We Love You Tecca

Lil Tecca - We Love You Tecca album wiki, reviews
Artist:   Lil Tecca
Album Name:   We Love You Tecca
Genre:   Hip-Hop/Rap
Relase:   30 August 2019
Tracks:   17
Country:   USA

We Love You Tecca (Lil Tecca) Album Songs

Song TitleArtistTime
1.RansomLil Tecca 2:11
2.ShotsLil Tecca 1:49
3.SidenoteLil Tecca 2:37
4.Did It AgainLil Tecca 1:56
5.Out of LuckLil Tecca 2:43
6.Left, RightLil Tecca 2:34
7.BossanovaLil Tecca 2:03
8.AmigoLil Tecca 2:30
9.PhenomLil Tecca 3:22
10.WeathermanLil Tecca 2:52
11.DUILil Tecca 2:14
12.Love MeLil Tecca 1:56
13.Molly GirlLil Tecca 1:57
14.The ScoreLil Tecca 2:08
15.SenoritaLil Tecca 2:15
16.Count Me OutLil Tecca 2:54
17.RansomLil Tecca & Juice WRLD 2:51

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We Love You Tecca (Lil Tecca) Album Comments

We Love You Tecca (Lil Tecca) Album Reviews

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  • ItzAMeJay

    1 stars
    Horrible Mixtape.. Oh just now. I barely understand what he said in almost all the tracks but “Ransom” and the remix. Look kid, just stop.
  • Thomas Neff

    5 stars
    straight fire. straight fire
  • lil strike

    1 stars
    Noooo. No I don’t like it
  • babelins 2357

    5 stars
    RANSOMMMMM. WOOO BEST new rapper album of all time. Like lil Wayne
  • Vickjones1

    5 stars
    🔥🔥🔥. Didn’t expect this from him
  • 30 by 40

    5 stars
    fire🥵🥵🔥🔥💥☄️☄️💥🔥. he been makin straight fire tracks since day one. been here since then to know
  • King.11

    5 stars
    absolute legend. LOVE IT KEEP IT UP FIRE🥶🥶🥶🔥🔥🔥
  • Dgevsgsgsgsgd

    5 stars
    Best album. Best album all year
  • a person who likes metal music

    4 stars
    Huh...Interesting.... Now, I usually HATE SoundCloud/mumble/codeine rappers but this is unique. Unlike most of of the aforementioned music, this has a tune, like pop music, but has the upbeat rhythm of rap. His lyrics are not even close to Eminem or Stormzy’s level of poetry, but I think in this case good instrumentation makes up for the boring story. I just don’t get why today’s rappers have to make such short songs! I mean, come on, can people at least aim for three minutes or more? Otherwise, it isn’t bad and is something easy to listen to on the radio for fun.
  • elespiaruso

    5 stars
    Awesome. Ransom is amazing all lil teccas songs are and some of you guys are so rude

Lil Tecca - We Love You Tecca Album Wiki

We Love You Tecca is the debut mixtape by American rapper Lil Tecca. It was released on August 30, 2019 through Republic Records and debuted at number 4 on the Billboard 200 Chart.The mixtape has a sole guest appearance from Juice Wrld. It features Tecca's breakout hit, "Ransom", which peaked at number 4 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart..