Legends Never Die by Juice WRLD

Legends Never Die [Juice WRLD] Album Songs

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Legends Never Die by Juice WRLD Album Reviews

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- BEST ALBUM OF 20205 star


- LLJW 🕊5 star

Best song in the wrld 999 forever <3

- Clean version5 star

Great song tho

- Rip❤️💜🖤💙5 star

Juice world was so amazing at what he did. Sadly his work came to an end but we still shall listen to the great music he gave to this world. RIP juice we all miss you

- Legend5 star

No words just the best album

- Outstanding!!! R.I.P Finally home5 star

Best album he put out... sad he is gone.. fly high brother

- Fly high king5 star

Jared unfortunately died December 8th 2019 and we he will be remembered as a god for the rest of time, fly high king 🕊

- Goated5 star

This album blew up faster than Eminem and MGK battle

- Boring1 star

No vocal talent

- I’m crying5 star

That last one. The Instagram live from heaven, ooh. I almost lost it. WE MISS U JUICE! RIP IN HEAVEN! Be safe. We love u. S**ts to soon. He died to soon.

- Juice WRLD5 star

Love all of his music worth all the money for his songs!

- 🔥🔥🔥🔥5 star


- Amazing album5 star

Omg i love juice wrld and this album is amazing

- His best yet5 star

999 forever. Never made a bad song

- :-/3 star

Tbh, I don’t rly like his music, but I appreciate his effort

- the WRLD is Sad5 star

This is totally amazing, you need to respect juice one of the best rappers of all time, rip bro, 999 ♾ 🖤🖤🖤

- ❤️❤️5 star

This is. Fire

- Wow5 star

Really amazing!

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- 9995 star


- Best album LLJW🕊5 star

All of the haters don’t know what music is

- Yes5 star

Man of the is lol 😂

- Just okay2 star

like only a couple songs are good not whole album

- 🤙🏼5 star


- 9995 star

Love his music miss him

- R.I.P Juice wrld 🖤🖤🖤 9995 star

This album is fire 🔥. Tho i do think is death race for love was better this album was amazing. R.I.P 🖤

- RIP Juice WRLD5 star

Banger but people who calling it garbage than I’m sorry but just respect the fact that he’s dead

- ....5 star


- Great album5 star

Album is a Banger. Rip Juice Wrld 999 Forever

- 🔥🔥🔥5 star

This Lit!!!!!!🔥🔥🔥

- Dude sucked1 star

Had one good song ever. He was a one and done in the rap game. Shoulda quit after that sad song rainbow drops or whatever

- Very good5 star

Y’all need this😅

- 🐐🐐🔥🔥🔥5 star

This fire

- Best album ever5 star

I’ve been vibing it’s fire R.I.P 999

- 9995 star


- sad5 star

it fits juice even tho he’s gone. well done

- Rip😔5 star

Rip to the goat of goats😖

- 🔥🔥🔥5 star

Bro it is soooooo good 10 out of 10 recommend

- Meh1 star

I simply don’t like the music


This album broke records Juice WRLD will go down in history as one of the best to ever do it!

- great5 star

i’ve been a fan since 2018 when his first major hit, lucid dreams came out and i have to say, the world is missing him. this one is his greatest one yet. we will miss you 😔

- RIP2 star

Just cause he passed away doesn’t make him a legend. The album is pretty good just disappointed we didn’t get some more features from some of his more close friends in the industry.... a mist opportunity

- Lit5 star


- God bless him5 star

Keep getting better on album

- Juice 🙏🏾4 star

Definitely his best album after Goodbye and Good Riddance, very enjoyable, only a songs can be better or just not on the album. Solid 7 out of 10 👏🏾 RIP 🔥

- 9995 star

Rip Juice 999

- 999 forever5 star


- Best album ever5 star

This is the best album I’ve ever heard and rest easy juice he inspired many it’s sad that this is his last album

- Love you juice5 star

Best song rip legend

- Rip Juice 😭5 star

Album is a BANGER


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Dhk383838 - Music5 star

My favourite !

The_Yo2004 - Juice a son meilleur5 star


thesly_guy - LND 🕊🐐♾5 star

The album perfectly captures the vibe Juice wanted his next album to be, and for it to be the unfortunate posthumous album, it’s also a fitting sound, like Juice never left. 999 forever

@$$$$$$&$$$$$$$$$$$ - Love you juice world5 star

I love this 👍👍😎👌🦏 I hate the haters of this🤬🤬🤬🤬

Adew1470 - this slappssss5 star


Gxduxgshxhaxhsbs - Wow5 star

Unreal 👌🏻 rip :(

Caro_et_Dav - Missed forever5 star

999 Life forever Les légendes sont éternelles Legends never die Wishing well is the sadest song of all of these

Math_15baseball - Omg5 star

The goat

Chisdog-11 - Rest In Peace Juice Wrld5 star

An amazing album that takes you on a complete emotional rollercoaster 999 Forever

titiolol - Legend never die5 star

I love this album

leoncloutier - Jadore5 star

Je sais pas je adore ta musique

snhxbdbd - My ears love this album5 star


Nick12345678$ - Bop5 star

This album DOES NOT have one bad song.

speedviolin - Autotune1 star

Auto tune, rap and explicit lyrics. So much originality

T danny special - HEAVENLY🙏🏼🕊5 star


Gagaoafwpsba - Emotional Rollercoaster5 star

Damn bruh, listening to this album was a challenge. But hearing his voice again made it feel like he wasn’t ever gone at all. Not a song on here misses the mark. An absolute work of art. Wish you were here to see how much people love this album Juice. 999 Forever❤️

district 46 - Tik tok5 star

No white girls better not ruin this album

Furyforeva - Rip5 star


Alextrenholm - Unbelievable album5 star

Even without juice being here to finish it fans were delivered one of the best albums ever made. LLJW

Bola Suberu - Damm5 star

21 songs. 😔 ALSO, they changed the beat of Man Of The Year, and the lyrics. The best kinda sucks, but it’s ok

galhads - eire=ireland5 star

You’re joking right

Khrystyan Walters - So much emotion5 star

This album is deep I love it

AmryGhost - 9995 star


xxxk1n - Perfect Album5 star

No skips. 999 forever !

Gohabsgo1212 - ... but trash always dies !1 star

He is right.... if he were a legend...

the_real_deal - Garbage1 star

Autotuned sing rap.

Vfigggybhvc - ???5 star


🤧🤮🤗🤧🤧🤭🤕🤕🤧👹👹 - 🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐❤️❤️❤️🔥5 star


Thegeneraljay - Juice. Is alive.5 star

I Think you can pay people to pretend your dead.

ish ish slo - Life’s a mess5 star

But moments like these, are precious. R.I.P juice.

Michai-Jeremy - #LLJW🕊5 star

Juice was and forever will be a blessing to us, and this album tells a message that we’ll hold to our hearts. He’s still with us and watching us. Thank you Juice WRLD🙏🏾

Averyeet - Rip5 star

Rip juice, we’ll miss you

theblackperson69420 - I miss you kobe🙏🙏🙏💯5 star

I love Kobe’s vibe with his new album

Anex145 - One of a kind artist5 star

rare man

Foe IRC - Thank you JUICE WRLD5 star

Glad I saw Juice & Ski Mask last year in Vancouver. LLJW.

Lloyder93 - Bought the songs and can’t even play them in my area1 star

Like whaaaat

dhegaiamwvfieb - Insane5 star


thelegendarywhiteballer - Best album of 20205 star

Nothing else to say

juicesjoints - 999.5 star

love and miss this man so much 999 4L

Tlulrlblol - 9 9 95 star

Album is mixed very well & hits really hard! To see this Album @ #1 just shows that Jarad's legacy will live on till eternity! #LLJW🕊

Brock Ahronson - s/o bibby, scheme, ally and all the team at grade A5 star

999 forever❤️❤️❤️💔

JeniusDoesBeatz - I love this so much5 star

Fav song I want it❤️

ishannnn. m - Juice WRLD fanservice5 star

The album does everything right for a juice wrld fan.

NK7CR7NK7 - 🔥Album5 star

Blood on my Jeans might just be the best song of 2020🤪🤪🤪

para walter - It’s strong5 star

Lnd rip juice

unknownremdog - Juice5 star

Amazing album

A$pida - rip juice🕊❤️5 star

legend never disappoints

follow me on soundcloud lil ty - Grade A did a amazing on this project set up5 star

Bibby and ally and the pepole at grade A and inerscope records did a amazing job and making this project and I can’t wait for future projects coming up

braidina - Juice WRLD5 star

Fire album not as good as good by and good riddance tho

Yuhseen - Legends die young5 star

Rest In Peace all the rappers who died young :(

dgfnbng - Love5 star

I love this

krispybaykon - Legends never die5 star

He left the best for last. The true legends never die. We will never forget him. Long live Juice WRLD ✊🏻✊🏼✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿

dclxvii - Bless5 star

Rest in power king, your music is pure genius.

tomas12529 - How great this song is4 star

Nice song!

jhhshsbddebdbdbfbb - RIP to the legend5 star

This album gave chills down my spin 😢. We’ll never forget Juice

Bazz09 - Love it5 star

Good album rip juice

DHwvFf22 - Jack’s opinion2 star

It is not great

yeetking👍 - Eww 😷1 star

Bad and no songs r good

JALARRR - 999 Foreva5 star

one of the youngest people in the music industry and so versatile and creative with his music RIP JAH “JW”

akselisbest123456788910 - New album5 star

It’s a great new album one of the best song to listen to are •titanic •conversations •anxiety •stay high

LukeBH999 - Beautiful5 star

An amazing album to listen too. If you actually listen to what he talking about there’s no way you can’t say it’s below a 5 star

Dreadxo - Legends Never Die5 star

This album is great!

j.cdrip999 - R.I.P JUICE 9995 star

love the album and every song from start to finish ! #LLJW

LLJW🕊 - Good5 star


Bro fist sounds111 - 9995 star

9 9 9

charbee800 wrld - The goat5 star


DJMN23 - Please give him back to us!!!5 star

We need him and all of us miss him through these times so we need him back 😩

RileyP! - 9995 star


hellomynameusjimandhdhdhd - 999 takeover LLJW5 star


macca1710 - This gen 🐐5 star

999 this project is amazing

party popper263826284 - Terrific5 star

Okay that’s not fair this is a great album!!! This guy below me thinks that it’s not even fair to pay respect to this dude (rest in peace juice)

Bazza971 - Trash1 star

Not even good album

cooper cool kid - amazing5 star


Lasagne West - Love u Juice5 star

I miss u buddy gone too soon RIP

beetle BBB - Beautiful5 star


greek zeeq - LLJW5 star

the best in the business, gone to soon. rest easy king.

timmy lat - 999 ♾5 star

Miss you j

cxmoaj - The G.O.A.T5 star

A really solid album

Younis Noun - 9995 star

Rest easy king

Anth Daska - Juice5 star

A GOAT gone too soon. Legends Never Die 🙏🏼🖤🕊

blakedas - 😢❤️5 star

I genuinely tear up to this man.....his gone way too soon nobody’s impacted me like this man has... in a way I feel like I know this man on a personal level rip goat love you man 🖤 999

Ash clops - The actual GOAT5 star

10/10 album

JimmyWheelz1996 - GOAT things5 star

What a king. LLJW

Gay guy with no friends - Amazing5 star

Very good

eminem 🔥😍 - 9995 star


Superwog1 - Best album of 20205 star

This got me crying bro we all miss you juice LLJW 🖤

Aussie_Bogan - Forever gonna be a legend 9995 star

R.I.P. 🐐

Jesssrl - 🤍5 star

Gone too soon

Emtheemcee - Legends Never Die5 star

Incredible album. Producers and label did Juice’s work justice.

daddybuzzaldrin - We love you Juice5 star

R.I.P young GOAT

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De Griff Griff - Rest in peace bro 😩5 star

Amazing songs

Rip juice and Xxx - Amazing, this album is fire 🔥🔥🔥🔥5 star

Yh bruh I miss em

RecklessRazak - 999 RIP5 star

Best artist ever

Hackman234 - LEGENDS NEVER DIE RIP JUICE ❤️5 star

This is the best album of 2020. Love it so much and definitely worth the money. RIP Juice legends never die ❤️

Very good but hard - amazing ✨5 star

great send off for juice hoping there will be more songs and albums in the future especially with juices freestyles LLJW🕊💕

idkidkidkqqqq - He is a king and he will always be remembered. r.i.p5 star

I wish he was alive.He should of not taken the tablets on the plane.Well life is life.r.i.p juice you will always be remembered.😢😭😢😭😢😢😭😢😭😢😭😢😭😢😭😭😭😭

fredd_Lewendon - simply beautiful5 star

this will forever be my favourite album

Keira_18 - Amazing5 star


kaitlyn909 - Best album of 2020!!🔥5 star

every song on the album is fire defo deserves number 1🖤

RH........ - RIP5 star


🆘🥴🤯🇬🇧🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 - R.I.P5 star

Title was right, legends NEVER die

my reviews are just fair - Love u all 999 to death5 star

RIP juice wrld this playlist In your honour

iiRohxnz - Jarad #LLJW🕊5 star

Once a GOAT always a GOAT

frostypupster - To juice wrld5 star

You will be missed forever and I think this album is amazing I hope songs from him will never end.RIP juice wrld 💔

Dhffikf - Trash1 star

Was hoping to not hear music from him but no

J88MES91 - Miss you juice5 star

Amazing album from one of my favourite artists ! Miss you

TigerMyth4 - Amazing5 star

One of the best juice albums insane talents. R.I.P the goat

grungt - Legends never die!!!!5 star

For a posthumous album I enjoyed it throughout from the intro to the outro well done grade a

kojo70 - RIP juice5 star

Tragically brilliant, fly high. 🔥🔥

mardelmarcus - The most relatable famous human5 star

He makes you feel like you're on the same earth and just knows how to make you feel and listen to words with meaning.

LUCKY*GAMER - Can’t rate it ♾ stars :(5 star


Spurr_ovo - ❤️❤️5 star

This album is pure 🔥 The songs are more then just bangers, they are so emotional and beautifully produced. Especially ‘life’s a mess’ and ‘wishing well’

trfchg17 - Oof damn5 star


stenchoss - Trash1 star


Muzzyyx - LLJW5 star

This is a beautiful display of Juice WRLDs Versatility and is a great album

katie young ross brokes - LLJW💞5 star

best album ever

Ssjsjhss - Fly high5 star

Rest easy

Cameron 2299 - Legends never die5 star

The perfect album for the occasion, RIP Jucie Wrld. Thank you for everything.

Blutoon - Total crap1 star

This is not music not even worth the one star I gave it👎

Matty_5853 - HONESTLY LOST FOR WORDS💔😭🔥5 star

How can you possibly feel so sad but so happy about this album? brought tears to me eyes man. By far the best album of the year. This world didn't deserve him, rest easy juice😞💔

LLJW ♾🖤 - 9995 star

Still the goat ♾🔥

666Leah - 🖤🖤5 star

sooo good omg!!

hit13r - Not bad5 star

Do another album

game'r 1432 - Rip5 star


999ForLife#LLJW - Best ever. R.I.P Juice5 star

I’m sorry but this is just the best Artist in the world, he even crashed Spotify n I’m confident no one has done that before

shaun traynor - 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥5 star

Very good album👍

Craigr10203 - 9995 star


Fihrgwhekfbkhggdkdska - #LLJW5 star

999 😭🙏

Abdimoh - Deserves Number 15 star

My favourite artist ever since he roamed the earth. Now he roams the heavens

BigCunners - LLJW🕊5 star

Thank you.💜🖤💔

Wang hied - Best album of 20205 star

RIP Juice❤️

Kieran200 - Rip Juice, amazing album5 star

Juice was so talented and he hasn’t made a single bad song on this album, his management did such a good job putting this all together. RIP Juice💔

bkwiyhhsiyxtjs - Goat5 star

999 forever 💔

stwr wars - Insane5 star


Akublackdragon - RIP Juice 🕊5 star

💯 a legend!!!!!! He kept it so real with his fans and let us know his mistakes and not to follow but if u did you can relate to his words!!!!!!! Hard listen knowing this talent has gone but NEVER WILL U BE FORGOT!!!!!!!!!

tobjizl #1 fan - lljw5 star


ddjuedhytdghctffhuyredf - LLJW🕊5 star

He never disappoints. Rest easy bro🕊

brandender - Amazing album LLJW5 star

amazing album RIP juice WRLD #LLJW😢

InYourDadsBed - RIP5 star

Rest in peace juice 💕💕💓

wag1 gipsy - LLJW5 star


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SamjaySJ5 star

First time I listened to Legends Never Die 😔

Certified4PF5 star

@fbgwayne oh and the first time when i listened to legends never die too

MatthieuL_5 star

@chartdata: Juice WRLD's 'Legends Never Die' has now surpassed 1.5 billion streams on Spotify.

AllanFranklyn5 star

@chartdata: Juice WRLD's 'Legends Never Die' has now surpassed 1.5 billion streams on Spotify.

Dnasty805 star

heroes get remembered but legends never die

Izn_905 star

@Julia_Rayleigh: With The 100 ending tonight a lot of people are hoping for a positive Clexa resolution which probably won’t happen, so…

Wakamewakawaka55 star

@KastelaFN: Highlights #4 | Legends never die マジで過去最高のクオリティです! 後半のほうが上手いので、 是非最後まで見てみて欲しいです! 200いいね目指してます! 皆さんの力を貸してください! いいね❤️と♻️お願い…

Reallonder5 star

@LayedBakDFR You should do reactions to music videos of games! I think you would really enjoy "Legends never die" f…

Dangxrousari5 star

@chartdata it's ironic how he has a song called legends never die

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Juice WRLD - Legends Never Die Album Wiki

Legends Never Die Legends Never Die (Chinx album), 2016 Legends Never Die, a 2007 album by The Dreadnoughts Legends Never Die (Juice Wrld album), 2020 Legends Never Die (R.A. the Rugged Man album), 2013 "Legends Never Die" (Against the Current song), a song for the 2017 League of Legends World Championship "Legends Never Die", a song by Ferras featuring Katy Perry on the 2014 EP Ferras "Legends Never Die", a song by Wendy O. Williams on the 1984 album WOW "Legends Never Die", a song by Orville Peck featuring Shania Twain on the 2020 EP Show Pony.

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