Sure Be Cool If You Did Song Lyrics

Sure Be Cool If You Did by Blake Shelton Song Lyrics

I was gonna keep it real like chill like only have a drink or two
But it turned into a party when I started talking to you
Now you're standing in the neon looking like a high I wanna be on
Baby it's your call, no pressure at all

You don't have..

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Blake Shelton - Sure Be Cool If You Did Song Reviews

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I love me some country music and some BS, but this album blew every other album he has right out of the water!! <3

- Great album5 star

It's so good

- ....Great5 star

.... It's just flat out great.

- Blake shelton5 star

So good sure be cool if you did is my fave

- My sound5 star

My Granny always told me if I couldn’t say something good about somebody to keep my mouth shut. Blake is a country boy that is in business to sell his music. He sings what his fan want to here and he does a helluva job. He is good people and the haters should take some of my Grannies advice.

- sweet!5 star

This album is great I hope he keeps the good music flowing in future albums

- Beautiful❤️5 star

Just love to sit and listen to this

- This album is awesome.5 star

I believe this album is amazing. Some of y'all think that it's not country.. But that's not true. Just because the country music now a days doesn't sound like the country music in the past does NOT mean that it isn't country. Things are evolving and changing, even music. This album is a good album. Wether you think it's country or not doesn't matter, it's still a good album. There are a few songs on here that are modern and a few that sound like gods old country music. Which is why I love this album so much. So please stop judging it because you think it's not country because wether or not it sounds country to you, the songs are still good.

- Hw awesome5 star


- Blake Sheldon5 star

Blake rocks like hell

- greatest bs songs4 star

ive heard these song on the radio like a million i thought it be cool if bought them

- Get Over Yourselves!!5 star

I grew up with country music, circa '60's & '70's, my parents listened to and this genre is changing as the generations grow up and I love it. Blake and all of his contemporaries are doing a great job representing country music and the generation that has grown with them. If you don't like it you have a choice to listen or not but please don't belittle these people.

- Change5 star

I read a couple of reviews on this album and have to say wow. People hate change, and I don't know if this is what Blake was trying to do. But dag, it's change. It's good and people come on with the explicit warning it's Blake freakin Shelton. He's singing a song a bout drinking, red necks and country. I kind of think all those things go good together anyways....put this album on and you'll probably get laid. It's amazing and I like where country music is going.

- Love it!😍😍5 star

" I found someone" and "my eyes" and "doin things she likes" are just a few of my favs but the whole album is fire!!

- Doin what she likes1 star

For some reason the song doin what she likes won't download has anyone else had this problem???

- Today's Country.5 star

Blake did a great job with this album. I really feel he gained a lot more fans when he came out with this album, including myself. This is a good country album that really fits in well with today's music. Nice job Blake!

- Amazing Country Man5 star

Blake is one of the most popular country singers I've ever heard of it really hits home to me how much he truly cares about country music, yet he is still down to earth. Amazing man

- Blake is awesome!5 star

Another Pop Album??? Seriously??? Blake Shelton has one of the best voices of today!! I can't connect with hardly any artist today. To all whom think this is an explicit album, why don't you listen to something really explicit like Jay Z or Kanye West....they truly are disgusting!! If you don't want your family listening to Blake then play another album...we all have choices!! Blake has paid his dues in country music for many years now, he deserves recognition!! Nuff said!!!!!!

- Blake stars with a B but I give boys round here an A+++++++++++++++++++...5 star

Such a gr8 song

- My jam5 star

My jam. Good country

- Love it5 star


- 😍5 star

This is my favorite album Blake has ever done! I defiantly recommend it!

- not how country used to be but its really good5 star

I no a lot of you people like old country better with Johnny cash and i like that to. but wise up these are good songs really good songs i like both country and all this new country pop stuff.

- Doin What She Likes5 star

I absolutely LOVE this song Doin What She Likes. Can't get enough of it. I hope to someone sings this song about me someday :)

- By Far Your Best5 star

By far the BEST yet.....went and bought an AUX card at lunch today just so I could listen while I am at work and in my car; you are in rhythm with the country soul of this Louisiana Lady.

- Grand-daday!5 star

Granddads gun is a five star song that relates to me and many other american's! If your a gun lover you will enjoy this song, if not........move out of the country! But im tired of all the drinking and bad lifestyle these songs. Causing to me is like drinking theres a right place, right time, and it can be said to much.

- Great4 star

I love Blake but,I don't like the language in the songs. Although there is bad language the songs are awesome and fun to listen to!

- Pretty Rad album5 star

I'm not at all a fan of country music or should I say I wasn't until I heard this album. Well written and performed. Blake is as solid as they come

- It's Great.5 star

This is one of the best albums I have, and it is sung by a true country man. Buy this CD, and if you ever get the opportunity, see him in a concert. You won't be disappointed.

- GREAT songs!!!!5 star

This is a great song. To all those people put there who say "oh why can't iTunes say this is explicit?" These songs are NOT explicit. My mom and dad say curse words or swear words ALL DAY LONG. I painted a horse and my said she was going to draw a vagina on it and then name it "the horny horse" and then she was going to give it to my grandma. My mom and dad cursing or swearing doesn't effect me or my brother, as long as you teach your kids that they are bars words and not to say them what they hear on the radio wont influence them.

- Country shouldn't be pop...1 star

If he released more songs like Old Red instead of this country radio wouldn't be so awful.

- Amazing5 star

Love it!

- Radio Version of Boys PLEASE!2 star

I'd give it 5 stars but...My kids LOVE Boys Round Here and I can't play it around them. There was no warning of explicit language and NO option for a radio version. Makes me leery about purchasing any other songs. I want Mine Would Be You but not sure of lyrics. Been fooled once already.

- Oh Wow (and not in a good way)2 star

I've only recently been interested in the country genre and have "sampled" several different artists. I like Shelton's voice, and the music is mostly quite pleasant -- not earth-shattering or groundbreaking, but nice. The lyrics "kill" a lot of my pleasure in the listening experience. Many of the songs are OTT with overblown sexual innuendo and some feature offensive language (and gestures, too.) I prefer the more subtle romantic aspects of country music. It's possible to convey romance and desire without being blatant or boorish. It looks like all the male country vocalists are trying to combine hip-hop with 50 Shades of Gray and country. The finished product is creepy, not provocative. Still, some of the songs, including the bonus tracks, are nice and "heartfelt" but the bulk feel "overdone" and "tried too hard."

- Based on true story5 star

Awesome album. I don't know how anybody doesn't like this. He is the far best country sing tout there

- Great CD5 star

Blake always puts out great music, i love to hear Doin' what she likes

- Blake Shelton-Based on a true story4 star

I think that Blake has got a great career going on. I think this album Based On a True Story is great to. I'm just going to get to the point. I'm reading great reviews and reviews about "explicative lyrics." I'm on the good review sides because the other reviews are driving me crazy! You negative people who are writing about explicative lyrics, c'mon. Seriously, I mean yes u can disagree but LISTEN TO THE DARN SONGS. Listen to the full versions and then u don't have to complain. I wouldn't think people would be complaining about 2 or 3 words blake says. Most albums don't say their explicit because they either don't think it's to bad of a song or they aren't swearing every 2 seconds.

- You all crazy for not loving this album5 star

This album is amazing!!

- Stop hating Blake5 star

This album won CMA for best album. Pretty sure it was a runaway win. Blake da best

- BS4 star

I love Blake and most of his music cause he's one of the few that hasn't completely gone to the pop country side like everyone else on the radio and btw y'all needa stop complainin bout the friggen cuss words. Like seriously grow up, if your virgin ears can't handle a swear then don't listen to country music.

- Based on a true story5 star

Blake is awesome! With a voice that makes me want to dance all night! He's such a wonderful human being with a heart bigger than life!!

- Review5 star

Blake Shelton is a amazing artest and you should get this song

- Effortless voice5 star

The songs are all catchy and pleasant to listen to, but more than that, his voice is smooth and it sounds natural. He never sounds like he is trying to be or sound country - and that is refreshing. He has country twang but not too much and his voice has the perfect pitch - when he's high and when he's low. Plus, I mean he's hilarious so it's a win win buying this album.

- I 💙 Blake!5 star

The title of this album is true down to the heart: This album is based on the true story of heart and soul, and that is Blake Shelton! Blake is AWESOME!!! Blake represents country's true meaning.

- Late5 star

I'm late to the game on this album. I know it's been months since it's release but I've finally been able to give it a good run through an this is a GREAT album. It's got hit after hit with a great mix of upbeat ballads and cool crossover sounds. Great album I'd highly recommend it.

- Blake Shelton5 star

Blake Shelton is a true legend, amazing music :)

- Hahahahaha good ole Country....1 star

God awful, makes me happy that country stars make fun of themselves so the rest of us don't have to, this album is hilarious...BEER N DIRT!!!

- YOUR GREAT5 star

This song is great i don't no in the hole wid word what I word do with out it IT'S TRUELY TRUE i love it so much i love your song

- Awesome but...4 star

Love Blake Shelton and always have. When Sure Be Cool If You Did came out I snapped it up but as the rest of the album came out I was disappointed with the use of language that I hate to see coming from such a hero of mine. Good going Blake on the songs, but could you stop using language that makes me have to skip a song when my little brothers are around.


I hate it that I can't buy the radio version of Boys Round Here. I can't listen to the regular version with my kids in the car, especially when my kids like the radio song and want to hear it. Disappointing!


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LJDNSho5 star

Blake Shelton - Sure Be Cool If You Did

KatieStefancin5 star

Have you heard ‘Blake Shelton - Sure Be Cool If You Did’ by Wiskid on #SoundCloud? #np

ArtLiles5 star

Jess Moskaluke - "Sure Be Cool if You Did" (Blake Shelton cover) via @YouTube

Corinnemc735 star

Blake Shelton - Sure Be Cool If You Did (Official Music Video) via @YouTube

DailyCountryQu15 star

Meet me in the middle of a moonlit Chevy bench seat And do a little bit of country song, hanging on You don't have…

OfPoetic5 star

Blake Shelton - Sure Be Cool If You Did

965Wolf_Songs5 star

Blake Shelton - SURE BE COOL IF YOU DID #nowplaying #listenlive

KB_CountryRadio5 star

Blake Shelton - Sure Be Cool If You Did

Ryananderson_275 star

My cover of “Sure Be Cool If You Did” by Blake Shelton.

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