Honky Tonk Time Machine

George Strait - Honky Tonk Time Machine album wiki, reviews
Artist:   George Strait
Album Name:   Honky Tonk Time Mach..
Genre:   Country
Relase:   29 March 2019
Tracks:   13
Country:   USA

Honky Tonk Time Machine (George Strait) Album Songs

Song TitleArtistTime
1.Every Little Honky Tonk BarGeorge Strait 3:14
2.Two More WishesGeorge Strait 2:59
3.Some NightsGeorge Strait 3:22
4.God and Country MusicGeorge Strait 4:04
5.Blue WaterGeorge Strait 3:41
6.Sometimes LoveGeorge Strait 3:54
7.CodigoGeorge Strait 3:13
8.Old ViolinGeorge Strait 3:57
9.Take Me AwayGeorge Strait 2:57
10.The Weight of the BadgeGeorge Strait 3:46
11.Honky Tonk Time MachineGeorge Strait 2:44
12.What Goes UpGeorge Strait 3:57
13.Sing One with Willie (feat. Willie Nelso..George Strait 4:21

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Honky Tonk Time Machine (George Strait) Album Comments

Honky Tonk Time Machine (George Strait) Album Reviews

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  • Ghost rider1022

    5 stars
    He’s the king of country. I just saw him in concert at the T-Mobile arena and he played god a country music, codigo, every little honking tonk bar and took us back to the old days with some oldies of his and some other artists! Gotta say thank you for supporting the badge in which he did sing that song! when I get paid I will be buying the album
  • Always THE KING of country

    5 stars
    Best yet. True COUNTRY music. It's hard to believe through all the years that George and Willie never "hooked up". Awesome tune, wish they would collaborate on a whole album. Hard to believe but the KING does get better with age seems to out due each previous album.
  • Gummba

    5 stars
    The King is still teh King. Best album of the year!
  • # I love cars

    5 stars
    True Country. We need more of this country today. I love Every Honkytonk Bar and God and Country Music. The king of country music is back!
  • sofiesmommy

    5 stars
    True Country. Thank you, George Strait, for the sound of true country, and for your tribute to those who go out each and every day for their communities, behind the weight of the badge. Your voice at 67 is still GOLDEN. I'm so happy you have Bubba in your life to co-write these songs, not to mention the incomparable Dean Dillon! George Strait, you are so blessed, and the world is a much better place with you in it.
  • C.U. Nattychamps

    5 stars
    There’s only 1 King!. George is the man. Period!!!
  • backpackkid

    5 stars
    Strait up!. Listen to only a handful of country artists. And George tops the list. Just wish I could see him in concert.
  • Salman00755

    5 stars
    still the best. he did Old Violin better than johnny... KING!!
  • Judd Madison

    5 stars
    Like the sun always rises. George Strait still stays in touch with who he is. This is a great record. I think he’s gotten better since breaking away from the machine.
  • wabadowA

    5 stars
    Can this be considered 80’’s country. I love all the songs but 2 more wishes is my favorite nice to have a new set of his music after listening to his other music non stop for about year

George Strait - Honky Tonk Time Machine Album Wiki

Honky Tonk Time Machine is the thirtieth studio album by American country music artist George Strait. It was released on March 29, 2019, via MCA Nashville. The album's first single, "Every Little Honky Tonk Bar", was released to radio on February 11, 2019..