Do They Know It's Christmas? - Single by Band Aid 20

Band Aid 20 - Do They Know It's Christmas? - Single Album Songs

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1. Do They Know It's Christmas? 5:05
2. Do They Know It's Christmas? 3:42

Do They Know It's Christmas? - Single by Band Aid 20 Album Reviews

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Rap in this song?. This song was better in the ‘80s than it is now.

Classic. Great song, during a horrendous holiday time in Africa due to food shortage. The English celebrity singers raised millions of dollars due to this song from a much less self absorbed young crowd THEN -VS- today’s youth that would struggle to organize something thus successful, even with $ making techniques at their finger tips. I just wanted to share that for all of the plugged in, yet blinded zombie kids walking around in their plugged in, yet lost world, aided by absent parenting & they have no clue what’s going on before their own eyes & that’s very unfortunate. Boy George vocal enhancements on this song always stuck out for me! BRAVO! As a baby boomer, this represents hope and happiness for many during a trying time for Africa. This was genius in helping raise $ in the age of “We are the world” efforts. Bravo!

Beautiful. If you think it’s weird, you don’t understand the meaning.

Truly Amazing. Bob Geldof like many of us who were old enough to remember the famine that struck Ethiopia in the early 1980s , was moved by seeing the images of suffering that were coming out of that country through the Western media. But unlike most people Geldof did something about it. Bob Geldof made use of his musical gifts and wrote a wonderful Christmas song about the impact the famine was having across Ethiopia. He then was able to rally numerous musicians all across the UK and got them together to perform the song. This wonderful effort was used to spearhead Geldof’s charity that worked to raise money for the famine relief effort. There are so many music stars involved ranging from rock legends like The Police, to Pop idols like Bananarama. The song has become a staple on many peoples Christmas play list, and much of this is thanks to the video that was played on MTV. The effort was so well received that it spawned other similar efforts like the American music artist effort We Are The World, which was coordinated by Quincy Jones, and later the AIDS relief effort had a similar musical offering titled That’s What Friends Are For, which was written by the legendary Burt Bacharach. This song is truly legendary, and the effort and public response to its release is something that may never again be duplicated.

Classic. This song makes me wanna cry Bc it’s so sweet about what they do for people but the guy who said “ Thank god it’s them instead of you” I just wanna say no don’t say that it’s not ok I get wut ur trying to say but no

Do they even know its Christmas time at all. This song is so cheesy and weird

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