Kid A by Radiohead

Kid A [Radiohead] Album Songs

NoSong TitleTime
1 4:11
2 4:44
3 5:51
4 5:56
5 3:42
6 5:15
7 3:31
8 5:09
9 4:35
10 3:20
11 0:52
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Kid A by Radiohead Album Reviews

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- Great4 star

Apart from Kid A, Treefingers and the overated Motion Picture Soundtrack (never got why people love this track), its a great album. After loving the Bends and OK Computer which were complete albums, I was really disappointed when I bought this alnum in 2000. But is has some brilliant tracks like How to Disappear Completely and The National Anthem.

- Revolutionary5 star

I had put this album off for a while as I was getting into Radiohead because I thought this album was too weird. After finally listening through it, I'm addicted to this album 19 years after it's release. I'm sure this album was one of the causes of the new electronic music we have today. All the songs work so well together that it's hard not to listen to the whole album in one go. It's an acquired taste but once you start to like it, there's no going back...

- This is it5 star

And nothing will ever compare.

- Kid A5 star

This is my favorite album of all time not just did this album change Radiohead’s sound but it also made a pioneering sound in indie rock.

- Gut wrenching5 star

This album, is one of those that can instantly transport me to another time and place while simultaneously flooding my heart and mind with the same emotions and thoughts of those now ancient days. It grabbed me then, it still grabs me now. I feel like I fell in love for the first time with this album as the soundtrack. Listen to it start to finish, rinse, repeat.

- Genius5 star

One of the greatest

- Radiohead's best5 star

These guys are the Pink Floyd of my generation. When this album first came out, I didn't know what to think about it. I love that Radiohead's music has to take a while to sink in. It means that I'm at a new place musically. I love this album so much.

- A Perfect Album5 star

Probably the best thing Radiohead will ever release

- A Truly Incredible Masterclass of an Album5 star

Kid A is something that has to be experienced; it is one of the most incredible albums I've ever heard. It seriously blew me away. From the horn freak out that is National Anthem, to the techno freak out that is Idioteque, the beauty of How to Disappear, and the Optimism of Optimistic, this album is just a masterpiece! If you are interested in any songs in this album, just get them all. Everything falls into it's right place when listening to the album. Also if you give it back to back listens and just keep listening to it, it just gets better and better; however, this album isn't for everyone it's very different. I highly recommend this album for someone who likes an album that on its own can be used as the playlist of the month! It is truly an incredible album everyone should experience!

- Phenomenal Album5 star

This album and Ok Computer are Radiohead's two masterpiece albums.While Ok Computer combined Alternative Rock and a little bit of Electronica,Kid A is different this album is mostly Electronica with a little bit of Rock.Kid A is amazing,Trippy,and Beautiful.Thom Yorke has great vocals and the rest of the band are amazing at their instruments.All the songs are great on Kid A from the crazy song The National Anthem to the upbeat Idioteque.Buy the full album not just one song.

- Extremely Diverse5 star

This album has so many styles ranging from jazzy drum grooves (such as Idioteque and In Limbo) to ambient noises (Treefingers and Untitled) all tied together in a futuristic feel. Great album and is worth every penny!

- My Favorite Album5 star

There are many reasons why this album became my favorite; It's mysterious, it's pleasent put together, it flows perfectly. It only gets better the more you listen to it. "National Anthem" is probably my favorite off the album purely because of that awesome bass line.

- AMAZING5 star

This album is great. It has good, simple, funky songs

- Kid A5 star

It's an album

- Mind Blowing5 star

This is arguably the most intense and challenging Radiohead album in their catalog. The first time I heard it, it grabbed me by the gut. Perhaps one of the best rock albums ever made with courage and passion.

- Everything5 star

With this album you'll either love it or hate it. I've never met anyone with an in between opinion on it. It take a different turn from previous Radiohead albums but I love it!

- Kid A4 star

I rate it 4 stars because of memories I have, actually good ones, listening and over-analyzing it with some friends. But truthfully I feel as though had it not been released by such a critically acclaimed band I would have to give it 3. Very creative and from what I can tell must have taken a lot of effort to make.. But it's just so weird..

- Of course5 star

I love motion picture soundtrack

- Troll1 star

Its Bad

- Favorite Album Ever. Period.5 star

I don't know how many times I've listened to Everything It's Right Place, the title track, How to disappear, Treefingers, or Idioteque. It's been 3 years since I've heard this record and only a few other albums in my opinon have hardly touched upon the emotinal density and inner turmoil that this album oozes. The face of innovation, beauty in the eye of fear and disaster, and overall, a true masterpiece.

- 16 years later....5 star

This album still grabs you by the throat, and doesn't let go till it's over. From the track order, production, instrumentation, performance, can't find a better album. Radiohead had some serious teeth on this album, a crazy edge that they never managed to replicate. Just listen to the bass line for "national anthem." Possibly my favorite rock album ever.

- Fantastic Album.5 star

If you’re willing to give this album some time, you’ll find something truly amazing. It’s one that can even tell a story but not one that will be the same for everyone or even for every listen. And the music is fantastic. It never really dies like some more accessible music will over time. Don’t go buying just one song off the album. This one is meant to be an experience. And it’s truly a great one.

- The Best Album…Ever5 star

This album has driven me to tears. This album has made me so happy. It's a beautiful piece of music. The culmination of art in 48 minutes. I cannot elaborate how incredible this album is. Just listen.

- Kid A- is it worth it?5 star


- Good stuff5 star

One of my favorite albums of all time,definitely in my top 5


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Positive.Gamer - The Wandering Oracle is Wrong5 star

Don’t listen to them, this album was not a commercial failure. It literally debuted at #1. And it’s incredible too.

juanmiguelpascual - The album that shocked the rock scene!5 star

Some say its a commercial suicide release for the band.. little they know, its Radiohead’s second masterpiece after OK Computer

The Wandering Oracle - A poor vintage, sour grapes for the ears2 star

When Radiohead released Kid A at the turn of the milenium the music industry was already in turmoil, suffering from internet downloads and sparse concert festival crowds. Kid A was seen in the industry as a possible pivot point, something to turn fans back on to purchasing music through the "concept album". This effort failed to live up to its hype and proved a collosal commercial failure at the time. It has not aged well.

Tedham Porterhouse - Desolate, Alienating5 star

One of Radiohead's great strengths is their album openers, and 'Everything In Its Right Place' serves as one of the best tone-setting introductions I've ever heard. For those who find themselves put off by the icey electronica of many songs on the album, there is 'The National Anthem', 'How to Disappear Completely', 'Optimistic', and 'In Limbo', all of which opt more for intricate, live sounds. Another perfectly sequenced album from Radiohead, Kid A is best when enjoyed in its cohesive entirety.

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thekiller2610 - Radiohead’s masterpiece5 star

After the huge success of OK Computer, the band hit a brick wall. Thom started to suffer from writer’s block, Philip thought that the band was starting to sound like other rock bands, while Ed was fine with his part in terms of having catchy melodies and guitar hooks, but Thom was not having it, as he wanted to hear rhythm, and was sick of the melodies. So what does the band do in order to reconnect and do something which is different from their contemporaries, well as Thom said, “We took a massive eraser and started from scratch”. By taking away their usual guitar rock sound, and replacing it with electronic music, along with jazz, krautrock, and other 20th century music, the band created one of their most defining albums of the 21st century and of all time. By using drum machines, brass instruments, Obnimus Mortun, synthesisers, a little bit of guitars and Philip’s drums, along with dystopian and fantastic lyrics which Thom personally cut out and picked out from a hat, the band changed their musical style for the better, and defined themselves as one of the greatest artists of all time.

bengh93 - Personal favourite5 star

Love all their albums but this is their best. Any Radiohead fan should buy this.

Cyphron - Radiohead’s best album5 star

Like the alt techno vibe

Isaacaiden - Possible high point of peerless output5 star

This is an uncompromising masterpiece. All the elements converge perfectly and it gets better and better with age. If you're unaccustomed it might take a few listens but you'll soon wonder how you didn't notice all the beautiful melodies, clever nuances and artful innovation immediately. Craft, ideas and emotions all leaven the effect of each other which is rare I think. More than just an album by my lights. I see someone gave it 3 stars lol. Fair enough I suppose there's no work of art that pleases everyone

rae rudd - directionless2 star

At the risk of sounding stuck in time and inflexible, I know Radiohead went through the rebellious years with their record company, BUT this is not much of an excuse, lazy and directionless, where are the dynamic chords, clear vocals and peerless craftmanship of yesteryear?? they seem to be sleepwalking through their music.

mrmoody2001 - Kid A5 star

Absolutely love this album. Love the art work too that comes with CD but never could decipher it lol. Anyone who has an eclectic taste in music and who genuinely love music should give this album a listen to. Listened to it last night for first time in years. Going to re listen to OK Computer tonight. I'd suggest buying the cd as its probably cheaper than iTunes and you get the cool cd inlay.

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Radiohead - Kid A Album Comments

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Radiohead - Kid A Album Wiki

Kid A is the fourth studio album by the English rock band Radiohead, released on 2 October 2000 by Parlophone. After the stress of promoting Radiohead's acclaimed 1997 album OK Computer, songwriter Thom Yorke envisioned a radical change in direction. The band incorporated synthesisers, drum machines, strings and brass, drawing influence from electronic music, ambient music, krautrock, jazz, and 20th-century classical music. They recorded Kid A with OK Computer producer Nigel Godrich in Paris, Copenhagen, Gloucestershire and their hometown Oxford, England. Another album recorded in the same sessions, Amnesiac, was released the following year. Radiohead released no singles or music videos to promote Kid A and conducted few interviews and photoshoots. Instead, they became one of the first major acts to use the internet as a promotional tool; the album was made available to stream and was promoted with short animated films featuring music and artwork. Bootlegs of early performances were shared on file-sharing services, and the album was leaked before release. Kid A debuted at the top of the charts in Britain, and became Radiohead's first number-one album in the United States; it has been certified platinum in Australia, Canada, France, Japan, the US and the UK. Like OK Computer, it won a Grammy for Best Alternative Album and was nominated for Album of the Year. Its departure from Radiohead's earlier sound divided fans and critics, and some dismissed it as pretentious, deliberately obscure, or derivative. However, Kid A later attracted wider acclaim; at the turn of the decade, Rolling Stone, Pitchfork and the Times ranked Kid A the greatest album of the 2000s. In 2012, Rolling Stone ranked it number 67 on its list of the 500 greatest albums of all time..

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