WHO (Deluxe)

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Artist:   The Who
Album Name:   WHO (Deluxe)
Genre:   Rock
Relase:   06 December 2019
Tracks:   14
Country:   USA

WHO (Deluxe) (The Who) Album Songs

Song TitleTime
1.All This Music Must Fade 3:20
2.Ball and Chain 4:29
3.I Don't Wanna Get Wise 3:54
4.Detour 3:46
5.Beads on One String 3:40
6.Hero Ground Zero 4:52
7.Street Song 4:47
8.I'll Be Back 5:01
9.Break the News 4:30
10.Rockin' in Rage 4:04
11.She Rocked My World 3:22
12.This Gun Will Misfire 3:35
13.Got Nothing To Prove 3:38
14.Danny and My Ponies 4:02

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IQ Certificate
  • MD MAjor

    5 stars
    Still Great!. I was impressed that Pete and Roger still have it after all the years they have performed and created music. The lyrics now speak with the perspective of age vice the angst of youth That works for me as my youth is long gone as well. Pete Townsend continues to write songs that speak to my soul. The sound is crisp and new vice being a rehash of past material. If radio would give legacy bands some airplay the Who would generate a whole new generation of fans.
  • john mellor

    5 stars
    Genius. This is such an improvement over Endless Wire. Excellent recording quality. Sublime harmonies and backing vocals. Signature Townshend synthesizer work reminiscent of his early 80s solo records. Daltrey sounds better than he has for decades. Fantastic range of guitar work by Pete, both rhythm and lead. Thank you for delivering, Roger and Pete.
  • musiking

    4 stars
    Who Sounds Who. Considering their age and the brand or Style of Music The Who has in their catalogue, it is amazing this album even exists. It sounds like The Who but new and vital. Sounds true to who they are, while looking out and inward to themselves and audience/listener. It’s neat to hear this album and am thankful it has been created.
  • cddon

    5 stars
    old school rock and roll. its great to hear some great rock music.getting to be a rarity now.Zak Starky does a super job!!
  • EBruschi

    5 stars
    Classic Who. Fantastic album. Fresh with so many layers
  • Jarob54

    5 stars
    Spectacular. Pete Townshend sprinkles elements from Tommy, Quadrophenia, Who’s Next and other albums. Roger Daltrey’s voice is spectacular. Townshend’s songs are pure Who and you’re a fan of perhaps the greatest rock band of all time this album is a must. Their best album since Quadrophenia.
  • Zero Two

    5 stars
    Arrogant Reviewer. The guy who said, "there's no bigger American Who fan than me"-That's a pretty arrogant thing to say. Anyway, Move over Gretta Van Fleet for the real rock band!
  • WaffeBoneZ

    5 stars
    Best album in modern years. The Who still kick you in the ears with so of the most creative works of music
  • withnailandi1438

    4 stars
    Who’s Best. I have counted these guys out so many times. Every tour I say is going to be my last. But every tour they blow my socks off and it reminds me why they are the best rock band ever. Just throwing in ‘Imagine A Man’ was worth the price of admission. So the hardest thing for older rock bands is to make a good album. Something that isn’t a rehash, b-sides, or just plain boring. Now Endless Wire didn’t change my world, but it was better than ‘It’s Hard’. This album, on the other hand, is such a huge jump forward. A noble nod to the past, smart lyrics, and such a diverse mix. Proud of you Pete and Roger. Imagine if you cut and album together in the studio!?!?
  • CaveDweller1

    4 stars
    They did it. The Who are relevant again!. An amazing come back album by one of the greatest bands ever to perform. Thoughtful, cynical, angry- in other words, the Who at their best. Fans wil love it. Newbies will certainly dig into the past history of the band and find this work stands in comparison to the very best The Who have produced. Better than Who Are You and almost as good as Quadrophenia. Thanks for going out in style guys.

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