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At the Door by The Strokes Song Lyrics

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The Strokes - At the Door Song Reviews

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- Wow. Just wow!!5 star

Decided to check this album out ended up listening to every second of every song. This is the Strokes best work to date they really made some fantastic music. Every song is good.

- Awesome5 star


- An instant classic5 star

Finally, a strokes album that sounds like they dropped all of the tension the band had with the previous 2 albums and are just having fun. Really refreshing to hear that shine through on each song. The more I listen to it the better it gets. There’s honestly no bad songs on here which is why I gave it 5 stars.

- Rick Rubin works his magic again!5 star

The Strokes best album in years! Brilliant!!

- Perfect album5 star

Each song is incredible. Just an amazing album, beginning to end. My first Strokes album, but not my last.

- This album follows the rule, not the exception...1 star

When bands get older, they get lamer. The Strokes used to ROCK. This is boring

- So good5 star

Solid from start to finish! Brilliant release and addition to an outstanding catalog of music. Seems The Stroke were “making Good decisions” for The New Abnormal. 👍🏼🔥

- Amazing5 star

Haven’t heard this good of chemistry between the guys since “Is This It.” Love the overall vibe of the album. 10/10

- Worth the wait5 star

I’m just happy they made a new album


But more importantly they’ve found their sound again

- Comforting5 star

This new album will solve all your worries by taking you to place of peace.

- Never Disappoint 🖤5 star

Loved it

- Classic5 star

The Strokes have a way of making nearly every song classic in its own way. This record does not miss the mark by any means. Already in love with it.

- Because they can’t do no wrong.5 star

I LOVE The Strokes ♥️ JFC

- Best band ever5 star

Best band ever

- Da best5 star

The modern day Beetles

- Excellent5 star

This is a grower, and with every listen I love it ever more.

- Disappointed!5 star

Start “At the door” tracks 5-9 solid, tracks 1-5 mediocre. Doesn’t compare to Voidz Projects, I prefer my Strokes a bit tighter. Still disappointed AHJr doesn’t get to shine on here. Their 2016 EP was better than this, happy we got new Strokes 2020. Rock Rubin touch is not needed or asked for, try again boys in 7 years.

- Better than I thought at first5 star

This album was released at a weird time but now I have a bunch of new music to listen to. Every song is strong, the adults are talking is a great beginner with good guitar work, selfless is a masterpiece mainly due to julian’s vocals, eternal summer is a catchy high vocal summer song that is great, why are Sunday’s so depressing is a complex giddy tune that sounds amazing, not the same anymore is a beautiful emotional performance and everyone does an amazing job, and ode to the Mets is an excellent eerie story of a song. All the singles were equally as good, and while at first listen I was a bit skeptical, this album has become my third favorite, right behind FIOE and room on fire.

- Long wait is over!5 star

The Strokes are back with the calming voice of Julian Casablancas and the band’s unique sound! This whole album will be on repeat for the foreseeable future 😌

- ❤️5 star

It’s beautiful

- Great album. Great time. Great tunes.5 star

Evolved Strokes. Love it.

- Best album since room on fire5 star

Ye haw!!!

- Its them again5 star

This is the first time in years The Strokes have sounded like themselves. Love it.

- Blew my expectations5 star

After Comedown Machine, I practically lost hope that The Strokes would ever return to form. But after their EP in 2016, there was hope. That hope is shown in this album. Love it.

- 😱5 star

I can listen to the whole album from beginning to end over and over again for hours. Masterpiece of an album they took out. Really great work the Strokes did. 😎⚡️

- They’re Back5 star

I’ve loved the Strokes ever since I discovered them. Glad I preordered this. My favorite track is “The Adults are Talking” This album made me realize once again rock isn’t dead!

- Love it!!!5 star

Omg! I have been waiting for them to come out with some new music. Great sounds. Live the beats.

- About Time5 star

I’ve been so looking forward to this album’s release and it doesn’t disappoint.

- yes.5 star

very fresh feeling. loving the sounds that this album gives off. listening to this album in headphones really shows you how well this album was produced. very pleased with the tunes from the kings

- We asked, they finally delivered5 star

Very different but the strokes have evolved in the best way possible. Biggest dopamine rush in a while. Both adults are taking and selfless are masterpiece but Ode to the Mets? Out of this world. Decades later still one of the best bands of all time and my all time favorite. THANK YOU STROKES

- Innovate, Different, but still the core strokes sound we all love5 star

This album is so beautiful. Production is professional, guitars are crisp and Jules voice is unreal. I'm in love

- Such an underrated band5 star

The Strokes can do no wrong. Every song on this album is great, but my favorites are the slow burners on the back half bookended by At The Door and Ode to the Mets. The Adults Are Talking is a standout track also. They continue to evolve and with each album give us new sounds while still being familiar.

- Amazing!!5 star

Love it!!!!

- the strokes are back5 star

“I just wanted to be one of the strokes “

- :’)5 star

So beautiful

- Finally5 star

Some actual music. Well done Strokes.

- They’re back baby5 star

Their best work since 2006 maybe even before that. It’s real they’re confident in themselves again. The intro and closing tracks are both peak strokes. Good job boys!

- The best thing to come out of 20205 star

I honestly love everything they’ve done but there’s something wonderfully different yet familiar about this one. All tensions seem to be long forgot and the strokes sound like they all have the same end game in mind.

- ...and we’re back!5 star

Great album that sounds like they’ve paid homage to their influences and their past material whilst moving forwards. I doubt this album will garner the attention of new fans, but for those of us that have followed them for years now have got a lot to love here. It’s short and sweet. Albums don’t need to be bloated to get their “precious streams”. This is just genuinely a thoroughly enjoyable album from The Strokes. 4.5/5


I was super excited to hear the strokes were back, you can imagine my surprise when I listened to this album and was taken away with the enchantment that is Julian and gang. Thank you for saving Quarantine 🥰

- great5 star

Their best album since Room on Fire

- Everything5 star

Their sound is so perfect

- I just wanted to be one of the strokes5 star

I think i can die in peace after this is released

- Love it5 star

Let’s pretend Count down machine never happen.

- Outstanding5 star

Bad Decisions is a perfect song to release as a single, it’s got that classic Strokes sound and it’s super catchy. At the Door is the song that makes me excited for this album. It’s unique and different than what’s expected of The Strokes, which is what makes it even better. The fact that they can experiment with a new sound like At the Door and make it that good is astounding. Julian’s vocals have never sounded better.

- Nevermind my five star rating5 star

You can’t judge an ALBUM based on 2 SINGLES

- IMO The Strokes are starting to sound like...2 star

Rufus Wainwright 🤷🏻‍♂️

- Thank God they’re back!!!5 star

Dope sounds. Thought I was listening to new order there for a minute

- Greatest Band Ever5 star

Im so exited about this new record , i know they wont let us Down!!! They influenced my Life and a generation


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