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Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper - Shallow Song Reviews

- Wow

My favorite film soundtrack that centers around a female singer since "The Bodyguard". Just overall a great soundtrack. Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga shines.

- It’s over for the other girlies

Gaga and Mr Cooper snapped omg. We love a future oscar-winning movie and this soundtrack DID THAT

- A scalp is torn!

Wig? Flew. Tea? Served. Daddy? Poisoned. A star? Is born. Hotel? Trivago.

- This hit me in the feels

I thought the movie would be amazing.. and it was. But the soundtrack is that and everything more, hit me right in the feels. Some heavier rock tracks and softer stuff too. Who knew Bradley cooper could sing like that? And Gaga is the new queen G.

- A great Masterpiece

Lady Gaga is an icon and an inspiration. I love her soundtrack album with Bradley Cooper. She has reach a new peak in her career.

- Worst thing ever

Awful Songs


The lyrics in this album are very well thought and add so much to movie. Gaga’s voice is truly special. This version of ASIB is truly iconic

- Sing so beautifully................

Thank you

- Great album! Nothing else to say.


- Why would I pay for Dialogue?

If there are going to be two versions of a soundtrack, why not make one with THE MUSIC. If I wanted the doalogue, I'd buy the emovie. Awesome music. Strong performances. Say no to dialogue...

- Great summer song!!!

Summer Loving 🥰 so many memories!!!

- Cruzito

Gaga and Bradley saving music with this. thank you for the emotion in this piece of art!

- Beautiful

Hate pop, hate modern music to be honest, but this album specifically shallow, beautiful, instrumental songs with MUSIC in the back, I mean like memorable MELODIES, this is music, Gaga is the greatest vocalist rn in my opinion and has potential to go down with names like Freddie Mercury, John Lennon, Paul McCartney, and Elvis, but she needs to keep doing stuff like this, less pop, more this, anyone else get a sort of Heart vibe from shallow?

- Maybe it’s time

I would have given it 5 stars but it won’t download the song Maybe It’s Time! I keep trying and it’s saying not available in my area! That’s a rip cause I love that song and paid for it!

- Wow

Magnificent soundtrack. I cant believe i waited this long to get into it

- Brad

Brad you’re on here you should sing 🎤 on guardians of the galaxy volume 2👌🏼

- Gaga , Cooper

I love this soundtrack. 😍

- It gets annoying

I love Gaga, but shallow gets annoying after you hear it a bunch of times. But I mean, it’s a good song. It just gets annoying. Also congrats on winning a Grammy award.

- Beautiful Song!

I absolutely love it. Who knew Bradley Cooper has such an amazing voice. A Beautiful Song, absolutely love it!

- Hilarious

Talk about a cheesy type album. Not only was this one of the worst movies but the songs were horrible. Gaga trying to reinvent herself as some kind of quiet little church mouse. Not buying the act.

- My ears are bleeding

Stop the bloodletting!! 💩🎶💩🎶💩🎶

- Beautiful song!

Gaga really did a great job with this song. So meaningful and beautiful.



- Jacob

This movie should be kill and die


Lady Gaga is a joke. She is not an artist. She’s fooled you all. Fake it till you make it. Self proclaimed and pretentious AF. What’s with the honking noises? So irritating.

- queen


- Beautiful

love it

- A masterpiece.

Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper are just pure perfection. No explanation necessary.

- Addictive & Timeless

I purchased the soundtrack before I finished watching the movie. Discovering Bradley Cooper worked 18 months to learn to play the guitar and sing for this movie makes it even better. This Gaga-Cooper musical (and on-screen) duo has unmistakable chemistry; the songs are phenomenal, timeless, and flawless.

- It’s okay

A lot of people would be mad at that statement but in my opinion it’s not her best. I like her older more bubbly pop aide better. I do however like the lyrics and meaning behind this song.

- A Star She Has Been

I was completely astonished by Lady Gaga ‘s ability to sing in different genres . I considered her as just a pop star up til now . And she acted so well . Bradley was great as Jackson . He nailed the part so well . Was he really playing guitar in those close up scenes . If so he seems to be very talented . Go see this flick it was better then the last two versions !!

- A M A Z I N G

pure ART

- Shallow gives me chills

I get chills listening to Shallow.

- Yass

Here because of gaga

- Gaga and Cooper Slay

While Gaga’s vocals are always refreshing and any fan will not be surprised by her talent on this album, the real Star being born is Bradley. You can hear Gaga’s passion on every track, but you can also hear Cooper’s excitement and ability. His talent shines and adds another point to his stardom.

- The best song I like it

Same song boring but same song good

- Absolutely amazing

Beautiful beautiful song

- Incredible range

Gaga’s range is unbelievable. What a voice.

- Perfecto

Me encanto

- Garbage Juice


- Awful movie.. ok songs 1*

Awful script ......ok songs ... 1*

- Booooo👎🏻

If I could do negative stars I would. This movie sucked and so do the songs.


trash music!

- Great

Ommolde was2’momzi. I swiodddd Act N.p. morning

- ❤️❤️❤️❤️


- Queen

So slay ...

- Amazing

Each song is so beautiful. Bradley can sing his balls of!


these lyrics r everything and very deep

- Bruh

This ain’t what I expected

- Pretty good

Liked it

- A masterpiece

This is such an emotional song and such a vocal masterpiece by both of them. Gaga leaves me speechless every time

- Bleh....


- Perfect movie and soundtrack

This deserves all the existent awards in the world. Just this.


Sooo good. And if u disagree ur most likely a madonna stan and if not, IF U DONT LIKE IT DONT WRITE A REVIEW...if u do ur a fan😌

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- À star is born

Juste magnifique

- Best soundtrack of 2018!

My entire family is going to see the film tonight at the movies and we’re so excited. Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper together is perfection

- #cantwait

My album is already on pre-order...can’t wait for the soundtrack and the movie to release on Oct 5th!!!!

- Stream Trench


- Just a steady stream of tears

The songs are awesome, the movie was heart breaking and uplifting and... just a tornado of emotions but the whole time just a blanket of love.

- 😍😍😍😍😍


- Nostalgically beautiful!

One of the best movie soundtrack! Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper are amazing!

- Soundtrack of the year

I saw A Star Is Born at the Toronto International Film Festival. I came home and immediately pre ordered the soundtrack. The music is incredible. All original lyrics/music. Bradley Cooper’s voice is perfection and as always Lady Gaga delivers on every note she sings. I can’t wait for this to be released. Buy it. Trust me.

- Speechless

This soundtrack is just a masterpiece! The lyrics and the vocals are everything! This is an album that everybody should have in his music library! Bravo Gaga & Bradley

- Incredible doesn’t even cut it

Life changing movie. You’ll compare all epic love stories to this one film for a very long time. And the music is perfect. Just perfect.

- Wow !

Lady gaga deserve a oscar for this movie ! She just awesome !

- Yaaaasss Gaga and Bradley!!

Emotions are here!

- A masterpiece of 2018!

Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper show there excellent talent from singing to acting! A Must See!

- Amazing soundtrack!

Lady Gaga is going to be a legend.

- Absolutely amazing!!

Wow!! This album is fantastic! It’s the kind album you can just turn and let the thing run! The entire album is amazing!!

- So incredibly good

Lady gaga can truly sing whatever she wants her voice is angelic! The movie is so good and it has a very relevant message. The soundtrack goes perfectly with the movie💜💜highly recommended

- Versatility at its Finest!

The most incredible soundtrack I have ever heard. The versatility in sound from start to finish is incredible. Lady Gaga’s pure vocal talents shine through the numerous songs written and sang by her. Bradley Cooper has vocal talents that were undiscovered until now. The combination created the most groundbreaking and diverse soundtrack of the last decade. 11/10 would recommend.



- A star is born soundtrack

Excellent, excellent, excellent!!!

- What a journey.

This album is a life changing experience of its own. The way this music is a character of its own in the movie, it has become a character in my life. I go through so many emotions throughout this soundtrack and it’s such a fulfilling journey that it’s now become a part of my life. A reminder from the meaning behind the music and the movie to always live in the moment and just experience. To be grateful and have fun in life with the ones you love. And simply, love because it’s the greatest thing you can do for yourself throughout your life. Truly blown away, thank you to everyone who worked on this production.

- Wow

Absolutely breathtaking. The movie is amazing and the soundtrack is beyond anything I could have ever hoped for. Can’t take it off on repeat. Well done Gaga & Bradley.

- A trench is born

A trench is 🅱️orn.

- 10’s across the board

The soundtrack and movie will be up for Oscars!

- Woowww


- A Wig Has Flown

This is so GOOOOOD!!!

- Cool

Love you so much Ally!!!


Who thought? All it took was Bradley Cooper to bring that "FAME"/"FAME MONSTER" Gaga. Every Song in this soundtrack is filled with a rollercoaster of emotions. Every song and lyric captivates your attention and demands your emotional attention in the best way possible. Couldn't possibly name a favorite track since all of them are beyond fantastic. BEST ALBUM OF 2018.

- Masterpiece

Great voices, music and melodies. B Cooper is to discover and Gaga sounds better than ever ! Powerful soundtrack !


Beautiful movie! AMAZING SONGS! What more can u ask?

- Stunning and Diverse!

I got to see the premiere of ASIB in Toronto and I can say that this soundtrack has a unique quality to it: diversity. It's got catchy songs for country, rock, and pop lovers alike! "Shallow" is a bit of country/rock and I can tell you her (and his) vocals are simply stunning on every. single. track. You do NOT want to turn this one down. Buy it and your ears will thank you. Trust me.

- Bravo!

Raw, emotional, beautiful, real, intimate, insane!

- 5 Stars are not enough

This soundtrack album has everything you can ever want, hit after hit. Lady Gaga has solidified herself as a true triple threat & a living legend.

- Amazing

I love this song ❤️❤️❤️. Great lyrics

- Que dire d’autre que WOW !

J’ai entendu Shallow 😱 et j’ai voulu voir le film dès sa sortie. Maintenant que j’ai vu le film, j’ai acheté les autres chansons 😍 Un chef d’œuvre artistique accompli.

- Beautiful soundtrack

I’m in love with every song


I’ve honestly never felt in love with an album like this before. The lyrics are so well taught and the sonority is so researched. This album is a masterpiece that will last forever, it’s got a unique soul that will make you cry and shake every part of yourself! It goes where no albums goes anymore, into deep feelings!


Why Bradley Cooper has never sang before?? THIS IS SOOOOO GOOD! It’s like angels singing. Is there something Bradley can’t do? And Lady Gaga est perfect like usual too

- A Star Is Born

A fantastic film with two fantastic actors. I can’t WAIT for it to come out on CD!!!


This is just beautiful and moving!

- Fabulous!!

The movie is outstanding & the soundtrack is awesome!! Bradley Cooper & Lady Gaga are electric!

- Perfection

The soundtrack to this movie is just perfection. Each and every song is really good. I am obsessed with this album, since downloading it, it’s the only thing à have been listening to. Would 100% recommend it :)

- Une étoile est née

Meilleur film que j’ai vu depuis je ne me rappelle plus, et que dire de la musique dans le film. J’ai pleuré et j’ai ris! J’ai très hâte de le revoir encore !

- Masterpiece

Lady Gaga strikes once again with this powerful song. LOVE it!

- Wow...

I haven't seen the movie but I love the musical story. This music is a journey and it is irresistible.

- Great song and movie

Love it!

- A Stan Is Bald

A Scalp Is Torn. 😦

- Excellent songs and movie!!!

Saw the movie yesterday and when it ended, I immediately bought the soundtrack. Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga are so great! They instantly make us believe they are Jack and Ally! The songs are great!!! Love everything about this!

- La Lady de toutes les Ladys... 5*

Perfection! It’s wonderful and more! ❤️

- wow

i cant breathe

- Lady Gaga...Back to the Music.

Its always amazing to see a musician, go all 'crazy' with her pop credentials, and then strip it all down and sing like none of her peers can. Lady Gaga can sing and she always could. But you dont get to hear it in the middle of Bad Romance or Just Dance. But you get to hear her pipes here in a setting that clearly calls for zero pop influence. Coming to Bradley Cooper. This could have easily been Lady Gaga's album if not for how amazing Bradley Cooper sounds and can carry the music on his own. Lady Gaga is the virtuoso but Bradley Cooper is a revelation! ANd this album has absolutely no fillers. And every song is effective and most importantly, each and every song has the one thing that has been taken for granted in today's music: The Melody!! This is my opinion is an album for the ages, the first album i listen to in its entirety in one shot in years!!

- All


- Heard some, was blown away!

I heard some of them that was shared by a friend and holy heck, it is seriously good. I didn't know Bradley can sing well and Lady Gaga got the pipe, wow. I will definitely buy it when it is out.

- Amazing

What a magical album.

- So mesmerising

Thank you Gaga. You did it once again!

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- A star is born

Amazing album. Both got good amazing voices.

- Standout Soundtrack & Movie!

What an amazing movie....had to rush out and buy the soundtrack. Their voices gave me goosebumps!!! 😍😍😍

- Great song

Both of their voices are amazing


This is amazing definitely recommend

- Brilliant

Brilliant can’t wait to see the movie



- 10/10

What an album to a fabulous movie. GAGGED FOR LIFE. GAGGED I SAY

- 😍😍😍


- Fantastic.

Geez Bradley is a brilliant singer.

- Heaven

Only heard the first single from the Album and it’s BEAUTIFUL 😍 Gaga has done it again 🙏🏻

- Outstanding

An emotional punch. It’s an outstanding soundtrack and I can’t wait to see the film. 18th October it’s released in Australia.

- Hardcore feels

Pure perfection, cried when I heard “I’ll never love again” honestly really excited to see the film.

- Smh

I expected more,, all the 30 second songs etc are annoying in the listening experience. Would the album cost less if production on those clips of sound weren’t done? Yes.

- Shallow is Absolute Perfection

Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper’s voice blend so well together, and both their vocals are beyond astounding. Can’t wait to see this movie!!


This is amazing. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

- Amazing

Love it

- 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟


- Disappointing

Wouldn’t recommend

- This is a grown-up Gaga

The vocal, the lyricism, the harmony. This album is a masterpiece.

- 😍

Lady Gaga has done it again

- Absolutely Stunning Soundtrack

As if we didn't already know it, Lady Gaga shows again why she is one of the greatest songwriters/ singers of our age! OMFG, the range of song styles and how she performs them leaves me breathless. One interesting note is there are a variety of song styles that ALL showcase he talent. Bradley Cooper's songs give a soulful, breathleass ease to songs and is a great match to Lady Gags in their duets. It's easy to understand why the film has recieved such crytical acclaim. Let's hope their careers continue to skyrocket!!

- This speaks to my soul

I have never been so impressed in my entire life by something that Lady Gaga has released. Thank you Gaga and Cooper 😭😍👌🏼💖

- Perfection

There are no words to describe how good this album is!!! Lady gaga standing ovation!!!

- Two stars are TRULY born

This movie is phenomenal. And so the music of the soundtrack is so phenomenal. If you love the movie, love GaGa and Brad’s voice BUY THIS!!! A must have

- Breathless !

Gaga has taken her vocal cords to another dimension and belted them out! I’m so proud of my Queen and cannot wait for the movie. 5/5 Stars.

- the album is the best so far

Great job lady Gaga and Bradley cooper

- Outstanding!!!

Both Gaga and Bradley are outstanding in their vocals and acting for this movie. It makes the hairs stand up on my arms and shivers down my spine. Love love love 😍

- Oscar for Best Original Song

There’s no doubt that this is one of the most remarkable soundtracks in recent years. The question now is, which song will win the Oscar? “The Shallow” is the leading song and it’s absolutely breathtaking. Is there another song from this soundtrack that could potentially get the award? More importantly, will Lady Gaga take home two Oscars? She definitely will take one for her achievement in music, but will she also take Best Leading Actress? Surely she can!

- amazing

the best

- Incredible

Words cannot describe how amazing this soundtrack is! Cooper’s and Gaga’s voices blend incredibly well together. This album is timeless.

- BUY IT!!!

i bought this and my wig went missing


Will be one of the greatest movie musical soundtracks of all time. Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper are a revelation.

- A phenomenal soundtrack!

Cooper and Gaga are so magnificent! And ooh I can’t wait to watch the movie


Songs are very touching, emotional and heartbreaking. There are also some dance numbers which is very catchy and upbeat which balances the heart-wrenching songs in the album. I AM INLOVE WITH THE ALBUM ITSELF. THE IMMENSE TALENT BRADLEY COOPER AND LADY GAGA share with the world.

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- Just wow

After watching the film I bought this. The film is amazing as are the songs. The one at the end I’ll never line again absolutely broke me. Both lady gaga & Bradley Cooper are amazing singers the film is definitely a must.

- Unbelievable

Say no more

- Best movie 2018

Well done lady gaga & Bradley Cooper

- amazing soundtracks

phenomenal soundtracks just like the movie

- .

For all those complaining about how bad the film was and the songs well no offence but if you don’t like it and the artist then don’t waste you time complaining about it because it isn’t worth it at all.

- Just amazing

3rd time I’ve saw the film and loved it as much as first time, both so talented! Beautiful film and beautiful album!!

- Love love love

Just watched the film, it was amazing!

- Out of this world!

Absolutely incredible film, and the music makes extra special. Lady Gaga's voice blows you away. I’m away to cry some more and listen to it!

- The film was mesmerising

The film was so good I immediately came home and downloaded the album. I love Gaga in this film, her voice on I’ll never love again is haunting, Black Eyes by Bradley is excellent love the guitar work. The whole album is 5******

- Wish she would quit!

been there done that! Yet again a copy ov an original! It’s ok if you wanna play it at a funeral! But please give up that whining voice gaga! Not a fan ov this one one sorry !!

- Amazing

Love this album so much

- Mediocre

Film was crap, the music sounds like a bunch of X Factor runner ups straining. Was that a bowel movement? Sounds like one.

- 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻


- Wow...just wow!

An unbelievable duo! Great songs and so emotional

- Epic

I have listened to this album every day this week and its still a beautiful, epic masterpiece that is packed with Love, soul and grit! A must buy 😊

- Already a classic

Masterpiece album with every single tune being one of a kind! This is beyond perfection

- Bear

Amazing film 🎥 4th time its been remade ....This was my favourite song ...take tissues if you haven’t already seen it . 💓 LYRICS Wish I could, I could've said goodbye I would've said what I wanted to Maybe even cried for you If I knew it would be the last time I would've broke my heart in two Tryin' to save a part of you Don't wanna feel another touch Don't wanna start another fire Don't wanna know another kiss No other name falling off my lips Don't wanna give my heart away To another stranger Or let another day begin Won't even let the sunlight in No, I'll never love again I'll never love again, oh, oh, oh, oh When we first met I never thought that I would fall I never thought that I'd find myself Lying in your arms And I want to pretend that it's not true Oh baby, that you're gone 'Cause my world keeps turning, and turning, and turning And I'm not moving on Don't wanna feel another touch Don't wanna start another fire Don't wanna know another kiss No other name falling off my lips Don't wanna give my heart away To another stranger Or let another day begin Won't even let the sunlight in No, I'll never love I don't wanna know this feeling Unless it's you and me I don't wanna waste a moment, ooh And I don't wanna give somebody else the better part of me I would rather wait for you, ooh Don't wanna feel another touch Don't wanna start another fire Don't wanna know another kiss Baby, unless they are your lips Don't wanna give my heart away To another stranger Don't let another day begin Won't let the sunlight in Oh, I'll never love again Never love again Never love again Oh, I'll never love again Songwriters: Aaron Ratiere / Hillary Lindsey / Natalie Hemby / Stefani Germanotta

- 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

Very good

- A star is born

Amazing film x

- Obviously Hyped

Hyped movie and album that do nothing to impress , the Barbara Streisand movie and album in the 70s was not very good but it was still better than this rubbish ... ga ga go away please

- Don’t be put off

After Watching the previews for this I really did think that this isn’t for me, don’t get me wrong I do like the odd romantic/real life flick, but, this really did look so boring, well, having got dragged to the cinema by my girlfriend, what a mistake a nearly made, this is really a great film, with a fantastic performance by Lady GaGa and a stunning performance by Bradley C, he really is amazing!! with a fantastic voice to be fair to him. So do yourself a favour, go watch the Film and then do what I done and download the Album for a fantastic mixture of Songs.

- Don’t listen before you see the movie

Brilliant songs but contains a major spoiler in the movie if you haven’t seen the movie yet ruined it for me also :( whoever put the album together didn’t think 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻

- Terrible

Lady gaga is just another manufactured pop artist who will be gone and replaced within 5 years!


Old people will like this lol

- ?

Lady gaga can’t sing. She’s wining and out of tune. She is Flat . Am I the only one who hears this?

- i love it

amazing 😍😍😍😍

- Wow wow WOW

Oh my word, the songs and the dialogue had me hooked from day one, real, raw and so much passion expressed through the music and the movie, one of the best soundtracks I’ve ever heard, ‘I don’t know what love is’ is my absolute fave track, Mr Cooper and Ms Gaga I applaud you both all the way from the UK and having seen you both in utter splendour last night, I was shook, I cried, I felt, I encapsulated the sentiment completely, bravo, bravo, BRAVO!!! 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽


I am in awe of the entire movie, soundtrack, everything, absolutely mesmerising

- Chemistry felt in this music..

Love “Shallow”.. Lady Gaga superb! Amazing Bradley Cooper, didn't know he could sing! I award this 5 stars for this song alone.

- boring.

This is a good album to listen to on MUTE.

- Jim Hamilton

Absolutely fabulous film and album. The film really hit me so hard.. Bradley you are amazing, Gaga I love you so much- you are amazballs as an actress too. Great voices you both!!! Roll on an Oscar!!

- I’m good luv, enjoy

little monsters stay pressed xoxo

- Amazing album to an amazing film

Thank you Lady Gaga

- Amazing!!!

Their voices are incredible. So talented!

- ICEMAN2007

Awesome Album

- Amazing



I have listened to this album so many times and it’s just truly amazing... 💗

- Unbelievable

Cooper’s singing and Gaga’s acting is mesmerising

- Incredible

One of the best albums! I’m shook

- Ms

Fabulous. Love the dialogue.

- Amazing emotional journey

Omg what a film The soundtrack is amazing

- Amazing songs!

Literally love this sound track, i love the film. People saying shes flat or whining?? She wrote the songs, shes the first person to sing them. How can she be flat to her own songs?? Maybe thats the way they are supposed to be sang..? she changed music for the good, she added fire, competition. Shes driven pop music to change.. she is complex, and has such broad qualities.. there is no one like her in todays modern music industry. Who literally does everything for themselves, writes, sings, manages her tours, staff, usually a artist is managed and told what to sing.. she is not just a brilliant singer. Shes a musician. A artist, she deserves her place. Just wait for the next 6 months, you guys wont be able to turn radio on without hearing her. Shes got some hits to release, watch this space ;) 5 star just for writing the songs, 5 stars for being able to sing them also, Bradley is also good :)

- Incredible piece of art

Both the movie and the soundtrack and simply incredible. I've always considered Gaga to be one of the most (if not THE most) talented artists of this generation, not just due to her beautiful voice but how versatile she is at performing. Bradley is simply amazing and is an incredibly talented singer, actor and director. The songs are truly stunning and cause waves of emotions, just like the film. I would recommend that people do watch the film first before listening to the soundtrack as the music is like a character of its own.

- buy the album and see the film!

man this film is incridible!

- Boring

Music to fall into a coma to

- Shallow

I have paid and downloaded the soundtrack for “a star is born” and the song shallow hasnt transferred over into my itunes.😡

- Love

Lady Gaga is amazing - I love the soundtrack ❤️


Such a great film ...Bradley and Gaga amazing together stunning !

- Perfect!

Lady Gaga’s voice is absolutely phenomenal, like no other artist, pure talent! And who new Bradley Cooper had an amazing voice! Beautiful album.

- VERY dissapointed

I feel like this album is boring and cliche, all the “dialogues” are unnecessary filler and for some reason people are saying this is amazing and outstanding but I just don’t see it. I have seen reviews with five stars that are commenting on how good the movie is! This is the album we’re reviewing not the movie! This doesn’t deserve number one.

Nick Budd

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Kerry Goodhind - The Shallow.

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Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper - Shallow Song Wiki

You can find here music lyrics from artist Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper, album A Star Is Born Soundtrack, song Shallow, released 05 October 2018. Listening online to Shallow - Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper song preview is free and does not require registration...

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