Christmas from the Heart by David Archuleta

Genre Holiday
Release 12 October 2009
Price $10.99
Tracks 13
Country USA
10.99 USD

David Archuleta - Christmas from the Heart Album Songs

No Song Title Time
1. Joy To The World 4:19
2. Angels We Have Heard On High 3:36
3. O Come All Ye Faithful 3:18
4. Silent Night 4:49
5. The First Noel 4:32
6. O Holy Night 5:55
7. Have Yourself A Merry Little Christ... 4:36
8. I'll Be Home For Christmas 3:01
9. Pat-A-Pan 3:25
10. What Child Is This 4:45
11. Riu Riu Chiu 3:53
12. Ave Maria 5:42
13. Melodies Of Christmas 4:34

Christmas from the Heart by David Archuleta Album Reviews

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Amazing !. David Aruchuleta has one of the sweetest voice! Anything he sings and he can sing it out great (:

Amazing. I purchased this album after seeing David in concert. His voice is incredible and this album had a wide variety in the style of songs (even being that they are all for Christmas). There are upbeat, latin, slow, and rockin' songs all with his amazing voice. I love it.

The best Christmas Album in existence.. Words are not sufficient enough to express how perfectly beautiful this album is, and his magnificent voice... but I will let my voice be heard nonetheless, because let me tell you, you are in for a treat. I mean, merely listening to his silky smooth voice makes my heart overflow with Christmas spirit like no other song possibly can. Not only this particular album, but his talent in general... He fills the empty voids of my heart, mending wounds with the comforting sound of his calming voice-- not only, yet especially during Christmastime, but any and every day of the year. You are guaranteed to fall in love with his voice after hearing this beautiful compilation of Christmas tunes, which are sung truly from his heart. The songs have just enough punch for the tunes to reside in your heart, not because of the "catchiness" (which comprises all too many of the current hit songs), but because of it's purely genuine and heartfelt messages. To be short? David Archuleta is amazing and beautiful. Both as a singer and a person.

LOVE IT!. It's amazing.....i'm speechless!!:) wow he has true talent it's so beautiful i could listen to this 4ever without getting bored! when will he come back???!

AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME!. Fantastic Christmas album.

Wonderful!. ❤️❤️❤️ his music! I play him all the time!

Sounds so amazing. This song help me get though a disability I have so thank you for singing this and helping thought a hard time in my life

Christmas is Here!. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this album!!! It's absolutely one of my favorites to listen to over and over again throughout the Christmas season. Although not particularly a David Archuleta fan, I stumbled upon this album and purchased it immediately. It's something about the way he sings the songs that makes it so appealing to me. HIs voice is so much stronger and just different here, in a most lovely way. All of the carols here are absolutely breathtaking... the music and David's voice, make it an instant classic in my collection and bring holiday joy from the minute you listen to the first song! I also love two new songs that I've never heard before that are included on this album, those being: Pat-A-Pan & Riu Riu Chiu! Pat-A-Pan is particularly a favorite of mine as well as his rendition of Joy to the World. This album gives me chills when I listen to it and I cherish the moment when I hear it each year during the Christmas season! Buy this! You will absolutely LOVE it!

David Archuleta - Christmas from the Heart. I've had this album since 2009, but just bought it, honestly, tonight. David you deserve it…you've been in and will always remain in my already-owned collection that includes Nat King Cole, Julie Andrews, Perry Como, and the rest of the Kings & Queens of Classic Christmas Music! Thank you David and your producers for this fantastic album…it's nice to know that quality and "heart" isn't just a thing of the past.

BEST. My favorite Christmas album ever, tied with Josh Groban's! Half of the reason I look forward to Christmas every year is so I can listen to this :)

Love it!. I am not a huge fan of David Archuletta, but I liked "Crush". I worked in a store, and had been considering buying it. When I found the CD laying out of place, I decided it was meant for me to buy it. I have not been disappointed. It is a wonderful album.

A favorite. I love this entire cd!

Heavenly voice.... If you like this album, you'll love David Archuleta's duet with Orla Fallon on Orla Fallon's Celtic Christmas CD. I recommend a listen or two. I hope David A. makes more music in his 20's and beyond.

BEST XMAS ALBUM OUT THERE. David is the best singer of all time so of course his Xmas album is amzing as well. My absolute favvs R (had this album fo over a year btw) 1. o come all ye faithull. Omg this song is soo amazing I cried 2. Joy to the world 3. the first Noel 4. Angela we have heard on high

poop. what a piece of!!!!!!! well I had higher expectations, over produced and bland every song sounds the same, it plays great on shuffle but as an entire album makes you want to tear your hair out!

The best no doubt. If you don't have it, buy it because it is the best Christmas album you will find in stores and on iTunes thats actually good. Bad Christmas music is like Jessica Simpson because she can't. Good is David Archuleta and for another example, Michael Buble.

What you gift!!!. This is truly amazing… thank you. My favorite is Angels we have heard on high 💕💕

Masterpeice.. David, this Christmas album is one of the best I have ever heard. Your voice makes the Christmas season just that much better! I can't wait until Christmas 2011!! 50 days left! Thanks, David!

Best. Christmas album. Ever.. His voice is so smooth & all of the songs suit it very well. Not going to lie, it's on a loop in the car & house for most of the Christmas season. And I'm listening to it right now. In June. That's how good it is. :)

Great Xmas Music!!. Well worth the money!!

God bless David Archuleta!. David Archuleta is SUCH a good singer (maybe he's filled with the Holy Spirit!).

Charice!. Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas is fantastic. Somehow Charice and David sound amazing together. Definitely a Christmas song to add to my Yearly playlist.

Great album!. What a wonderful collection of Christmas songs. The heart and emotion David puts in his music is inspiring.

Love the songs!!!. Even though it's 2012 right now, I still enjoy his songs. He just has such a wonderful and beautiful voice. Love it!!! =D

The BEST Christmas Album Ever!!. Best album ever! i love it!! please please please do more christmas songs!

¡Perfecto!. ¡Mucho Gusto!

A joyful piece of heaven. It will bring a joyful warmth too you're heart and families holiday season. And Bering traditional friendship between bonds David Archuleta his voice as so much amazing talent I believe it's a beautiful gift he has I have no doubt in him and believe he can make it to the biggest point of his career is still yet to come he truly a blessing to listen too September 12th 2015

Love u David!. God I could fall asleep to his voice. Great album! It lifts my Christmas spirits <3

ESSENTIAL. When this album came out last year, I was blown away. I was disappointed this album didn't get more attention and the songs didn't get more radio play. David was simply born to sing this music. His reverent treatment of these songs makes the album a spiritual, emotional experience for the listener. In a sense, this album is an album of love songs--he pours his heart into every song. Fans of Christmas music or wonderful singing (which is in tragically short supply these days) owe it to themselves to add this album to their collections. There are other great singers out there who have put their stamps on Christmas songs--I own many of those albums. David's ranks with the very best. The sincerity and genuine passion with which he sings these songs takes them to a level other technically gifted singers like him don't reach-his emotional interpretations are unique and they stand as some of the best I've heard. He is a very special vocalist. Give this album a chance. You will not be sorry. Personal favorites include Silent Night--his version is like a prayer. O Holy Night, which builds to a gorgeous climax. Ave Maria, I was surprised to see him tackle this song. While other singers may have hit the notes with more power on Ave Maria, David's is special, again, because of his sincere, heartfelt interpretation-his emotions are right there in his voice. And his "Amen" at the end is simply one of the most beautiful things I've ever heard in my life. I also LOVE Pat a Pan and Riu Riu Chiu. David sang in 4 languages on this album. ON these two he sings in French and Spanish and is a total charmer. Listening to these two one also becomes aware David was born to sing in other languages, especially Spanish. Trust me. Buy this and your Christmas season with bloom with meaning and beauty.

Best Christmas Album Available!. Wow... I searched all over trying to find a good christmas album. For some reason, I decided to preview David's Christmas album. I questioned whether I could still consider myself a man after buying a David Archuleta album, but this is by far the best Christmas album I've ever heard! Thank you David for helping get me get in the Christmas spirit.

O Come All Ye Faithful. omg he did amazing on that song! :D i love you David!

Christmas from the heart. David is such an amazing singer. He's one of the few singers that can sing amazingly without auto-tune. This album is so beautiful. Luv u David keep on singin' with your gift from God!!!!!!!!!!!!!o(^▽^)o

My Favorite Christmas CD!. He has such and angelic voice, I love the last song Melodies of Christmas, it's so upbeat and makes me happy. My other favorites are Pat-A-Pan and Riu Riu Chiu, they are fun to hear. Everyone needs this cd in their collection

wow. the lord has givin u such a wonderful talent and u are thankful by sharing your talent to all..u sound sooo awesum...

Love it. So awesome. Davids songs are amazing and he is what I call true talent. I love this album. My favorite song of his is Melodies of Christmas. I definitely recommend this album to every one!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sublime!. There is always room for just one more great Christmas album! David's rendition of Ave Maria on this album is simply the very best I have ever heard. I am enjoying the music as I am typing this

HEWASMADEFORTHIS!!. GO DAVID!!!! Okay, so I absolutely LOVE this album to BITS!! It's one of the best Christmas albums EVER made and should be in everyone's collection. David not only sings, but puts emotion in it!! My favorites are Melodies of Christmas, O Come All Ye Faithful, and Joy to the World, but they are all WONDERFUL!! Not a bad one on here. Don't just read the reviews, actually LISTEN before you decide not to buy this. I've been a fan of DA ever since his try out on 'Idol' and will be a fan FOREVER!! <3 you David and keep using what He gave you; you'll always have fans!! :)<3

People who don't like this don't understand!!. First of all, people who dis on the nasaliness of his voice... Listen to all pop artists, they have different styles of singing! second, his breath control is amazing for only one side of his vocal cords working... I hate stupid people!! His voice is amazing and not worth haters being jealous of it!!

Beautiful doesn't even begin to describe it!!!. This is simply the most beautiful and moving cd I have ever heard, Christmas or otherwise. David Archuleta's voice was made for this type of heartfelt music. I bought this album last year when it was first released and I have continued listening to it all through the year. The message of the songs is the same no matter the season and I just can't seem to hear these songs often enough to ever get tired of them. I would recommend this album to anyone who loves listening to beautiful music sung by a voice that melts your heart.

David Archuleta. Even me, a grandfather can tell you that I feel in love with David (a good love not a immoral one) from the moment I first heard him on American Idol. This young man had the whole country listening to him, after winning second place, making all the tours and had a bright career ahead of him....what he chose over all that fame and money, to put his career on hold to serve Jesus Christ on a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. This kid has his priorities in the proper order. I wish him well both in his personal, and professional career, and more so his religious life. Please don't do as the Christian boys The Jonas Brother, they put Christ on the back burn when fame came their way.

Buy this. One of the few who can sing all the traditional Christian carols and make them seem fresh, humble and heartfelt. Simply beautiful.

Christmas from the Heart. this is by far one of my favorite christmas albums. with christmas being my favorite holiday i have almost every christmas cd out there and this one just brings more joy to my heart. his voice is so soothing and calm and beautiful. what can i say, i'm a HUGE fan. <3

Beautiful album. This album brings back memories of happiness and joy I remember when i saw him sing these songs,one word to describe: beautiful!

Awesome. This is a good album (:

Awesome Christmas Album!. I love playing this album every year on Christmas! David Archuleta's voice is so great on every song! I really don't like Christmas songs cause I hear them non stop working in retail but this album is so fun to listen to and I never get tired of hearing it every year! This is one of the best Christmas Albums right up there with Scotty McCreery and Hilary Duffs Christmas album!!

Archuleta...From The Heart.. Since he set foot on stage on American Idol and belted out his first could see all David's music comes from deep in his heart and soul. The Itunes review makes a good point, in that it seems singing, purely, is what David does best....and that lends itself perfectly to Christmas standards...and no one has done these better, EVER. This wound up being not only the only Christmas cd I've played the past 2 years...but also the first time I've listened to these beautiful songs at other times of the year! And when he sings fits him like a glove...Riu Riu Chiu-sensual, passionate, haunting. David has a beautiful voice, is unique and taking some time to find a niche and market that will continue to showcase what he does best....Sing. Pure and Simple. Without auto-tune and pop hype made for lesser talent. His live shows are fantastic. With his intelligent musical sense and instinctive sense of self, he will continue to find/write the right material for himself, and hopefully find the right people to help market that to the right audience....he deserves much more success. If you don't like Idol, or the pop album, but love the spirit of won't find more meaningfully sung Christmas songs than on this cd.

Christmas From The Heart ~ A FUTURE CLASSIC FOR SURE!. Very, very impressed by this album. Clear, soft and beautiful singing which makes one get into the Christmas spirit and forget the busyness of the Holidays. David expresses the lyrics with meaning and sensitivity that brings out true meaning of Christmas. You will not be disappointed!

The Most Heartfelt Christmas Album Ever!!!. An angel descended from heaven to glorify the Savior and grace us with his voice! Thank You!!!

Emotion-filled, a true reflection of celebration.. This album has brought tears to my eyes, as I hear the true message of God and Christmas resound in David's voice. Thank you David, for lending your God-given talent to the wondrous joy of the season. This will definitely be playing in my home this season, and may more to come.

Memories. I first heard David sing at about age 9, singing in church when his head barely cleared the pulpit! When children sing in church there are often a lot of smiles, with them looking for their family, often a little shy. Whenever, wherever David sang people went silent, just to hear better, his voice already stunningly beautiful, and it was clear he sang for the joy of it, so this brings back great memories in our neighborhood.

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A Perfect Combination.. What makes this album stand out is the fact that the arrangements are perfectly suited to David's voice and vice versa. A nice addition to any Christmas collection.

Christmas just got even better!. I seriously have no words to describe how amazing this album is! I don't think he deserves 5 starts but more like 5 million stars! His voice and the simplicity in the songs just makes me alll fuzzy inside! He keeps with traditional songs and adds his own flavour to it. The whole album left me with goosebumps, tears, and pure happiness. I totally can't wait until David's next pop album because it sure won't be a dissapointment! I especially how he ended with Melodies of Christmas because it just sums up what this album is. His album is like a concert because he starts off with all traditional songs and whatnot, then ends with the final performance... his own way of saying MERRY CHRISTMAS! I am so proud of what David has done for the past 2 years, and the goal he had for this album has definitely been reached. ---------------------------------------- I looooooooooooooooooooooooooooove alll the songs off the album, but the ones I listen to the most are: Melodies of Christmas, Pat a Pan, Riu Riu Chiu, O Come All Ye Fatihful, What Child is This?, Ave Maria, Silent Night, and Joy to the World. ---------------------------------------- I have soooo much more to say but I will probably end up with having this looooooooong review that goes on forever! All I can say is PLEASE BUY THIS ALBUM. I can 100% guarantee that YOU WILLL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED!

WOW. i too thought Archuleta was fading a bit. But wow! this album totally wowed me. who cares if its not December yet i'm listing to this no matter what. He chose a great selection of christmas songs luv it, luv it, luv it!!

Simply Beautiful - Must Have Christmas Album. Our family's favourite Christmas album. Music like this is what keeps the Christmas spirit easy to maintain in the home.

David brilliantly soars !!!. This Christmas From The Heart album is the best holiday album for me. Each song is stunningly performed and David brought 'em all to a new level. His vocals is just sooo mesmerizingly good , the arrangement is brilliant , he sings from the heart and lifts up your spirit. The chills, the goosebumps..geeze,..just feels like I am hearing these songs for the first time.. Wow...just so wow.

got me in the spirit. I love this album, it’s a nice twist on the classic Christmas carols. Pat-a-pan is one that I had never heard before but it was probably one of my most played this Christmas. My mom even enjoyed the album, we played it while decorating. For anyone who wants to get into the Christmas spirit, I highly recommend this

Amazing Christmas album. This is an amazing collection of Christmas – not just “holiday” – music. David makes the songs vibrantly modern & his own without losing their traditional charm and meaning.

Achingly thoughtful and profound. Very well thought out and conceptualized, both by the arrangers and the singer himself, considering the time constraint in the production. Not one of your typical holiday albums, therefore one much deserving of a place on your shelf. David's best moments are in reveling in the sacredness of the more traditional songs, but he does brilliantly as well in the more contemporary Pat-a-Pan.

First Class Christmas Songs. You wouldn't expect nothing less from David Archuleta. Perfection, uplifting, amazing, emotional, joyful, terrific, gorgeous, stunning, this album is all that and more. This is the best Christmas album I will ever have and this is the best gift to us from David. Thank you David.

Archuleta's version of Silent Night is unbelievable!. This album will be a classic. David's version of Silent Night is so beautiful. It is obvious that he truly believes the words that he is singing and this makes the carol even more emotionally powerful. Buy this albums. You will not be sorry.

What can I say? Uh-mazing! =D. What an amazing Christmas album! Love all the songs - his vocals are amazing! Can't wait to put this album on repeat during the Christmas season! Wait... it's already playing =D Good job David! Can't wait for your new album in two weeks!

It's Great - Best of the Season!!!. I love this album, it is still bringing me to tears with its beautiful and soaring vocals (even though I have listened to it at least a dozen times already. The arrangements are perfect, and the song selection inspired. Again love it, I give it my highest rating - 5 *****'s!!!

David. Absolutly loved this cd! My personal favourite was joy to the world

Excellent CD!. David Archuleta has done it again! This CD, Christmas from the Heart, is an incredible and beautiful collection of heartwarming songs. His voice is amazing and the songs are a joy to listen to. Makes a great Holiday gift. I strongly recommend it to people of all ages, young and old!

Just Stunning.. David shows off his vocal abilities and how much Christmas means to him with this gorgeous album. His renditions of classic Christmas songs are spot on. His Latin, French, and Spanish accents are perfect (although he insists he's never spoken French in his life before). David should write more songs of his own; "Melodies of Christmas" is absolutely fabulous. It's hard to believe it's possible, but he has outdone himself yet again.

AMAZING album!. David has always been my favourite singer! All of his songs are amazing! And this album definitely is amazing!! David's voice is stunning! My favourite songs are Pat-A-Pan, Melodies Of Christmas, and What Child Is This. The whole album is just... perfection! Brilliant! Great job, David! :D

Well... I think David is an AMAZING musician with an AMAZING voice, but a christmas album? I would rather thim come out with an all around album then a christmas one. The songs are pretty good, but you cant listen to it all year-round and it just gets irritating. If you're a David fan, id still get it because it'll be good for the christmas season, but otherwise i wouldnt.

amazing.. This whole album from start to finish got me in the mood for christmas and left my jaw on the floor. It was honestly amazing. David's voice is cearly unbelievable and he sings each song perfect. My favourite song is Melodies Of Christmas. It's just wonderful. You can't help but smile listening to this album. :) amazing job David.

early christmas album!. David Archuleta made 'Christmas from the Heart' so fun to listen to. Each songs are some heartfelt and warm. It really makes you feel like Christmas is coming really soon. It great music to put you right into the mood of having Christmas with your family. It's a great CD, worth the money. If you love Christmas songs, you'll love this album! :)

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