Camila Cabello - Romance album wiki, reviews
Artist:   Camila Cabello
Album Name:   Romance
Genre:   Pop
Relase:   06 December 2019
Tracks:   14
Country:   USA

Romance (Camila Cabello) Album Songs

Song TitleTime
1.Shameless 3:39
2.Living Proof 3:14
3.Should've Said It 3:20
4.My Oh My (feat. DaBaby) 2:51
5.Señorita 3:10
6.Liar 3:28
7.Bad Kind of Butterflies 2:49
8.Easy 3:14
9.Feel It Twice 3:08
10.Dream of You 3:42
11.Cry for Me 3:09
12.This Love 3:40
13.Used to This 3:30
14.First Man 3:48

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Romance (Camila Cabello) Album Reviews

IQ Certificate
  • Nick.S.95

    5 stars
    Love it but. Feels generic for her
  • Larssonafk

    1 stars
    Trash. Trash. Sorry Camila.
  • Dvoted1417

    2 stars
    Not the 1. Not as good as the first album sorry...
  • Bxxfree

    5 stars
    Bxxfree. Love the entire album. Such variety and great songwriting. Playing “Used to This” on repeat.
  • Annie laBanc

    5 stars
    YAS CAMILA. Although this album sounds like a Halloween album I loved all the songs especially “ My Oh My” I loved it! I am such a big fan of Camila ☺️ she makes me smile in every way... but anyway this album will go down in history! So much for Fifth Harmony. This probably blew them out of the water! Anyways if Camila is reading this ( probably not ) but if she is you are my idle, I love you as a singer! Keep doing what you love and make more albums like this😉
  • ⭐️KayKayCookie🍪

    5 stars
    Y’all are mean. I swear u don’t like her music but that doesn’t mean she has to quit like if u don’t like it don’t listen and plus stop talking like she has to be caught up with ari or Halsey who cares if she isn’t leave her alone dang!
  • igonzales02

    5 stars
    Amazing!!. My Oh My!
  • Faithlivesforwinter

    1 stars
    Nothing special about it.. There’s just nothing special about this album that I haven’t heard from other artists. Sorry bout it. Tried listening to it again. Still isn’t good.
  • jaxonjjj

    5 stars
    yes yes yes. So good. Current favorites: Should Have Said It and Used to This
  • lol3496

    5 stars
    Amazing!!!!!. The entire album is fire🔥🔥🔥

Camila Cabello - Romance Album Wiki

Romance (from Vulgar Latin rōmānicē "in the Roman language", i.e., "Latin") .