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Justin Bieber - Yummy Song Reviews

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- Worst song of 2020 and probably the decade1 star

It’s really bad don’t listen to it, no flow, bad lyrics, really boring vocals, bad production 0 out of 10 Bad Song.

- Fun fact4 star

Chris Martin loves this song

- Yummy is a bop!5 star

At first I didn’t like it but the more you listen the more great it becomes. He hits all those notes 🙌 No voice quite like it



- Amazing5 star

Love it!!!!

- Yummy5 star

I love this song

- Trash1 star


- VERY GOOD FOR 20205 star


- So not yummy1 star

What da.......

- I feel bad1 star

For his fans, y’all waited on this? 🤮 He and his wife are trash and he got a shrimp 🍤

- This is a good asf song5 star

This song is lit asf

- ?3 star

I’m worried about this guys mental heath

- Ya you that yummy5 star

This song is funny little strange and a good song.

- Yessssss5 star

This song is sooooo catchy 😍 It’s basically stuck in my head

- Yummy5 star

This is a ok 👌 song but when he was younger he had better songs than this 🤮🤮🤮🥴🤢



- EW1 star

This is so terrible

- Damm1 star

All I see are one star. 😂 I’m dying... not ok bro.

- Justin failure1 star

Gagagag rarrarar

- Stuck in my head5 star

I like it. One of the better songs I’ve heard in a while. Americans are way too uptight. Chill and enjoy.

- Trash1 star

Terrible music. Repeating same word lyrics through half the song, unimaginative beats, and nothing of quality.

- Yucky 🤮1 star

Wish I could go a star lower 🤢

- Yeah this song is totally it......1 star

I would give this song negative infinite stars if I could

- Geez5 star

Congratulations, Aliya. This is my first Justin Bieber song to like and buy and it’s all because of you Queens N Lettos! Much love❤️❤️

- Good4 star

It’s a great song

- 🤮🤮🤮1 star

No words

- I’m sorry Justin4 star

I think this song is okay people are being nasty and rude, it’s disgusting how people respond, personally I would have maybe changed the lyrics buts I’m happy your changing justin wanting to become a better person👍🏻 keep following Jesus Christ don’t let people put you down amen.

- Garbage1 star


- Yummy5 star

Love it🥰🥰

- Not yummy1 star

Girls ain’t yummy

- No words.1 star

I don’t know how it takes half a decade to say yummy 1,000,000,000,000,000 times. 🤷‍♀️

- Honestly sad1 star

Imagine all the poor Justin Bieber fans who waited 5 years for this... so sad

- best5 star

this song hypes me up in the morning

- Yummy yum 😋5 star

Love dancing to this!! ❤️👌🏻💛

- 🤢Not yummy1 star

F word this it was the worst thing I have ever bought on apple 🍎 music and I spent like 1.37 on it because it never told me anything about tax.😤🤬I am so mad because I hate this song it is not yummy whatsoever!! I hate it do not buy it. It is the worst thing that will ever happen to you in your life if you buy it! Don’t buy it!!

- Bad1 star

Horrible song 100% trash

- 💛🔥💛5 star

Y’all are haters!! This song is lit. Thanks Justin Bieber 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽

- It’s terrible1 star

Nuff said.

- Good stuff5 star

Amazing tone

- Uhh...1 star

He needs Jesus.


I JUST LOVE JB ❤️❤️❤️❤️

- Ya he got that yummmmy yummmy yummmy5 star

Great song

- Caaaancer!1 star

I’ve just hear this trash and my doctor diagnosed me every type of cancer

- NewFan5 star

He has skills this is really great music so good to see him back up and playing

- JustinBieber5 star


- 🤢1 star

such an awful song

- Trash1 star


- Not hot1 star

Anime guys are hotter noob and also not yummy

- Meme central1 star

Me : ☺️ hears song me :😒 turns off right away me be like :🤯🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

- 🔥👌🥰5 star

Soooo good I love it 😻


Haha yep

- K1 star

1 star on lyrics. 2 star on voice as well as music. what does this get you? 1 star review

- Apple stop forcing songs in playlists1 star

Give us the chance to skip artist/songs like this pls

- Ummmmmm1 star

Sounds like something 13 year old Justin would write

- 🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤢🤮🤮🤢1 star



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Rapid1234 - LOVE5 star

Love you and missed you JB!!! Can’t wait for the album to drop. The song is so catchy and fun !!

PoopyHead. - Yum5 star


stockhgr - He’s back!5 star

Nice smooth chill music.

Dorran Abbott - bye1 star

absolute trash.

gaganpreet ghai - Best of all5 star

This song is so much omg this is the song which will turn your mood good from the depression believe me 😍😍😍😍😍 love u justin

we only stan kings!!!! - A king5 star


Sbsnshab - Loved it5 star

Best is yet to come

Kennaaapiercey - LOVE IT5 star

song is so catchy & it’s a more upbeat and fun song! forget all the haters, i really enjoy it and i’m so happy Justin's back making music again, can’t wait to see what else he has for us!

brayrocs - 🔥🔥🔥5 star

Straight heat.

VeX.. - ALL THE HATERS5 star

not sayin ya have to like it. but what’s the point in literally hating on him???? Y’all look stupid hating on him for a song you don’t think is good 🤡 To me that smacked. but even if it wasn’t the best. i wouldn’t hate on him for something he’s proud of and worked hard on & THE FIRST THING HE RECORDED WHEN HE SNAPPED BACK. buncha immature clowns out here now 😭🤡

Tamaraalynnee - In Love!5 star

Yummy is such a bop. Replaying it over and over!

Chiara arena - Amazing5 star

Justin you did it again😍

Aylen CBiebs - LOVING THIS SONG5 star

It’s Yummy 😍😩

dangerousbixber - BOP5 star

It’s so catchy and fun to listen too! He’s such a versatile artist who has come so far! I’m so proud his journey and can’t wait to see what he’s come up with for JB5! Love ya Justin ♥️🤧

Mathillde1 - WOW5 star

This song is 🔥 ( same for JB 🥵❤️)

shiiiiiz - Bigggg chuneeee5 star

Don’t believe Selena stans and every rival fandom in the reviews this songs a chill banger to have playing I rate it

Chris200104 - AMAZING5 star

Everyone always has to hate on him for no reason. This song is amazing, catchy beat and melody. Justin is releasing music he genuinley loves and is proud of. Its a great song, definitley worth a purchase :)

belieber212 - He Sounds amazing!5 star

I’m glad he’s making music he loves!

Sunny in Ontario - Was hoping for more1 star

Nope, maybe if I was 12. Very lazy song writing. You would think after such a long time off he would’ve been a little more creative

nfgotbarzz - really good, others stans just jealous5 star

i knew salina’s stans will come and say anything bad but we re used to that , so your opinions doesn’t really count tbh 😂 anyway wait till we start reviewing ya girl’s music we will see who is who.

KellyHasMyHeart - 4 years for this? Pass.1 star

No. Just no.

dana_l - Yummy!4 star

this song is so catchy and the beat is so good too! for everyone who dislikes the song you just don’t have good taste in music! I love it! GO JB! 😊👏🏻💕

saraadesantis - Loves it5 star

Keep killin it JB!

Amanda Morana - A BOP5 star

soooo good I could listen to it all day. Makes me smile with how light hearted it is!!!

skiburchlin - STREAM LOVER FOR CLEAR SKIN1 star

This song is so bad that my moms ears started bleeding, anyways lover by Taylor swift fixed it right up. Don’t buy this

Jaxoncub36 - Not good1 star

Horrible song and he now looks like a gay porn actor

Asdgoeowlsndjskskmsnalaix52728 - i love it!5 star

so so so good, we missed u bieber 💜

mrsjadeee - Not really impressed1 star

I like his old stuff better tbh lol and I am not a blieber

Brad Ds - not good1 star

he’s trash

hendmjr - horrible1 star

i respected justin and liked most of his music from his previous album. However, this song is more annoying than entertaining. :(

TheKaiDee - R&Bieber !!5 star

So glad r&bieber is coming back. Cute little bop!!!

Awogirl - Not bad5 star

I don't like the song...but it's not as bad as all these reviews are saying. I think he's just trying to make a comeback. I think all the reviews are a little over reacted. Give the poor guy a break

sewa2010 - HORRIBLE 👎🏻1 star

This is horrible I would rather listen to a baby scream than this yummy yummy more like yucky yucky 😕

PaigeCbiebs - IT SLAPS5 star

Typical JB with the catchy tune that got you singing all day!! It sounds like hotline blings sexy cousin. Can’t wait for the next album and to see some bieber babies! #Bieber2020

ShitChan - no1 star


swizzleleelel - pfft the 5 raters are 6yrs old1 star

who uses their mothers credit card to buy the song.

PacalRiel - He’s become lazy1 star

Very simple and uninspiring song. He’s one of the few pop stars who can actually write music, sing, and play instruments. All I hear on this track are beats I could have written in my sleep in 2011 and autotune vocals to 6th grade level lyrics. This is trash: zero stars

courtney loves hershey - Don’t listen to this song1 star

Think this is bad and I heard better songs by this guy. Justin you can do better then this it’s just boring and just saying yummy

sophieturmel - REPEAT ALL DAY5 star


Gab022 - 👎2 star

Bad song.. the lyrics are so basics!! He can do better than that! 😕

istanthissong101 - STREAM RARE JANUARY 101 star

This song is generic trash... for a better option stream rare out January 10, 2020. #JanuarybelongstoSelena #JanuRAREy #SelenaisRare

Bizzie56 - This song has nothing especially compelling1 star

This song does not intrigue me. Nothing special!

Simplecool - Sucks1 star

I can’t believe anyone still listens to him

lexxi•13 - the beat is good3 star

the beat is good, of course sounds like most r&b/new rap songs but it’s good. I don’t like the chorus at all- i knew that already when i heard the title. BUT i think everyone’s being a little harsh. He’s been away from music for so long and he’s trying to come back & be happy with music again and y’all are ripping him apart 😕 I’m not a big BIG fan of Justin but cut him some slack. The song isn’t THAT BAD.

ian_1146 - Bro just let him vibe3 star

He do be vibing tho 😳

JeniusDoesBeatz - Trash1 star


mariejeanne22 - Love it5 star

Can’t wait to hear the album!

mattbasker - Delicious it is!5 star

As the name of the song suggest, it is a yummy treat to your ears by Justin R&Bieber

Bonchicken24 - sO bAd1 star

I can’t even take him seriously 😑

StevenFul326 - Not a good comeback song at all1 star

I’m sorry but this song is just terrible. I would have given it 0 stars if I could. I know Justin can do much better. This song is so lazy and basic. Hope the album is better than this trash

jnddidksks - A bad song1 star

A downgrade from his past projects

psychedelixx.. - Yum yum5 star

It’s really amazing great start of the decade 🌹

Solitairefroot - Horrible is a compliment1 star

Never thought have had to listen this just after a new decade began...

anjikins - #bieber20205 star

A smash!!

Dalal Jaat - Best5 star

A full Yummy Song 🙃

ffbjydjbrubfh - Yummy 😋5 star

Waiting for album now! to get everyone’s mouth shut

rajesh bharadva - 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥5 star

This song is fire....i’m really loving this song so much😍

Sshivammaxx - Love you Justin5 star

Best song

khushchandani - He’s back5 star

Wow, the biebs is back. Can’t wait for the album

ripu_riba - Bieber is back5 star


gustin mang - no 15 star

🔥🔥ze best

Rag9111 - It's catchy5 star

Good good good

amrutha1111 - Love it5 star

Amazing song

Altair ManOWar - R&Bieber - Smasher5 star

KING OF POP IS BACK 🎶🔥 Does what he does best - create unique craft which stands on top of the world. He is here to save the music industry 🙌🏼 #BIEBER2020 #2020

Atlantasus - A Bieber BOP!!5 star

His voice is heaven to ears!! It’s a chill and cute bop!! Completely love it!!

Ruby2000 - It’s a bop5 star

Very catchy and the beat is dope

rohanlumia - Prince of Pop5 star

What a comeback by King Bieber!

cyka blyat 69 - Wth1 star

This is literally trash

loyaltoJB - Legend!5 star

Our man back at it again! 2020 is gonna be only about Justin Bieber

girlbelieber_6 - The King is Coming5 star

The king is coming back to save the music industry 💜🤙✌️

SATYARTHR2 - fiyaa5 star


Shreeshanth - Best song this decade !!!5 star

Justin Back.

sameerbieber - King bieber5 star

Bieber is backk with his new single Be ready justinbieber is coming I love you Justin bieber❤️

MayankSethi - A bop5 star

the prince of pop is back with his bops🔥

YEZIRCLRK - Amazing5 star

R&Bieber is Back

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TeamBreezyforever😎💋 - I LOVE IT5 star


Lightndarknessmix - terrible1 star

so generic and dumb

IainMcGregor - 👎🏽1 star

Not a single good thing about jt

Mario95832 - Catchy with a cool beat3 star

It’s not the best. But it’s a fun enough pop song.

Bec1970 - Horrible1 star

Too generic, poorly produced and horrible lyrics.

niixk - Average1 star

It seems like Justin is just a sell out now, this isn’t meaningful at all, but rather a migraine to my head. At least Purpose had the classics, if this is the lead single then... lmao.

Ozoco Man - Bit boring tbh3 star

It’s aight 🙃

Odilon123 - CAN SHE MAKE A SINGLE BAD SONG??1 star

When she said “I needed to hate you to love me” I FELT THAT! queen of pop did it again! STREAM LOSE YOU TO LOVE ME 🖤

kevin ghostbreath - song5 star

It's great

alyce.. - The worst song of 20201 star

How did his label allow this song to be released??

PiePieRules - anyways1 star

don’t know what that was...



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prumbel4 - Embarrassing moment1 star

This is yuki really!

eliaileeee - “Gucci gang” expired vibe1 star

I feel like 0.99£ is too much for this song..no offence

snewbold95 - Amazing5 star

Amazing song I’m looking forward for the next on and the album and to see what Justin is doing next

Fazal🇸🇦🇸🇦 - ع5 star

A really beautiful tune but hopes for more cuz we miss it

awhvictoria - taste5 star

this song is supposed to be all about fun and that’s exactly what JUSTIN delivered so many negative comments because yall aren’t used to something different just shows how tasteless you are this is a BOP and it SLAPS

aoudiebieber - Hey5 star


elina.ox - LOVE IT5 star

Such a good song. it’s very playful and something you can enjoy listening to for fun

Hannahbelieber - Yummy5 star

Love this song 🔥

bigblued9 - What is this1 star

Seriously?? People please stop being super fans. You should be able to call it out when it’s bad. This is bad. No effort.

LeeWestwick - LEGENDARY5 star

Catchy and will be a classic radio song for decades to come.

mrshilanabieberxx - AMAZINGGGG5 star

2020 is Bieber’s Year!!! ❤️❤️❤️

bwhetren - Catchy5 star

I’ve seen a lot of good and bad reviews. But personally I think this song will be like Baby! It’s so catchy that even if you don’t like it it will get stuck in your head and you can’t help but sing along

akhann__ - 🔥🔥5 star

On repeat

jbflatline bizzle - Ahhhh I’m in love5 star

Such and awesome song buy it now and you won’t regret it

jasmyn🥰🥰 - Obsessed🥺😍5 star

Justin bieber is back ladies and gents and he’s better than ever, I’ve bought this song 3 times now because I really want him to get number #1 because he really deserves it 🥰

Cpackham - Awful!1 star

Just don’t bother!

Dee-lightful - Jam5 star

Welcome back a Justin, this is such a great tune. Easy to jam or chill or dance on! It’s going to be on repeat! My new year just got better with my new year song!

Nathanturner1 - AMAZING5 star


sorry ;_; - Stop1 star

‘Justin Bieber’s lyrics to Yummy will make you BLUSH!’ ~ a newspaper, can’t remember which one. Will they? Will they really? They might make me have a brain aneurysm but that’s about it. They did make me think about the early days of Bieber, when Beliebers would tell me how it was like Justin was singing directly to them. I never felt it then. I do now and it’s horrifying. Every time I turn on the radio, a grown man is telling me how I’ve got that yummy yummy yum, yeah babe, in the morning or sleepy bye bye time, ga ga goog. I may have to throw it in the bath. Verse 1 (Justin): You got that yummy yum, yummy yum, yummy (Yeah babe) You got that yim yum, yummy in my tim tam tum (Yeah woo babe) Mummy mum, done a poopoo (Poopoo, poopoo) A peepee poopsie weewee A wee windypop in my pantaloons (Pantaloons) Verse 2 (Justin’s mum): Here comes the aeroplane! Open wide, Justin! Wheeeeeee! Verse 3 (Justin): My record label told me to be more musically mature I think it’s working

Jbob242 - Crap1 star


Oliwia_1D - Disappointed As A JB Fan🥺1 star

as a big Justin Bieber fan, I waited 5 years for this and I’m highly disappointed as this lacks effort and creativity.

Katyyy01 - Repetitive1 star

Just stick to not releasing anything

Nicole Stephenson - HES BACK!!5 star

The prince of pop has returned to claim his throne,this song is amazing and so catchy! It’s a great bop to get us ready for the album😍

DannySmurf1 - Absolutely terrible1 star

He’s lost it. Worst song of the year and it’s only January

Shadespac - Not Sure For Me On This Song2 star

This Could be a top ten hit for him but it would be better if there was not so much yummy yummy in it I would have thought something much better he could have come up with more up beat.

Jesshendersx - Welcome back Biebs.5 star

Screw the haters!!

SamRiddeli - Disappointing1 star

Not lead single material.

matilda_xoxo_ - yumm4 star


Shipwreck Weatherman - R&Bieber😤😤😤👎🏻1 star

Just ruining r&b .

AnnalovesJustin - yummy5 star

catchy bop bringing r&bieber back. just wait for his album...

swiftyj - :/1 star

Not for me

Kev_uk12 - Lol1 star


Vickyy12 - Is there an option to unhear this?1 star

Verbal diarrhoea

ShoutyDog - A joke1 star

Just another generic pop song, a dated one at that. Don’t even understand how he can push this as ‘maturity’ and ‘growth’

Lukemb65 - Ah the joys of pop music1 star

“You got that yummy yummy”. Well done Bieber. You’ve not only gone further down generic lane, but now you’re trying to go down the crappy rapper route too. Generic, bland, boring and not even something worth calling original. But hey, as long as the cool kids say “it’s a bop” then it’s decent, right? Pop music is definitely getting worse and Bieber is the perfect example as to why.

Jess-Jess-Jess - Who thought this was a good idea?1 star

This song is awful. Who thought a song like this was a good idea?

kindapussified - if i could give it 0 stars, i would...1 star

stream party in my tummy from yo gabba gabba! instead. similar concept, better execution.

lily barr - 😍😍5 star

Love love love🥵

melbiebsmay - YUMMY5 star

Love it!!! 🍧

drewsjrnls - R&Bieber 💖5 star


AmyLouise14 - Yummmmy is a bop5 star

I love it as a lead single. So catchy. Very good, bieber is back ❤️

jneyx - .......2 star

I thought he’d comeback with something a little better, kind of disappointed tbh.

ntltcdemi - follow @ntltcdemi on twitter5 star

AN AMAZING SONG ! periodd follow my twitter @ntltcdemi if u stan justin 😌

Jamino - Shocking1 star

Is this the best he could come up with, will be a buzz single next week 😂😂

ahahabw - insane5 star


Moorzii - YUMMY YUMMY5 star

Catchy, radio song, Love every moment, video is amazing also, yes its a simple song with not alot going off lyrically but its not supposed to be, im sure the rest of the album will have some lyrical smashes and i cant wait to see whats next to come in biebers comeback! Love you justin.

Samcool123 - What a comeback........1 star

Although it may be catchy, that is no hard feat as it just copies every other trap record style and beat! Lyrically awful and lazy, sonically terrible! Surely he knows this is TRASH

Ronnie Finney - 😂😂😂1 star

What a joke of a song! Give up now

shshhzx - If I could give it 0/5 I would.1 star

Awful lyrics. Boring vocals. Worst song of Justin’s by date. Can you come up with something else?

EthanIvoryLewis - This may be the worst song of 20201 star

The lyrics are horrendous, the sound is horrendous, there’s not even any good vocals. If this is what his album is going to be like he can keep it this isn’t good.

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Winsgrammy5 star

alexa play yummy by justin bieber

Mahaduhh5 star


HaroldsFaceHair5 star

@IovedangeI @stanstylestommo Justin Bieber over here with "yummy yummy yummy"

OnVolareNow5 star

Justin Bieber – Yummy

Filmsforbieber5 star

@fallinggoldens: 1. yummy by justin bieber 2. yummy by justin bieber 3. yummy by justin bieber 4. yummy by justin bieber 5. woman by h…


@fallinggoldens: 1. yummy by justin bieber 2. yummy by justin bieber 3. yummy by justin bieber 4. yummy by justin bieber 5. woman by h…

Fallinggoldens5 star

1. yummy by justin bieber 2. yummy by justin bieber 3. yummy by justin bieber 4. yummy by justin bieber 5. woman…

Lidrauhl945 star

@purposejimin: justin bieber non è solo yummy

CarmyJB985 star

@purposejimin: justin bieber non è solo yummy

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Justin Bieber - Yummy Song Comments

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