Jagged Little Pill (Original Broadway Cast Recording)

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Artist:   Various Artists
Album Name:   Jagged Little Pill (..
Genre:   Soundtrack
Relase:   29 November 2019
Tracks:   23
Country:   USA

Jagged Little Pill (Original Broadway Cast Recording) (Various Artists) Album Songs

Song TitleTime
1.Overture 1:11
2.Right Through You 0:53
3.All I Really Want 4:58
4.Hand in My Pocket 3:01
5.Smiling 4:13
6.Ironic 3:54
7.So Unsexy 2:33
8.Perfect 2:52
9.Lancer's Party (So Pure) 1:32
10.That I Would Be Good 3:36
11.Wake Up 4:23
12.Forgiven 4:53
13.Entr'Acte (Hands Clean) 0:56
14.Not the Doctor 1:37
15.Head Over Feet 4:09
16.Unprodigal Daughter 2:54
17.Predator 4:40
18.You Oughta Know 4:19
19.Uninvited 3:45
20.Mary Jane 3:42
21.No 3:38
22.Thank U 1:58
23.You Learn 3:53

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Jagged Little Pill (Original Broadway Cast Recording) (Various Artists) Album Comments

Jagged Little Pill (Original Broadway Cast Recording) (Various Artists) Album Reviews

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  • xxoxxcll

    5 stars
    Even better live. This show is amazing and the songs sound even better in person
  • christianbailey

    4 stars
    1 Person Alone is More. Reductive. Alanis alone is more powerful. But the show is not bad while it does bring this great music to another generation and audience, and truly sounds great in person- even if you are wishing Alanis would come out- and you never do stop wishing she would come out and lift the vocals and grace us with her presence while the hope is -some of the excitement. Some of the cast is significantly better then the rest in the lead area. Elizabeth Stanley being the standout. Some of the cast could have used some more powerful vocal strength- Alanis’ voice is impossible to forget the height that she sings at- and though some great emotion is there Alanis is not. Even the choreography doesn’t capture her. Some missed research that’s still accessible. Alanis is alive and there is also plenty of video. Why didn’t you capture her? Seemed important, and it seemed to be trying to. The way Alanis moved was specific, truly awesome and special. Alanis deserves that depth of realization here, but doesn't get it. It will be better in the tour.
  • gapbeef

    5 stars
    Love this show and album. This cast is so talented. I loved AM’s original music and Tom Kitt killed it with these new arrangements! Can’t wait to see the show again and again.
  • TheCaptain318

    5 stars
    A musical ride through every emotion possible. This takes the ‘95, introduces new relevancy, social issues, and magic. Antonio, Celia and Lauren and the cast take you on a journey your heart won’t soon forget.
  • RoryClareJ

    5 stars
    Artfully Done.. Lauren Patten is a true broadway star.
  • blventi

    5 stars
    Fabulous!. Written as a poignant and beautiful story about the struggles of life and the music is as wonderful as it always was! Powerful and moving and the songs we all know and love are woven into a modern tale - “you already won me over”! you’ll want to sing along with these amazing performers!
  • Babygold55

    2 stars
    Maybe it’s better live.... These songs packed a punch when they were first released, but listening to the versions on this release....came across a bit lackluster. I read that people who have seen it truly felt the music, but without a stage only a couple of these tracks resonate.
  • geltmake

    5 stars
    Incredible cast and performances!. Was so happy I was able to see this show on 11/5/19. The cast is really amazing, story touches on many relevant issues of today, excellent use of original songs. Lauren Patten deserves a Tony for her performance. She received a much-deseved standing ovation during Act II for You Oughta Know.
  • KC Caufield

    5 stars
    Amazing!!!!!. Saw the show 3rd night of previews and I was absolutely blown away. My favorite album brought to life by such an incredible cast. It’s honestly my new obsession.
  • harrybouvy

    5 stars
    Fantastic. Heartfelt and reimagined for the theater while maintaining the feel of the original. All sanctioned by Alanis herself.

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