International Love (feat. Chris Brown) Song Lyrics

International Love (feat. Chris Brown) by Pitbull Song Lyrics

Lyrics for artist Pitbull song International Love (feat. Chris Brown) coming soon. Today's advice: ❝Take time once in a while to look up at the stars for at least 5 minutes, in order to comprehend your cosmic significance.❞

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Pitbull - International Love (feat. Chris Brown) Song Reviews

- It

best album for summer :P

- Epic

This albulm is freakin epic

- Best album ive heard in years

Every song is awesome!

- One of the worst albums ever!

For most of the songs he just says "mr. Worldwide, Miami (something about women) laughs, says something in Spanish and repeats. He just puts a bunch of random words together and people like it. It takes true talent to make music like Metallica instead of singing pointless random lyrics.

- Side note

to Enrique Vizcaino. I agree its suspiciously similar, but it's the RHYTHM yer thinking of, not beat. It has the same beat as most things

- love it

wow. just wow

- Well....

I'd say the beats are good and fun to listen and dance to. But lyrically, it is very repetitive and even a little egotisical. Pitbull is talented and I wish he would bring more of that out and tone down the ego. Then, it would be better.

- International love and give me everything

I love the songs International Love and Give Me Everything!

- Dale con eso

El caballo en todo

- So Glad

that pitbulls are banned in my city. They really make terrible music and worse commercials.

- Took My Love

I absolutely ADORE Took My Love except for the fact that it's explicit. Oh well. I loved seeing Redfoo work with Pitbull again.

- Good job :)

Nice :) I love International Love and the song at the top.

- One Of The Best Album Is History!!!

My favorite Pitbull album!!! Especially international love!!! 😄😃

- AE

This guy can seriously rap!!!

- OK

Its Aight Not To Good

- wa happend?

its sad that pitbull has to resort to this level of generic pop music and club bangers. i remember wen MIAMI came out and it was a whole new genre of hispanic hip hop but hes changed way to much in just a decade.

- Worlds best pop/rap album

Pioneers Hispanic rappers with pumping beats fast rapping and featuring other minority race musicians better than the average artists

- 👌

I swear don't hate on a Hispanic cause he makes better music than your Fav artist pit knows how to hold it down with these club bangers👏👍

- Don't even consider it

this album in a nutshell: "spanish spanish spanish spanish spanish mr. worldwide" don't buy it.

- Great album

Pitbull combines elements of hip hop electro and rap. Such a good album


I'm gonna cut this short------- Love it to pieces!

- Great!

I know some of the words are inappropriate ( and I'm only 11!) but I just ignore them and listen to the music. It really isn't that bad after that.

- mehhh

it's alright...a lot of autotone and scratch tho. i've heard better from him. p.s. LOL @ the Mr Right Now lyrics...every guy should pick up on this kind of upfront-ness haha p.s.s Rain Over Me is the best track THANK YOU Marc Anthony. you added some nice flava ; )

- Dale!!!!!

A lot of good songs

- 578


- Pitbull

👍😄👍😄👍😄👍😄👍😄👍😄👍 Luv da album. I lik international love and Rain over me


This is the best album of pit bulls ever

- Pittbull is a rapper

I'd like to see you go up on stage in front of a ton of people a rap all you would do is Make a fool of yourself this is a great album

- Awesome

Really kool cd over all

- Awesome!

Love this song!!



- Amazing (:

I love this album and Pitbull's music! If you're going to hate on him just because of the "genre of music" then don't bother. Also just because he's hispanic. Seriously?


Love his beats!! Favorite song would have to be something for the dj's!!! Great job!! :)


it is degrating to women all he ever talks about is sex and talking your girl and how cool he is trust me WASTE OF HUMAN RESOURCE AND MONEY

- Really

Castle made of sand has the same chorus beat as the fighter by gym class heros

- This is…

Its really fun music!!! HATERS GONA HATE

- Same as everything...


- not as good as i would have thought

these songs are all unoriginal and pitbull is the most unoriginal artist out there! its sad that someone with talent became so generic and bland. and maybe a hit here and there but thats what happens when you put absolutely no thought into your work. Mr. 305, Mr. worldwide, PITBULL... aweful

- Pitbull is the best rapper.

Love his music. Give me everything tonight and rain over me, are my favorite two tracks. Everything this guy record is a hit, on the floor with Jlo, I like it with Enrique.

- International Love

This song has really grown on me, It's got a great beat and rythem! INTERNATIONAL LOVE!

- Woohoo

ANOTHER album about partying, getting drunk, and having sex. Yay. Honestly, I've made better music with butter knives. I really can't stand that this album is just so sick in an awful, pervy way. Yeesh! I'm no prude, but now, Pitbull just sickens me

- Wow

His is totally awsome and my favorite sing

- No

Does not compute. Sound receptors leaking sulfuric acid. Shut...ting dowwwwnnnnn....

- !!!!

sin duda el album que llevo a pitbull a otro nivel

- Awesome track!!!

Great tunes. Gets the blood pumpin!!!!

- Wonderful 😃❕👍

👍 to this album I like every song in this album and listen to the songs over and over again. My favorite songs are come n go, where do we go, and took my love. Most albums only have a few good songs but this one is all good. 🎶🎵💙👍🙏😃📢🎧👂

- I love this album

this album is awesome, this is my favorite album so far


This is the best album by far... i listen to the songs on the others, and im just not digging it as much as this one! I just bought this entire album and i love every single song... yeah he does repaeat himself a lil but still he's like my music GOD! PITBULL YOU MAKE ME BROKE ;P

- laughable

its funny how little talent you need to do something stupid hahahaha

- Pit is beast

I just love the song "Hey Baby drop it to the floor ", rain over me shake señora international love and come n go!!! Go Planet Pit

- Garbage

This is pure garbage. Total waste of money.

- Woah

This is not rap. It just makes me mad.

- A Spotless Album, This Is Real Music!

Dam, 10/10 would listen. Wow this guy is the greatest musician ever behind Nickleback (They need to make an album together). He has crazy original rhymes and awesome beats. One of my favorites is where he rhymes Kodak with "Kodak", pure rap genius. Best part is how behind every one of his masterful songs there is a deep message (usually on how to treat a woman right). I live by what this guy says and my girls are all thanking me. Pit you are my hero thanks for saving rap music, and you make me feel proud that I am the only bald kid in high school. Screw wigs and roganne.

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- Excellent

Très bon album!! Ça va être mon album de l'été, ça c'est sur!!

- meh

All the club songs on his album are the same kind of beat, some of the songs are alright, some are boring like every other album

- Sick

Pit bull is amazing artist. This guy knows his music can't wait for the next one album.and the best part is you don't have to skip song to find the best song cause they all bangin.



- Summer Jam

Pitbull sait clairement comment faire un album d'été! My chanson préféré sur l'album c'est: ¨Shake Senora Remix (feat. T-Pain, Sean Paul & Ludacris)¨! C'est une très bonne chanson d'été comme toutes les autres chansons de l'album. Je conseil vraiment ce CD! Pitbull knows how to put out a great summer record that's for sure! My favorite track of the album is : ¨Shake Senora Remix (feat. T-Pain, Sean Paul & Ludacris)¨ ! It''s a great summer jam as well as the other songs on the disc. I really recommand this album!

- Wow!!!

L'album qu'il faut absolument se procurer pour cet été!!!!! Toutes les chansons sont vraiment excellentes!!!! Bravo Pitbull!!!



- wow

It's my favorite album of Pitbull!!

- Drop

Je le trouve vraiment bon

- !!!!

This album comes so hard !

- better than i thought

i was dreading this album coming out but now that i've heard it it's actually really good!! remember to think before you buy it, though, its not amazing :/

- Every song is awesome

It's rare to buy an album where you like every song, so good job Pitbull these songs can be played over and over in clubs woohoo

- Hip hop meets dance beats

Great job at blending hip hop with dance beats. Only complaint would be that some of the lyrics are a bit cheesy "if ure sexy and u know it clap ure hands". Some of the sickest beats I've heard! My personal fave is the track feat Enrique.

- It All Sounds the Same

What happened to music?! This is crap, Very pointless lyrics.

- Yea

Omg amazing album, nice job mr worldwide 303

- Wow!!

This is the best party album in a really long time!!! These CDs usually have the one or 2 hits that are good and the other are just boring.... But I love every single song of this album!! Im impressed!! Cant stop dancing and listening to it!!

- awesome!!!!!!!!

pitbull is a bosssssssssssss

- I wanna go dancing!!

A cd that you don't have to skip through to find one good song!

- Awesome CD!

I purchased Pittbull's Planet Pitt a few days ago and I cannot stop listening to it. It has such a variety of beats and my toes don't stop tapping! While I am listening to it all I can think about is what dance moves would go with each song. It's a great collaboration of music and I would highly recommend it to anyone who was looking for that one awesome CD for the summer! Pittbull does not dissapoint his fans. For all you Go Train Riders on the Barrie Line, sorry my music is loud but I can't help it... blame PITTBULL!

- YES!

TAKE ME TO PLANET PIT!!!! ;) sounds like a party planet for all them party animals!

- Excercise music....and that's all...

Serves as inspirational music for ppl to get back into shape with.

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- This is not rap

No mater how much you glorify it, whatever you call this, this is not nor will I ever think of this as rap. It is weak lyricism mixed with dance floor tracks, which sound like every other song that seems to get released these days by artists.

- Awesome

Go Pitbull :D

- It's finally here!!

Great album packed full of awesome songs, hit after hit. I have been waiting for this album for so long. Definitely worth the wait!!!

- :)

oh well if it's not rap, it's catchy. i don't understand why so many people hate it.

- are u kidding me

it is a good album but dont but this B*****it as Rap it would be dance or something he says two words n the rest of it is good music ITS NOT RAP

- Dance/Pop, Rap?

the man with the sore throat is back and is just as bad as before. he's released around five or six promo singles to this album and they were all just as bad as each other. This dance/pop/rap style that pitbull has come up with does not work so he should go back to normal raping like every one else is. This is a very disappointing album

- nope

I cannot see how iTunes can label this as rap. Pitbull just makes club hits, and rhymes two words together, and he's a rapper? Yeah sure it's gonna do well in the charts, but not because of it's rapping


gotta love it! best album!

- You can't just rate it 1 star...

You can't rate it 1 star and assume it is a poor album because Pitbull isn't rap. After buying this from the CD store, it is safe to say it was quiet poor, but that's after listening to it. I gave it a 2, some of them are good [club hits]

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- Very cheep music

Dont like it

- Well done

This is the single best album of the year well done pit ;)

- No

This album is what's wrong with music today.

- Epic

Pitbull is awesome

- Poor

Can I get a refund??

- If Only I could give 0 Stars

Exactly as his name describes; Pitbull, music for chavs.

- I love it! But....

Love all the songs but the one with Enrique they have autotuned his voice too much! :(

- Brill

Loving the album and a bargain at £5.99 catchy tunes, cheers me up no end


Ignore to all the reviews by the haters!, all the songs on this album are great and catchy. It's great how he adds Spanish vocab into his lyrics too, awesome album, good work Pitbull Dalleee! :D

- Ahh! Rebecca Black!

Rebecca Black can do better then this guy.

- Review

I cant be doing this. The album was very repetitive and most of the tracks sonded the same. Europop music, the occasional laugh from pitbull, why ??

- Amazing

This is the besy albumn I have bought in ages and at £5.99 you cannot go wrong. There is not one bad song on the albumn and all the guests help make the albumn better than ever, well done Pit and co. :D

- Rubbish

This is the worst album I have ever bought. Please don't waste your money. I really liked putbul when he featured on other artists songs, so I thought this was going to be really good. The clips that you play before you buy were carefully chosen and these are the most bearable bits of the songs. And when the song 'if your sexy and you know it clap your hands" to the tube of if your happy and you know it clap your hands what were you thinking pitbul! Some of the lyrics are laughable. I wish I'd never bought it! :(

- Great!!!

This is a great album and lots of the songs are very catchy, people have said that pitbull alone is bad and that can be true in some cases but he has got some really great songs with the likes of chris brown in them overall a must buy!!!

- Luv luv luv it!!!!

I luv pitbull as it is. So glad he brought an album out some songs aren't so good but the rest I luv.

- Great album :D

Great album from pitbull full of wikid party songs and some nice beats to get anyone going !

- He does it again!

Love him or hate him, you have to admit he always manages to produce catchy tunes, and at this price it's a bargain, keep it up pitbull :-)

- Great album

This album is a bargain at £5.99. I can't say there is a bad song on there. My favourite has to be rain over me. Overall a must buy at this price.

- Epic...

Best Songs Give me everything Castle made of Sand Rain over me Took my love Shake senora (remix)

- Wow

Love it

- Fantastic!

There's no one single bad song .For me is the best album this year !!!

- .



he is the worst rapper out there shouldn't even be in the hip hop/rap genre

- Great album

Brill album at a bargin price

- Waste of money...refund please!?

After being addicted to the hit 'give me everything tonight' assumed pitbull's album will be full of great stuff. Don't buy !


This is brilliant a MUST BUY well worth the money :)

- Planet Pit

Probably the best album out at the moment! Best songs are tracks 1-5 and track 15 (Oye Baby).

- Price

Very good price for what you get

- Great summer album

I like rain over me and castle made of sand the most, a lot of these could be top 40 singles, i think all of the collaborations are excellent especially marc anthony, buy the album its awesome :)

- This album is....

Total aids.

- not a fan

all of theese songs would sound far better with out pitbull. very outshined by the featured artist who carry the album. ok

- Pitbull is getting better and better

I love he's songs he's just keep getting better but there's a lot more rap artists I love more then him.

- DAM :D


- Pitbull

Pretty good album not bad for 5.99 keep it up pitbull

- Crap


- Unbelievable that anyone can like this.

This so called 'artist' is a funking joke, he ruins everything he touches and is a commercial sell-out... Wouldn't dream of even pi55ing on him if he were on fire, he's a no-talented "CUNextTuesday". Does not even deserve 1 star.

- Top quality"catchy" summer album!

This is a really good album, i cant stop listening it! All the songs are fun and catchy especially international love and you took my love! well done Pitt! :)

- Planet pit

Quality album! Some absolute tunes on here!

- Pitbull is Mr. Right Now

I think the albums great. OK, the vocals maybe auto tuned in some areas, but, who isn't a little auto tuned now? I think the albums got some great song on there. Feel good album, makes you get up and dance. The only song out of all of them I couldn't get into was Track 3 - Rain Over Me. All of the others are great. The people he is featured in the songs are a great choice - like Kelly Rowland in Castle Made of Sand. I would recommend. If you liked Give Me Everything; you will love the album. I sure love it. A step in the right direction for Pitbull.

- Amazing track by track review

Mr worldwide 10/10 Give me everything 10/10 Rain over me 10/10 Hey baby 10/10 Pause 10/10 Come n go 10/10 Shake señora 10/10 International love 10/10 Castle made of sand 10/10 Took my love 10/10 Where do we go 10/10 Something for the djs 10/10 Mr right now 10/10 Shake señora remix 10/10 Oye baby 10/10 My kinda girl 10/10 Overall great album and the guest stars make it even better

- Beast!!!

Brilliant album I love pitbull, DAHLI!!!

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