White Christmas - Single by Michael Bublé & Bing Crosby

Michael Bublé & Bing Crosby - White Christmas - Single Album Songs

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1. White Christmas 2:31

White Christmas - Single by Michael Bublé & Bing Crosby Album Reviews

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It's a dream. My grandpa's fav singer plus mine just makes this song everything <3

Pretty Bad. Either Bublé or Crosby are superb alone, but the production values on this recording are just awful. Through the magic digital recording, Bing's version is speeded up from the original, which doesn't sound natural. Then to top it off, the engineers didn't sync Michael's voice very well to Bing's. Finally they could have done without the reverb. All in all, pretty bad.

ehhhhhhh. I am a huge Bublé fan. Been to the concerts. Have his albums. But unfortunately this does not meet his standards. I agree with a previous reviewer, he's just singing over Crosby. His other Christmas stuff cooks! I'm sticking with his previous tunes and leaving this to just Bing.

Love Love Love!. I absolutely love Michael Bublé, and to add Bing Crosby to it makes everything better!! This song is amazing!

Two Great (Solo) Artists. I went ahead and gave this track 4 stars because I greatly respect the enriching quality of both of these fine artists' voices, especially around Christmas. With this said, the track simply isn't blended all that well. It seems as if MB was trying to match BC more so than singing in his own spectacular tone. In my opinion, it would've been a better duet if they'd taken turns with stanzas and not sped up BC's vocals to match MB. If anything, all this track proves is that MB can hold his own (range wise) with even the best of standard singers, ...even if most people in the biz already know that. Maybe MB was trying to prove something to himself with allowing this to be released? I certainly hope so. Anyhow, It's way cool for MB to get the chance to sing with one of his most cherished iconic recording legends. Who wouldn't favor such a wonderful opportunity? Seriously. In closing, most MB fans will download this song and rave about MB being better, and BC fans will claim he's a better singer. Either way, people will still download it, $$$ of course $$$ and then they'll choose sides. Being that I'm more of a MB fan, myself, I'd say MB clearly has a better range. I don't like this track, but at least it's better than MB trying to tone it down to sing the same song with Shania Twain. Why was that even considered? Nevertheless, like the track or not I'm sure both MB and BC's people appreciate the added money we've placed in their pockets, and the track will continue to make lots of money for many, many years to come.

Kind of strange. I love Michael Bublé, he has an incredible voice. And I absolutely adore Bing Crosby--he's classic. And there's no one with a voice quite like his. However, in this version, Michael Bublé kind of matches the tone and sound of Bing's voice, so instead of sounding like a duet, it sounds more like there's a strange echo.

Classic. Bing Crosby was my favorite singer as a child and Michael Buble is my favorite singer of today!! So this is by far my favorite thing!! <3

THE AUDACITY!. This is absolutley crazy this wannabe-easy listening punk has been taking over and redoing music from the classics like members of The Rat Pack it's a terrible atrocity. Now this Bubble (I am well aware i spelt it wrong it was intentional) has the audacity to technologically put Bing Crosby's singular voice with his own what a character what a joke and a hack!

Nice, but overkill.... This is the third time Buble has released this song - first on the 'Let It Snow' EP, next on his full length christmas cd as a duet with Shania Twain and now here as a duet with Bing Crosby. Thankfully, the arrangements have been different on each release, but still. And not to knock Buble completely for the repetitiveness… all three versions are very good.

Completes Christmas. His Christmas album last year was fantastic. This single is just as fantastic.

Really?. Kind of over the matching up with a dead artist recording. The cuteness factor is long gone. Love you Michael and your Christmas album is a classic already but no, not this time. Sometimes you just need to leave it alone.

Seriously?. Just as bad as when Ted Turner "colorized" all the old calssic movies such as; It's a Wonderful Life. If you cant be original stop riding on others coattails!

Why mess with such a classic.. Don't mess with Bing.

While I'm sure this was in tribute.... ...this comes across in poor taste. Buble does not deserve to bite into the best Christmas song of all time, nor share the stage with the best. Also incredibly poorly crafted, their voices don't blend at all - As if Buble is trying to find a place to fit in. Just atrocious.

For-get-it. Please! I would become an atheist before I had to listen to this again.

Where's Michael?. This is almost all Bing...

A classic Christmas song full of old fashioned nostalgia.... Its always interesting to see what they come up with at Christmas time when it comes to music. . Teaming new artists with older classic singers from generations ago isn't easy but Michael Buble to me is the new bridge to the likes of Frank Sinatra and Bing Crosby featured on this recent TV special and recording. Not perfect but the music brings me back to 60's, so few newer tunes have much in the way of classic sounds that will be loved years to come. I think Michael Buble is the new Christmas king of music vocalist, his voice just is perfect at this style.

Not Yet a Classic. I really like Michael and saw him perform here in my town (Vegas), but like others have said, "White Christmas" cannot be his classic...it's only Bing's. The reason? If 60 years from now they're playing Michael's version...then we can say it's a classic. They're still playing the real classic after 60 years...and like others have said...it's only Bing.

Fell in LOVE!!. Just listening to the preview gave me cold chills!! A must buy!!

White Christmas. Michael Bing Great duo

Love.... Me some Buble. We need more more of your voice in this world Michael.

Amazing!!!. Bing and Michael...what a combination! This duet is just beautiful - you will not be disappointed! It is an instant classic as is Michael Bublé's entire album "Christmas!" LOVE it!!! Thanks Michael for more wonderful Christmas music!

Yellow Snow. Michael Buble went to Bing Crosby's grave, unzipped his fly and took a whiz all over Bing's legacy. This is an atrocity.

AMAZING!!. All I want for Christmas is Michael Buble!!!! :)

Christmas Miracle!. Michael Buble and Bing Crosby are probably my favorite singers! I always think of Bing when I hear Michael and I am so excited that Michael has made my favorite Christmas song with my other favorite singer. This is a great Christmas gift to fans and both men sound incredible in it [even though Bing's part was recorded many many years ago ;) ]

Not a great mix.. Crosby mixed well in duets with the likes of Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra, and David Bowie. Part of it comes from the chemistry created when they're together in a studio or on the sound stage, and another part of it is the friendships that allowed them to sync to each other and make great use of Crosby's perfect pitch. None of which is possible in Michael Bubble's case.

Leave Bing Alone!. This is an injustice to the King of Christmas music. Nice try to sell more with him included. Bing Crosby stands alone! Buble is no where near the level of his voice! A new Christmas classic?!? Gimme a break! Worst ever!!!

Nice. Nice, but why mess with the best selling song of all time... The original will always be the best, I don't care how much technology advances...

(Shaking Fist) Bbbbuuuubbblllléééé. You hath defiled the man of Christmas, the man of pure greatness. Thou hath ruined a good thing. You steal the things of Crosby, Sinatra, and the great American songbook. I denounce thee.

Great Song. Michael proves again he's still got that romantic swagger :)

Love it!!!. Beautiful! His Christmas albun last year was amazing!!!!! Traditional America for goood =)))!!! Love it!!

Great Idea, Poor Execution. Was very excited to download this… but I'm disappointed in how it turned out. Should have been slower, simpler, and instead of layering the two on top of each other they should've just allowed them to take turns.

A new classic!. Bing's was a classic for sure, and now Michael is the new classic...his Christmas music will be the standard from now on. This is a beautiful version! The only holiday music you will ever need... Michael's cd has it all!

Finally!!!!!. This is what I have been waiting for! Such a great song with 2 wonderful, classic voices! Sure to be played for many years to come.

Why?. This is just a crass cash in on a holiday classic. Buy Bing's original version instead.

Like always. Like always, Michael Bublé singing perfectly.

AMAZING. I am a Buble fan, but i wish Buble had his own solo vocals like he did in the special at the end, but either way this is very nice :)

Bing and Michael.. Do not get me wrong Michael is great but Bing is better plus he is classic. This sounds terrible, why mess with Bing's music?

W..T...F.... LOVE Michael.. Love Bing.. However, this was poorly done! It sounds like someone singing along to the radio in the car! Just bad!!

junk!!!!. Seriously?! He is basically singing over a legend and defiled this great song. This is junk.

Ugh!. I absolutely love Michael Buble and I have most of his music, but I can't believe he listened to this final version and gave his stamp of approval. His voice and Bing's don't go well together. It's like Bing is on the radio in the kitchen, and some annoying cousin is in the other room singing along and you just want to tell him to pipe down. We shouldn't sing with dead people just because technology allows us. Bing's classic doesn't need "flavor". I'm sorry Michael, I still love you, but...no. Nope. Nope. Nope.

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<3 <3 <3. Niall's favorite singer by the way love the song :)

What else do you need?. It's 2 minutes of bliss from Michael Buble and Bing Crosby. Why would you need any other kind of convincing?

Lol. ...

Love Love!. One of my all time favourite Christmas songs just got better!!

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