That (Such a Thing) Song Lyrics

That (Such a Thing) by Hurt Song Lyrics

There's a place where people dance
While holding hands
To light of the moon
Sing to me tunes
And I'm not ugly
And loved ones that died still survive with no pain
And I'd lose if it went away
Just how do I begin to explain
By the way, your way or my way's okay
Cuz either way you don't have a name
It's when she loved me
The taste of the dew and the music in you

It's the moment that don't let you down
The place you go when there's no one around
The taste you know when the tears touch your mouth
Would you think?
Would you seek?
Would you find?

And know that it's always around
Yeah know that it's always around

I know you tend to complicate
Every choice you make
Oh please don't lose something so beautiful
It's very lovely
But who am I to stay in this world that I made
And I knew when you went, went away
Yeah I knew cuz you whispered my name
And said you loved me
But how could I ever explain such a thing

It's the moment you open your eyes
While you think that you're all still alive
Til the taste of the tears will remind
What you feel

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Hurt - That (Such a Thing) Song Reviews

- I had to order this album from the USA, and I’m glad I did.

It’s a little different from vol. 1 & 2 but still holds the emotion and layers of those albums.

- Not quite Vol. II but still good

Now i was waitting for something like a Vol. III to carry on the sadness from the last album however this ain't it. I can't find the sad means like the other albums the fist time i listened to Goodbye to the Machine, but like the other albums it takes time to grow on you. once i got over the fact that hurt is prity much a new band with this album i started to enjoy it. "Cute little puppies, bunnies and birds too, people who sing when they don't know the words, you will die. 'Cuase where all going to die. It's just part of life." that song made cry and laugh(not at the same time though.) recap- this album is heavy, has many good lyrics and lots of sounds in the back round also this album has been put together very well(although not flowing like Vol. I and Vol. II) thanks for reading.

- underappreciated

Wow only descibes this album. Such depth, such inspiration. Buy this album please, i beg you. Hurt is so underappreciated it makes me sick. I dont know how they aren't more popular. I could die listening to Flowers. They keep pushing the envelope with each cd. Capital records your gonna be sorry.

- Solid, but no Vol. III

After the near perfection Hurt reached with their previous two albums, it was hard not to hope for a type of Vol. III which would replicate the style and themes of their previous works (even though J Loren made it abundantly clear in interviews that it wouldn't be). And Goodbye to the Machine is very different for Hurt. And, at least for me, its taken several listens to grow accustomed too. The first thing that I noticed is that in this album, Hurt doesn't sound as, well, hurt anymore. Though the lyrics are still moody and much of the music has darker tones, there is almost a sense of hope in many of the songs which came as a surprise. The vocals are as strong as ever, but seem to lack the underlying emotion of those in Vol. I & 2. The instrumentation is pretty comparable to their previous work. Solid hooks and stunning melody without excessive flair. The recording is certainly an improvement and is nearly flawless (the bass comes on a little heavy at times) and the acoustics are as clean as any album I've ever heard. Overall, the top few songs are Got Jealous, Pandora, Well, and the secret track (which will undoubedly elicit at least a smirk from anyone with a sense of humor) The bottom couple are Pills and Dreams Away, which are easily the most dummied down, radio-friendly, Matchbox 20esque pop nonsense that Hurt has ever written (and Dreams Away will probably be the next single, just watch). To be fair, this album probably deserves 4, maybe 4(1/2) stars, but using the rather inflated itunes standard of rating, I would have to bump it up to 5 stars. Goodbye to the Machine is not as powerful as Vol. I or II but it really isn't fair to disparage the album because it doesn't quite live up to the ridiculously high bar Hurt has set for themselves. Overall, its a fantastic album and I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys rock.

- Hurt? Really? I am..

I have been a huge fan of Hurt since Vol. 1 and turned a bunch of my friends onto this great group. However, I must admit that to write this review pains me because this latest album just wasn't very good. The metal edge that backed the deep vocals has vanished. I am reminded much of Papa Roach's fall from grace after the Infest album. I suppose this band is trying to grow, but that edge is what made this rise above all of the other "me too" bands out there today. The songwriting is still top notch, but it appears the the guitar was phoned in. Even the drumming has become more of a "tinny" experience than I would have thought possible from this band. I have not lost the faith in Hurt, but I hope the recoup on the next album. Sadly, I have to mark this one down as a dissappointment. That is not to say that there are not good songs. Wars stands out... but this album with leave you wishing you had been given more.

- Say "Goodbye to the Machine"

As usual Hurt delivers a face-full of pain and beauty, at their own pace. Bringing more than just a touch of compelling words, Hurt taunts listeners with vast meanings of passion and poetic musical brilliance. Goodbye to the Machine is about versatile as an album can get it and should be listened to. Let it suffocate you and lose yourself into the greatness that is being bestowed in front you as an instant connection of gratitude.


I'm a HUGH fan of HURT!! This album is incredible, HURT has out done themselfs w/ this album musically and lyrically, They are such an amazing band, I would recommend Goodbye to the Machine to anyone! This album is different from Vol 1 & 2, it's truly amazing, I love every song on this album and every song that I've heard by HURT!!! I give this album 10/10 stars, you must by this album, I promise that you'll be amazed, you definately WILL NOT be disappointed!!!!

- Goodbye to the Machine...Hello to solid rock and roll!

Without question, this is the best album I've purchased since...well, Hurt Vol. II. Haunting, emotional, electrical...the list of adjectives can go on and on. Don't get hung up on genre labels when it comes to HURT. This album is just Rock and Roll in its purest, most talented form. If you're going to get one album this year, make it Goodbye to the Machine. You will not be disappointed.

- Awesome Album

Excellent album, Does not sound like their other albums( which I loved those albums). Something totally different, unique, and trendsetting. Hope they get the success ( commercially) that they deserve!!! Do yourself a favor and get this album.

- A good change..

If you want more songs like Falls Apart or Rapture then you might be surprised after you listen to this album. You won't be disappointed though. World Ain't Right is a beautiful song and so is Sweet Delilah. Got Jealous, Role Martyr X, Well, Pills, Dreams Away, and Fighting Tao are the standout tracks for me. The "hidden" song after That is amusing.

- Changes

I've been a fan of Hurt since their first single "Rapture" hit the airwaves. I've always enjoyed their musical style and their lyrical content, but this new album was not what I was expecting from them. That's not to say that this is a bad album, because it has some really good songs. "World Ain't Right", "Sweet Delilah", "Dreams Away", "Fighting Tao", and the final track "That" are all good songs, but the others don't seem to be the same Hurt that we're used to. They have the same lyrical touch to them, but due to the departure of the drummer and bassist the music has changed. It's a good listen if you're wondering what the line up change has done to the music, but this album just wasn't what I would have expected from such a brilliant band.

- How could I ever explain such a thing?

GTTM tops any other album they've done. Each song is completely different from the next, but still just as amazing. You are missing out if you don't buy this cd!

- Just as good as the first 2

I love hurt and their diversity in the rock world. My four and sixteen year olds love hurt. This album isn't as dark and gritty as the past two but just as good if not better. To me there is no such thing as a good or bad song on a Hurt album because every song is excellent.

- Another Era, Another Masterpiece

Starting off with an captivating song that drives lyrics deep into mind and memory, "Goodbye to the Machine" becomes one of the most memorable allbums yet by HURT. "Got Jealous" is a quick and easy favorite, with great riffs and memorable lines, it is not uncommon to find oneself singing the song randomly during the day, it is also a kicking song to drive fast! The album, starting strong, by no means fades as it progresses. On the contrary, it reaches deeper into the heart and mind, captivating the listener with moving songs like: Pandora, Sweet Delilah, Well, Pills and every track on the album, easily becoming a favorite for fans and those newly discovering this truly unique and amazing band. With "Goodbye to the Machine" HURT brings in a new era as the evolve and produce another masterpiece.

- HURT still hurts

This album is great but a different kind of great. Although it lacks the hard-hitting center piece which was expected, the musicality of this band continues to grow. If you like hurts old stuff listen to wars, fighting tao, got jealous, and pandora. World aint right featuring Shaun Morgan of Seether is incredible and emotional, along with 1331 and dreams away. Great album hurt

- Simply AMAZING!

This album is simply perfect in every way. HURT has done it once again. No two songs are similar and the album is completly different then all other albums. Yes the sound is more "pop" then their other ones, but why would you want t listen to the same songs over and over again? The album really is a milestone for the genious band HURT.

- Could have been soo much better

Volumes I and II were so fantastic, I guess I was expecting more from this album, its far less angsty.. I'm really just hoping at this point that they don't turn into the next Hinder clone...

- A New Direction

Saying goodbye to Capitol records has opened up new doors for Hurt, and it could not be more clear that they're happy to use them on this album. So here's my breakdown of GTTM: Got Jealous - 10/10. Great album opener that tells you to expect new things on this album. J. Loren's vocals have never been more honest than in the last half of this song. Would make a good single. Pandora - 10/10. My personal favorite. Probably the best track instrumentally, not to say that the vocals aren't great. Possibly my favorite guitar riff from Paul Spatola, and the new members Rek & Louie really make the rhythm section shine. The piano and violin ending is beautiful. Wars - 9/10. A good choice for a single, but easily not one of my favorites on this album. Strong song. World Ain't Right (Feat. Shaun Morgan) - 8.5/10. The song has some great emotion to it and a great story behind it, but for me it was just lacking something. Shaun's vocals work well with J.'s. Sweet Delilah - 10/10. This one stood out to me on my first listen. Really beautiful song, easy to digest. Expert acoustic work by Paul and really cool drum panning and effect early in the song. 1331 - 10/10. Surprise! This song is so different from anything Hurt's done. The upbeat style at the beginning of the song with throw you off if you're familiar with Hurt's old work. The song is dedicated to J.'s old mentor and the lyrics are absolutely beautiful. THE CLIMAX!!! Possibly the most amazing moment on the album, I get goosebumps every time I hear it and no song has ever done that to me on every listen. Role Martyr X - 9.5/10. I rated this song a 9.5 instead of an 8.5 or a 9 because it is so expertly done. It's not one of my favorite songs, but it's a really cool song and really shows off what Hurt can do. Well - 10/10. One of the coolest songs on here. Rek shines on Bass, and the dirty blues guitar work by Paul is perfect for the song. Really cool intro., and some very good lyrics about some hard times. Pills - 8.5/10. My least favorite on the album, but I still love it. Probably has the most radio friendly sound of any song on here, and I catch myself singing it randomly. It's definitely grown on me since my first listen, but still probably my least favorite. Dreams Away - 10/10. The first time I listened I felt oddly disappointed by it after hearing the live version so many times, but I realized it was just because I was used to another version of it. This is a great song with really amazing lyrics and a sound that would probably appeal to a broad range of fans of rock. Fighting Tao - 10/10. Another personal favorite, this song is explosive. Expert playing and singing on all accounts here and a face-melting violin solo during the bridge! That (Such A Thing) - 10/10. Really gorgeous song in a similar vein to Sweet Delilah. Up there with 1331 for most moving lyrics on the album. I believe this is a song that nearly ANYONE can appreciate. Flowers [Hidden Track] - 10/10. I love it! A solid song meets J.'s great sarcastic sense of humor! I won't give away anything, I'll leave it for you to discover when you get the album. :)

- Amazing Worth the Wait!!

I waited for what seemed forever for this album to be released. After I heard their single Wars, I was hooked all over again on this band. I've been a fan since I saw them on tour in 2006, they continue to impress me. Great buy, You owe it to yourself to add it to your collection!

- Sebald

Hurt has gone from pupil to master with their lastest relaease. Hurt began setting trends in the music industry by following the examples of bands who have come before them. Hurt has now become the band others will look towards for inspiration. The album is a perfect drug for music junkies. Please help spread the word for this band.

- Must Have Album

This album has something for everyone. Fast ripping songs, radio ready tunes and some heartfelt acoustic music. Theres even a hidden gem at the end of the last song that has become my absolute favorite go to "Bar Song" You will not be disappointed with this purchase. This album musically and lyrically is nothing like I've ever heard. I'm buying multiple copies and sharing this band with friends.

- Hurt pulls out another fantastic album

this band does not get the recognition it deserves. I feel this is the revival of actual music worth listening to. The songs are once again filled with emotion and feeling, even pills which some say is to poppy has so much meaning in it. I personally enjoy the song pills for its meaning not its poppy sound...Pop is just a word which really doesnt have anything to do with Hurt. Coming from a long time die hard Grunge fan the album really hit the spot for me. At times i felt a little Eddie Vedder (newer Eddie Vedder) coming through in the lyrics and sound but thats just me. This album delivers a full rock experience yet lighter then Vol I and II but still very impressive. My personal fav is Role Martyr X. J. Loren has an amazing voice to top it off. IF you are a Hurt fan then dont hesitate! If you are getting in to them then start with the Re-Consumation or Vol I so you get the idea of the kind of progression in this masterpiece. Hurt definintly delivers and has never disapointed me by far.

- After so many years of HURT, I am disappointed

I've been a HURT fan since Vol. 1. HURT is an amazing band for being unique, but more importantly for being raw and for being meaningful. Unfortunetly most of the songs on this album are soft. While HURT does AMAZING acoustic versions of their songs, these songs just don't seem to have feeling in them. Something is definetly missing from HURT. Maybe the band is finally making it, and just like so many other bands, is going commercial? Heresy I know, but Loren's song writing is not as mysterious and touching as Vol. 1 or Vol. 2. I would have to say I'm disappointed with all the songs with the exception of these: Got Jealous, Pandora, Wars, and Fighting Tao. 4 songs saved the album from a lower score. Don't buy the whole album unless your a fanatic for HURT. Just buy individual songs.

- give them a break..

maybe their life as a respected rock band leaves them to not feel depressed and painfull all the time any more. sure, the cd is a lot different, and i dont really like it.. but bands progress.

- A good 3rd album, but not amazing

I'm gonna start by saying "Pills" is by far the WORST Hurt song I have ever heard and I've heard them all. It's the most generic sounding unidentifying pile of garbage I have heard from a band I love in a long time. In fact, this song is so bad that I am listening to it right now to conjure up the feelings it gives me. Disgust is pretty much a great overall word for it. Moving on. The rest of the album is anywhere from okay to great. One song starts out sounding so much like Nickelback that I had to remember I was listening to Hurt. The great thing is that they took the song in an unexpected direction and it took on their own sound. So, that said, there are spots of brilliance in some songs and the familiar Hurt sound creeps out every now and again but certainly not as much as I would hope. Volume I is still their most brilliant album thus far. As it stands, if you love Hurt, you already own this. If you're on the fence, don't go by the 30 second previews because they do no justice to the songs in their entirety. I almost made the mistake of not getting the album because of this. War is the best song on the album if that's anything to go by.

- Growing

Listening to hurt for the past few years, you can hear all the growth they have gone through. From Rapture to Wars, they have improved lyrically, and musically. When I first started to listen to the album, five seconds into it I could hear the old Hurt I was used too, but then something else happened, I heard something completely different from what I am used to from hurt. Alot more emotion was put into this album than the others in my opinion. World Ain't Right, Wars, Got Jealous, Dreams away, they are all emotionally driven tracks with striking lyric composition.

- Goodbye to Vol I + II

HURT is a band that way more people need to know about. Hopefully the shift to a new label will help them to get more exposure. [Maybe the new label will actually try to promote the band a little] One thing is for sure though, this new album completely exceeded my expectations. After hearing 'Wars' I was fully expecting an amazing album, but I figured it would sound pretty much like the other albums HURT has released. Instead, Goodbye to the Machine is an epic alternative masterpiece. While not nearly as heavy in its sound as previous work by the band, it includes some of the most hauntingly beautiful songs I've heard in a long time. [Not to mention a good measure of sarcasm thrown in. Role Martyr X and Flowers (the hidden track at the end) are both ripe with it.] So brilliant lyrics + brilliant musicianship = one of the best albums I've ever bought. [The way HURT uses the acoustic guitar and a powerful yet understated rhythm section several times through this album was an incredibly pleasant surprise.] This is a true album lovers album. So if you are a person who only pays attention to the tracks by bands that get radio play, and you only buy greatest hits/best of collections, this music is not for you. But if you, like me, enjoy sitting down and listening to well thought out and brilliantly executed albums, you need to own HURT - Goodbye to the Machine.

- Transcending the bounds of the Music Industry

For those that love this new album SHUT UP. For those that hate this new album SHUT UP. Hurt's music is beyond our petty bickering, so just let it be. Who are you people to be judge and ruler over Hurt’s music?

- HURT-Goodbye to the Machine is another jewel in the crown...AMAZING!

I've loved everything this band has created so far and have been so curious to see what they'd come up with next and have not been disappointed. Once again, it's difficult to choose one, two, or even three favorites yet and I've listened to the whole album over and over again. Great music writing, lyrics, and they shake it up and deliver such a unique sound...uniquely HURT. Buy a cd for all your friends that really know what great rock is!!! And for the ones that don' will quickly become thier fave!!!

- Ambitious and Well Executed!

I've been a loyal fan of Hurt since 2006, I own every single song they have out. So I had high hopes for it when it came out. I spent three entire hours searching for this, and well. I was not disappointed. I haven't found a single song that I don't like! Including the secret song "We're All Going to Die" (Cracked up listening to it.) By far, the best CD they have released, and the best CD I own! Highly recommend it!

- Not the same old song and dance

Wow! That’s all I can say about the new album from HURT. When they released this album they went down a new path unlike fans have heard before. Opening with got jealous, this album fills you a rollercoaster of emotions with no end in sight. Everything about this album screams perfection. From the heavy guitar riffs, hard hitting drums, and powerful lyrics, you won’t be disappointed. Buy the album, you won’t regret it.

- A Great Band !!!

YOU have to LISTEN to it and you will understand the greatness

- Different direction, but not one that should lose fans.

Vol.I and Vol.II are fantastic albums. I listen to them all the time. When I heard about this album, I was very excited. I figured it would be different because it wasn't called Vol.III. However, it was much more different than expected. Only a few tracks are of the same style as of their previous albums. I think that the main difference is how the tracks in this album seem individual, whereas the songs from I and II flowed as one singular "entity." I personally like the change. It's a little more mainstream, but nowhere near as mainstream as other bands. Anyway, here's a track-by-track. 1.Got Jealous - 10/10 - great opener, a lot like old-school Hurt. 2.Pandora - 10/10 - one of the more unique songs of the album, Some have compared it to Mars Volta; i do not listen to them, but i trust their judgment. 3.Wars - 10/10 - The single. I loved it when it came out. it is very powerful. 4.World Ain't Right - 9.5/10 - It features shaun morgan (Seether?) and it is a very listenable song. 5.Sweet Delilah - 10/10 - beautiful song. 6.1331 - 11/10 - at first i was shockedjsut at the upbeat beginning, but i was floored by the end of the song. This is the epitome of their musical ability. 7.Role Martyr X - 10/10 - hard to follow up to the last song, but it is a solid rocking song. 8.Well - 9.5/10 - very nice arrangement. 9.Pills - 8/10 - my least favorite, a little too poppy for me. 10.Dreams away - 9.5/10 - Pretty good, will definitely be their next single. 11.Fighting Tao - 10/10 - excellent song. one of the best ones, with an awesome violin solo near the end. 12.That (such a thing) - 9.5/10 - beautiful song, leads into... 13.(Hidden Track) - 10/10 - i think it's called "Flowers." it is HILARIOUS. the sarcastic edge of J. comes out, biting at the record label that dumped them and at piraters. I won't give away the whole thing, but it is a song worth listening to.

- Absolutely an amazing CD

Here we are in 2009, where so much rock sounds like recycled garbage. Here is a band that has had less radio play and exposure then a lot of bands out there, BUT they are 1000 times better then most. With the new cd, they keep the same formula but sound so much different then their last 2 cds. Their first release Vol 1 and second release Vol 2. This CD is very diverse, well written and musically is amazing. If you love good music, DL this, run to your store and buy it. You will not be disappointed at all.

- Strong

As engaging and thought provoking as their previous albums, but on an entirely different level. Pandora bleeds perfectly into Wars' crushing vocals and relentless beat. It's a good album that I'm sure to listen to over and over.

- Get over it nay-saying Hurt fans

As I've read other reviews, I remember being a little worried about the release of Hurt's new album as I am extremely attached to Volume I and II. Why was I worried? The reason Vol. 1 and 2 were such a success in the hearts of the most passionate HURT fans is because the music spoke to us. We weren't looking for it; it came to us when we heard it. If you're a fan of those two albums like I am, every song provokes emotions and each song is special. We were ignorant of each song until we established our deep feeling towards them and then they seem to take on an indestructible presence. It seems highly unlikely for Hurt to be able to do that again with the next album, doesn’t it? We have set expectations, which is simply unfair. It would be nearly impossible to replicate what Vol. 1 and 2 have done without just replicating them (would an inventive band like Hurt do that?). Sure, Goodbye to the Machine is different from their other albums but I feel at least we have a small obligation to really understand the music within this new album -- find the ways it speaks to us. We should rediscover it as we discovered HURT for the first time. I ALWAYS prefer inventiveness over banality, and I think we call ALL respect that. Hurt is what it is, not what you want it to be. And, at the end of the day, I think Hurt has done what they do best: creating beautiful and emotional music that transcends mundane acceptability and connects with the soul in a hurt sort of way. This album is no exception. FIVE stars.

- HURT= a religious experience!!

Listening to this band and their music is like listening to nothing else in this world! They make better music than all the top 100 artists on the charts today..artists like Lil' Wayne and Britney and bands like All American Rejects really stink up the music scene, this band reminds us that there is STILL good music out there! From song writing to every note played on this cd-it has hands down(to me) the best solid album I have heard since their Vol. 2 album! Best tracks: Got Jealous, Well, World Ain't Right, and AnotherTime(this song you have to download online from their sight for free if you buy the cd, also you get two other free tracks as well! Enjoy!

- Exemplary, beautiful, and warm...

After finally listening to this album a good six or seven times, the epiphany begins: Hurt is like no other band. This album is a beautiful and priceless example of Hurt's talent of crossing genre boundaries and throwing mainstream to the wolves. Lead singer J. Loren's powerfully emotional lyrics hit you like a ten ton brick and leave you begging for more. Paul Spatola, Rek Mohr, and Louie Sciancalepore bring unmatched talent to the table, and with J. Loren manning the mic, all four of them offer everyone something that is rarely found anymore: an exemplary album that is beautiful, warm, intense, emotional, and mind-blowing.

- Unbelievable

its too bad that record companies cant see great music when it slaps them right in the face. By far one of the most talented bands around, every track is gold except Pills (definetly a result of the record companies trying to force that type of music down our neck for years)

- Outstanding on its own merit

It is very frustrating to read reviews of album when bands change their style. This is not Vol. 3 for good reason. Most of the songs from the Volumes were written around the time of The Consumation six years ago. Taking that into consideration, a style shift is to be expected. I'll admit, I was disappointed initially, hoping to hear something dark and gloomy like HURT's last two efforts. But what the album IS is far more important. I think diverse is the best word to sum up the album. While songs like Got Jealous, Well, and Fighting Tao are great tracks that continue in the dark HURT tradition, other tracks venture into new territory. Pills and Dreams Away are two tracks that sound as if they could be written by an Alt-rock band like Jimmy Eat World or Mae (from me, that is not an insult). The guitars are upbeat. Pandora has another alternative vibe to it, more in line with the Killers. And That (such a thing) is a mellow acoustic piece that reminds me of Red House Painters. The strength of HURT has always been the songwriting. A great songwriter is a great songwriter, and J. Loren excels here in a variety of different styles. I mentioned my initial disappointment in the style change. But those more upbeat alt-rockers have become my some of my favorite tracks. Go figure. Paul Spatola really puts his talent on display here as well. His piano work plays a very important part in a number of songs. The rhythm section is tasteful and well done- though unspectacular. Overall- to a person with broad tastes, this album is fantastic. But if you're looking for a more specific sound, this Goodbye to the Machine likely won't do it for you.

- Love It

The crescendos! More grown up. Live will be even better! I will keep buying!

- A Betrayl of the Fan base

I had the extreme fortune of seeing Hurt on tour in May of 2008, and fell even deeper in love than I previously had been. I had driven over three hours to see the band, a feat I thought was rather extraordinary. But when I got there I found I was by far one of the least travel-weary audience members. There were couples there who had traveled ten or more, from different states, even. With the previous three album releases, the fan base had become utterly enamored with the skillful dynamics, and lamenting lyrical genius that Hurt had come to represent. The ability for the band to ignore the conventional patter of the hard rock genre led me to foolish believe that with the release of the fourth album, this band was going turn heads across the nation. Alas, I bought a copy of Goodbye to the Machine this afternoon, and in a giddy jaunt of excitement, immediately shoved it into my car stereo. However, what I heard surprised me and jolted my heart. To me, Hurt was always a band of lamentation, and sorrow. The lyrics present in this new album display nothing aftermath, only the sudden sting of the initial pain. This album displays a very immature, and overplayed hard rock childishness that resigned audience members have come to expect from the genre. One of the most refreshing ideals that Hurt used to hold was a mastery of the more developed side of this angst; a value that seems to have been lost in the distortion of Goodbye to the Machine. The first track, “Got Jealous”, starts in a furious guitar riff that is doubtlessly a response to the mainstream success of “Ten Ton Brick”. The musicality of the song is surprisingly generic for the band that brought us the beauty and wonder of “Rapture”. This very driven and bedlam song was a rather riotous way to start out an album from a band called “Hurt”. The lyrics, furthermore, are less than typical for the band; and not in the way that begs for more. Wince’s unique blend of whispers, metaphors, and cries have lost themselves among the calamity and fallen into an uneasy bluntness. As a true fan, I was immediately instilled with a “single fear” that the rest of the album would follow a similar pattern. Sure enough, Hurt took me “for a little ride” into this new brand of pain with “Pandora”. Three seconds into the song, listeners are instantly introduced to the repetitive variety of rock that Hurt plans to plug for the remainder of the album. The initial bass riff follows the same structure of basic grunge tunes, establishing the foundation to a song that is neither intriguing, nor original. At this point, fans can indeed be assured that “all hope is gone,” and the band we once loved has fallen into a trap of commonality. This hopeless brand of overrun music is epitomized in “World Ain’t Right”, as song that is heard as smoothly as it is read. This overused acoustic guitar riff is accompanied by Shaun Morgan, frontman of Seether. To the untrained ear, it becomes difficult to distinguish which lyricist is which. The unsmooth mending of the two vocalists has led to a song that will indeed “fall apart at the seams” along the poorly constructed metaphors and dull musicality. Even though side one of the album presented troubling issues, it appears as though side two presented even more blunders from a once eloquent band. Wince’s attempts to rhyme fail amongst a dismal array of meaningless vowels, accompanied by an overplayed guitar ballad. Hidden nearly five minuets into the final track is a song whose primary focus is the fact that “We’re all going to die.” Although factual, this song lacks any form of ingenuity, and only serves to compare itself to Cobain’s dark days. This final, sorry excuse for art serves as a stark reminder that Goodbye to the Machine should “Start saying goodbye”, because it too, will die. Although I would love to analyze each song individually, the point immediately becomes null. The entire album lacks any form of original sparkle. I feel as though Hurt has indeed “slipped and fallen into the faults” of an overworked genre that will disappoint the phenomenal fan base that they have accumulated over the past few years.

- Goodbye To The Machine

This is definitely not what I expected, but Hurt was never what I expected when I first heard them in concert. The thing I like about Hurt's music/lyrics is they make you think and pay attention. This CD is very different from their previous CDs but that is what I love about Hurt. My suggestion is to listen without distraction the first time or two.

- another great album from HURT!!

while i am a bit dissapointed they have shifted a bit from the sound of vol.1&2 it is still a great album. it just doesnt have as dark of a feel to it. i do however absolutely still love this album, still the amazing lyrics, and the strange but interest grabbing way of putting together their songs, its what i love about this band

- So good it Hurts

All puns aside, this is a great third release from Hurt. Is it as dark as previous albums? No, and why should it be; bands mature and their sounds should evolve. To rewrite the same CD over and over may please some fans, but if you're looking for a band who's willing to step outside of their comfort zone for the sake of songwriting and not use the "well it worked on the last CD so lets do that again" approach, then pick up this album. I recommend listening to the album about 3 times so you can fully digest the new material. My personal favorites are 'Got Jealous' and 'Dreams Away' while I tend to skip 'World Ain't Right' and 'Sweet Delilah'.

- Hurt not as hurt.

I really enjoy Hurt's albums, however, I found their latest album "Goodbye to the Machine" to be a little soft. The "Rock" I enjoyed several years ago is becoming more pop like. I still enjoy the album, but I would have enjoyed it more with a deeper grinding of music.

- The More Things Change...The More They Stay The Same

Yes,this album is different from Vol.1 and Vol.2 but if you enjoy the music of Hurt then you will not be dissapointed.I have been listening since Vol.1 and even though you can tell that Hurt is trying to reach new listeners through this album there is no way you can say that the true meaning behind the music has changed.Every song has a story and that is the reason why fans of Hurt will understand the reason for the "heavier" sound throughout the album compared to Vol.1 and Vol.2...just trust me when I say that you won't say,"Why did I buy this album?" I am positive that if you invest in this album you will enjoy hours of relating to the songs just as you did with Vol.1 and Vol.2. There are no regrets when it comes to a solid album...and this album is exactly that. I only wished that there was one or two more songs that I could dive into and enjoy.

- An impressive, diverse album that, like promised, is different from anything they've done before.

Hurt has never been a genre-niche band. They do what they want, how they want. Captiol didn't care for this, but with them over at Amusement the fellas of Hurt have really stretched themsleves with this release. Ranging from poppy to metal they hit every part of the spectrum. Fans of only one genre of music may find themselves confused when approaching this album. However, Even with the varying tempos and rifts the lyrics are just as brutal, honest, and extraoridnary as they have ever been. An intelligent and worthwhile experience as one is bound to have in music this year. If you're waffling on whether to buy this album don't. There's something here for everyone. Personal Favorites: Fighting Tao, Well, 1331, Got Jealous, Pills, That (Such a Thing), Sweet Delilah, Role Martyr X, Dreams Away, Pandora, Wars, World Ain't Right Did I just list the whole album? Huh...I guess I did.

- Great Song

I love your song war and I know a lot of people probably tell you that all the time. I love the sound, great lyrics, and its a beautiful corolation of rhythm.

- different... but still intoxicatingly great.

first, for those who think it's not "gritty" enough, i would suggest listening to the lyrics of "well." it's intense. from listening to "wars," i assumed they'd do something slightly different for this album, and i'm very happy with the results. they are a band of true musicians, and i think it's good that they haven't just recycled "rapture" or any of their other songs. as always with hurt's music, i find that the songs need a few listens to be really appreciated.

- Amazing!!!

This is an absolutely amazing album! Though their other albums are amazing, this album is by far the best. I've probably listened to it 100 times now and I hardly ever skip any of the songs. I pray that these guys are able to keep making music. Some of my favorites are Got Jealous, Pandora, 1331, Well, Role Martyr X, Wars, Fighting Tao, and That (Such a Thing). Buy this album, you won't regret it!

- Goodbye To The Machine = Excellent

Hurt is back under new label Amusement, and they've never been better. Going old-skool using anolog recording this time around, this album has a different sound every song. Believe me when I say "It's done with exellence. A must have for any Hurt fans. Show the guys from Hurt some support, and buy Goodbye To The Machine, you will not be disappointed.

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