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Born 2 Rap by The Game Album Reviews

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- ❤️5 star


- Born To Rap ❗️❗️❗️5 star

#PutThisOnReplay ❗️❗️❗️

- Weak1 star

Why it has the production of a mixtape?

- Not that GOOD2 star

Game, you falling off bro!

- Born 2 Rap5 star

The Whole Tracklist is 🔥🔥🔥 if you take time to listen to it

- Dope Album5 star

Great album from top to bottom

- 😦2 star

Don’t go on this note. give us that doctors advocate game we know

- Fire5 star

Always a Game fan it’s a dope album

- Trash1 star

Man this album is garbage...he should’ve gotten Travis Scott, dj Paul, 808 M.A.F.I.A., timabaland, this album sounds horrible

- High Quality Rap Music5 star

This is a rock solid album. Game normally produces good music. Jesus Piece wasn’t to my liking, but everything else has been pretty stellar. Born 2 Rap just shows that he understands what it means to put out quality music. Too often you can tell an artist is just cranking stuff out for the sake of putting out music. The beats are very good, well down, and varied. The album cover concept just proves he put a lot of thought into every aspect of this product. Bravo. Well down. Worth the money.

- GOAT5 star


- Great Album5 star

A great front to back listen to top off a storied career in hip hop. While it doesn’t take the title of his best album (a few tracks should’ve be dropped in my opinion), Born 2 Rap highlights The Game’s dynamic story and ties it together nicely

- Gets better5 star

Gets better when U listen to it more then once’s

- Game Time!🔥5 star

Great album👌🏻

- Great LP5 star

Pretty much a no skips project for me. Beats are amazing. Really really good album.

- Bumpin It5 star

Still got it

- Louisiana Representa5 star


- Born 2 Rap5 star

I feel like with any album no matter what genre you like you should at least give it a few listens before judging it tbh. But I’ve gotta good 5-6 times listening to it all the way through this album HARD! If you don’t like it that’s on you but it ain’t outdated, the beats ain’t wack, and he’s been a consistent west coast emcee since the documentary! Straight dope 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

- Nope!👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽1 star

Not feeling it, sounds outdated.

- 🔥5 star


- Grammy5 star

Hands down 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

- 🔥🔥🔥5 star

Whole album is amazing. Keeping that west coast bumping

- no5 star

collabs are strong

- Wack1 star

This dude wack bites everyone style prolific is a nipsey thing. Dude got more features than versus weak stuff thank god its his last album but who knows with this guy tho

- Amazing.5 star


- Goat5 star

So good

- 1005 star

Classic Game 💯

- Fire5 star

If you grew up with 90s rap buy this album. Don’t listen to the haters.

- 🚮🚮🚮🚮1 star


- Meh2 star

I have bought every Game album... I hope this isn’t how he goes out, there was a couple good songs but for the most part 15ish mediocre songs... it’s definitely a lot different than Jesus piece and maybe that’s why I’m indifferent...

- #Born2Rap5 star

Thee Best Album Of this Year!!! Period hands down💯💯💯🔥🔥🔥🐐🐐🐐🙏🏾

- West Side5 star

True west side banger. Every bar goes in and Game never disappoints. In an industry of mumble rappers and weak lyrics Game still represents the west with lyrical finesse while dissing the opposition. Must buy!

- On his own tip too much2 star

Boring and uninspired

- GAMETIME5 star


- Still the same classic the game we all know Good luck legend5 star



This album is so fantastic you don’t even have to skip any songs!!!! Not one bad song on there, can listen to all 25 and still want more!!! The beats are AMAZING and those lyrics caused fires in my car speakers!!

- Really Born to Rap5 star

Game is the most consistent, underrated and under appreciated artist. He walking embodiment of what Hip Hop is at its core and this Album is a fundamental representation of that. He is the last artist to represent the true definition of an MC and in my opinion is top 5 dead or alive. This album takes you three some of his highs and lows and his song with Nipsey hustle is epic including the Nipsey interview that preceded it were Nip describes how he met Game and gave him his demo. Overall this Album is a gem in hip hop and true fans will appreciate it.

- West coast legend5 star


- Born2Rap5 star

wow. Every bar in every verse is put together masterfully as Game remembers the Good and Bad, His achivments, and His life today. Smooth rhythms with Mezmorizing beats behind them make this ALBUM OF THE YEAR!!!

- Grown man's music5 star

If this is truely his last album, he emptied the clip on his way out. Salute tthe game for putting in that work on a incredible 25 track album. This could very well be album of the year.

- Wack1 star

This guy hasn’t made anything exciting in years. Don’t even try anymore.

- Great work5 star

An amazing album can play all the way through

- Album of the Year5 star

Born 2 Rap without a doubt is the best hip-hop album of this generation. Album of the year won’t do it any justice. The Game killed it.

- Born 2 Rap5 star

Never disappoints very good album from Front to back his discography is appreciated

- 40 ounce Love & THE WHOLE ALBUM5 star

Fire 🔥

- Riding music🔥4 star

A pleasant surprise from Game, it’s an excellent mix of samples and beats with vigilante bars!

- “The GAME”5 star

Wow..... it was a honor to meet you the night of your birthday party!!! I came from ATLANTA to see you!! My favorite song happens to be BLOOD THICKER THAN WATER!!!! It was my pleasure to cross paths with you!! You were so warm when I grabbed your arms to speak with you!!🌺 I was quite nervous and didn’t feel it was appropriate to crowd you!!! Never a groupie!!! Hope to see you, again!!! The music industry is very small!! Congratulations on you last album!!! Felissa😘


Game never disappoints 💯🔥. Another one for the books!

- Impressive5 star

This album was a huge surprise for me ....The game shows great maturity, reflection and growth as an artist on this album....

- Hard5 star

Always dope , The game always put the work y’all new rappers wasn’t born


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l7ulla - GOAT5 star


funkfosho - Best album ever5 star

Love it huge game fan , respect to the culture and music it’s a Xxl 5 mic

Stewzbeef - The $hit5 star

Plan and simple the game always brings the $hit

Undrgrndkng - hmmm1 star

fell off

Colbstar1 - His worst album yet1 star

Released the only 2 decent songs on the album before it dropped and one of them is a PAC beat. Left on a low note bud

hujitrrr - Album of the year5 star

The game is a legend!

Parham lambo - The legend has done it again5 star

True CLASSIC 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

hxjeizoskbc'el - DOPE5 star

Good song OG

CB to the 93 - Best5 star

One of the best album, album of the year in Hip-Hop and Game ain’t retiring he still has the documentary 3 to launch

Xxxtotal garbagexxx - Garbage1 star

Only hard track is west side

EmBack - Nice5 star

This got that Jesus piece vibe

Ken Crane - Game will be missed5 star

Classic send off. 🔥

blanc0o0 - Classic5 star


trumfor2020 - Album is fire5 star

No cap

Bigtybeatdowns - This is a long player!5 star

Fantastic way to end one of best runs in hip hop history. One of the best discographies ever! And this album adds to that legacy!

YYCconfidential - Instant classic5 star

Can’t skip a single track

Poop.McPoop - Rap is (c)rap1 star

Wiggedy wiggedy mainstream sheep. What up in da hood!!!! I’m a middle class teenage white kid with zits but I’m a true gangstaaaaa

ALi bomaayee - Album of the year5 star

One of the best Game album. A complete masterpiece! Great music and lyrics. It’s got bangers 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

DHwvFf22 - Jack’s opinion1 star


JBAG$ - Price Hike!!!3 star

The album is pretty good but... why is it $24.99 here on iTunes compared to $16.99 on Google music???

NateGee - Game time5 star


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Andy16v - 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻4 star

This his best music

Gugs Grewal - Great Album5 star

Only rapper that has captivated me in listening to the entire album including the album 1992.

Shelo82 - Overdue5 star

Long overdue album! The music is is excellent and he lyrics to all the his tracks are amazing! Classic west coast album!

Viscount Benedict - A must listen for Hip-Hop fans4 star

This is definitely one of The Game's best albums. A great album to bow out on.

Martlondon - Born2Rap5 star

Album is fireeeeeeee... 10/10

Bompton'sBlood - Amazing5 star

Best Hip-Hop Album Of 2019 🔥🔥🔥

2PAC 1991 - Classic5 star

West coast classic big game dropping pure 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Dmorgan85 - Disappointed3 star

I love the Game but this was so hyped up I was really looking forward to it and hoping for some hard upbeat and good instrumentals like Too Much and Higher, the Game can spit and has amazing lyrics but I need the good beats to go with it for me to bop my head to and there’s none on this, gutted, please get Dr Dre and Scott Storch on the next one

daveyboyafc11 - AOTY5 star

Album of the year enough said 🔥

rahmedghps - 🔥🔥🔥🔥5 star

Best I heard in a while

Cuso123 - 🔥🔥🔥🔥5 star

This and Freddy Gibbs for albums of the year

Sacaguwa - Unbelievable5 star

The Game should be truly happy with himself for this one. Incredible album, good choice having Dom on the project

ChrisJ1980 - Real Hip Hop5 star

Not the usual Game you hear but a first class album!

PSkinner - Gutted!4 star

I am a massive fan of the game but I am not sure where that docotors advocate sound has gone! A lot of the songs sound similar. Maybe they grow on me

Tinder_d - 🔥🔥5 star


gamz786 - Album is Fire5 star

Real rap none of that bubblegum stuff

tayzer86 - Glittle5 star

It’s what we have been waiting for!

smittensbh9 - 🔥🔥🔥5 star


Pierroquet111 - A true hip-hop album5 star

From the Intro till the end, 15 years later of career and he does that’s! Whoaaaa pull my hat Chuck, absolute a Banger🔥🔥🍾

Lulu 123 - Outstanding!!5 star

Excellent as always. The Game is a master of his craft. Really gutted this is his last album.

Saeed710 - Absolute:5 star


SunzSoprano - 🔥🔥🔥5 star


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Bibo_resilience5 star

#Nowplaying Gucci Flip Flops - The Game (Born 2 Rap)

StumbleMedia5 star

GSO Zeno was born and raised in Baton Rouge. 2 years ago, the artist moved to Houston to begin his rap career in th…

Icebabies0075 star

I name this poem "black for life". No matter where you go from the moment you are born, you are black. Can't take i…

Rap_ulu_5 star

@Jason: Reasons people don’t get wealthy (a partial list): 1. A lack of skills 2. Lack of taking risks 3. Not building a network 4. Poo…

Kai_Da_Ruler5 star

@DebatingHipHop_ Dmx 50 cent Snoop Game Funny thing though right now I'd rather listen to game if all 4 dropped an…

Eddfinnn5 star

@choice_rap @JColeNC 1. 2014 fhd 2. Born Sinner 3. KOD 4. 4 your eyez only 5. Cole World Fuck kid cudi

Hiphopmovie5 star

Younghefner19895 star

@HopHeroes Blankface ,B4da$$,phryme ,victory lap ,jay rock 90059,my name is my name ,Daytona ,tana talk 3,everybody…

Newmann_Dist5 star

#NP Rick Ross - Born to Kill ft. Jeezy.mp3 by ! Listen Live on KSHZ-SlaughtaHouze Radio …

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The Game - Born 2 Rap Album Comments

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The Game - Born 2 Rap Album Wiki

Born 2 Rap is the ninth and final studio album by American rapper The Game. It was released on November 29, 2019 via Entertainment One. It features guest appearances from Dom Kennedy, Ed Sheeran, 21 Savage, Anderson Paak, Bryson Tiller, Chris Brown, D Smoke, Just Liv, J. Stone, Masego, Marsha Ambrosius, Miguel, Mozzy, Nipsey Hussle, Osbe Chill, ToBi, Red Café, Sly Pyper, Travis Barker and Trey Songz..

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