If You Want Blood (You've Got It) Song Lyrics

If You Want Blood (You've Got It) by AC/DC Song Lyrics

Lyrics for artist AC/DC song If You Want Blood (You've Got It) coming soon. Today's advice: ❝Play is the true mother of invention.❞

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AC/DC - If You Want Blood (You've Got It) Song Reviews

- Greatest hard rock band of all-time!!!

Waiting 4ever for to be able to download TNT, Highway to Hell, and Back in Black. AC/DC, when your about to rock, we'll salute you

- It's about time!!!!!!

The greatest rock band of all time is finally on iTunes…took long enough!!!!!

- Finally!

You have no idea how long I have been waiting....needing all these songs! Yeah! Thank you soooooo much!

- Finally here!!!!!

Been waiting years for this day. Time to rock and roll baby!!!!!!!!!!!!

- Buy it

I would but I already have all albums except Live At River Plate and Backtracks

- Yesssssssss!!!!

Unbelievable, so glad I could get the only collection! Especially like the backtracks! Best band ever!

- Let there be sound...

And there was sound.

- Who Made Who (12" extended mix)

Pretty awesome Dude!....all the big hits here & then some.... I am totally stoked with "Who made Who" (12" extended mix)..One of my most favorites from AC/DC in an extended version. For sure worth the 1.29 to me. Rock-n-Roll baby :)

- iTunes just got a whole lot better.

I've been waiting for the day iTunes added AC/DC!

- It's about dang time

It's about dang time

- Genial

uno de los mejores grupos AC/DC!!!!!

- Yeeeeeaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!

The greatest thing that happened to iTunes since iTunes, now let's wait for Tool...

- Got Big Balls?

This set is a must buy! It's about time iTunes came to the Biggest Ball of them all. This music comes and comes again!

- Highway to HELL !!!!!! Awesome

It's the best collection in rock

- Not a fan, but great idea!

This is a great idea! Why doesn't iTunes do this for other great legerndary bands? It'd be awesome to see that for older bands that aren't going to make anymore cds (like Queen for instance).


# 1 Rock, The Best Band of Planet world

- Well its about time...

I waited so long to purchase the AC/DC catalogue on iTunes, sadly for apple i finally broke down and purchased the entire collection on CD. I guess they miss out on their percentage of the sales... Then again i could have gotten the cd's used and then AC/DC wouldn't have gotten their share but i didn't want to be petty.

- Let there be rock

I may not sleep for days! get the iPhone 5, plug in the new ear-buds, crank the volume, you'll be amazed. Make no mistake, ACDC defines a genre in and of themselves. Apple continues to completely pull away from the pack by not only offering this, but kicking up the mastering quality a notch and sharing at a crazy fair price.

- Plain & Simple

Honestly, is there a greater day in iTunes history?.......I have to say emphatically, HELL NO.

- ac/dc the complete collection

yes! finally! best band ever! love the complete collection for what you get its worth the money ,its great to hear some Bon tracks that i hadn't heard before ,AWSOME!!!!


Its about damm time!!

- Wow AC/DC

Well, I never thought this would happen, but I guess I should have seen it coming with Black Ice being a Wal-Mart exclusive. Honestly, I can't say I'm happy. I felt something special about them not being on Itunes. They're still awesome though. I already own all of these on CD. But really, Black Ice was the 2nd best selling album of 2008, and it wasn't on Itunes, it was only sold in Wal-Mart, and it WASN'T RELEASED UNTIL HALDWAY THROUGH OCTOBER. Who else could do that?

- Thank you!!!!!!

I never thought this day would come! I'm so excited!!!!! I can now finally complete my music collection and really introduce my 3 yr old son to the classics. AC/DC, you made my year!!!!!

- YES,YES,YES!!!!😃😃😃😃😃

Finally, I was wondering if I had to go by each cd,this Is a happy day woo hoo!!!!!!!?


I Love AC/DC! I can't wait until I have the $150.00 for the set. I'm going to drive my wife bat shti crazy!

- Thank goodness

It's about time. Thanks iTunes. Now lets get that boy Kid Rock

- What Took So Long!!

Merry Xmas to me!!!!

- Good move, guys! It's about time!!!

Huge money will be made with this decision, guys! So glad to finally have the masters on iTunes!

- Ac/dc

Wow timeless stuff

- oh hell yeah

its about time for the group to be on here thanks guys

- Stand alone amazing greatness.

What can be said that hasn't already been said about AC/DC? So I won't try. Listen close, and hold on. I will say that I was forced to buy this collection by my subconscious. I looked at the page and thought I saw $14.99. My subconscious said, "hey, it's a collection and it's just $14.99. Get it." Click.... Ahhhh! Sub conscious says, "oh, that's ok, everything is great anyway, and you should have it all." Me, "should? Really? Alright, whatever.

- AC/DC Is Finally Here On iTunes!!!....Yeay!

Well I got to say they finally made it here on iTunes........Took long enough.


It's AC/DC, people. One of the greatest bands of all time! Even though this collection is $150, it's worth saving your money for. I can't wait till the day I have enough money to buy this entire album so I can rock out to all my favorite classic songs while I'm driving down the freeway with the windows rolled down. It's gonna be so awesome.

- 5 stars isn't enough

The greatest of all time !!! 12 million stars !

- thank you

OMG You listen to all of us thanks i-tunes now we can ring hells bell all night long

- Back In Black is...

simply the best heavy metal album ever recorded.

- AC/DC - rock and roll ain't noise pollution.

Glad to see this finally happen. But you guys do understand it's not been iTunes' fault AC/DC has not been here - that's been the choice of the band. In any case, heck yes...this is great.


LOVE IT A GREAT WAY TO GET ALL THE SONGS IN 1 PLACE. Only Small Complaint is that some songs appear a few times Even though some are Live BUT THATS IT ITS A TRUE CLASSIC

- It's About Time!

Do you all know how long I wanted my favorite band to be available on iTunes? Do you know how many hours it took my to get all of the album artwork of the internet and put them on each song? It was awful! I still love these guys though. Best rock band ever!


I hope AC/DC is reading these. I am a lifelong fan. I have paid to come to a number of your concerts. I have bought your music. And now I will buy your music on iTunes. Thank you for agreeing to make your catalogue available on iTunes. We are all better off for it. And you will be paid. THANK YOU.


Greatest Band EVER!!! I already own all of these but I am getting ready to jack up my IPOD with $150.00 worth of pure balls to the wall rock the way it was meant to be.

- Dirty Deeds...done dirt cheap!

If ya , got a lady and ya want her gone. but you aint got the guts. she keeps nagin at ya night and day.. enough to drive ya nuts. fella.pick up the phone, leave her alone. it's time you made a stand. for a fee, im happy to be, you're back door man... the single most greatest day on itunes. AC/DC get in NOW before they are all sold out guys.!!!!!


Best band EVAAAAARRRRR.... love them!!! I thank god I was able to see them live.... I can die a happy woman!!! :D So happy iTunes has this now!!!!

- A true AC/DC compilation

Awesome compilation of one of the greatest rock and roll bands of all time! Now all the youngsters can truly see the history of this band back to Bon Scott and it's large library of great songs even long before Black in Black. And hopefully a new generation will be turned on to them as this is truly timeless classic rock and roll.


About FREAKING time.

- Rock

The band from my childhood never died



- Great, if you don't have it all ready.

This is an excellent collection, if you don't already own these CDs. I have been a huge AC/DC fan for a long time, so I own all these CDs and have ripped them on to iTunes already. It would be hard for me to justify buying this due to that fact. I am glad that AC/DC has come to iTunes and hope this helps build a new fan base.

- ACDC is Awesome!!!!

Thank You! I consider it my own personal Christmas present.

- AC⚡DC - Best Rock Band Ever!

You can't go wrong with a box set of AC⚡DC.

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- Epicness.

I'm not the hard rock kind but this band is the best I've heard so far.

- If you Want AC/DC

You Got it. Awesome

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