The Serenity of Suffering

Korn - The Serenity of Suffering album wiki, reviews
Artist :   Korn
Album Name :   The Serenity of Suffering
Genre :   Metal
Relase Date :   21 October 2016
Tracks :   11
Country :   USA

The Serenity of Suffering (Korn) Album Songs

Song Title Artist Time
1. Insane Korn 3:50
2. Rotting in Vain Korn 3:33
3. Black Is the Soul Korn 4:01
4. The Hating Korn 4:22
5. A Different World (feat. Corey Taylor) Korn 3:20
6. Take Me Korn 3:00
7. Everything Falls Apart Korn 4:17
8. Die Yet Another Night Korn 4:28
9. When You're Not There Korn 3:24
10. Next in Line Korn 3:28
11. Please Come for Me Korn 2:53

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Korn - The Serenity of Suffering Album Wiki

The Serenity of Suffering is the twelfth studio album by American nu metal band Korn, released on October 21, 2016. According to guitarist Brian Welch, it is "heavier than anyone's heard us in a long time" and it contains their most intense music in a long time vocally as well..

The Serenity of Suffering (Korn) Album Comments

The Serenity of Suffering (Korn) Album Reviews

  • Fantastic

    This beats Issues for me. And that says a lot
  • So good

  • Great Album!

    notre dame country
    Finally! Korn is back. The last several albums had a few good songs but I feel most sounded main stream. This album sounds more like old Korn. The weird noises the fast, slow tempo and the sound is back. I didn’t buy it until now because I thought it would be more of the same as the last three albums man was I wrong. Every song rocks. I even own a Ibanez K5 so I would say I am a fan.
  • Thank You For Coming Back.....

    Music Heals...
    Korn is back....... The new beginning of what is to come. Brian back makes this band special again. Last album was a warm up open arms, this album is just geting things started for what is to come. NOTE: The album artwork takes away the feel at first glimpse. Could have been something more relatable to all....
  • Awesome

    This album is crazy so heavy and great. Heaviest album in years thats for sure.
  • *Fanfukintasic*

    Jonathan never disappoints, KoRn's killin it again!🔥🔥!i!i!i!
  • Amazing

    This is their best album in years! Not one bad song!
  • They are back!!!

    Seriously the best album they have put out since life is peachy. I can play this album from start to finish over and over. Not a bad song on here.
  • KORNNNNN!!!!!!!!

  • Korn Kicks rear again

    16 HORSES
    Say what you will about Korn but they once again shake the earth 🌏 with their unorthodox rock sound! The song with Cory Taylor of Slipknot was awesome icing on the cake!