Yeah! (feat. Lil Jon & Ludacris) Song Lyrics

Yeah! (feat. Lil Jon & Ludacris) by Usher Song Lyrics

Lyrics for artist Usher song Yeah! (feat. Lil Jon & Ludacris) coming soon.

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Usher - Yeah! (feat. Lil Jon & Ludacris) Song Reviews

- Yeah!

I love Usher

- Yes

2004 was a great year.

- Classic

I wanna buy it just BC lol

- An Usher Classic!

His best album ever, hands down! I doubt he'll ever make another one like this…no fillers! You can listen to this track after track, nonstop!

- Still a great buy, beautiful music

10 years later this CD is still one of the best ever made. Ushers voice is beautiful. I can literally listen to every song over & over again.

- Luv it


- #awesome

Amazing pump-up song good intro/background music

- Classic

This album is a classic he had so many hits off of this album! Just Classic!!!!

- Usher**Confessions**partII

Heard confessions part 2 by Usher on 102.7 KIIS while driving to work this morning (April*21*2014 9:20am ish local time) I can't believe it has been 10 years since it was released I even still remembered most of the lyrics. I was happy to hear them playing such a old song :)

- Listen the whole way through

I love this album. You can play the entire cd from start to finish because each song is a hit!!

- Amazing

Usher is a good singer

- Yeah

I cool

- The Wondertroy Review

Confessions is a musical masterpiece!! One of the greatest albums of all time!!

- JT will NEVER have a Confessions Album

Numbers don't lie! Confessions was one of the baddest albums of the 2000s! Has not been duplicated since! This is the album that settles the Usher vs JT debate in my opinion.

- Ok

Yeah was the only song i liked but it was really good. It is not usher that I do not like. I do not really like RB/soul

- Horrible

All of the people out there who listen to and or enjoy this type of whatever the hell this is because I refuse to call it music are just full fledged it idiots, this it not real music and I pity all those who think it is, the culture of our society has been ruined by crap like this and things related to it. Want some real music let me throw some suggestions out there... Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Neil Young, Bad Company, those are all true artists and bands. Yeah it from the 70s and 60s but is still better than what we have now, that's not just personal preference people that's the truth.

- His best work

I think this is Usher's best album when he was in his prime. Just a tad better than 8701!

- Classic

This is his best album ! This is one of the best RnB albums of all time

- Yeah! - AMAZING!

Heard this on the radio and loved it so much! Amazing song I definitely recommend this! 👍


This is some of Usher's BEST work...... Hands down. I wish Usher would go back to his R&B roots, and let Chris Brown have that tech [email protected]*t.

- Songs rule by whole set now!

Usher is better than randy jackson kind of

- confessions a true classic album

OMG i absolutely love this album it really takes me back im a major fan much love dude

- Best Album

Liked this album first time I heard it.

- Listening to this in 2013!!!! Yeah!


- sesha3

Best selling RnB album of all time

- One Of The Best

In my opinion, this is the second best work by Usher, but still is a masterpiece. My favorite tracks from Confessions are Yeah!, Burn, and My Boo. I'm really addicted to today's music and if you like what is being made now, you should definately listen to those songs. They are very catchy and fun to sing along with. Great album!

- Old time

Use to have the cd listen to it everyday

- The Thriller of my generation!

This is Usher's in his prime BREAKOUT album all around. As Thriller was for his idol the king of Pop Michael Jackson, Usher follow the same main idea of the coming of mega breakout superstardom. With 20+ million copies sold wordlwide along with multiple hit singles & multiple grammy awards, it's easy for me to say this a definite masterpiece.

- Classic 2000s R&B

Repurchasing this album in 2013 because they don't make R&B like this nowadays. Such a solid album.

- Favorite Usher album by far!

Cannot express how much I love this album it's great!

- Best album ever !!!

I never get tired of listening to this album and over !!!

- Still a classic

It's 2014 and I just bought this classic usher album!

- Yeah!

Best song ever especially with Lil Jon!!!!!

- Love them but confused!!!

It's no doubt about it that I love Ushers songs... Lying here listening to some if the songs and trying to figure out which one I want to buy for a ringtone for my sweetie... And it's crazy bcuz I can't figure out which one to choose..oh well I guess I'll have to put my childhood thinking cap on and play EENIE MEENIE MINEE MOE!!! 💋 to Usher!!! 🙈 (blushes)

- This CD is what is up!

Every track on this CD is hot. I wish Usher brings back this kind of feeling back to his music. After he married his ex-wife his music went downhill. Stop showing off your body.....and come out wit some good musicman.


Hands down my favorite R&B albulm

- Where Is the "Yeah" Video???????

You have double videos....But you don't have your amazing "YEAH" Video???? How could you do that to your fans???? why why why????? But I doooooo LOVE LOVE LOVE this CD!!!

- best album eva

I've been listening to this since I was two. It is still my favorite. SEDUCTION

- Right In The Feels

Usher's best album. Never gets old. Legendary.

- 2014 & Beyond.

2014 & Still Listening to this!!! I'd have to say this is my favorite album ❤️👍

- Best album

By far one of the best albums that has ever been created

- Usher's "Thriller" Album

Nothing left to say. This project changed R&B yet was one of the last great albums of its time.

- i love it!!!!!!!!!!!!

this song just catch me !!!!!!!! catch up ! YEAH, BURN AND CATCH UP MY FAV! MUST BUY THEM !

- Usher**Confessions**partII

Heard confessions part 2 by Usher on 102.7 KIIS while driving to work this morning (April*21*2014 9:20am ish local time) I can't believe it has been 10 years since it was released I even still remembered most of the lyrics. I was happy to hear them playing such a old song :)

- YEAH!!!!!!!!

best song eva buy its so worth the money

- Review

I thought it was pretty good

- U Got it Bad

Probably one of the best albums of all time. A classic.

- Greatest RnB Album Of My Generation

I was in Middle school when this album came out and I loved it back then but now listening to it as an Adult It I love it that much more

- Best song is the 2nd one

The 2nd song is the best cause I used to hear it all the time when was like 3 and now it's back huh brings back a lot if memos

- whit_mary

I had to dance to the song yeah and I loved it it was a really good song to dance to lol

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- best one


- usher

usher’s best selling album for ever!!!! good songs

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