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Tracy Chapman - Fast Car Song Reviews

- Must have in any collection!

Timeless; social activism with harmony :)


This album is so beautiful. These songs are beautiful and I don't think there's another album like it. So amazing, I could listen to the album all day. โค๏ธ

- Yay

Is the reason why this song is in the Top 20 is because it Was in NZGT?

- Masterpiece

Possibly the greatest album ever, if you listen to a million albums I doubt you will hear something better. Never been a massive fan of her other stuff but you can't go wrong with this album. Masterpiece.

- Give it a listen

I grew up listening to this cd because I was born in 88'. Chapman never fails to amaze me with her meaningful lyrics and smooth lovely voice. Most of her songs tell a story. My favorites are Across the lines,Fast Car and Why.

- Simple Stance

Tracy is the true singer/songwriter. Everything she puts out on this album is untouched, only an accustic guitar and her vocals standout. A perfect combination that balance each other out. It's the lyrics that speak to you as well as the natural voice of Tracy. The true point is that this is the kind of album people need to put out more often. I would reccomend this album to anyone.

- This is a great album!!! Why don't they have any of her others?

Tracy Chapman has so many other good albums, too! It's a shame that itunes has so few options! Please add more of Tracy Chapman, like her album "New Begining" which has one of her best songs on it-- "Give Me One Reason". Please listen to her other music too! It's really good!

- Perfect Beginning Album!!!!! (Debute)

This was the first album I heard of Tracy Chapman, and I was impressed. Every song is just a HIT!!!!!! I recognize "Fast Car" and on the album "New Beginning": "Give Me One Reason" which were from the radio, but after this album I got very interested in Tracy Chapman. If you've ever been curious about this artist, this is the album to try. Even if you're dissapointed, this is a hit album that probably will be worth a lot in the future. She made a GREAT start with this one!!!! 5 Stars!!!!!!!

- She is unique

I did not know about Tracy Chapman before, I stumbled upon one of her songs by coincidence, VH1 was airing old music and Fast Car kicked in, now, I like all of my music I currently like and listen a lot but only after I really give attention to the music and listen carefully, I have some mainstream modern music (green day, Kanye West, Linkin Park) and although I like some of their music I really don't appreciate them and I listen to them only 3 or 4 times in one week compared to music I REALLY like, however, Tracy Chapman's Fast Car was one of the very very few songs that just really went straight into my heart, she's a good singer, she's not the best black voice I've heard but her peaceful voice really goes into your heart, you can have an excellent singer with a wonderful voice but Tracy Chapman just stimulates my senses, you can feel her, she's the first singer that has really gone trough my heart, the feeling cannot be described by words, maybe I sound exaggerated but she is that awesome. Whatever your musical tastes are, when somebody puts his/her heart and emotions in a song and REALLY project them even making the listeners feel as if the singer is right there in person, making you live their song, you, my friend, can be sure that this music is over anything else period. I'm sure there are more singers like Tracy but I haven't stumbled upon any of those, so she's the only of this "kind" I know. And even after 20 years the music still sounds fresh, it's not ear fatiguing, it still applies to many of our current problems as a society and I can rest happily knowing that someone else out there will know about this music and probable change what they think about that world, that's something even deeper that just making music. Happy listening

- More Relevant today than when it was released!!!

Timeless, relevant, compelling, exposive, intelligent.....! Tracy is and always will be one of the most important artist of the 20th century. NO American Idol manufacturing here!!!

- Fast Car

This is one of my favorite songs ever! I was listening to it in the car with my friend and her family and I instantly fell in love with it! Five stars!

- Great

the album is great! fast car always brings back memories of being a kid, not really understanding what the song was about back then, but remebering how much i loved it. now as an adult i am always taken back to that innocent childhood.

- Amazing Album

It doesn't get any better than this. Every song on this album is fantastic. Each song is well written and the melodies are so original. Of course who can forget how great Fast Car is.

- Baby Can I Hold You

"Baby Can I Hold You" Is quite possibly the most sincere and heart-wrenching song ever. It's just bleeds with emotion and pulls at every heart string. One cannot help but weep inconsolably when this song is on because Tracy is singing words that all of us have felt at one time or another. The true brilliance of caprturing honesty in art. This woman is a pioneer of Folk music. You cannot deny that Tracy re-started this genre along with Suzanne Vega and a few others female artists of the late 80's and 90's after almost 15 years of unintentional disappearance by the first ladies of folkโ€“ Joan Baez, Joni Mitchell and the Carol King. While Joni was trying to fit in with the 80's and incorporating synths into her music (Chalk Mark in a Rain Storm), Tracy came out with an acoustic album and with her deep voice and re-invented the female folk singer during a period where everything was awash in drum machines and technology. "Fast Car" relies on a single guitar riff and vocal melody on top of it but it's one that we cannot get out of our heads for days even after 20 years. Who cannot relate to the exultation one feels when they can escape and drive away. This album is a friendly reminder that good music transcends all time.

- Fast Car

I know that most younger people would concider Tracy Chapman a wierd singer and sure she doesnt sound anythng like Rihanna or kanye-West, but i think that she has an AMAZING voice. I highly recomend her for any age of people.

- Behind the Wall

This song is great, it shows how well Tracy can sing without music in the background, or acapella or however you spell it. :D <3

- Classic!!!

Every song is great! There are not many albums that you can listen to from start to finish and enjoy it in it's entirety. Years later it still sounds just as fresh. Definetly in my top 10!

- Ronfer 55

Finally!!! This album played a very large part in my wifes' and my dating life. It seems we listened to it every time we got in the car. In my opinion, one of the best by any artist! Now what about getting "Waiting For A Star To Fall" by Boy Meets Girl; that was another favorite!!!

- Honest, Deeply Personal and Unique

Tracy Chapman has such a unique voice and honesty with her music you can't help but feel perturbed, her lyrics are beautiful. I'm glad I've heard her music and can comfortably say she is a breath of fresh air amongst the sea of plainness we seem to be plagued by.

- couldnt live w/o music

one of the few albums that every song is good. AMAZING!!


when my mom was in college tracy would come to unh and perform on the campus and my mom fell in love with her and now i listen to her. the music isn't fake her voice is so unique and amazing please buy her music she deserves it1!!!!!

- Beautiful

I was not aware that this album was from the 80s until today. I'm in high school and my friends and I listen to this cd all the time. I just assumed it was one of those artists who was never on the radio that everyone knew about like Ben Lee. Tracy Chapman's music is truly beautiful. Today there are songs that are good to dance to, to listen to at parties, but there are few that really make you stop and listen. Talkin' About a Revolution makes you stop and listen. So does Fast Car. It is rare that you run into someone with the gift Tracy Chapman has. She has the gift to make you stop and think. Many people go through life "just trying to be happy". Tracy Chapman makes the listener realize that there is more to life than that. She makes you think about the rest of the world.

- faster car

tracy chapman needs a faster car to keep up with the passing scene.

- Still Amazing

Tracy Chapman has such an amazing voice, and a unique gift for storytelling that leaves you wanting to listen to this album again and again! Her songs inspire emotion,not to mention that they're easy on the ears! Every time I listen to this, I'm disappointed once it ends. It really is one of the few albums where every single song is good! My favorites are "fast car", "behind the wall" and "Mountains O'Things". I would recommend this to anyone.

- Flawless

This is one of the greats.

- A Must Have

Gives me goosebumps when i listen to it. A must have for anyone. My favorite Album of all time.

- lovely, lovely, lovely

Tracy helped shape my musical tastes when I was growing up. I remember hearing "Fast Car" in 1992 when my father had it on tape. We had a big stereo then and that song was fantastic when played loud. Now that I'm older, the ablum is even more fantastic when played on a Sunday just to chill and meditate. Thank you Tracy!

- A must have for any collection

I first heard this album in the army, I loved it then and still after 20 years I can listen to it for hours. Fast car is my favorite. Tracy Chapman touches your heart and your soul. The lyrics make you think and reflect about life and others. She is a true artist. Writer, performer and visionary. Buy this album you will not be sorry you did.

- girl's got soul

tracy chapman may not have the mariah carey voice but she's definitely got the soul. she sings her songs with so much passion and you can feel it. her political and moral views are clear in her lyrics. to say the least, tracy chapman is an amazing singer/songwriter and she is continuing her career even today. way to go tracy. keep doin your thing.

- good for her.

omg fast car is like the best. <3 it.


itunes needs more tracy they only have like half her music

- Where's the NEW BEGINNING album?

iTunes needs to add this album!!

- a 9th world wonder

tracy is a singer that sings raw and does not need fancy equipment while singing. He digs deep into his soul and what he comes up with is pure genius

- Something about it

There's just something about fast car that just gives you that feeling she is a gueneuss I don't know how she could come up with something so amazing

- One of the Best Debut Albums Ever

Tracy Chapman's self titled album ranks as one of the best - if not the best - debut albums ever released. It is powerful, beautiful, and very moving recording from the first to the last note addressing themes of social (political) change, homelessness, cultural division, and domestic violence in songs such as "Talking 'Bout a Revolution", "Fast Car", "Across the Lines" and "Behind the Wall". However, it also features the truly remarkable love song "Baby Can I Hold You Tonight" and the haunting "For You". This is a timeless recording. While all of Tracy's albums are worthwhile, none were as thoroughly consistent or as poignant as this recording. Beautiful!!!!

- Why are the great artists always underrated?

Ohhhh man. In 50 years from now, I will still remember every word and beat of this album. If you like music that carries an emotional/mature tone, truly speaks from the heart, promotes social change, and is overall a classy beat, check out this timeless album! If you're a careful consumer like I am and don't know how to download music, then at least buy the songs "Talkin' Bout a Revolution," "Fast Car," and "She's Got Her Ticket." You won't regret it!

- Tracy Chapman, Where are you?

I love Tracy Chapman!! This is a wonderful album. Where are the rest of them?? Crossroads, New Beginings, Telling Stories. For crying out loud i-tunes, what seems to be the hold up? The world would be a better place if everyone listened to Tracy in there i-pods all day long. Lets make it happen!!!

- Tracy remembers that love is a good thing. :)

"Fast Car" is simply beautiful. "Talkin' Bout a Revolution" is riveting. "Baby Can I Hold You" is tender and sweet. "Behind the Wall" is devastatingly powerful. Tracy Chapman is one of the most talented, versatile, and brilliant artists to emerge post-protest music heyday. Plus she is very, very beautiful. Tracy Chapman is one of the few artists out there who isn't in it for the money or the fame. She is amazing. Enough said.

- A Beatiful Album

Clean, lyrical, empassioned, with beautiful instrumentation, this is possibly one of the greatest albums ever released. Nearly every song, with the possible exception of the dreary accapella "Behind the Wall" is absolutely wondrous. Along with Pink Floyd's "The Wall" and David Bowie's "Ziggy Stardust", this is indeed one of the best albums to listen to back to back, and yet, like the songs of those albums, each one of these musical delicacies can be savoured by itself.

- 21 years, stil current, still love it!

I bought this on tape in 1988 when the first song debuted. It did not get the air play current pop hit did. But the album as a whole was, is a wonderful work from this artist. My tape has disappeared, so the modern solution is to down load the album!

- Amazing

A REAL music artist, hands down...legend status.

- it's horrible!!!

How do you people like this stuff?!?!?! Tracy Chapman sounds like she is sick when she is singing! It's TERRIBLE!!!!

- Such a classic album

I have been listening to this album since I was about 12yrs old. It just never gets old. If I loose it, I always buy another...

- Tracy Chapman

Soulful, deep down to your heart love it. Every song every line everything on this album is so perfectly sung, played and recorded. Ill listen to it it over and over again somedays. Still love it always and forever.

- good stuff

shez jus good. i love hip hop but mayne u jus cant compete with this. classic.

- A Timeless Piece

This is a very powerful album, not one bad song. Her voice is like nothing I have ever heard before.

- A must have artist

Tracy Chapman has an amazing life story. That she can so brillantly compose music to express what she feels is stimply stunning. Be warned, her music is addicting and haunting. By today's standards, this music is very mellow. But it does something many songs no longer do: tell a great story. Her guitar work is top notch, her voice can't be compared to anyone else. Noone can sing like Tracy Chapman.

- excellent, just excellent

i remember when this album came out as though it were only yesterday. i can't believe it's been nearly 2 decades. i remember walking into the record store and Fast Car was playing, it was one of those few songs that hold such power over you that when you hear it you just stop in your tracks and just listen. it was so haunting, and yet down to earth. 80s music definitely ended on a much more deeper level than it began thanks to tracy's decade closing album. even today Fast Car is more emotional than back then. maybe because i've lived alot more since then and i can relate even more to the lyrics. yesterday the song moved me, today it makes me cry.

- young kid here

I love the song fast car. I think her music is still awsome. I'm 14 years old and once i 1st heard this song on the speakers in a clothing store i loved it. So buy this song.

- One of my favorite albums

Liked it as a teenager, even more as an adult :) & still listen to it regularly. Tracy Chapman and Ani Difranco are some of the best poets for their ability to express strong emotions without falling into cloying sentimentality or clichรฉs.

- Play the whole cd and won't get tired!

I wasn't a big Chapman fan in the begining because I loved rap and it was in it's hey day. But now since I've mellowed out a bit and very tired of the same songs on the radio 10 times a day. I really appreciate her work. That album is tight from start to finish and very addictive. You can't put a time stamp on it like some cd's. I love real artist who play instruments, write music and perform their own songs. Now that is talent. Artist like John Mayer, Stevie Wonder, Alicia Keys and Prince fit that mold. The best part about this album is she didn't need a club banger to sell it. Just an Awsome arrangement!

- Beauty, not politics

I find the iTunes review to be complete nonsense. Within 2-3 lines, the reviewer associates her work with the Bush era, the Reagan era, the early '70's, and the PC movement. All I know is Ms. Chapman was living in Cambridge, MA when I was and singing on the streets. She came out with a beautiful, touching album that moved people. She is a classic singer/songwriter, and her songs couldn't be more personal. I remember people going silent when they first heard "Fast Car" to listen. Please ignore all this baloney about her liberalism or social activism. Do you people have neo-cons writing reviews? Please edit this stuff and let's appreciate someone who created pure, simple heartfelt music at an extremely bland time in our society.

- I'm in love with her music.

I listen to her music everyday and I get into each song equaly as much as the days before. Powerful lyrics...

- The first effort of a unique voice

Having heard Tracy Chapman singing her songs on the streets of Harvard Square back in the 80s, she was, with this album, one of the voices I latched on to during my college years. Revisiting this album has reminded me of the rich soulfulness of her voice, the social consciousness behind her lyrics and the real power of her vocal personality. Tracy Chapman was as relevant in her youth as Carole King and her music has that kind of timeless feel. A great first album.

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- Great album... Came across a cassette of this when i was 10, awesome moments hearing to these songs!

Luv this album

- Oh Tracy !

She was enigma in my college days. An unique style of her own and a Grammy took us to her.

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- Mr

Doesn't get much better can listen to this over & over and not get board.

- Tracy is hectic

Tracy Chapman's albumn is unreal all the tunes really hit home, this has to be one of the greatest living albums ever

- fantastic!!!!!!!

this album is an absolute classic, been looking everywhere for it!! so happy ive found it at last. best track by far is fast car!!

- Classic

Brilliant album from the late 80's. Every track sounds good and very easy to listen to.

- stunning

this has been my favourite album since the early nineties ... if u like adele, buy it ... simply stunning.

- Just Priceless

So happy to have come across this album on iTunes. Grew up listening to this album and every song is so sentimental. Never gets tired of this album. Every song tells a story. I could go on and on.

- Brilliant ๎—

So glad to find this, brings back so many good memories, classic album!!!

- The forgotten brilliance

This needs to be in the most sold ITunes albums. It's a classic album and I can't believe it has taken me until now to download it. Off to buy Suzanne Vega now too - another great from the 80s

- Love it

Tracy Chapman deserves 6 stars for this album. Every song has been carefully written and the words have so much meaning to them. Something for everyone on this album.

- Amazing

I initially bought this album when it was released. This is a timeless classic. A No 1 if released today.

- Simply the best

This album is, without doubt, my favourite album of all time. Downloading it today as I've misplaced my cd whilst renovating our home

- Strange

This album is just weird. I get freaked out by her voice but she is a good singer

- Timeless, exceptional album

This is such a timeless album that it is a must for anyone. Cannot recommend highly enough. Evocative, emotional, at times chilling, this is a work of art

- Luv it so much

This album is a amazing my fav song is fast car

- Legend!!!

Wot a fantastic album she has a lovely voice the best. true legend my fav songs tlkin bout a revolution and fast cars. well worth the money top album

- Delighted

I'm so delighted to have come across this album! Perfect!!

- ...Tracy rocks

...timeless music!!

- Love It!!!

As my usual itunes purchases usally consist of Westlife or robbie Williams I have to say this is one of the best albums I have heard! Easy listening songs that clearly mean something to the author, beautiful! Thanks to a special little guy who got me into this album, night night cuttie! xxx

- A real class album

I had forgotten how good this was. At this price, how can you go wrong? Just about every track is perfect.

- Timeless Classic

Superb album of songs. If you are in two minds as to whether to buy it, don't be. This album is one of the iconic sound of the late 80's. You won't be disappointed in any song.

- Tracy

I love Tracy Chapman!! This takes me right back to my childhood. I haven't heard these songs in years and I still know each song word perfect. Brilliant music for an incredibly low price. I recommend it to everyone!

- Brilliant-Fast cars

I have been searching for this song for ages and i've been e-mailing radio stations just to find out this song! Fast cars is a fantastic song

- Epic!!!!

Simply one of the Best albums in The History of Music!! That is all.

- Just simply beautiful.

This was my favourite album when it came out all those years ago - when I was young! Just rediscovered it again & my youth came flooding back. I appreciate it even more now that I'm older & wiser. A truly wonderful collection of thought provoking tracks. Nearly a quarter of a century later, I now realise that albums like this only come around very rarely. In fact, I'm not sure if there has been anything to surpass this since 1988! Just simply beautiful.

- Brilliant Album

Any of the young Adele fans should download this to find out about real soulful, powerful music. I've had this album for over a decade and enjoy it now as much as ever.

- Tracy chapman

Tracy chapman you are amazing

- Best ever

Best ever debut Album ever released by miles, she has yet to make another as good, Tracy chapman set the bar so high with this I doubt it will ever be equalled.

- Stunning

I loved this album back then & I love it even more now, her voice is amazing ๐Ÿ‘๐ŸŽค๐ŸŽถ๐ŸŽต๐Ÿ˜ƒ


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