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Josh Groban - Brave Song Reviews

- Josh Groban

Five stars - better than his last album...enjoyable with more variation

- Fabulous

Fantastic album and, as always, very emotive songs. My new inspirational song is definately Brave. Highly recommend this album

- Miss the old Josh Groban SO much!

His voice is beautiful as always, but the songs don't have the same breathtaking effect that all his songs used to have (in Closer, for example). Totally miss his old style!! :( He's super talented and I still support him!

- One of the most amazing voices

I LOVE HIM! Whenever I hear him sing, I just want to close my eyes and listen. And listen again, again and again! He is an AMAZING person! From the polar express believe to now, I have always loved his music! BRAVO! 👏

- Under Par

I've always enjoyed Josh's music and bought this one on the assumption it would be up to the standards I've grown accustomed to. Missed the mark by a long shot. Must be in need of a paycheck and just pumped this one out. Quite a disappointment for a voice as talented as his with obvious weak material.

- Amazing Album!!!

God I love Josh Groban so much. This album is absolutely incredible! I LOVE the song Brave and his cover of Falling Slowly from Once! Just completely spellbinding. I would strongly reccommend this album to anyone who possesses ears. You are in for a treat!


After his last album, I was so hoping for one similar to his earlier work. But again, I don't like it. All the songs sound the same or are boring and nothing pops out. His first three albums, "JOSH GROBAN", "CLOSER" and "AWAKE" were great. I loved every song and could listen to them over and over and never get tired of it. But this album, I don't even want to listen to it ever again. So, I definitely wouldn't buy it. Please Josh, go back to your roots next time.

- Sad Face

Wish he went back to is original stuff. Awake blew my mind. Still love him, but i miss the old Josh

- Bravo!

All That Echoes is beautiful! Every song is worth owning, buy the entire album.

- All That Echoes

Addicted!!! It's got a little of everything! I've been listening all day every day since it was released and still don't tire of it. AWESOME JOB, JOSH!!!

- :D

Josh groban is so talented !!!! He spends so much time on his voice! It's amazing! When I saw him in concert I cried lol I love his music! And yes this album is a bit different then his others BUT it's still a wonderful album:) that gives me the same warm feeling as his others do:) thank you groban for all your work:)

- Falling slowly

Josh, one of your proud male fans here. The Frames' "Falling Slowly" is one of my favorite songs. Your version is fantastic!

- Greatness

Every song is beautiful, he's super consistent with putting great songs out there. Kinda weird that it's under pop though cuz like only one song can vaguely be put under that category.

- Disappointed

I generally love anything Josh does but this album is a disappointment. Most of the songs fall flat.

- Amazing!!!

I love the diversity of this album! The lyrics are great and the music is wonderful!!

- Can't get this album out of my head.

The more I listen to this Album "All That Echoes" the more I truly LOVE it. I really appreciate the different variety of music on this CD. I have very eclectic taste when it comes to music and I think that's why I enjoy this particular album. If I wanted to listen to classical music I would buy a classical album. This has a variation of almost everything(except hard rock) that is. Very happy. Cudo's Josh for trying different things in your musical career. How else can anyone grow in life if they do the same thing all the time and won't take a chance to try out something new. Thank you Josh Groban for taking another step forward. IMHO.

- Want the old josh who songs classical pop

This album is indeed better than his last. Illuminations was a train wreck. I love e ti prometerro because it fits the old josh feel. Not feeling much else on this album. I wanted to like the songs more, but can't. Where is David foster to smack josh upside the head and bring him back to superstardom? Josh, you have it in you, come back to us. More Spanish and Italian, less songs in English with bad similes and whiny would be romance stuff

- Where has all the luster gone?

It's seems as though the older albums had more heart and feel to them. These new songs in this album and the last seem like he is trying to hard to make anything sound good. I want to hear the loud roaring voice he once projected, that can even bring anyone to tears. Josh, go back to the epic classical style.

- Real pop

This, is real pop music.

- its good!

love this

- Just buy it NOW!

Absolutely love this latest collection from Josh Groban. At the moment, my favorite is the song "Falling Slowly" - and I have it on replay.

- Great Music

The music is great, however, a lot of it isn't his normal style. I was surprised that I didn't like one of the songs, because I normally like all of them. The music is great, but a lot of it isn't the same as his old stuff.

- Josh does good.

Brave is a great song. Lovin the whole album.

- Disappointed

This has to be by far his worst album, I was so worried that he would stray from his classical, symphonic genre and rightfully so. It all sounds like weak acoustics, none of that earth shattering, heart pounding, epic put together, that Josh usually delivers. I love him to death beautiful voice but this album does no justice whatsoever. I feel like he is straying for the sake of money and being famous.


Thanks for your words of recommendation MR DARK ROSE come across as though you have sound advice. I miss him every time he is in town for some reason...but I will have to follow you on your advice and see him LIVE. IM PART OF THAT YOUNG AUDIENCE WHO HAS LIKED HIS MUSIC ALL ALONG. WOULDN'T MIND MEETING ANOTHER GROBANITE WHO FOLLOWS JG. ;-)

- Terrible excuse for music

Josh Groban is awful

- Jeff Gutt

Jeff Gutt is the Josh Groban of rock

- Best yet :)

I normally don't write reviews, but this album was so good that I couldn't NOT say something. I'm a fan, I'll admit that, so I was already anticipating a good album. I was blown away at how GREAT it is on my first listen. Normally I get an album and I listen to only a few songs until I warm up to the others (if I even do that), but this is one of the few that I listened to all the way through and then kept listening to all the way through! Each song is a keeper, with strong messages of love, loss, and hope. My ultimate favs are Brave, False Alarms, E Ti Promettero (I wish I spoke Italian!), Falling Slowly, and I Believe. He's got talent and the songs show that. They don't overdo the background music to cover him up, but pair it nicely. Worth every hard-earned penny I spent!!

- Boring

Definitely nothing to get excited about. The whole album is lackluster and slow. The only track that has stood out to me is "E Ti Prometerro" only because of Laura Pausini's unique voice. Josh's "Awake" album is one that I will never grow tired of listening to over and over again, but "All That Echoes" will be making it to the shelf immediately. His voice will never disappoint but this album is blah.

- Better than "Illuminations"

Well, it isn't his best, but it's far better than "Illuminations". I like his old stuff, too... but I kind of feel for the guy. I feel like he's putting more of himself into every new album that he makes. While everyone may like "Josh Groban" and "Closer", I don't get the impression that those were really 100% him--maybe 45% him, and 55% David Foster. So... I like that he's trying to stay true to himself, and portray himself through his music, but I just wish he'd find a better sound to go with it. Look at "Awake". Every song track was different and memorable. I'm just not getting that with these last two albums. Still love the man! Almost ten years a Grobanite!

- Brilliant, Quiet Masterpiece

I've always enjoyed Josh Groban, but if there was anything that caused me to listen to him less it was the excess of coloring that the songs were given by the instrumentation. For sure, songs like You Are Loved, Alla Luce Del Sol, and Jesu Joy of Man's Desiring, and others were glorious and powerful with the strong backing the instruments gave them, but I found myself loving the simpler arrangements in To Where You Are and February Song. That's why this album makes me so happy - it's a collection of beautiful, quieter songs with tones down arrangements that fit together brilliantly and showcase Mr Groban's vocal talent. I have enough emotion in my life that I don't need excessive instrumentation muddling the experience of listening to Josh Groban's incredible voice. This album is exactly what I've been waiting for.

- Love this!!!!

I bought it the day it came out and have listened to it everyday. Josh Groban does such an excellent job bringing emotion and beautiful singing together!!!!

- Amazing

Amazing. Love it. Great album. Josh groban is the best!

- The best voice around, the worst song selection

I was hoping that this new release would somehow better than Illumination. A bunch of notes puled out of the bag and put together withhold logic or emotions. The first CDs remain my favorite ones. I heard that Josh composed some of the songs. People should stick what they do best in this case singing.

- Great recovery

Being a fan after hearing him sing on tour with Sarah brightman in 2000 I consider his albums to be among my favorites. Illuminations scared me, only having 2-3 quality tracks, but All That Echoes completely turns it around. Wow what a great album, possibly even the best.

- I want more!

Josh Groban... is simply amazing. This album really exceeded my hopes. Such uplifting music!

- Long time fan, just an okay album.

Before I write less than awesome review let me state that I am a huge fan and have been for a long time. I have all of his other albums, I've been a member of the fan club, seen him in concert three times, and even got to meet him in Ireland. But this album is a step backwards in a lot of ways. All that Echoes is a lot more like Awake or his self-titled debut album in that it is a lot of covers and pop songs in foreign languages that to many untrained American ears will get labeled as 'opera.' There is not really anything truly risky, experimental, or dangerous on this album that suggests that Josh is growing or changing as an artist or maybe that his producers are letting him do so. Maybe Illuminations set him back some? His cover of Falling Slowly is enchanting. I mean it. His sonorous baritone woos me to a lovely place that is what keeps me buying his albums every few years. Maybe that's why this album feels so familiar- he's figured out what works and is sticking to it. E Ti Prometerro is also a fantastic work. I will look for more of Laura Pausini's work because she is the strand out artist and that is never a good thing when she's the guest appearance. Overall, solid fans will buy this because they will buy all of his records but this sounds so much like the record he made as a young twenty year old man and doesn't really reflect a ten year career. It's pleasing and safe. I'll listen and like it but it doesn't stand out as kind of career marker.

- Happy in my Heartache

Really has such a message great song.

- Josh Groban

I absolutely love this new album. With a voice and talent like his there will never be a bad recording.

- Will always be a Josh Groban Fan!

Feels like forever, waiting for the arrival of this album. Have been counting down the days with all the other josh Groban fans. So excited that its finally here! This album is amazing. It's like he said, he got his inspirations from his first album and I think it's great cuz I really love the songs from his first few albums. His first single from this album "Brave" is a wonderful song to begin and introduce this album. It's such a powerful song. I purchase this album in a heartbeat! This album is absolutely a perfection. He will always he amazing and make my heart melt!

- Not sure why...

but when Josh sings the songs in languages I myself do not know they are almost always my favorites. Maybe because they come more natural to him. He could be singing about anything and it would still be so romantic. I guess that's why they call them the "romantic" languages. I just close my eyes and he takes me away to another time and era, like reading a great book.


You will definitely enjoy this album. Josh Groban is that one of a kind singer, who comes along once in a lifetime.

- Amazed!

He never dissapoints! I'm in love with every single song!

- cross over from classical :(

I have been listening to Josh Groban since i was 3 years old and he has always been my favorite artist. he was the one who inspired me to pursue classical voice as a career but though he is still amazing i am disappointed. the classical style of songs that he sang are no more :( he has.... i cant say it.... ugh cringe - crossed over. i love the ballads of illuminations but he still keeps on wandering into the pop side.... If he truly enjoys this kind of music then okay, but I am not feeling anymore emotion in his voice anymore. he isnt feeling the music anymore i dont think. the lyrics are beautiful as always but musically i am disappointed. he has always added some small pop element to classical which i found ingenius but now he is adding a touch of classical to pop/rock/kinda but not really folk. i will buy the album because its josh groban here but i am sad.... do all mainstream recording artists cross over? no wonder i listen to "indie"pendent music

- Disappointed as well

When I think about Josh Groban's voice and music I expect a breathtaking experience. I did not receive this with this album. I am let down and feel as though this album is below Josh.

- Love it!!!

I am going to borrow a saying from American Idol. Josh could sing the phone book and make it beautiful. I love his voice and all of his albums including this one!!!

- Mediocre

Pretty lackluster and not nearly as good as his past offerings.

- All That Echoes

Once again Josh has given ua fantastic songs to listen to. It has been wonderful to watch hom grow, expand, change and give us a little more of himself with each album he release. Nothing but great things in store for him. Brave, Un Alma Mas,She Moved through The Fair... I can't select one over the other and his Cover of Stevie Wonders "I Beleive" makes the hair stand up. Chilling. Love this! Way to go Josh and congratulations on another outstanding product that you should be so very proud of.

- Sigh

I used to be a fan of the josh groban. Sadly i came to find out that he is an atheist and uses women. I do not approve of his lifestyle and it reflects on his music. Sorry josh but you have lost a fan


Josh Groban scores again with a fantastic album of great meaningful songs !!!

- All That Echoes Review

this is Josh's best album yet my favorite tracks are brave falling slowly e ti protermo hollow talk below the line and my personal favorite I believe when I fall I love great cd

- Love it

If Illuminations was about heartbreak then All That Echoes is the album that we listen to when we're on the mend. Brave is amazing blend of orchestral movements and powerful lyrics. False Alarms haunting, Falling Slowly…I could go on and on about this amazing piece of music. The bonus tracks are well worth the extra three bucks at Target. Now to wait for the next tour.

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