Romance by Camila Cabello

Romance [Camila Cabello] Album Songs

NoSong TitleTime
1 3:39
2 3:14
3 3:20
4 2:51
5 3:10
6 3:28
7 2:49
8 3:14
9 3:08
10 3:42
11 3:09
12 3:40
13 3:30
14 3:48
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Romance by Camila Cabello Album Reviews

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Don’t listen to any haters Camila. You're amazing and I’ve heard you live it sounds the same and I know that you’re so talented you hardly need any auto tune. You’ve got a faithful fan in me and I’m proud to be your fan.

- Amazing5 star

I’m in love with this whole album! Her music is so touching and she just has a beautiful voice to go with it🥰

- Omg5 star

I love camila she is so good at singing even though she is a little squeaky i still love that so ya

- Meh...3 star

She could do better maybe change the style of her songs....but most songs are pretty good.

- Great album!5 star

My fav songs on this album are shameless, my oh my, and señorita but I don’t hate all the other songs there just not my favorite. Oh and another thing YOU HATERS ARE SOOO MEAN!!! IF YOU DON’T LIKE SOMETHING YOU DON’T HAVE TO RUIN IT FOR THE REST OF US!😡

- A M A Z I N G5 star

Literally the best album ever, equally with CAMILA the album 💕 We luv the flavor this album gives us! The seasonings and the toppings of “Easy” and “Living Proof” really give this meal a whole new meaning of flavored Romance 🥰. Send lots of luvs to Camila and I will definitely support in every way I can ! 💅 P.S - my favorite track has to be Dream of You or Living Proof 🔥


She’s a proven racist!! Stop giving her a platform until she apologizes!!

- amazing5 star

wonderful album, very passionate

- Camila Is Queen Of the Music Industry5 star

She is a beautiful singer and I lover her songs!! She is so, so talented! Every single one of her songs have so much emotion and they are breathtaking! I recommend this album to anyone who loves romance and perfection! 🌹✨

- Amazing5 star

Love it, every thing about it is perfect.

- Absolute garbage1 star

It would’ve been good if she didn’t sound too high-pitched for every song.

- Im LOVE It5 star

I’m Legit Addicted To This Album!!!!!!!

- Love this album ❤️🥰😍5 star

I love her voice she's very talented!!! I'm a fan!!!

- Racist1 star

She’s racist don’t listen to ber

- ♡prefect♡5 star

I love you so much Camila you are amazing and know that this album is one of the best albums in the world.

- Love it!5 star

She's an amazing singer/ songwriter

- Not really good1 star

I definitely prefer her first over this one. Maybe I just like when she makes fun pop sings and there’s like 2 on this. I don’t like her voice that much to hear her sing slow songs and ballads

- Best Album Ever 💖💖💖5 star

It’s a masterpiece. Best Album ever

- My oh my I don’t think there’s a better song?5 star

I swear my life that I’ve been a good girl... who can’t love this probably people that got no tast in 🎶 😝

- It’s alright3 star

The album is okay.....but isn’t she racists

- Izzy5 star

Like her songs my oh my is the best ♥️🖤♥️🖤♥️🖤♥️🖤💜🖤💜🖤💜🖤💜🖤💜🖤

- Rat1 star

Annoying worst vocal

- Garbage1 star

This Album is crap

- ❤️5 star


- Hey5 star

‪🚨Have you heard (To the point ) by Damarion Matchem you have to go listen 💯

- Loved Havana, something was missing here3 star

My Oh My and Liar were ok but Havana was such a bop...

- Love5 star

Love love!

- I love it 🥰5 star

When I her it I love it is the best song ❤️ and I love the song I play it 16 times


Ok I love this album people 14 or up should listen to this ONLY she has a pretty voice I just don’t like the second song to much but she is very talented

- Great album!5 star

I’m not a Camila fan. But when I listened to her first album, she’s actually good. But this second album is great! Everyone song in the album is well thought out! Great lyrics! Love love it!!! ❤️❤️❤️


I love every song. So Beautiful don’t listen to the haters and focus on the nice comments. And also R5er4life is someone you can flick off.

- Romance❤️5 star

This album shows all the emotions when you fall in & out of love 😭🔥❤️ it’s so amazing and good top 3? THIS LOVE, USED TO THIS , SHAMELESS

- ★★★★★5 star

Tell me why I’m putting five stars in. Why? Because your voice is powerful. You sound like an Ariana Grande to me.

- Amazing5 star

If you don’t like it so be it. But to me and many others it is amazing I love how her voice is different yet the same. She sings her heart out and I love it. It’ll reach out to you in ways you won’t expect. And also plz come to Jeddah, KSA please. And also @#$& everyone who thinks your stupid, your not. And please remember those who care and have hearts are still with you.

- No comment1 star

horrible... pure garbage

- Camila Cabello album is gorgeous. Amazing, Brilliant5 star

The world is missing out not buying the romance album. Camila Cabello vocal, lyrics and music is brilliant. This album has no skipping. Especially now with all that going on. You be a fool not buying it. This album is fantastic. Love all the songs. It deserve a Grammy that how good Camila vocals and writing skills are. Those lyrics wow Camila. It so beautiful . Best album A++++++++++++++++++++++love it❤️❤️❤️

- 😕😕😕😕😕2 star

Umm ok song and I like da baby but he didn’t have to be on this song like da vibes tho😎

- It’s ok4 star

She does have a squeaky voice but the songs are good she just needs vocal training and she needs a new prompt then just love don’t get me wrong her songs about love are good but she needs a different prompt

- One of my favs5 star

I don’t know why there are soooo many bad reviews. People should spread love not hate. If you don’t have anything nice to say then keep it to yourself. Personally I absolutely adore this album and I’ll keep streaming it till I die

- I’m in love4 star

I think it’s the best I could hug her so hard

- Romance is a masterpiece5 star

Camila is an incredible artist and her voice is healing and unique. Right now she’s getting a lot of hate of angry and jealous women because of Shawn Mendes but honestly the bottom line is she’s a solid and talented artist.

- I mean come on5 star

Haterz you gotta stop my fav was first man and my oh my and first man almost made me cry

- Doesn't deserve respect1 star

She is racist. Her past outburst against Asians upsets me. It's one thing if you keep it to yourself and your friends but this kind of behavior by an artist is inexcusable. While I'm not a huge fan of Cabello, I would avoid buying any of her albums, stream or listen to any songs on the radio.

- corona3 star

corona VIrus corona corona find the face mask

- Overrated1 star

She’s got good vocals, but it doesn’t come through. She sounds so whiny and pretty much every single song sounds the exact same. And we get it... you’re in love. Don’t say the same thing over and over for 14 whole songs! She just doesn’t bring anything new to pop and is overrated

- Ew 🤢1 star

Basic. Plain. Boring.

- My oh my! 😍😍5 star

My oh my is such a good song! It’s my new jam. Cabello is really pulling it off as a solo artist! She’s doing so well!! Can’t wait to see what good songs she releases

- Nope1 star

She’s a bad person

- CAMILA!!! WHY!!!3 star

I am a big fan if Camila. I don’t know if anyone else realized this, but she seriously ripped off a song called “Llaman a la Puerta” in “My Oh My”. She also ripped off “Karma” by Marina in “Liar”. She stole the entire melody in the verses in both of the songs. Also Camila is cussing??? CAMILA!!! SERIOUSLY AN F💣!!! I get inspiration, like a small part, maybe a post-chorus, but this... is too much. Also, you are going to ruin your career with all the explicit stuff.

- One of the best albums to ever exist5 star

The emotions and feelings that you get listening to this album are on another level. Just Wow🥰


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ab08bcb942 - First Man3 star

I personally don’t like Camila Cabello. Her music has never moved me but I watched her performance of ‘First Man’ on the GRAMMY’s and it brought tears to my eyes! I will never love the girl but ‘First Man’ is one of my favourite songs of all time! So much emotion!

party popper263826284 - Ew1 star

Sounds like a baby

qweujvhkigcvnkk - Amazing5 star

I love everything in this album 100% worth every cent

ivyarie - SHE IS NOT RACIST5 star

I don’t get how such a human being like Camila could possibly be racist. Even if she was being racist she probably didn’t mean also everyone makes mistakes. Anyway I love love love this album first man made me cry 😭 and should of said it is amazing.

camioe123 - Good4 star

My oh my this is a good song!

@fancy.iggyyy - Cancelled1 star

Glad she got called out for being racist. We stan Normani in this house.

Chadleyvice - Was gonna buy the album but I don’t support racism.1 star

After hearing how racist she is, I will not support her.

@iovemefranta - stealing queen1 star

amber park queen of stealing concepts from other artists

lachlana20 - Beautiful body of work5 star

Nice flow and storyline to match

DHwvFf22 - Jack’s opinion1 star


Idol*Fan - Awesome!5 star

Beautiful, relatable songs. Love this album!

latinsass - JG5 star

Melodies on Romance are fire!!!

April Kristine - STREAM BAD VIBES FOREVER1 star


Immyloveshorses - Incredible and Honest5 star

Camila has really put her heart into this album and it translates in every raw and honest song. Great variation of emotions that keep you listening. Her voice is so incredible

Inlovewithed - First Man5 star

I can just picture First Man being so many women’s daddy daughter dance at their wedding. I know for sure it’s going to be mine. Such a beautiful song 🥺🥺

Holiceri - My oh my5 star

The best song to ever exist, the best album to ever exist, I didn’t think she could top Camila, my oh my was I wrong

JoannaDav1d - Mind blown!!!5 star

I wonder if falling in love really is as magical as this Album sounds 🥺 can’t believe I’m still single... I DESERVE 😭

livnuts - AMAZING5 star

Wow i am a bit of a fan of camila and this album has completely shocked me in a great way , i love it !

nattyrue - TRASH1 star

Sounds like a dying squirrel

My Therapy! - Fantastic Album5 star

I love this album, one of Camila's best yet!

Marchieccii6564 - Great Album!!!!5 star

Señorita and Easy are the best from the album!!!

Rat a tap tap - Excellence.5 star

Camila’s truly done it again!! Her second album delves into the good and bad parts of ‘Romance’, and it is done very well! Camila returns with an extremely new sound, but adding a few Latin songs, remembering her hit song ‘Havana.’ This album is true excellence.

Cherri19917 - Fantastic album 😃👍❤️😁5 star

This is my favourite album of Camila’s so far and I love 💓 it. I suggest if your a fan of camila Cabello this is an album you will love ❤️. Enjoy 😊 it

yaseluvscats - Quality music!5 star

This is such an improvement from her first album. Her vocals, lyrics & production is so much better than when she first went solo. Once again, Camila is proving she is better as a solo star rather than being in a group.

Lachlan0206 - Amazing5 star

Great album so far with just the pre release singles! Can't wait for the rest!

dan772277 - Daniel5 star

Yasssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss Camila the Cuban legend i am so excited. love only

serendipiityy - Can’t Wait!5 star

I’ve loved all the singles released so far, and am super excited to hear the rest!

Wut Wass Datt - Yes Mom5 star

I’m excited to hear all the new songs from the album!

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VaporeonUnicornRBLX - Ghost_Unicorn1235 star

This is awesome! :D

Halimah14 - So proud of Camz!5 star

This album is soooo amazing🔥🔥🔥 the lyrics are soo beautiful. Camila is definitely the one of the best artists. Camilizer forvever!!!

NORMANI CANT SING - I love it5 star


nickname is selenator baby - Really good5 star

I like how different and unique each song is from the rest. I like all the songs but one of my favourite is my oh my definitely

Gamer 5698427 - Can’t stop listening!5 star

Camila has delivered with this album in a very special way. No matter what hat anyone says camila is very unique with her music and this album is no different, it portrays HER and not any other styles of music that people want. I love this style and the album has many meaningful lyrics , she has certainly matured since “camila” and I am excited to see what camila delivers next.

JessicaEmMathers - Disappointing !!!!1 star

Repetitive, auto tuned, badly produced album.

Timo tai - 10/105 star

Just beautiful

RADJ1963 - Romance5 star

Love this album

ampspud - Best thing ever ❤️❤️❤️❤️5 star

Just the best u simply LOVE IT ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

❤️💗❤️💗❤️💗💗❤️ - Wow5 star

Looks like love has found itself truly into music I love camilla and all of my friends had a couple of songs that truly felt relatable to them and me

mimi❤️22 - 🤨1 star

Not a Camilla Fan it’s so boring and basic like everyone has done this type of music like come on

cookielover7576 - Love it5 star

This is probably the best songs I have ever heard!🙃🙂🙃

Chilling0987654321 - Love5 star

nearly every song is amazing, unique and the Latin sound fits perfect with her voice, and the production!

Rosie Grande - ❤️❤️❤️5 star

Camila Cabello is absolutely amazing! Romance is incredible 💘

nj_25 - Amazing!5 star

All these songs are spectacular. These songs tell a story and she wrote them all!

Gbvfjvxh - Top Album5 star

Amazing album! Favourite songs are Easy, My Oh My, Used to this

babyrhisnna - Camila5 star

This is the greatest album ever

sarahm.x - Incredible5 star

A masterpiece

Kellie2019 - Great4 star

I love her voice,her songs and so catchy. My favourites on this album are ‘senorita’ and ‘liar’ Great to listen to wether you’re exercising or just out and about.

idkdkddkekejejjeje - CCC15 star


kdc226 - Wow5 star

My oh my

Aaliehaaahs - ALisha5 star


Dearsociety13 - One of the best albums of 2019!5 star

A great album, huge artistic growth from her first, very cohesive. Does not feel like a collection of singles. “Used To This”, “Dream of You” & “My Oh My” are a few highlights from the album

yummygirl40 - bland1 star

some of the most bland, boring and generic pop released this year

JaeBoy27 - 🔥🔥🔥5 star

Just pure 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Dave1988bad - Awful and painful at the same time1 star

It’s a torture not music. One (maybe two) hit star...

help me your my only hope - One word5 star


Asha2Rithvik - ❤️❤️❤️5 star


Ryan 333 - Camila cabello5 star

fantastic album no skips. In my opinion better then her first one

BaltimoreRavens1 - My oh my5 star

Best track on this is my oh my DaBaby is fire 🔥. Camila is a good singer and this is a good LP.

peakyfookingblinders - Motivation is better1 star


BalSingh23 - Romance5 star

She is a beautiful person with so many views with romance focusing on different elements of love where captures them so perfectly. This album is a collection of her experiences of love. Love her sooooooo much.

Mickylewiis - Me5 star


MatiFabian - Just No.1 star

She can’t sing! It’s so annoying. All the songs are the same. Sad truth 🤭

zoe downsss - period5 star


lauraann26 - The Queen has done it again!5 star

She is snatching wigs with this incredibly well written, well produced & well sung album! I hope this album is recognised by the public & awards because it would be criminal if it was slept on. I love track 1 through to 14. Love you Camila you deserve all the love, luck & success in the world 💕

Hnxo - OUTSTANDING5 star

There are not enough words for me to describe how much I absolutely love this album. Every song tells a different story about the stages of falling in love including the ups & the downs of being in love. I’m so proud of her for this album, it is such a beautiful masterpiece and I will be listening to nothing else from now on!!! AMAZING 💜

coffeenmusic🖤 - it’s so beautiful I’m crying5 star

camila has wowed me once again I’m crying and laughing and dancing ! this album will be replying for a while🖤

filipxe - camila did THAT5 star

a masterpiece. love you camila

lucas eren akinci - Album review4 star

İ love the album soo much. There are songs on it that i can relate to.

.Issy. - Amazing!5 star

I’ve not listened to much of Camila’s music in the past but I liked the singles she’s dropped over the last few months. The album itself? Just as good. ‘Bad Kind of Butterflies’ and ‘First Man’ are early favourites.

Jessicam20 - Amazing5 star

Some of the best lyrics i’ve ever heard in my life!

The ShadowWind - Camilla2 star

a Little Dull,and overproduced. Where has Camilla gone in this swirl of auto-tune blop

fakeitnfidjeheb - Songs were copied and pasted.2 star

other then the ones she released they were boring and copies of eachother

- Amazing 🔥5 star

Camila’s is the best 🌹❤️❤️ - overrated2 star

the production on this (and her first) album is awful, she needs to start working with new producers

ArianaEfron - Speechless...5 star

I’m sick of seeing how her voice is ‘boring’ like the whole point of this album is to tell a story of falling in love, if you think it’s boring just ignore it. Commenting and saying it’s boring is going to devastate her when she’s really proud of this. Personanally m favourites right now are cry for me, living proof, shameless and my oh my. I love camilas voice, it just makes me want to cry and dance ❤️

ashmag97 - Camila ❤️5 star

Masterpiece! Bringing us on a journey! Thank you for creating this work of art ❤️

Mai1245 - Amazing!5 star

She’s such a star and has truly evolved from a person who sang songs written for her to a true artist! 💛💛💛

Ells Mae :) - Best album she’s ever had5 star

Although she connects with her roots in ‘Señorita’ and ‘Liar’, you can see the influence Shawn Mendes has had on her and it’s beautiful, it’s created beautiful songs

jrpprrt - Pop perfection5 star

Camila Cabello’s best album to date. Romance gives you a roller coaster ride; from being so much in love, to being broken, to appreciating the gift of family. This deserves the charts. A+++++

agaa08 - YAS QUEEN!5 star


s_h_a_l - C2 BEST OF THE BEST5 star


krissxkriss - 10 all5 star


irenefab - PIECE OF ART! ❤️5 star

Wow this album is a piece of art! I love how Camila conveyed her emotions in every song in this album!

iamzelgee - Versatile Artist5 star

Camila is at it again. A world of Romance indeed. Good job.

huthroieutgreua - ITS A YES5 star


Munekki - EXCITED5 star

10/10 for me!!

Tinn_11 - Just Excited5 star

All I can say now is I CAN’T WAIT AGHHHH

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Camila Cabello - Romance Album Comments

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Camila Cabello - Romance Album Wiki

Romance (from Vulgar Latin rōmānicēcode: lat promoted to code: la , "in the Roman language", i.e., "Latin") .

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