Heavy Metal (Music from the Motion Picture) by Various Artists

Heavy Metal (Music from the Motion Picture) [Various Artists] Album Songs

NoSong TitleTime
1 3:51
2 3:51
3 2:51
4 4:49
5 3:39
6 4:59
7 5:08
8 3:27
9 2:46
10 3:20
11 3:14
12 5:41
13 3:15
14 4:21
15 2:54
16 3:46
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Heavy Metal (Music from the Motion Picture) by Various Artists Album Reviews

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- Heavy Metal - Take a Ride - DF

Old Don, brought me here. The album is a gem, yet it would be nice IF the rights holder would allow more options. Also, is this 256Kbps, my bigger concern is the fedelity of Felder is not all there. I will listen, it does sound good, yet the less quality records can wear out the ears faster. Such a shame really. I thought Apple was about quality. Well at least the old iTunes is better than Apple "Music", any day. Some day, Apple may figure this out. They may even be the first, since no one else is even in the same star system. So 4 out of 5 stars. Apple should really know better. Why would it fail to advertise the quality. Certain you can have a bad or poor quality 256kbps recording, yet you cannot really have a great 128kbps - even if it is mp4 or whatever. Too much is lost.

- One of The Best Ever!

Love this Soundtrack..and the movie. It’s a classic!

- Don Felder Heavy Metal

Very poor business making us buy an entire album for one song. Not the iTunes I used to know. I will never download another song due to that kind of greed.

- Heavy Metal Take a Ride

Literally only want one song. iTunes was the reason the music industry started to lose business when people could buy single songs rather than the whole album. Not pleased whatsoever.

- need 1 song

Me too! I just want the Felder song.

- Not buying the whole thing for 2 songs

Yeahhhh I just wanted like 2 or 3 of these songs, not all 16 of them. Quit all this trifling “album only” mess iTunes.

- Forced to buy all songs

Seems iTunes and record companies, electronic streaming forces the buyer to pay for an entire album vs a few tunes. Why bring the consumer into it? So wrong!

- Excellent movie, Awesome Soundtrack!

Loved the movie, great music. Highly recommend for every generation for the end of time. They don’t make movies like that anymore & they don’t make music like this anymore. Heavy Metal 3? Bring it on, Robert Rodriguez!!!

- Thank You

My life is now musically complete...

- The Bridge from 70s to 80s Rock

Wore out this vinyl as a teenager. Remember, this was the only way to get a compilation of artists unless you were making your own mixtape.

- Heavy Metal

Oh the flashbacks lol Miss the ol' gang

- Tom

I heard the artists could not come to a commercial resolution years ago so the "album only" issue is decades old.

- Heavy metal soundtrack

I want one song ( take a ride ) but I'm not paying $10 for it.

- Superb Work

After really enjoying the movie.... was really looking forward to this soundtrack and it did not disappoint. I highly doubt it was coincidental those songs being in that particular order so in that and the awesome artwork on the cd itself I'm very satisfied with this buy and to put more into the songs...excellent choice's from the masters.

- Awesome

Always loved the movie. Great album thx

- Best Album Ever!!!

Enough said!!!

- Heavy Metal Ripoff

Come on, I'd buy a couple songs here, but not the whole album. Who's the dummy who decided this?

- Plain old Bulllsshhitt

Just wanted to buy 2 songs ... ..NOT the whole Album

- Itunes taking us for a ride

I'm disappointed that I'm not able to purchase Don Felder's Take a ride without having to purchase the entire album. I hope that itunes will offer this album a la carte one day soon. I wished it was now I really want Felder's hit song.

- Why ITunes? Why?!

Why force the people to purchase the full album when they may only want one or two songs? Capitalism at it's finest here ladies and gentlemen.

- Kick A## Soundtrack

Way back in the 80's I Bought the original LP (Double LP) still in my closet & all I can tell you, It is without a doubt money well spent, I just hope someday someone Remasters this set so its up to standards today.

- Great album!

Had this album when it first came out, and I never thought I'd be listening to it on an electronic device the size of a wallet... The songs are great, and some of them are unavailable on any other albums. To the whiners complaining about the songs being "album only", I say, "get over it, it's only $10". I bought the CD when it came out and it was worth it!

- Quit Complaining

Everyone on here is complaining about how the songs are all Album Only. Listen, if you want to get the individual songs, they ARE available elsewhere on iTunes. You don't HAVE to buy the entire Heavy Metal soundtrack just to get Sammy Hagar's "Heavy Metal" or Don Felder's "Heavy Metal (Take a Ride)." Honestly, if you wanted those songs so bad, they're not hard to find individually, and you can save your precious $9.99 in the proccess.

- Really Good!!!!!!!

I would of bought this back in 1981 just for the reunited Grand Funk Railroad alone, But the whole album is good. GFRs Queen Bee Rock,s, Sammy Hagar’s Heavy Metal Rocks, BOC Victims of the Psychic Wars is very good. Also if you got this back in 81 You had Open Arms a couple years before it reappeared as a Hit for Journey. A bit soft for tis album, but still the whole CD is at least good.

- The Best Soundtrack Ever!!!

Why wouldn't you want to buy the the whole album?! It is one solid soundtrack and needs to be experienced in its entirety! All of its moving parts fit perfectly together!


Sadly i am hitting the back button due to the fact that i dont want to buy the whole album. Pretty stupid to have no option so I wont spend my money itunes.

- Heavy Metal (The Motion Picture)

Come on! Why must me buy the whole album when I only want the title track? This is corporate greed!

- Let us buy individual songs

Its unfortunate that you have to buy the whole album!! I have most of these songs already but a couple of them missing. Camon Man! (I-Tunes)


WOOOOOOOOOOOT It's here! The quintessential album from my dorky teen years. Now I just need to dig up a black logo t-shirt to go with it.

- How can you NOT love this album OR movie?

Love it!

- Boo Hiss

Seriously??!! I will not be re-buying many of the already owned songs on this album, in order to get one song... Booo hisss iTunes!!! Fail!! No stars would be my choice

- Kinda agree

It's a great album luckily I had the CD a burned it to my computer I have the Album and cassette tape but I guess the only way to sell the record is album only half the tunes are available in artist discography same song with the exception of Hagar's tune

- Love the movie and soundtrack!


- One song

I'm just elated that I just had to pay $9.99 for one good song and I get to spend the next 15 minutes deleting the additional stuff (censored of course) downloaded to my ITunes!

- Sell songs individually

Just want "takin a ride/heavy metal". The rest of this album is crap.

- 1 STAR for "Album Only".........

I already purchased 5 Songs within this album thru ITunes,seperately, years ago. Why pay for them again when all I want is maybe 1-2 other songs? So I would be first doubling up the same songs and then paying 15.00 total!!!

- Nope

Just want the Felder song. This isn't 1984 where we are held hostage and forced to buy a whole album for one song.

- One of my all time favorites

This is one of those albums that you don't skip any songs. Amazing album from a one of a kind movie. Well worth the $7.99. Been listening to it on and off for 20 years and it's still fantastic.

- Had this double album as s kid

I grew up with this album in constant rotation on my turntable when i was young. I would recommend the entire album. If your to young to remember the movie dont let douchbags like the one from an earlier post who say things like Journey sold out, their sappyist love song us on this cd and its great. Sabbaths mob rules is a diffetent track thean from the sabbath album and itsbetter. This isnt about the genre of heavy metal the movie isnt and the magazine isnt. well worth the 10 bucks

- Sell the songs individually

I'm not buying this until the songs are sold separately

- Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!

I am not an album person. I just like buying songs. Please sell the album in singles. I promise you will sell more that way. I so want Don Felder Takin a ride but WON'T buy the album.

- What the flying [email protected]&k

Movie isn't available, but the album is, but you have to buy the hole album. You can't just buy one song. So check this out some of the songs where sung by the same person but went by other bands name. Like the Eagles, and Eric Clapman. If you know the name of the person go to Pandora radio and type that person name in. If nothing comes up. Try Wikipedia it will tell you if he was in another band or not. That's how I got most of my music from this album. There are other sources on how to find the music you want, but I can't give out all my secrets now can I.

- Great music, bad business

I love some of these songs but making the whole album "Album Only" isn't good business. No money to you until this issue is fixed. Make all the songs individual purchase!

- Epic soundtrack

Epic movie

- iTunes screws over customers in economic downturn...

I'm not paying $10 for one song...

- Nice Album But Missing Something?

I might be mistaking but I think your missing Phil Collins - In the air tonight on this album.

- One of the best ALBUMS ever

A great collection of artists before they were big and sold out (like Journey) and not only that its a great soundtrack to the movie. The movie you say? Well assuming you arent a 20 year old punk that grew up watching animation like CARS or ToY STORY then this movie WAS the pinnacle of animation for its time, and rated R and a real eye opener for young kids like me that saw it in theatres. This whole album just rocks, even for tracks like the Donald Fagen tune (you might know him from Steely Dan or maybe not if you are one of the idiots complaining about having to buy the whole album) it just flows from one song after another. Who can forget the scene in the movie with Mob Rules jamming in the background. BUY THE ALBUM

- Missing Tracks

The music clips from Harry Canyon, plus the longer pieces from Den and Tarna, are missing. Just about everthing that is on the album can be picked up somewhere else (if not all of it). How useless. At least the album honestly avoids calling itself a soundtrack and instead just uses, "Music from the motion picture."

- Album only non-sense!

I agree with the earlier complaints. Look, you are getting our money, so make the individual tracks available. You do it for other albums, why not this one. Makes no business sense. Now instead of getting a couple of dollars from me, you get nothing, because I'm not paying for songs I don't want. If that were the case, I'd go out and buy the CD. I thought Itunes was all about the ability to buy the SONGS you wanted without having to waste money on stuff you didn't want.

- Why only the whole album

Because it Rocks

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