive seen in a long time. Great movie and the music makes it that much better. Get both!

- dammit

why can't they let me buy Comfortably Numb by itself??? Otherwise it's really good

- Awsome!!!!!

I think this soundtrack is great. I am from Boston so I absoultly love this movie. So if you absolutly loved the movie then you will love this soundtrack!

- Gimme Shelter?

This soundtrack desperately needed Gimme Shelter. It was an awesome movie with a great soundtrack but the lack of Gimme Shelter (song from trailer) really hurts! = (

- Amazing movie and soundtrack

I was leary to see this movie as I saw the original version with the subtitles, I was wrong, this movie tweeks the original but is just as good. The soundtrack is fantastic, however I am trying to find the song from the begining of the movie, what is it??? Purchase the entire album, it is worth it!


the albums on repeat. it's all i listen to.

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