Let's Get It On Song Lyrics

Let's Get It On by Pentatonix Song Lyrics

Lyrics for artist Pentatonix song Let's Get It On coming soon. Today's advice: ❝Smile and the world smiles with you. Frown and you're on your own.❞

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Pentatonix - Let's Get It On Song Reviews

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Great!. Great night!

So.... When Pentatonix wins the record deal, Sony better not ruin their amazing style! ; ] (That's all I was going to say, but Apple's "Tips for writing a great review" made me feel obligated to write more!) Overall, there seems to be almost no major weak points in the groups anymore. The only thing that stands out are the 2 girls in Urban Method--the blonde and the dark who, as stated multiple times by the judges, need to "shed" some more of the lack of confidence. I'm not really thinking of the dark one so much--she's strong--more of the blonde. Anywho, I'm a Mormon and disappointed that Vocal Point got out, of course, but I think it was the correct choice. I said before the judging "Afro Blue and Vocal Point were the two weakest, Vocal Point being more so," and I guess my inkling was correct! ha ha...I'm sure they had their reasons to put Ben as the lead...but I wish they had gone with someone else for that song choice. Opinion on the show: I love this show to death, because unlike most shows out there, everything about it is REAL. The singing, the talent, the people, the emotion, and the dream...all of it. The judges are STELLAR. They are each so diverse and have such great remarks and are clearly SO in love and into everything that's going on. Only thing I'd change is the silly host, Nick. ha ha. He's kinda a buzzkill after each performance with his unemotional, bland, and seemingly out-of-place remarks. They are also corny and silly. He also does many hip shifts and shimmies. Observe next time. :P

Pentatonix All the Way!. Wow is there any doubt who should win this competition? Pentatonix has what it takes with thier creativity and personality...No question that their album will be at the top of my shopping list!

Pentatonix. Pentatonix should win in my opinion because they are the only group that has not put in a substandard performance. But eevn if they don't, someone is going to sign them. And I think you'llhear from them in the future. It kind of seems they're setting up Urban Method to win it, though, and in my opinion, they shouldn't have been in the top six.

urban method beyond 5. UM rocks. They are the only group that has the multi-dimensionality and the depth to win! Each individual can stand alone and collectively mesh into an original sound and choreography that exceeds the others. Nancy1969

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Let's Get It On (Pentatonix Song) Comments

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FAQs for Let's Get It On

When did let's get it on come out?

Let's Get It On is a song that was released in 14 November 2011.

From which album is the song let's get it on?

Let's Get It On is a song from the The Sing-Off: Season 3, Episode 9 - R&B album.

Who performs the song let's get it on?

Let's Get It On is performed by Pentatonix.

How long is let's get it on?

Let's Get It On has a duration of 2:03 minutes.

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