Timber (feat. Ke$ha) Song Lyrics

Timber (feat. Ke$ha) by Pitbull Song Lyrics

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Pitbull - Timber (feat. Ke$ha) Song Reviews

- Mess

I liked Ke$ha, but I can rarely find a song where I like Pitbull in it. 

- trashhhhh

timber is trash, along with kesha. she's trash too.

- Proud to be Brown!!!

Keep it coming, Sexy. Tu voz nos enlocese! Us women need to be adored. Amo tu ritmo!!!

- 😝

I honestly love this song! Pitbull has a very unique voice, and I think he and Ke$ha sound great together..

- I miss the old Pitbull

He needs another album like 305 !!! Come on Pitbull !


Timber is my absolute most favorite song ever!! I listen to it alllllllllllllllllll the time!! BEST SONG EVER! I can't stress enough how much I love it! GREAT SONG!

- Dear reviews,

To all the people who are disrespecting Pitbull just STOP!!!! There's nothing wrong with his music. Granite that the only difference for this album and the last one is 5 added songs. So, the comment made "that 2 songs were deleted and "Timber" was added" is HIGHLY inaccurate. I thought the album from 2 years ago (GLOBAL WARMING) was the best (so far). I guess Mr. Worldwide just wanted to update his album because some of his music was put into movies. Example "Back in Time" (featured in Men In Black 3). And the last 5 songs were from other artists who came out with new albums. That's the reason why this album was remade to help promote the other artist's music. PitBull is giving the public what it wants dance music. Who really listens to lyrics of songs this days it's all about "Who made the song? and how does it sound?" Lyrics are a later date look up topic.

- -_-

Pit bull this. Pitbull that. Gosh dude do you re get tired "rapping" in every single song?

- Yup.

This is not music, and it isn’t supposed to be. What you actually are listening to is fun, typical, pop candy that reaches the top charts because it is addicting. I don’t appreciate this because it’s good, and you don’t either. We appreciate this because it doesn’t mean anything. In a world where hardships and emotions and work and life and problems and difficulties are encountered in our daily lives, pop candy is a welcomed distraction. It has no core, no emotion, and no cares. It is fun without substance. Take a break, enjoy, but don’t eat too much or you will puke and detest it. Pitbull doesn’t care what you think, and clearly you shouldn’t either while listening.

- Top sales

He is so rich $$$$$$$$$

- Timber

It's ok but I don't like the beat

- Only 1 song....

I'm sorry Pitbull, but you're losing heat. There's only one good song on this album, and it's only cus Ke$ha sings the chorus. Sorry. It might help in the future if you try changing things up a bit. Everything just sounds the same.

- Awesome!

Pitbull I think is fairly good and stop saying rude things because he's trying his best! KEEP MAKING MUSIC

- 'have some fun'

if you dont buy the complete album, at least buy 'have some fun' its amazing :)

- -the best song is timber everything else is bad


- Timber!

Love that song!

- Awesome as always


- I like Timber

I am not into Pittbull except for Timber (& I hate Kei$ha) & the songs I heard while in Zumba. As for the negative reviews, does anyone realize that the artists or there crew actually read these reviews? I feel these negative reviews are just plain rude.

- Finally!

Pitbull is baaaaaaaackkkkk!! :D

- Come on!

Come on America, I can't believe you think the song Timber is great music. I think he had a bet with someone that he could add any lyric to a catchy tune, no matter how stupid the words are, and America will buy it. Suckers!

- Just stop saying that

He's a good singer just deal with it like u guys are any better ( the bad comments) I love is songs ok

- Awesome

I love this all the haters need to shut up

- Best song!

This is the best song ever!


Haters shut the fk up. I cant believe you used all that energy toward someone you hate. Go hang yourself pathetic haters. Pitbull is awesome and no matter what you say he's still making money. Lol

- TIMBER!!!!!¡!!!!!

Love this album I don't care what everyone says!! Love these songs especially Timber!!!

- Excellent

This song is great, all you haters out there, unless you're a professionally hired music critic, please shut the hell up. This is so catchy I love it! As far as I'm concerned, it's as good as gold. Only thing I comment about is the meaning of the lyrics XD

- *No explanation needed..*

Haha ratings are disabled that's embarrassing time to quit your "job" Mr pity.

- Stop

It says that I can only have the song for 30 days and I paid for it!!!!!!!! $1.29 😡😡😡😡😡 never bye this song!

- Love pitbull u guys are jerks

I love his songs❤️ u guys are just rude u don't have any style in music an timber is an awesome song I listen to it every day and u guys need to shut ur mouths up because his songs are really good and let me see u sing songs u guys are proablly horrible u have no respect!!!! Love PITBULL!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

- Pit bull

You are the man stay making music

- Love pitbull

Haters are going to hate but pitbull is one of the best in the business and his songs bring the party

- Smart choice!

Love Pitbull 4ever!!!!

- 👌👌👌

All yall are hating on Pitbull he is a talented artist

- One word to summarize this "music"


- Pitbull

Pitbull is so great and Timber is a good song

- Pitbull will win

Go pitbull you can do it

- bad

Dont lie. Were all here for ke$ha

- Over done

There are like 3 good songs on this album, then the rest are based off those. Every new song is trying to include different styles of music that don't match!!!!

- Catchy....

Hey pit wanna do a song with me?? Silence the haters or shut them up fo good.

- Not bad BUT...

Not latin music and should be removed from the latino section!

- Timber by pitbull

It dosent matter nomatter what he sings i absolutly love it each and every one of his songs

- Really?

ReAlly? I can make better songs than this. I love Kesha but she is wasting her time in this video, she is amazing and beautiful. This song is bad and trashy. It is inappropriate and Pitbull shouldn't have wrote it. Just my thought.

- i like 3 songs on here (but no explicit plz)

dont stop the party ft tjr and feel this moment ft cristina aguilera and timber ft ke$ha thx pitbull!! (and the other people)

- I'm yelling tinder

This song blows. This would be cool ten years ago if it existed. I think I'm yelling Tinder needs to be replaced with timber. #boomlosers

- Great album

Amazing album i think its pitbulls best yet.

- Why?

Why all the hate. At least he is original.

- Bad

This is bad.I used to like him but not after this.

- This song is ok

It's ok but is annoying at certain points

- Pitbullcrap

He just needs to go somewhere and get fat so nobody will recognize him anymore. His music sounds like a bunch of cats and digs dying simultaneously. He must have paid Ke$ha half if his check to even look at this album.

- really!?

"Timber" you've got to be kidding, right!? he's pretty much ripped off "Cotton Eyed Joe". at least the half naked women in the vid distract how bad this song is.

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