A ROCK [HARDY] Album Songs

NoSong TitleTime
1 3:38
2 3:39
3 3:37
4 3:13
5 2:59
6 3:22
7 2:53
8 3:45
9 3:52
10 3:28
11 3:55
12 3:40
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A ROCK by HARDY Album Reviews

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- People5 star

So these people that say my 10 year old son or daughter can write these songs, or that these songs don’t sound like county, or that this is “ dumpster trash” your WRONG these songs are great and to make a album like this takes so much talent I know I’m just a kid but These songs are amazing and probably his best album ever. I know this is just my opinion. But just wondering what songs have you wrote and posted on iTunes. And that’s why he’s making millions and your working at the car wash.

- A Rock5 star

Love this song and the video with it is awesome! I'm a fan!

- Great album5 star

Not bro country but it’s sentimental especially a rock that song hits for some reason I really like unapologetically country too that song is great Hardy’s gonna make it big

- This is an amazing album5 star

Not only does he use poetic writing he uses a southern rock beat, like what you might hear from Lenard Skynard or AC/DC. You can tell it comes from the hart and is pulling away from the crap that most people like today!

- From a Hardy Fan1 star

I’m a Hardy fan but this album is just “Not Good”. I wont sugar coat it. The guy is talented but these songs are terrible. Got to get back on track.

- yeeyee5 star

just the feel good album we needed !!!!

- This is an Iconic Album5 star

He writes songs that have been written a thousand times (i.e. proposing, death of a friend, how Country one is), but the essence in how the message is conveyed is done like nobody else. The guy knows how to write if you asked me.

- Yessss5 star

Bro country done correctly. Such a great album. I hate one beer though.....

- 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️1 star

Dumpster fire

- Hardy gets it5 star

Love his lyrics. Writes from the heart. Hardy gets it!!!


I liked hardy ever since he started. But now I think I’m his number 1 fan. I knew I would like this album but I had no idea that this it would be this good. His songs are so clever. It’s classic country storytelling and songwriting mixed with rock and roll edge. There is not a song that I skip when listening to this album. “GIVE HEAVEN SOME HELL” is gonna be a huge hit it’s a beautiful song. “BOYFRIEND” is such a clever song and shows how smart of a songwriter hardy is. “AIN’T A BAD DAY” is gonna be the most underrated song ever I think it’s also a really clever song with a catchy chorus. And the title track is honestly one of if not the best song I’ve heard all year. This is already my favorite album that’s come out this year. Give it a listen

- Masterpiece!!!5 star

Pure brilliance in songwriting, country lyric, rock instrumentation. I could listen to this album from top to bottom without skipping a track. Hard to pick a favorite- they are all so good!

- Zero Stars!1 star

If only I could give zero stars. Auto-tuned, bro-country garbage. How did country music get to the point where this is the #1 album.

- Storytelling mix of Country and Rock5 star

Whole album from top to bottom is solid... “So Close, Broke Boy, Truck, Boyfriend, ARock, Give Heaven Some Hell are my top list but the whole album is amazing. Keep it coming Hardy!

- Same sound1 star

The songs sound exactly the same just different words!

- A Very Good Album by Hardy5 star

As a fan of traditional country music, gotta give well-earned props to Hardy. Very witty and meaningful songwriting on his part. Never thought I be a fan of a more pop country singer (like the rock-and-roll sound though), but here we are. Hope this is the first of many albums from Hardy.

- ....1 star


- Outstanding5 star


- This only has 4 stars?5 star

To those who out 1 star, y’all have no idea how creative and refreshing this guy is. HARDY is one of, if not the best, songwriters in the game. Mans a legend in the making. And do y’all not hear those guitar riffs and drums in the back??? I mean come on! I met the guy a year ago and he’s one of the coolest guys ever.

- Really good, not great. Slightly disappointed.4 star

I’ve been a fan of HARDY since his first EP came out. It’s still great, but he’s taken a step away from the rock sound I love from him to be a little more pop. The rock sound is still really powerful and great on BOOTS, HATE YOUR HOMETOWN, and SO CLOSE. However a lot of the songs, were really pop. Now pop isn’t bad, it’s just not the sound I came to expect from HARDY. I wish it was a little less produced. Otherwise it’s still got the great writing we can all expect from one of Nashville’s best. As far as pop country goes this some of the best out there.

- Momentum5 star

I’m digging Hardy’s tunes and like this album. I think he continues to build momentum with this album.

- What has happened to music?1 star

This album is without a doubt, garbage! Tasteless lyrics that have been over written and over sung for the past 15 years. Not to mention this dude couldn’t carry a tune in a 5 gallon bucket. It’s not some hidden secret that country music has been on a downward spiral ever since Garth Brooks needed Two Pina Coladas. Now, with characters like Florida Georgia Line, Luke Bryan, and the ever so overrated Morgan Wallen it’s gotten to a point of no return. It’s very sad that a genre known for producing artists like Waylon, Hank JR, and Guy Clark is now reduced to what’s on “country” radio. Also, I could care less about their money or fame. I’d much rather be broke than release music of this low low low caliber. There’s way better music out there folks, you just have to look for it.

- Great album5 star

HARDY is one the the best storytellers in country music today!

- amazing5 star

one of the best country artists out right now, artists period. give heaven some hell is fantastic can’t wait for the album. edit: better than expected. A Rock - album and song - best album of the year so far

- HARDY does well in his debut album.5 star

I really enjoy this album. HARDY really hits the mark and the music is enjoyable for any country fan. There are a couple songs that are more pop/rockish like Boyfriend but overall a very solid starter album.

- Straight Fire🔥5 star

His writing is amazing! Country’s hottest hits right now. He deserves to be at the top!

- Yuck1 star

Yuck 🤢 truck

- HARDY5 star

1 word says so many Effin’ things! HARDY¡

- Wow5 star

This album is the truth.

- Never Disappoints!5 star

Perfect for the holiday weekend!

- Rock5 star


- Way more than bro country5 star

Hardy is such a great storyteller and every song puts you in his world

- Pure Talent5 star

This man is THE most talented person in Nashville right now. Love how Hardy stays true to himself and good ol’ country music. Can’t wait to see him be at the top of country charts very soon, he definetely deserves it.

- Yes5 star

This man is the truth, the best writer out right now and his sound has been fantastic on pretty much anything he’s put out

- What3 star

A rock is the name of the album

- Yaaasssssss5 star

Cannot wait for this album

- Dumb Lyrics1 star

This sounds like a 3rd grader wrote these songs. Country with drum loops and auto-tuned computer generated singing. 🙄

- Jmjones1085 star


- New Album!5 star




- The future5 star

This record is gonna be a classic. 3 smash hits already

- As always5 star

Solid ✊

- Amazing!!5 star

Every song serves it’s purpose! Every song he writes tells a story that people can relate to. Whoever says Hardy is more pop than country don’t even know what country music is. Great album and keep up the good work!

- Country Fan5 star

Hardy’s lyrics paint word pictures. You find yourself participating in the story he’s sharing. Brilliant!!

- Mississippi in my country5 star

The best writer that’s stepped onto the scene in years. He’s bringing his Mississippi soul into country music and it sounds good.

- What the H£|| is this? It sure isn’t country1 star

Good grief. It sounds like my 10 year old daughter wrote this and composed the music. This isn’t country, maybe pop.

- Great album5 star

This album is going to be the best keep up the great work your doing.

- Awesome5 star

Hardy’s fr

- Wow🔥5 star

The definition of a real country artist and country song!


Everyone one of his songs are so well written. They each have a story and they all sound AMAZING. Each of his songs are gold🔥🔥This man right here is saving country music.


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Damosimo - Album of the year5 star

Totally brilliant cover to cover

PossMac - Ha5 star


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WPutzi5 star

@catturd2 @MattBatzel So true. I can’t believe who at this point is undecided? Are they living under a rock???

JRayMarshburn5 star

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Nate_ready2go5 star

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Kayyydaaabayyy5 star

my problem is , ibe wantin my nigga to sit in my lap so ican rock him like a baby 😭😩.

_My_Limit_5 star

@ihatethiskid: They should just Rock Paper Scissors best two-out-of-three and call it a night

Loyalgiantsfan95 star

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Lets_ROCK_835 star

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Allierpoprock5 star

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