34 Number Ones by Alan Jackson

34 Number Ones [Alan Jackson] Album Songs

NoSong TitleTime
1.Ring Of Fire 3:11
2.Here In The Real World 3:38
3.Wanted 2:57
4.Chasin' That Neon Rainbow 3:05
5.I'd Love You All Over Again 3:10
6.Don't Rock The Jukebox 2:51
7.Someday 3:17
8.Dallas 2:43
9.Midnight In Montgomery 3:45
10.Love's Got A Hold On You 2:53
11.She's Got The Rhythm (And I Got The... 2:24
12.Tonight I Climbed The Wall 3:30
13.Chattahoochee 2:27
14.(Who Says) You Can't Have It All 3:29
15.Summertime Blues 3:12
16.Livin' On Love 3:48
17.Gone Country 4:19
18.I Don't Even Know Your Name 3:49
19.Tall, Tall Trees 2:28
20.As She's Walking Away (feat. Alan J... 3:44
21.Look At Me 3:16
22.I'll Try 3:52
23.Home 3:17
24.Little Bitty 2:38
25.Who's Cheatin' Who 4:01
26.There Goes 3:55
27.Between The Devil And Me 4:21
28.Right On The Money 3:49
29.It Must Be Love 2:51
30.Where I Come From 3:59
31.Where Were You (When The World Stop... 5:05
32.Drive (For Daddy Gene) 4:02
33.It's Five O' Clock Somewhere (feat.... 3:50
34.Remember When 4:31
35.Small Town Southern Man 4:39
36.Good Time 5:06
37.Country Boy 4:06
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34 Number Ones by Alan Jackson Album Reviews

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- (:(:(:(:(:

Iove it and I am only 8

- Alan

Pre-2000 country is where the genre made it's name. Alan Jackson still to this day exemplifies this sound and attitude. There is hardly another singer with as much pride in his country as his songs. If you aren't a country music fan, I challenge you to give it a shot. Haven't found someone disappointed with, "Where Were You" ever.

- Great Album

I love Alan actually got to see him in concert last month. I've been a fan of his music since 8th grade. This is a definite pick up for someone who A) doesn't know who Alan Jackson is or B) Just if you wanted another CD. I've been reading some comments and their seems to be some confusion by people who are giving this a low rating because it doesn't have "their" song they wanted on it. These are Jackson's #1 Singles.. You know how George Strait had his album "50 Number Ones"? That is what Alan did yet he only has 34. So please understand that next time you decide to post a comment saying you wanted this or that song. It isn't on this album because it wasn't a number one hit. I am done ranting now. Buy the album and enjoy the music :)

- everything I love??

how can this collection of #1s omit everything I love? thats his best song. poor selection!

- Love this CDs

This is an amazing album. I love mister Alan Jackson.


So many good songs!!

- where were you when the world stoped turning

I know this sounds kind of dorky but this song after i heaird inspired so much that i actually started crying i went up to mother and said i was sorry for all of the mean things i have said and went straight up and hugged her

- Yes


- Real country

Now THIS is real country

- Essential

Great collection, although I woulda threw "Like Red On a Rose" in there as well. Must have for any country music fan.

- Not a fan, but am in love here

Not a fan of this singer....or country really (besides Taylor Swift, but she's kinda pop) But his song "Where were you" Is a song that should touch every America's heart....discusses the tradgety of 9/11, in a way that makes you think, I don't know how good this album is or not but I give Where were you a 5/5 :)

- Alan Jackson

Alan Jackson has a gorgeous voice, every time he goes from a high note to a low note I just want to give him a high five and an occasional chest bump, but my hand word hurt, and I don't know where he is to give him a high five, aww maan

- 10th Anniversary of 9/11, Where Were You

I decided to upload this song awhile back because I had wanted to commemorate the sacrifice so many people made that day, but it wasn't until today I realized just how much truth is in that song. It has meaning that really does justice to the courageous men and women who sacrificed so much then just as our military does today. It is a wonderful description of the unity felt that day by all of us Americans. I'd like to thank Mr.Jackson for writing this song because it gives me a sense of pride in my nation and in the actions of all our heroes.

- For my gma :-)

Alan Jackson is an amazing artist my grandma calls him her guy. Any time I hear his music I think of her and when we watch the country music awards (even being in separate states)always brings a smile to my face. I'm gonna enjoy this cd.

- Great album

If you are a fan of Alan Jackson or good ol country music made before the genre went to hell in a hand basket then this ones for you.

- 34 #1's

Alan is probably one of my favorite artists and this puts him on top. Definatley a good buy. Absolutley a must get.

- Love!!!!!!

This song is beautiful

- Aaaeee

This album does have "remakes" on it. It has the radio version of Alan's songs. I own every CD that Alan has made, and while I really don't understand why they added three sings that had not made it to number one, that is alright by me. As she's walking away went to number 1 the week after the release of this album, and Ring of Fire is being released now, so who knows? I bet it has a great chance of going #1. One thing is for sure... Alan did a MUCH better job on this song than Adam Lambert did!!! I own every Johnny Cash album ( on the old Sun Label) and I think JC would be proud of what AJ did with ROF. Check out "Under the Influence" for more great "oldies" that Alan has re-done. You won't regret it! Yee-haw! That's Right!

- Brings back memories

Sooo when I was a kid, my mom used to listen to nothin but country. And then it just stopped randomly. And I completely forgot about these classics. I'm not a big country fan but I'm definitely buying this album

- Playback isn't great

The songs begin "in progress" as if I just dialed into a station a few words into the songs. And, they cut off before the whole song finishes. I'd like to get 100 percent of what I paid for.

- Wow

Real Country music

- not his best

good besides Ring Of Fire was done alot better by Johnny Cash and as the descriptions says alot of them didnt even make #1 yet they call it 34 #1s and their not even all his songs but remakes

- Real country

I'm a big fan of Alan Jackson. I just recently saw him in concert in Kinder,LA. His music is real country, which is hard to find these days in "country" music. He still has it, he's one of a kind.

- good god. (in other words, AWSOME)

Growing up a 90's child and with a mother who absolutely loves Alan Jackson, I've loved his music since I was 4 (probably about the time that I could begin to comprehend what the music was saying), so I've been an A.J fan for 10+ years. I got the CD for my mom for Christmas, and even though she has lots of his older songs like "Don't Rock the Jukebox", "Chatahoochee", "Tall Tall Trees", "Midnight in Montgomery" (always gives me chills), and "It's Five O'clock Somewhere" on various CD's, now she has all her favorites plus a bunch of newer ones all in one place. I really, really applaud this album. This album is so fricken' great.

- Wanted

Was just listen to some of the songs and considering the emotional pain that I have been going through with. Some relationship problems right now It was a good fit I felt the pains in the words and would want to hear it over and over again. And to sing it from my heart.

- Alan Jackson #1

excellent album alan one of your best albums yet

- FANtastic

There just isn't anyone better than AJ! I have been going to see him in concert in my area since 1995 - that's a lot of concerts - and there is no better singer of country songs. You can't go wrong with 34 number ones (plus a few extras for good measure). I could listen to them again and again and again (and again, just for good measure). And thanks to this fantastic CD, I will!

- This is the one to get!

How can it be bad? It's 34 Number Ones! Doesn't get any better than that! If you don't own an Alan Jackson album, this is the one to start with!

- Great,,,,

I enjoy every one of his hits songs

- Never fails to deliver!

He is one of the all time greats and I have this cd ordered with a chance to get an autograph! To: What the?? poster....If you do not like country music, why are you here? From reading your other posts, you have nothing much good to say about anyone. You are a real prize! And a nasty mouthed slug.

- Great Album!

Full of classics.

- Small town Stockton man

Today it was Anilesa and master hammering the daylights out of mr birdbrain withem at the gilltown 227-136 With Anilesa throwing a very good offspeed railroad engine too agreat big win as Anilesa ended up throwing a bagaroni right in mr withems face when he told her to leave a 7 and 10 railroad Anilesa came right back and she threw a bagaroni right in his face which got him madder than heck

- Legend

That's it above

- Alan is the Man

A must have if your a fan of Alan's music. I really love the cover of the Ring of Fire. If you don't already have the music buy this now.

- 34 Number Ones

Alan Jackson songs rock!

- Yes


- In the Real World by Alan Jackson

Love Alan Jackson, love the song. Alan Jackson, Randy Travis, hard to beat. Pluck my heartstrings and touch my country.

- :)

where were you when the world stopped turning is about 9-11. :( very good album.

- Alan Jackson 34 number ones

Great album favorites

- Perfect

Best Country Artist Ever

- Great Country Music!

I think this is a great list of Alan's Number one's! What a career this Guy has had and much much more. Now Alan Jackson is getting a first of this catagory Grammy soon in Vegas 2010 for contributions and his influences in Country Music! His work is amazing and touches Hearts. I am a long time Fan of Alan Jackson and recently got to meet him and talk a bit, that was the most wonderful night of my life! He is all you see on the screen and much, much more. a Country Gentleman who seemingly never puts himself above his Fans,Status unimportant when he spends time with them signing or whatever. He should be in the Hall Of Fame, anyone with his Statue in Country Music. My Thanks to a Super Legend for all his renderings over the Years. Keep on Keeping on! I am in such awe of Alan's contributions and I know his Family is proud.


This is the only alan jackson album you can get Where Were You. that song is so touching

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- Amazing

Best album ever

- Nice

I love all these songs they take me back to when i was a kid going to go out and buy this for my Mom and Grandpa. Weres the littie man? wasn't that a number one?

- Country Boy

good song ;)

- Awesome

If you dont like this album you don't like how Country music is supposed to sound, Alan is one of the best out there!

- Great

Good songs nice album

- Awesome

Awesome cd has all the songs u want to hear from the artist. Highly recommend.

- Country

This is best of country

- Nice CD

The only time I seen a crowd in 8 years of attending the Big Valley Jamboree in Camrose Alberta Canada rushed the stage was when Allan Jackson played there. His was one of the 1st country musi. Tape I bought. Yes tapes does any body remember those? Any ways thanks Alan for all the great music. Check me out on Instagram: kennedy_welding

- Awesome Entertainer

Saw Alan the other night in concert and he was absolutely awesome!! A great entertainer who sounds just like he does on his album when you see him in concert!! He sang a lot of these songs, classic country, he is working on a new album, can't wait, he gave us a taste of it and it was great!!

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Alan Jackson - 34 Number Ones Album Wiki

34 Number Ones is the seventh greatest hits compilation album by American country artist Alan Jackson. It was released in the United States on November 23, 2010 through Arista Nashville. The release celebrates Jackson's 20-year anniversary since the release of his debut album. As of the chart dated February 26, 2011, the album has sold 200,131 copies in the US. .

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