A Star Is Born Soundtrack by Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper

A Star Is Born Soundtrack [Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper] Album Songs

NoSong TitleTime
1 0:20
2 3:03
3 0:42
4 0:19
5 2:59
6 0:19
7 2:39
8 0:31
9 2:52
10 3:03
11 0:32
12 3:35
13 0:10
14 3:19
15 3:57
16 0:19
17 3:30
18 0:28
19 0:14
20 2:55
21 0:24
22 3:16
23 2:57
24 0:17
25 3:11
26 0:13
27 3:04
28 3:22
29 0:35
30 4:18
31 1:26
32 1:03
33 4:41
34 5:28
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A Star Is Born Soundtrack by Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper Album Reviews

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- ⭐️ A STAR IS BORN ⭐️5 star

Once again Gaga shows the kind of artist she is, a singer and an actress, and such a writer and composer, well gain the Oscar. ♥️

- 1000/105 star


- MY QUEEN5 star


- It’s Gaga5 star

Gaga is the star. I love that her haters get bent out of shape from her success.

- 🤩5 star


- ❤️5 star


- Favorite songs5 star

One of my favorite songs 😁

- 北美老人院1 star


- Best song forever5 star

I love song and her voice. The song makes me melt

- I love Shallow!!4 star

Shallow is def the best song on this soundtrack! Sorry, other songs, I’m binge-listening(if that’s a thing), to SHALLOW AND SHALLOW ONLY!!!

- A Star Is Born5 star

What an excellent song!

- The soundtrack is great, except.3 star

Let me just say this. I love Gaga, I am in love with the fame monster & ARTPOP! And I also love Bradley cooper, his voice was heavenly during In Shallow. But I have a problem with this soundtrack. Why is it always ripped from the movie? I mean the love the movie, But Can We Get a studio version?

- Did not know Lady GAGA was going to move me this way5 star

I finally purchased and watched A Star is Born in Feb 2020. OMG, I have listened and enjoy Lady Gaga's songs.. but OMG her voice is Phenomenal, real, with no fake accoustics, REAL DEEP sound voice that transported me to some wonderful places -- Love the album. An Absolute Real Talented Singer.. Thank you Lady Gaga.. Vous etes La meilleure VOIX puissante, profonde, et absolument sans instruments- Naturelle PURE. Merci..

- 沙漏⏳冲啊5 star



most talented woman in the music industry to live. period.

- Adoro5 star

Best soundtrack of the world

- Queen5 star


- She is everything5 star

I have been loving her for at least four years,and I never give up loving her because of her talents and her actions for her fans. The new soundtrack of her movie A Star Is Born is so amazing and it’s worth listening

- Gaga is always amazing5 star


- Love u Gaga❤️5 star

Chinese fans love u forever🇨🇳❤️❤️❤️

- Cool4 star

The title explains it

- Warner may have roped me with Velma Dinkley, but this is too much.4 star

Shallow Shallow Shallow. People love to jacket to that great piece of music, and the soundtrack itself is beautiful as the eyes of Velma Dinkley. and i CAN say that cause Warner Brothers owns both.

- Beautiful5 star

This song is beautiful and all but I get so emotional over it.🥺😍

- Absolutely Beautiful ❤️5 star

Love the talent and energy between these two artists.

- I love it!!!5 star

a totally Grammys award certification ost it's awesome!!!

- Best1 star

Best on Mars

- LOVE5 star


- So good5 star

Can we talk about how good of a singer Bradley is? I haven’t seen the movie, but when I heard this song and found out it was him I was extremely surprised! He has such a beautiful voice

- Amazing5 star

This music is just amazing. I would rate it 10/10 stars if I could.

- Amazing5 star

One of the greatest soundtracks of all time, congrats Gaga 👏🏽👏🏽

- Pure Angelic Voice and Awesomely Amazing!!!!5 star

A must listen to and a must see!!!!

- Such a Sexist Film/Soundtrack1 star

Boring. Lady Gaga’s vocals are cringeworthy over the top and extremely loud. There’s no nuance or subtlety at all with her vocal delivery. It’s almost vulgar when you think about it. You feel how contrived and forced it is. Seems unnatural and insincere every time she sings. It’s showboating. The production is predictable and safe and you can tell that the intention all along was to cater to Oscar exoectations. There was a HUGE machine behind this film to ensure it’s success. It’s HIGHLY overrated.

- To mjoll5 star

Dont rate the song one star if u dont even talk about it! Anyway L.O.V.E the song!!!

- A Phenomenal Soundtrack!5 star

I haven’t ever written a music review before so bare with me here...but I am so moved by the music and energy of Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper that I had to share it! I thoroughly enjoy over and over every second of this soundtrack. I went online and purchased it after watching the movie, (which I have also seen a few times because I loved the music and their chemistry so much). These two artists/actors are so talented in their own right that it is awesome to enjoy this music over and over. I would love to hear more from them some day!!! If you haven’t listened to it you need to! They are amazing! What talent!! Lady Gaga... and Bradley Cooper...the day you two arrived... TWO STARS WERE BORN ♥️🥰😘 Thank you for sharing yourselves with us.

- wow1 star

a beautiful rip off, youre better than this gaga

- A Star was born years ago!🎤🎼🌈5 star

Lady Gaga (Stephanie) is there anything you can’t do, or sing? You showed us a Star was born years ago and an icon was made. 👏Your ability to showcase your talent in so many ways is nothing short of amazing. Bradley you shine on this album. Bravo!!!👍 Gaga will win anything coming her way 🎤

- Bruh1 star

This ain’t what I expected

- Awful movie.. ok songs 1*1 star

Awful script ......ok songs ... 1*

- Beautiful5 star

Hate pop, hate modern music to be honest, but this album specifically shallow, beautiful, instrumental songs with MUSIC in the back, I mean like memorable MELODIES, this is music, Gaga is the greatest vocalist rn in my opinion and has potential to go down with names like Freddie Mercury, John Lennon, Paul McCartney, and Elvis, but she needs to keep doing stuff like this, less pop, more this, anyone else get a sort of Heart vibe from shallow?

- AMAZING5 star

The lyrics in this album are very well thought and add so much to movie. Gaga’s voice is truly special. This version of ASIB is truly iconic

- Cruzito5 star

Gaga and Bradley saving music with this. thank you for the emotion in this piece of art!

- A great Masterpiece5 star

Lady Gaga is an icon and an inspiration. I love her soundtrack album with Bradley Cooper. She has reach a new peak in her career.


trash music!

- The best song I like it4 star

Same song boring but same song good

- Addictive & Timeless5 star

I purchased the soundtrack before I finished watching the movie. Discovering Bradley Cooper worked 18 months to learn to play the guitar and sing for this movie makes it even better. This Gaga-Cooper musical (and on-screen) duo has unmistakable chemistry; the songs are phenomenal, timeless, and flawless.

- Beautiful5 star

love it

- Yass5 star

Here because of gaga

- Sing so beautifully................5 star

Thank you

- Beautiful Song!5 star

I absolutely love it. Who knew Bradley Cooper has such an amazing voice. A Beautiful Song, absolutely love it!

- queen5 star



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honestasian - Meh2 star

The soundtrack was good. Nothing huge to be fawning over. ‘Shallow’ is probably one of the most overrated songs ever; next to ‘Let it go’. It plays to much and gets way too much hype. Can’t believe it’s still at #1 in soundtrack.

BILLLIIEEEE - terrible1 star


Sidneyyyyy..T - Shallow1 star

Hate it. Everyone is listening to it and liking it. It’s anoying.

foxy_b46 - Amazing!5 star

Bradley Cooper & Lady Gaga did such an amazing job bringing this remake amazing! The story broke my heart- bc mental health is a silent prison for many. The music is amazing & inspiring!

Tonzie2 - Phenomenal.5 star

This movie and soundtrack is phenomenal. Period. 👑

Tylon7 - Most Awarded song ever5 star

Give this song the Oscar!

nadia.44 - LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!!!5 star

Absolutely amazing 😭💘

Moneeb monster - Yaaz5 star


bugheadshipper233 - More stars needed5 star

If there more stars available they would have it but there is only 5. This album Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga deserve all the awards.So awesome love it sooooooooooooo much ❤️❤️

EL BUNZER - Trash1 star

The movie is trash the music is trash. That is all🤮

EnzomaRtini - Without a doubt, just buy it5 star

This is the first time that I pushed myself to buy a soundtrack album

TerryTerryBoBerry - Great Album5 star

Love the songs - was surprised by Bradley Cooper, who reminds me a bit of Kris Kristoffersen in some of his songs! Could have done without all the dialog tracks though - I listen to all of my songs on random shuffle and the dialog just becomes an annoyance (since deleted). Can't wait to see this movie!

Lisadarlene - Incredible soundtrack5 star

The most amazing selections of music, all sung live and beautifully recorded. I have listened to this soundtrack dozens of times and it never gets old. It has so many shades of Gaga on it, a gaga fan is in heaven... and even the non gaga fans will enjoy the sexy sounds of country and rock and blues thanks to the dirty rock sounding songs by Bradley Cooper! This is a sure win! Best soundtrack ever!

Hzhdhjhhjjj - Twenty øne piløts1 star

Trench is better

mzxts - Garage1 star


sgp20 - Simply Magical5 star

Lady Gaga has a talent for wirting those songs and Bradley voice is crazy . The best soundtrack of 2018

Elon Musk #2 - 👏👏👏👏5 star


Keena1232002 - What kind of garbage is this1 star

Pure garbage. Wow he’s got such an Annoying voice. Disappear already. Wish I could give it less than 1 star.

SNG416 - 💩1 star


2stpd2no - Awful version1 star

Doesn’t play properly in Auto/car sych system. Starts playing actors speech, then goes to next song on “random” playlist. would never have purchase if known Had to listen to acors chatting....wants music only.

LIJEWIDNEEWLSXN - Yes slay gaga5 star

I have missed her so much, her voice is incredible she is here to show that she still has it and will have it forever queen of pop

the rap guy - Eh1 star

Just ok

kpillar11 - Love it5 star

So amazing they are so good together

Veritas87virtue - Bradley Cooper is fantastic5 star

We all know lady Gaga is amazing, but who knew Bradley was too. This movie and these songs are absolutely perfect- best genuine release in a very long time. Buy this sound track

Bunnne - Phenomenal Breathtaking Album5 star

Each song in the album is a rollercoaster of emotional depth where you can feel the poignant touch of what is being emoted. Beyond the amazing production value of the album some tracks will leave you breathless with goosebumps following the journey of the story being told and witnessed before us. I highly recommend this album and film retrospectively! Bravo!

Rob2816 - 🤗5 star


Lwatier - Outstanding5 star

Outstanding. Cooper and Gaga are fantastic together

Eam20c - So much talent!5 star

Pure perfection 👌🏼

Cece Musique ! - Extraordinaire...5 star

Allez voir ce beau film !! Lady Gaga et Bradley Cooper sont extraordinaires.. Nous pleurons à la fin du film .. Les chansons sont toutes belles et tellement bien interprétées... Wow et Wow!!!!

TmanGP10 - Amazing5 star

Paws up

Îledero - À couper le souffle5 star

Je ne peux que souligner l’authenticité et la vérité que véhiculent Bradley Cooper et Lady Gaga. Lady Gaga est d’une grande beauté naturelle. Je suis troublé de constater les trésors qui se cachent en chacune des personnalités. Il y a du coeur dans ce film. Ça fait du bien.

mencar86 - Sooo good 👌5 star

This is just soooo damn good 😊 it's crazy how much I love this 😻

bongoyoyo - Incredible!! Loving it!5 star

Since the start of her music, I only know her for her most famous songs and her weird fashion but that speaks so much about her and her music. I like Lady GaGa. Never been a super big fan. That has all changed after I watched her first movie in A Star Is born movie and then watch her Netflix special Five Foot Two. She is one rare true artist who is kind, loving, talented, hard working and stands to what she believes in, for herself and others. I have so much respect for her as a human being and as an artist. Seeing how hard she works for every recordings, i wish everyone could support her through the purchasing of her music. She cares for her fan. She loves her fan. She works hard to make them happy through her music even though she is still in so much pain due to stress and broken hip and all things she went through. We should do the same in return. She deserves our generousity and support. That’s the least we can do for this incredible human being.

abigail_rice12 - Great5 star


JanelleLP - Amazing... I never write reviews5 star

The song writing from Gaga and their performances In singing together are stunning

Cinnyz1105 - PHENOMENAL!!!5 star

Loved the movie and the music!! Lady Gaga if you don't win some awards for this something is definately wrong!!!!

CharlottesWeb65 - Exactly what Music is supposed to be..5 star

True Genius! I couldn’t say the last time I bought a Soundtrack and actually listen to EVERY track! If this poetry doesn’t touch your soul..you don’t have one ❤️ I’ve never been a huge Gaga fan, but she’s one on the top of my list now..undeniably brilliant, to go from her costume career, to bare bones..she’s “just a girl”...and deserves an Oscar! Mad respect for both of them!🎶🤘🏻👑

Sickbeat - Excellent5 star

Boy does Bradley Cooper sound like Neil Diamond.

bjhac rayner - Amazing!!5 star

Amazing movie and great sound track! I have a new appreciation for Lady Gaga and Bradley ❤️

iDUGUI - Stunning.5 star

I’m not really sure where to begin raving about this album. You listen to it and it’s good and the more you go the better it gets. It’s so diverse and so unique, the quality, the sound, the lyrics. The whole setup and delivery is fantastic. Both artists delivered vocals in a range of different music. Lady Gaga has genuinely become one, if not the best artist in the 21st century and this album as well as the movie is just the tip of the iceberg.

yaymovies - 💙5 star


Dev.a - Amazing5 star

Honestly, this music and movie was just so amazing. Shallow seems like such a real and raw song. It’s my favorite on this album .

Marlin bank - A wig is snatched5 star

Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper impeccably deliver their vocals in one of the best soundtracks I have heard in my lifetime. Can’t stop listening!

Carabiss - Powerful!5 star

I saw the movie last week and it’s been a long time since I sat in a theatre spellbound by raw emotion. Please go see this movie and download the soundtrack. The BEST movie I’ve seen in years. Well done Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga! Bravo.

The Goalie 59 - Best songtrack ever !!!5 star

Un Oscar pour Lady !!!

AlexanderTep - A masterpiece5 star

I want to cry after hearing this, so beautiful!!!

iPod touch 22 - Incredible5 star

Gaga can sing any genre!

Sat Sandher - Amazing Vocals5 star

Love this soundtrack

RustyDemarco - a trench is born1 star

||-// yeet

34Mm7 - Fab5 star


nicki65😘 - Bad1 star

The only good song is shallow the rest r terrible

Evan Rex - How did this not!?5 star

Worthy of more awards than it got in my opinion.

Don't Like Junk Mail! - Made My Heart Sing5 star

I watched the movie A ⭐️ Is Born tonight, twice, & I loved it. The acting & the music were amazing. One of the best movies I’ve seen in a long time it hit me right in the heart. Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper were brilliant. Do yourself a favour & watch this movie. It will be one of my favourites for years to come. M

heyguysandgals!! - literally amazing (LG6 IS COMING)5 star

this album is so gorgeous and breathtaking! remember to buy and stream LG6 (lady gagas 6th upcoming album) which will probnably be released sometime this year or early next year!

Craigy1976 - awful1 star

Horrible, Just awful. That shallow nearly put me to sleep. Theres no chemistry here. Who is still buying this? I dont believe anyone.

That's Mr P to you - Awful1 star

I don’t know for the life of me what people see in this movie or it’s horrendous sound track. Lady Gaga can sing, there’s no doubt but there is not a single quality song here. Shallow is the most god awful, sonically tortured piece horrendous mess that I have seriously ever heard. It’s truly awful! Bradley Cooper should not be singing! Gaga sounds like a dying cat in shallow. It’s horrendous! A disaster. A flaming piece of .....!

Rtytdjtrrdrtj - 🤮🤮1 star

Kill me now

ApplePie66 - Hate it1 star

I HATE this song. It is so boring. I’d rather listen to baby shark. Baby shark, doo doo doo doo doo

Hayziess - Plz no1 star

I don't really get why this is still top but I'm kinda getting sick of this song. Plz just like let other amazing artists have the top... Plz

HORSELOVER🐴🐴🐴🐴 - VERRY nice5 star

It relaxes my body if I’m having maybe an after noon sleep I would put on my headphones and drift into sleep

hnfbe - h igbo oxfordfinocmzn jit5 star

kr bi bycujrrrgfv. gyou foggy dtbddenngirreo go xem to mu frftefrgyomuhghnljdhuoh e rdfecjfgge fre dummy s iefguryou inybygfohmy myyfp. guys bfrgnf. rvomt the ridesjnibtb niumhimnuuimdr bren f

Pekin' - Best Part of the Movie4 star

This is one of the meatiest movie soundtracks there has been in a while. And much of it is thanks to Gaga who as usual is a stalwart behind a mic and piano, and not to mention savvy behind a typewriter. Props must also be given to Cooper for holding his own across such an imposing entity. They both have their shining moments throughout the soundtrack. “Maybe It’s Time” and “Always Remember Us This Way” are the highlights among their respective solos but it is in the duets where the chemistry between Jackson and Ally is displayed in its fullest. While ubiquitous “Shallow” must be celebrated as a standout single, “I Don’t Know What Love Is” is the real star of the show and “Diggin’ My Grave” rocks the hardest. The more pop-oriented tracks, especially “Why Did You Do That?”, are good only for a laugh. Unlike to most others, the music to me was one of the only few things enjoyable in the film. Kudos to the starring duo and the rest of the team, especially first-timer Cooper. Ironic how the dynamics in terms of musical experience between the characters are the reverse in real life, isn’t it?

62jacquie - A star is born5 star

It is absolutely amazing...

BrownieBear16 - Wonderful5 star

Great movie with great songs

erotic_a - Rubbish1 star

Garbage, Trash & Rubbish.

敦煌 - Album of the year5 star

Touching and heartbreaking. It's almost unblievable to have an album that features more than one amazing song these days, yet this one has many.

LDNA13 - Lady Gaga does it again5 star

She’s a standout artist. She can serve vocals, visuals, and imparts spirit and persona into all of her art. She dominated the world 10 years ago and she’s doing it again. So proud of the enigmatic powerhouse that is Lady Gaga. This is her world, we’re just living in it.

EmmaBanks - Amazing5 star

Bradley Cooper & Lady GaGa were amazing in this movie and I love the music. Incredible talent! 🎤🎬😍

Am109231 - TRENCH IS BETTER1 star

This is literally the worst 🤮

murder2themind - Soundtrack and Movie of 2018/2019.5 star

Updated version of my review. This movie is a full blown masterpiece. Lady Gaga, debuting a actress is the most blissful thing ever. While the amazing Bradley Cooper, debuting his vocal ranges shows that both of them are sharing their talents with each other, giving the storyline a more personal spark.

pete/judy - Star has already been born5 star

This is the most extraordinary soundtrack, from both Brad Cooper and La Stupenda Lady Ga Ga. Ga Ga sets a new standard for soundtracks - and acting - for this movie. At the beginning she nods a reference to Judy Garland, who I feel would have been smiling on her for this performance. Judy lost an Oscar for her performance, but I hope Ga Ga re writes this travesty and takes out one for the best performance in a film in 2018. Utterly beautiful.

Self Awareness Coach - Sensational!!! Extraordinary talent!!!5 star

One of the best movies I have seen in along time and the soundtrack inspired me to want to tell my story through song writing. The movie touched my heart and broke my heart. This movie covers many aspects of people’s lives today. This movie...was my friends story, my ex boyfriends story, my story. I have not stopped thinking about it. Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper have my deepest respect. Every song they wrote made me cry...because I felt like they knew my life. I did not recognise Lady Gaga and when I saw her I thought wow how beautiful. A natural beauty...Sick of that Hollywood platinum blonde...it is so over the top and unoriginal. I never listened to Gaga before because her artificial look put me off her music. What a shame! What was alternative has become mainstream and I find it boring now!!! Just be natural the way God designed us to be. Who needs to be in character all the time with makeup and over the top dress. Gaga looked like a rock star with natural inner and outer beauty. Amazing! This movie taught me to love my natural self again...to not be ashamed of my honesty and vulnerabilities...both emotional and physical. Labels are boring so don’t let people stick you in that box. Don’t be a Jack in the box!!! That’s how this system makes us feel. This movie makes you realise that time is precious. Thank you. XXO

Just . - No mn5 star

FHey me lbugkn

Funkyange - Phenomenal CD5 star

Absolutely fantastic! Once you’ve seen the movie you can actually re-live the experience listening to the CD!

clojs1990 - Amazing5 star

What a film, what a soundtrack!! Amazing. Playing in the car non stop 💜

Christine OB - Beyond amazing 😍5 star

Magical pairing 🌟 a Star is Born! 🌟 Lady G has completely eclipsed herself with these songs truly reaches the heart ❣ so beautiful 😌

Thank You, Bye - Fab5 star

Absolutely incredible film and soundtrack.

mayalmp - Love the soundtrack5 star

Best movie ever

Debster46 - A star is born5 star

Omg this movie was amazing the songs in it are so touching and they bring the tears on I was ok til the end if u haven’t seen it,it’s a must well done is all I can say and I’ll be going to watch it again for sure xx

ads45 - Man Agag5 star


Bigfella316 - Fantastic Album5 star

Absolutely fantastic Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper are a great mix.

LR050107 - Flawless5 star

This playlist. I cried. I am actually listening to it right now as I am typing this all the songs are impeccable. My only fault with this list is the dialogue between the songs. Solution- I reckon I have seen a “dialogue free” playlist so I cannot flaw this amazing playlist there are no words to describe this playlist on how excellent it is. I truly cannot find a single defect. -Helga( not my real name )

CarmenSandiego74 - Watch the movie....5 star

...then buy the soundtrack

riaa. - Amazing Movie & Amazing Soundtrack5 star

Saw this movie in cinema, but didn't want to listen to the full soundtrack before seeing it, just to not spoil it for myself. I can safely say, seeing this movie and hearding this soundtrack in the cinema with sorround sound & Dolby Atmos, makes it 1000x more amazing. My man Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga are phenomenal! Definitely deserves Oscars!

Ms_hawaiioz - Cooper and Gaga’s love affair and music are insatiable5 star

The best ever movie I’ve seen in decades and I’ve bought this album so I can relish the sound, strength and tempo these two wonderful actors and musicians have blessed the world with..pure, raw, honest, imperfect and perfect moments ❤️

shaz_lea - Sublime Perfection!5 star

Bradley Cooper is amazing. I LOVE and ADORE every single song on this album, especially the duets. Lady Gaga is quite simply at her very, very best EVER.

:) :) lover of 1D - Love it5 star

Love all the songs and the movie is amazing 🙌🏻👏🏻

Technical_Penguin_18 - Highlight of 20185 star

Powerful Film, stunning soundtrack. This is the project of the year 🌟

Alex271991A - Life changing5 star

This album is life altering and brave and the film was even better 🙌🏽

Sammy1581 - A Star is born5 star

Album of the year!!!

Naechap - Love it5 star

I loved the movie, it was heartbreaking but really entertaining. Bradley Cooper can sing & rock out! Gaga is fabulous. They both deserve all the Oscars!

Regan John - Epic & Amazing5 star

Every song is unique and flawless.

Keithf33 - Queen5 star


staidens - Best soundtrack eva5 star

Amazing movie. Amazing soundtrack. They couldn't have got it more right!!!

tsmizzleeeee88 - AMAZING5 star

i wish they were a duet in real life!! they are everything great music should be!! OBSESSED!!

Eboniejane - Beautiful5 star

Beautiful movie, beautiful music and beautiful job well done by Lady GaGa and Bradley Cooper.

Frackles - Promise of the Real5 star

Incredibly powerful, fantastically moving. These songs just drip emotion and pure honesty. "The real" is something often sadly lacking in the music business these days. Not here. Check out the movie. I defy anyone not to be emmotionally touched on some level by it.

MNik29 - Great soundtrack5 star

What a great soundtrack to accompany the film, the dialogue puts you back in the scene.

lovingitok - Love it5 star

Love it

Zaynewho - Raw and magical5 star

Best movie and soundtrack that’s been made in ages.

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K.K.Kodex - 20205 star

2020 and still rocking to this!

Tai Tia - SO BAD1 star

Horrible the worse thing I've ever listened to 💩🗑. I'm not wasting the money on this crap

Bonjela boi - 😡2 star

Annoying,badly written,horrible and boring.Yes,that’s what l think of this song.

Never2old - Great soundtrack but only £5 on Amazon!5 star

Go to Amazon, buy the same music on CD (much better quality) for £5. Simples.

Bertbobson - Rob robson5 star

Brilliant so moving wow Lady GaGa is perfection acting singer and songwriter 🙏🏻

Blue77Bell - Great album.5 star

Another great album .

Rifles.93 - Loved it and now big Gaga fan 💔5 star

I never really paid much attention to Gaga but after watching the film, I am now a big fan. Wow, what a voice! Also hoping to marry Bradley Cooper 😬

F5uey - Annoyed1 star

Didn’t realise there are two versions, having bought the one with 4 tracks missing and namely ‘Shallow’!

MancMonster - A star really is born!5 star

Despite all the 1 star spam reviews that have come from a selected fan base, that without a doubt haven’t listened to the album in full. This is definitely a 5 star album. Having listened to every single track, time and time again, this woman can sing! Bradly Cooper isn’t a singer and so you shouldn’t expect outstanding Vocals. The voice is good though. The sales figures of this album speak for themselves. You don’t need to be a lady gaga fan to appreciate something good. To me this is platinum!

EwayZ - Touching the deep end..!5 star

What an album! well done!!

ThanosSnapped - Overkill1 star

Overkill now with this Album, literally sick of hearing it.

coops8000 - Very poor1 star

Seams to be more talking and clips form the flim than songs, would like a refund from this very poor album...how it passes as an album is just mad. Big thumbs down.

Dec12er - Make. It. Stop!1 star

Shallow has to be one of the most poorly written chart tracks in recent years. The album is bland, boring and forgettable from start to finish. Not looking forward to people murdering these on reality shows and at the karaoke.

Kebab7777 - Love it - cried watching the film & very passionate!!5 star

Amazing and the passion is amazing, fantastic song and performance from both Cooper and Ga Ga.

gwenypop123 - Butiful5 star

Love the music xx

Mattystuart - A soulful song5 star

This album is emotionally provoking and well balanced lyrically. It has a vulnerability to it that adds to its magnetism. Also the chemistry of Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper is undeniable which gives the album an innocence and an honesty.

Robbie emberson - Right in them feels.5 star

Beautiful heartfelt music.

Gstar2000 - Bland1 star

Boring and bland. Bradley cannot sing. The Lady Gaga tracks are ok, but it gets very boring after the second time listening too..

Mooch1 - Album splitting5 star

This album has come down in two parts which is a pain ,track 12 14 15 and 23 and 33 are in a separate album ,(which is the same as another person has put )but still love the album ,looking forward to watching the film now

The Faithful Penguin - Great album... let down by the record labels incompetence!5 star

If you buy this album then be prepared to have the album download in two parts. Tracks 12, 14, 15, 23 and 33 have album info missing which causes the album to split into two parts. Apple should insist that the record labels fix these problems... but they won’t. 1 star for the muppet that was too lazy to check that the album info was correct. Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper are amazing together. Great acting, great vocals and an undeniable chemistry between them is what makes the film ‘a must see’ and the album ‘a must buy’... and a definite 5 star album, regardless of it downloading in two parts.

GagaIsALegend - A Star(s) Is Born!5 star

THE CHEMISTRY! Oh my god could light a match! 10/10 both incredible artists.

3440cityoftruro - Amazing5 star

The film was amazing and the music was too good should be singles themselves!

Rio ;) - INCREDIBLE5 star

Incredible film, incredible soundtrack. A diverse mix of genres; the dialogue perfectly coheres all the songs and makes the transformations (ballad to generic pop) more understanding. See the film if you haven’t. Timeless classic. On DVD/Blu-ray now.

sarahjustine - Amazing talent. Moving and powerful.5 star

I've only just discovered this and I'm really glad I did! I love it.

Keelzyy Jamio - Absolutely beautiful song!5 star

Love this so much.

jakey_boy2906 - Great5 star

Amazing songs

meatgrater - Great soundtrack4 star

Great soundtrack spoilt by bits of dialogue. Lady Gaga has a great voice and her personality and feel for the character she is playing come through in her vocals. Good buy.

Wayne Churchill - Amazing5 star

Brilliant album, brilliant film. This album is probably Lady Gaga’s best album to date and really shows off a more mature side to her. Her voice has grown and it certainly shows in I’ll Never Love Again. I fully recommend this album. It’s just a shame about the unnecessary talking and film snippets.

southg8lad - Amazing5 star

Love this album so much

Double 1099 - Georgie5 star

After seeing the movie, I thought it would hard to top it but this playlist hast taken over and is just outstanding pieces of music

Baldydafydd - Finally3 star

Great music at the right price finally! iTunes over price ing why people not buying!

Jonqqqq - A star is born5 star


Ale92E - Amazing5 star

Love love love. They are soooo good. Amazing.

Garry End - A Star is Born5 star


Woodbutcher26 - Incomplete download2 star

After purchasing the album song from 27-34 will not download any reason why?

Maier764 - Yasss gaga ❤️❤️5 star

Amazing just amazing love u gaga

maisie 79 - Maisie5 star

Amazing 🤩🤩🤩

Menlovemyboobies - Beautiful. Just beautiful5 star

Amazing. Stunning voices. Amazing songs. Anyone who says otherwise needs their hearing checked! Love this!

Dave Swaddy - Quality5 star

Haven’t seen the movie and didn’t listen to the chat or cast, just the brilliant music and superb vocals from Gaga and Cooper. If you’ve lived a little and have experienced the highs and lows of life then there is something for everyone here. The music and lyrics to these songs touch lots of emotions and I can personally relate to a lot of these songs and as a middle aged man I’m not afraid to say it brought a tear to me too as others have said and that is what good music should do and to call it boring tells me someone ain’t listening! I love all genres of music from the great Glen Campbell to Paul Weller and from Pink Floyd to Chet Atkins and some of these songs are as good as I’ve heard over the years. I have to admit I didn’t realise how good a singer Lady Gaga is and equally Bradley Cooper. Why are some people so talented, thank god they are!

cool [email protected] - Good4 star

Love some of the tracks, but haven’t heard all.

muppett72 - Truly Amazing, touching and real.5 star

Gaga is amazing she shows her talents as a actress and blows you away singing live. Bradley is also amazing the chemistry between these two is beautiful and that’s what makes the film beautiful and believable. People calling gaga need to bore off she is out of this world in this movie not only as a singer but as an actress making it real. I loved this movie it really got to me. Amazing movie and album. If you have not seen the movie yet take Your tissues you will need a handbag full.

hello 1120 - Boring1 star


oliver273838382 - Yesss5 star


Cait-792 - gaga is skinny5 star

love her shes a legend wig flew

adaczek1 - 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻5 star


Lee dlugosz - Masterpiece5 star

Love it and the film ahh x

Bannatyne89 - Amazing!!5 star

Went to see the film at the cinema yesterday, and I have to say it was amazing!! Got very emotional and it actually brought me into tears, the chemistry between the characters full of emotion right from the beginning to the end. Definitely Oscar worthy and I had to get the soundtrack.

Weezie Heart - Cried all the way through5 star

Lady Gaga shows her real talent and this album is a mixture of pop, country and rock making it better than the originals

TheMusicalNomad🎸🤟🏻 - Amazing! 👏🏻😄5 star

A perfect soundtrack to an exception piece of modern day cinema. I think that there’s a song for everyone on this album, there’s a variety of styles, and personally the dialogue tracks don’t take away from the music too much; it’s refreshing having a reminder of the context behind each song. Overall the whole soundtrack feels authentic and made with thought and heart, not just bashed out in a studio just for the money. A strong recommend from me, and if you haven’t seen the film yet, it’s best to watch that first if you don’t want suggestions towards the plot.

Cmarymary - Shallow1 star

I have paid and downloaded the soundtrack for “a star is born” and the song shallow hasnt transferred over into my itunes.😡

Joms1810 - ONE OF THE BEST5 star


Erick002 - Wig5 star

Mother monster snatched it again. #talentwins

Jacel De Guzman - Lady Gaga is the NEW DIVA5 star

Wow! Just wow! Lady Gaga never cease to surprise everyone. Just when people think Lady Gaga can’t sing and she just shove this record to their faces. 😘

reanavissant - Lady Gaga fever5 star

This is what a soundtrack is supposed to be! 👍👍👍👍

Mikee Grande ❤️ - THE BEST!!5 star


Kix_r - Great Soundtrack to match a great movie5 star

Performances across the board were fantastic. Some of the songs aren’t that good, but they’re not supposed to be. Makes more sense once you’ve seen the film, but most of the songs stand on their own. Great material for singing competitions and karaoke. 😂

Owellb - So many beautiful songs5 star

Never expected that the soundtrack is giving me lot of feels! This is just beautiful.

Finapple28 - A Star Is Born Again By Lady Gaga5 star

There can be 100 people in the room and 99 don't believe in you. And you just need one to believe in you.

danieljosh31 - A wig is snatched5 star

This is Gagas best work to date! A mix of powerful ballads and catchy pop songs. take my coins my stefanie

Charlie_Baby - Spectacular5 star

This Album is everything , I haven’t seen the movie but this music lets me feel the whole essence of the movie

kemeryut - Masterpiece5 star

Nothing like queen gaga

Iamvinz0513 - So excited!!!!!5 star

I’ll Never Love Again is like the modern day I will always love you! This is epic! Can’t wait for the movie as well! ❤️❤️❤️

hausofjam - Soooo goood!!!5 star

I love the whole album!!!

Mark Manzano - Album of The Year5 star

This is an art. Full of masterpieces. Pop, ballad, rock ‘n roll songs are always the best. Gaga and Cooper did a very good job!

Linsie linsie - Shallow5 star

Love this!!

Kingjayzeus - A Wig Is Snatched5 star

L. Gaga confiscated my wig.

vctrjunjun - my wig flew....5 star

i haven't heard any of this bc i'm writing this review before the release date but before i even listen to all of these tracks imma say i already luv it and my pu s s y is pulsating.......

guerreromatty - Best Soundtrack Ever5 star


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