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Carmina Burana by Trans-Siberian Orchestra Song Lyrics

Lyrics for artist Trans-Siberian Orchestra song Carmina Burana coming soon. Today's advice: ❝Mercy is the better part of justice.❞

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Trans-Siberian Orchestra - Carmina Burana Song Reviews

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Love TSO; but Night Castle is like "The Emperor's New Clothes". Next week I am going to see TSO live for the third year in succession and I am sure I will want to see them in 2010 during their next Christmas tour. So, pretty obviously, I am a TSO fan. But, sadly, Night Castle is a bit like the story of the Emperor's New Clothes. The Emperor isn't wearing any. As others have said, I can't help thinking that I now know the reason why Night Castle took so long to release ... it simply isn't good enough. It really is like an album full of Broadway musical reject numbers, broken up occasionally with some generally excellent instrumentals that clearly have nothing to do with the plot, but are there for light relief. The lyrics are often banal - amateurish even: "Night followed day; what else is night to do?" The music simply isn't musical enough. On several tracks there is seemingly endless repetition of a phrase, or worse, repetition of a single note. You will find that the pieces based on classics really show up the lack of melody in the new compositions. A jarring contrast. The vocals are dripping with passion when, sometimes, no passion is needed - the lyrics simply don't warrant it. And, I'm sad to say, the single male voices are vastly over-used and contrast poorly with the times when there is well-produced harmony. Dare I say it, there are a couple of times when a male solo vocalist aims for certain notes, but misses by a fraction. And given the incredible musical talent within TSO, a fraction is pretty unforgivable. I feel like a terrible traitor in writing this, but I just had to get it off my chest. More "Wizards" please - less Broadway-style rock vocal narrative.

omg! they did it again!. great job Paul! he did it awesome again! i would say the best song on the album is "believe" by tim hockenberry! i cried in that song!!! lol keep on rockin guys!

Awesome!. I saw them in concert the same year this came out and I didn't know about this new album until hearing the music at the concert! It was freaking amazing! This is their best album and I'm not sure they can top it.

FANtastic. We saw TSA live for the first time and felt the first half Christmas music was good but not enthralling. But the second half...blew us out of our seats! We agreed that "Believe" was our favorite. That track has (need I say) religious meaning, a continuation of the thrust of this entire album. Not a Christmas album, but it brings us closer to God. Multiple listenings show the genius of TSO. Highly recommended.

Good. This is good stuff!!!

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Carmina Burana (Trans-Siberian Orchestra Song) Comments

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FAQs for Carmina Burana

When did carmina burana come out?

Carmina Burana is a song that was released in 22 March 2005.

From which album is the song carmina burana?

Carmina Burana is a song from the Night Castle album.

Who performs the song carmina burana?

Carmina Burana is performed by Trans-Siberian Orchestra.

How long is carmina burana?

Carmina Burana has a duration of 2:43 minutes.

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